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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Sphere

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    S   H  H  I  NN  N  I  NN  N G      F    O  O R  R C   E     2  2
     S  HHHH  I  N N N  I  N N N G GG   FFF  O  O RRR  C   EE      2
      S H  H  I  N  NN  I  N  NN G  G   F    O  O R  R C   E      2
    SSS H  H III N   N III N   N GGGG   F    OOOO R  R CCC EEE   2222
    This WalkThrough is Copywriten by Dark Sphere 
    (If you have some helpful hints, tips, mistakes. please e-mail me and tell me. thank you)
    **1** Characters
    **2** Monsters
    **3** Walkthrough
    **4** Spells
    **5** Weapons
    **6** Items
    **7** Cheats
    This is the list of Party Members, NPCs, and other people with pictures or of big deal.
    Party Members
    1. ???? *Default: Bowie*
    Gained: Start with
    Evolve: Swordsmen -> Hero
    The main character of Shining Force 2.  Bowie starts out with the Egress like the Leader
    in Shining Force 1, but is also given the Bolt spell as well.  Bowie uses swords and at
    the end of the game gains the Force Sword.  
    2. Sarah
    Gained: Granseal School *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Priestess -> Victor/Master Monk *With Vigor Ball*
    *Priest is a male :P*
    Sarah is your first healer in the game.  Sarah sucks dearly at fighting but she can make
    that up if you evolve her to the Master Monk class that I normally do.  Worst thing about
    Sarah is that she doesn't gain the Boost spell and she doesn't get a whole lot of MP.
    3. Chester
    Gained: Granseal School *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Knight -> Paladin/Pegasus Knight *With Pegasus Wing*
    Chester is your first Knight of 3.  He gains a good amount of HP and Attacks very well but
    has the defence of a wizard and that's bad.  I always have Chester to the end of the game
    because is least effected by the Evil Lance.
    4. Jaha
    Gained: After "Battle of the Gizmos" *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Warrior -> Gladiator/Baron *With Warrior's Pride*
    Jaha is the bomb as a Gladiator or Baron.  He has high Defence and high Attack but he's
    slow.  Jaha also loses power as the game goes farther along and he loses out on stronger
    characters and wizards.
    5. Kazin
    Gained: After Hawel's Death *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Mage -> Wizard/Sorceror *With Secret Book*
    The Master Sorceror right here.  Kazin's Neptune Level 2 spell makes him on of the most
    deadly members if you evolve him to Sorceror.  Kazin is a must for the whole game never
    put him out of your party.
    6. Slade
    Found: Just before leaving Galam *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Thief -> Ninja
    Slade starts out the worst of the worst.  Low HP, Low Attack, and Low Defence he has at
    the beginning of the game.  But, once Slade is evolved to Ninja he is on his way to
    being a god.  He gains two Ninja spells that are just renamed Mage Spells and with the
    help of some Mithril he can get the second, or maybe the best sword in the game.
    *7. ???? *Default: Kiwi*
    Found: Granseal *After "Escape from Galam" battle* [Found in the little house with a
    vase and barrel by the port] (Must be talked to to join)
    Evolve: Tortoise -> Monster
    How can you hate Kiwi?  He's a cute little dude with great Defence and Attack but
    very Low HP.  Yea, spells normally kill him but fighters are nothing to him.  But
    the poor bug keeps getting weaker just like Jaha.  In his Monster Evo. he's the
    only other character besides Zynk *IN THE GAME* with 2 attacks *Rolling and Fire Breath* Fire Breath
    does some killer damage but it hardly shows up.  I like Kiwi and I normally keep him in
    my party since he is a good wizard protector.
    8. May
    Found: Ribble after talking to Ribble's Elder [Found at the Front Gate walking around]
    (Must be talked to to join)
    Evolve: Ranger -> Bow Knight
    May is what I think the best archer in the game but she totally sucks. I like her because
    she has some good attack power and ok defence and she can move but I normally throw her
    out when I get better characters.
    9. Peter
    Found: New Granseal *but joins at Mt. Volcano after talking to Volcanon* *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Phoenik -> Phoenix *yes there is a difference Phoenik is a not adult Phoenix*
    Hero meet God, God meet Hero.  Peter is the best character in the game even better
    then the Leader with the Force Sword.  High Attack, High Defence, High HP, High Move,
    and look....He even flies!!!  Peter is a major powerhouse, keep him in the frontlines.
    10. Gerhalt
    Found: Polca Village [Gained in the "Save Oddler Battle"] *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Wolfman -> Wolf Baron
    wow... Two powerhouses gained almost together.  Gerhalt has VERY HIGH attack, High HP,
    High Speed, but has O.K. Defence.  Gerhalt takes sometime for home to show his true
    power.  He normally starts kicking ass in the Taros battle if he is up with the other
    characters. I think Gerhalt has the coolest Evolved battle picture. He looks fucking
    11. Luke
    Found: Polca Village [After the "Save Oddler Battle"] *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Birdman -> Bird Battler
    Luke is the best birdman out of the two.  He doesnt doesn't have good stats but he also
    doesn't have bad ones.  Luke's best thing is he uses Swords and Flies so he can rush to
    a wizard in need and get back to battling in the front.
    12. Rick
    Found: Nassan (After Taros battle) [Must go back to Nassan for him]
    Knight -> Paladin/Pegasus Knight *With Pegasus Wing*
    Rick has the highest Defence of all the Knights, but I don't really like him because
    Chester is normally higher level then Rick is and more powerful.
    13. Elric
    Found: Harpy Pond *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve:Archer -> Sniper/Brass Gunner *With Silver Tank*
    Rick plainly sucks. Weak in every stat there is. Don't even think about changing him to
    Brass Gunner as well.  Janet is way better then he is.
    *14. Karna
    Found: Creed's House *Auto-Gained or Get Later*
    Evolve: Priestess -> Victor/Master Monk *With Vigor Ball*
    Karna is always my pick. You can't lose on having a other healer in the party since she is the 
    second one you get.
    I always make Karna a Master Monk.  *Not bad having three of them in your party*  :)
    *15. Eric
    Found: Creed's House *Auto-Gained or Get Later*
    Evolve: Knight -> Paladin/Pegasus Knight *With Pegasus Wing*
    Don't waste your space with 3/4 Creed Characters. Just get Karna and forget the others.
    *16. Randolf
    Found: Creed's House *Auto-Gained or Get Later*
    Evolve: Warrior -> Gladiator/Baron *With Warrior's Pride*
    Don't waste your space with 3/4 Creed Characters. Just get Karna and forget the others.
    *17. Tyrin
    Found: Creed's House *Auto-Gained or Get Later*
    Evolve: Mage -> Wizard/Sorceror *With Secret Book*
    Don't waste your space with 3/4 Creed Characters. Just get Karna and forget the others.
    *You must choose one of these dudes when you get to Creed's but after the ship crashes go back to 
    Creed's and get the
    other three that are normally missed*
    18. Janet
    Found: New Grans *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Archer -> Sniper/Brass Gunner *With Silver Tank*
    Janet is OMG the best Brass Gunner. You'll have her most of the game.
    19. Rohde
    Found: Hassan [Joins at North Cliff] *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Brass Gunner
    Janet's better go back running the Caravan.
    20. Higins
    Found: After Ketto *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Knight -> Paladin/Pegasus Knight *With Pegasus Wing*
    Chester is better *This is the time where you always get sucky people*
    21. Skreech
    Found: Tristan (Must have saved him at Bedoe *Auto-Gained* if did) 
    Evolve: Bird Battler
    By this time Luke is out of your party and Skreech sucks worst then him.
    22. Taya
    Found: Mitula's Temple [Must talk to]
    Evolve: Sorceress *Female Sorceror*
    Taya is a good second Sorceror.  Forget the Wizards use Kazin and/or Taya.
    23. Jaro
    Found: Battle to Moun *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Pegasus Knight
    So many sucky people..... Stick with Chester.
    24. Frayja
    Found: Palacon *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Priest -> Victor *Only Priest in the game*
    Frayja learns Aura 4 faster then the Priestesses but I normally like the Girl's as Master Monks 
    they do more damage and 2 of them learn Aura 4.
    25. Gyan
    Found: Moun *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Warrior -> Gladiator/Baron *With Warrior's Pride*
    Now, Gyan is a upgraded Jaha. He has more Power but less defence. I normally stick with Jaha.
    26. Sheela
    Found: Monk Temple after Ship Crash [Behide the Building]
    Evolve: Master Monk
    Hehe...a 3rd Master Monk.... They are all useful, They can attack and cast magic great, so I think 
    you would have about
    2 or 3 Master Monks and Frayja in your party.
    27. Zynk
    Found: Roft *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Robot
    Dude...a Robot! POWER THAT MOFO UP AND USE ZYNK. Zynk is the only other character other then Kiwi 
    that has a
    second attack!!! And he's powerful as the Hero!!
    28. Claude
    Found: Tunnel to Parmecia [Must get his Arm at Roft]
    Evolve: Golem
    Claude is a good replacement for Kiwi but you have to power him up to do it. If you don't have Kiwi
    in your party forget Claude as well.
    29. Chaz
    Found: Yeel [Must play the piano and goto the church]
    Evolve: Wizard
    Chaz plainly sucks just put him in the Caravan unless your a Wiz Freak
    30. Lemon 
    Found: Yeel or Demon Skull *Auto-Gained*
    Evolve: Red Baron
    Lemon is cool for the fact that he is a Vampire.  Lemon is a must
    The Priest dude who has so many damn brothers or cousins that just like him/his other priest family 
    that Resurrects you
    and your friends over and over and Evolves you.  ALL HAIL THE PRIEST
    I want to know why this so called badass Wizard doesn't join you? He must have like 500 HP and 500 
    MP and spells of
    Blaze, Freeze, Bolt, and Desoul Level 4 and some hidden magic *like he used on King Granseal at the 
    I think there is something up with this Wizard....
    If I looked like this Devil I would have killed the other ones because they looked gay.  Creed must 
    have been a
    weak greater devil because he didn't stop Odd Eye now did he....something is up with this dude too
    King Granseal
    This dude like will not stop crying over his daughter.  He also looks like Santa Claus. How did this 
    dude become a
    Mitula has to be one of the weakest gods to be caught by a weak devil.
    Princess Elis
    What in the hell did she do with King Galam over the Year and a half? Cook him dinner?
    This god needs to get his head out of his ass.  Just because he helped you at the end doesn't mean 
    he wasn't
    aloud to make you a weapon at his temple.
    Item/Weapon Shop Owners
    If it wasn't for these dudes how would've you beat those monsters?
    Here is my list of Monsters, Devils, and Bosses of the game 
    Name             HP   MP   At   Df   Ag  Mv  spell/level
    ARCH DEMON       99   65   ??   46   61   6  Bolt 3
    ARROW LAUNCHER   33    0   35   24   23   4
    BLACK MONK       30   19   33   18   21   6  Heal 2, Blast 1
    BLUE SHAMAN      72   60   ??   54   51   5  Aura 3, Blast 4
    BOW MASTER       46    0   87   53   40   5
    BOW RIDER        61    0   95   55   44   7
    BUBBLING OOZE    32    0   47   35   26   4
    BURST ROCK       45    0    0   60   43   4
    CERBERUS         51    0   87   44   45   6
    CHAOS DRAGON     83    0   ??   48   57   6  Chaos Storm breath
    CHAOS WARRIOR    76   23   ??   50   54   5  Magic Attack
    CHAOS WIZARD     53   49   86   48   59   5  Blaze 4
    CYCLOPS          64    0   ??   51   46   5
    DARK BISHOP      39   38   54   38   27   5  Aura 1, Blast 3
    DARK CLERIC      15    7   18   11   13   5  Heal 1
    DARK DWARF       21    0   27   17   18   4
    DARK GUNNER      60    0   97   56   45   4
    DARK KNIGHT      50    0   76   48   40   7
    DARK MADAM       29   17   38   31   29   6  Freeze 2
    DARK SMOKE       18   20   22   13   13   6  Dispel 1
    DARK SNIPER      39    0   53   37   35   5
    DARK SOLDIER     35   17   63   46   34   4  Magic Attack 1
    DEATH ARCHER     27    0   28   19   20   5
    DEATH MONK       23   13   27   14   18   6  Heal 2, Blast 1
    DEMON            75   38   ??   50   55   6  Bolt 3
    DEMON MASTER     73   68   99   50   65   6  Freeze 4 recover 2 MP per round.
    DEVIL GRIFFIN    89    0   ??   47   59   7
    DEVIL SOLDIER    60   16   84   48   43   6  Boost 2
    DRAGONEWT        60    0   87   42   46   6  Blaze 2 (Heat axe)
    EVIL BEAST       84    0   ??   51   60   6
    EVIL BISHOP      33   36   47   37   25   5  Heal 3, Blast 2
    EVIL BISHOP      64   51   95   48   46   5  Aura 2, Blast 3 (start battle37)
    EVIL CLOUD       22    0   30   18   17   5
    EXECUTIONER      64    0   94   46   45   6
    GALAM ARCHER     15    0   15   10   10   5
    GALAM KNIGHT     16    0   17   11   12   7
    GALAM MAGE       14    5   15    9   11   5  Blaze 1
    GALAM SOLDIER    11    0   15   10    8   6
    GARGOYLE         29    0   38   23   21   6
    GIZMO             5    0    8    5    5   5
    GOBLIN           18    0   22   13   13   5
    GOLEM            24    0   35   24   19   4
    GREEN OOZE       17    0   22   12   12   4
    GRIFFIN          60    0   96   45   48   7
    HARPY            32   10   48   38   29   7  Dispell
    HARPY QUEEN      53   20   81   39   43   7  Freeze 2
    HELL HOUND       62    0   ??   49   50   6  Can breathe fire
    HIGHT PRIEST     30   29   40   31   23   5  Heal 3, Blast 2
    HOBGOBLIN        21    0   25   19   19   5
    HORSEMAN         67    0   ??   57   55   7
    HUGE BAT         11    0   15    8    6   6
    HUGE RAT         10    0   12    8    7   6
    HUNTER GOBLIN    24    0   22   12   14   5
    HYDRA            70    0   ??   62   50   4
    KNIGHT           48    0   51   34   29   7
    LESSER DEMON     40   21   61   37   32   6  Blazze 3, Boost 2
    LIZARDMAN        40    0   67   45   38   6
    MASTER MAGE      28   14   25   18   22   5  Blaze 2
    MASTER MONK      47   39   66   45   31   6  Heal 4, Dispell
    MINOTAUR         58    0   98   51   44   5  Blaze 3 (Atlas Axe)
    MIST DEMON       68   28   ??   41   51   6  Muddle 2
    MUD MAN          55    0   95   51   41   4
    NECROMANCER      47   42   75   44   51   6  Freeze 3
    OOZE              9    0   11    6    5   4
    ORC              30    0   43   37   27   5
    ORC LORD         46   13   73   44   37   5  Dispell
    PAWN             36    0   53   37   25   6
    PEGASUS KNIGHT   65    0   81   37   47   7
    PRISM FLOWER     62    0   20   55   44   0  Laser
    PURPLE WORM      58    0   97   46   43   5
    PYROHYDRA        80    0   ??   53   55   4
    QUEEN            30   26   46   36   35   6  Freeze 2
    RAT              41    0   56   32   30   6
    REAPER           82   31   ??   49   57   6  Muddle 2
    ROOK             40    0   48   31   27   4
    SHAMAN           56   46   82   42   40   5  Aura 2, Blast 3
    SKELETON         30    0   54   40   30   6
    SOULSOWER        27    0   43   32   25   4  Paralyse
    VAMPIRE BAT      20    8   26   16   16   6  Blaze 2
    WHITE DRAGON     66    0   ??   50   53   6  Snow Storm Breath
    WITCH            21   10   19   12   16   6  Freeze 1
    WIZARD           37   37   59   40   44   5  Blaze 3
    WORM             45    0   75   40   34   5  Poison
    WYVERN           46    0   72   39   36   7  Poison, Flame
    ZEON GUARD       ??   ??   ??   54   64   5  Demon
    ZOMBIE           27    0   32   20   18   5  Poison, Freeze resistant
    *CAMEELA         99    0   96   52   58   6  Blaze ? (using Iron ball)
    *GALAM           ??   ??   ??   50   62   6  Demon rod
    *GESHP           ??   ??   ??   51   63   6  Freeze 4
    *KING            55   28   55   40   33   6  Blaze 2
    *KRAKEN ARM      30    0   42   28   22   6  
    *KRAKEN HEAD     35    0   50   29   25   5  Aqua-breath
    *KRAKEN LEG      24    0   38   26   19   6
    *ODD EYE         ??   ??   54   67   67   6  Sleep.  Odd Eye like blast 3
    *RED BARON       ??    0   ??   64   62   6  Desoul  (using Dark Sword)
    *TAROS           49    0   43   32   23   0  Bolt  (using Taros Sword)
    *WILLARD         50    0   62   36   37   6
    *ZALBARD         80   65   91   50   52   5  Bolt 2
    *ZEON            ??   ??   ??   50   72   0  Demon
    Go to the School: Meet SARAH, CHESTER and ASTRAL 
    SARAH and CHESTER join 
    Find 1 medical herb in the jar in ASTRAL's office 
    Castle weapon stores: Find 1 angel wing, 1 antidote, 1 medical herb 
    Ancient Tower BATTLE 1: 6 gizmos
    [Note that the map above shows four green dots and seven red dots, this is because Sir Astral is the 
    extra green dot
    - although he does not interfere in the fight - and the Dark Smoke which only Astral fights is the 
    extra red dot: 
    you will notice this on other maps too] 
    Find 1 mithril behind the Tower (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    GRANS Town: Find 1 medical herb, 1 quick chicken in the boat 
    Meet KIWI (the tortoise) 
    Before you leave for YEEL JAHA joins 
    TO YEEL BATTLE 2: 4 oozes, 2 huge rats
    Before going to YEEL, go south to find a cavern entrance, inside there is a chest with 1 power 
    water. find 1 mithril
    (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Meet KAZIN 
    TO HAWEL'S HOUSE BATTLE 3: 3 oozes, 2 huge rats, 1 huge bat
    HAWEL'S house: Find 1 antidote, 1 healing drop 
    KAZIN joins 
    RETURN TO GRANS BATTLE 4: 3 huge bats, 3 GALAM soldiers, 2 GALAM archers
    Win a medical herb from bottom-left huge bat 
    GALAM Prison: Meet SLADE, SLADE joins 
    Find the chirrup sandals (Search the table from where the right-hand stool is, before you talk to 
    Find 1 mithril in the west wall just outside the cave entrance (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Castle BATTLE 5: 3 GALAM soldiers, 2 GALAM mages, 2 GALAM archers, 1 GALAM knight
    Win a short rod from the first mage, after the battle get the jewel of LIGHT from the GALAM knight. 
    Find 2 medical herbs 
    TO GRANS BATTLE 6: 3 GALAM soldiers, 2 GALAM knights, 2 GALAM mages, 1 dark cleric, 1 GALAM archer.
    GRANS: The tortoise joins if you name him - the default is Kiwi 
    ANCIENT TOWER BATTLE 7: 3 GALAM knights, 3 GALAM archers, 2 smokes, 1 dark cleric, 1 GALAM mage.
    After battle get the jewel of EVIL. 
    Find 1 mithril in a small hole in the ground after the earthquake outside the castle gate (look on 
    the Mithrils Page) 
    Take the boat. 
    PARMECIA BATTLE 8: 3 hunter goblins, 3 goblins, 2 green oozes, 2 witches
    Find 1 Cheerful Bread, the WARRIOR PRIDE (behind the shield in the tactical base, where your troops 
    Before going to see the bird (PETER) find in the shops and houses: 1 angel wing, 1 antidote, 1 
    healing seed, 1 healing drop 
    Meet PETER 
    TO RIBBLE (east) BATTLE 9: 2 green oozes, 2 witches, 2 vampire bats, 3 goblins, 2 hunter goblins
    Go and talk to the mayor. 
    Find 1 bright honey, 1 cheerful bread, 1 mithril (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Look in the tree in the centre of the village to find the hollow, where you will need to put the 
    WOODEN PANEL later on. 
    MAY Joins 
    Exit the town 
    (From here you can visit the shrine to get info, but you can't do anything here for now, and must 
    return later) 
    TO THE DARK CAVE (east) BATTLE 10: 3 vampire bats, 2 dark dwarfs, 2 witches, 3 goblins, 2 hunter 
    Win a power ring 
    Find 1 mithril (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    BATTLE 11: 1 hobgoblin, 2 vampire bats, 2 witches, 2 dark dwarfs, 2 hunter goblins
    Find the SILVER TANK in a chest (look on the Promotion Items Page) 
    The exit to the cave is in the top-left corner 
    Find 1 protect milk 
    Meet GERHALT 
    TO BEDOE BATTLE 12: 1 evil cloud, 1 death archer, 5 hobgoblins, 2 witches, 3 death monks
    Find 1 quick ring 
    Meet LUKE, in the temple PETER joins 
    Before you leave, talk to the mother bird, then walk around in the bushes to the left of the 
    entrance until SKREECH drops 
    on your head 
    GERHALT joins 
    BATTLE 13: 5 zombies, 2 evil cloud, 4 death archers, 3 hobgoblins, 1 master mage
    To get the raft, you need to talk to the mayor after the battle, and accept that ODDLER follows you. 
    ODDLER follows, LUKE joins 
    From here there are two options: 
    1- Go to HASSAN, killing the KRAKEN on the way, and meeting ROHDE who will tell you about the 
    caravan but won't follow you.
    He will only follow after you get the Achilles Sword.
    2- Before you go to HASSAN, take the raft and go to where the rivers split in two - start to take 
    the east way, and get 
    off the raft on the south side on the river, going to the far east of the continent, into a battle. 
    After the battle 
    enter the shrine. 
    The old man in this shrine will tell you about a tunnel leading to GRANS Island, and will follow you 
    to show you where 
    it is. (Take the steel sword) Go to the shrine by the cave in the river, and fight the battle there. 
    Once over, get the 
    WOODEN PANEL in one of the chests there. Return to RIBBLE, use the panel on the hollow in the tree 
    (stand in front of it),
    and enter the opening. You will find the Achilles Sword inside. Do option 1 again, ROHDE will join 
    you, then go to TAROS's 
    shrine which is west of HASSAN.
    You might as well go straight to HASSAN, fight the KRAKEN and get it over with - although it is 
    quite a hard fight, and going east first will increase your strength - you miss out on the bit of 
    the story as to who 
    ROHDE is, and why he follows you. 
    If you use the raft and encounter the KRAKEN: 
    KRAKEN BATTLE 14: 8 KRAKEN legs, 2 KRAKEN arms, 1 KRAKEN head.
    If you go to the shrine with the old man. (far east of HASSAN): 
    TO EAST SHRINE BATTLE 15: 4 zombies, 2 evil clouds, 2 black monks, 1 master mage, 2 death archers, 4 
    This is the battle to get the wooden panel, and 1 power water: 
    CENTRAL SHRINE BATTLE 16: 4 gargoyles, 5 Golem, 2 arrow launchers, 2 black monks, 2 master mages
    If you have already killed the KRAKEN, then you can enter HASSAN freely, and look for ROHDE - who 
    will eventually follow you
    to the Taros shrine where the caravan is - otherwise, get ready for your hardest fight yet... 
    In HASSAN: 
    find 1 running pimento 
    find 2 mithril (look Mithrils section ) 
    Once you've done all the steps outlined above, ROHDE will follow you, exit from the town and go west 
    to TAROS Shrine. 
    TO TAROS SHRINE BATTLE 17: 4 gargoyles, 2 arrow launchers, 2 Soulsowers, 2 Golems, 2 black monks, 2 
    master mages.
    After the battle enter the TAROS shrine in the top left corner. 
    TAROS SHRINE BATTLE 18: Taros, 2 master mages, 2 archer launchers, 3 Golem, 1 black monk, 2 
    Soulsowers, 3 gargoyles
    Remember you can only kill TAROS with the Achilles sword, which only BOWIE can use - hope you 
    haven't been keeping him at
    the back! 
    You win the caravan, 1 healing water 
    RICK joins. 
    A new weapons store has opened - there is a trader by the entrance who will sell you better weapons. 
    Go west from HASSAN - there's a small bug in the game that sometimes makes you do BATTLE 17 again - 
    to avoid it, 
    follow the mountains around the top edge, just as you leave HASSAN.  In the north wall of the cliffs 
    there is a break 
    leading to a river full of rocks - now you have the caravan, you can go over this. 
    Keep going west until the river splits - to the north is a shortcut back to NEW GRANS, to the south 
    look for a cave 
    entrance.  Once inside the cave, talk to all the Dwarves, and search the little fire to find the DRY 
    (you'll need this later to get to the Dwarven Blacksmith, and get all those lovely Mithril 
    Now head west once more (you'll need to cross the river a couple of times), and look carefully at a 
    small patch of 
    forest, just across the river - you should see a lighter patch of forest - walk onto it, and you 
    enter the 
    HIDDEN FOREST TOWN, sometimes called the Elves' Secret Village. 
    Find a VIGOR BALL and the SECRET BOOK (look on the Promotion Items Page), 1 fairy powder. find 1 
    (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    To enter the Secret Fairy Woods battle follow these directions exactly - this is right by the start, 
    where you 
    enter, the Mithril is in the chest you go past, on the right, partially hidden by trees: 
    SECRET FAIRY WOODS BATTLE:  Bubbling Ooze plus appearing regenerating monsters, including: Lesser 
    Demons, Mist Demons,
    Dark Soldiers, Dark Madams, Harpies, Blue Shamen, Master Monks and Orc Lords
    Exit the secret town, and go west. 
    TO THE HARPY'S POND BATTLE 19: 2 high priests, 1 dark madam, 4 Soulsowers, 3 Orcs, 3 gargoyles.
    Win a shining ball. 
    As with Battle 17 - there's a bug which makes you do this battle again - the method to avoid this is 
    the same as before. 
    As you approach, ODDLER will hear something and you will get inside to save ELRIC. 
    HARPY'S POND BATTLE 20: 5 harpies, 2 dark madams, 2 high priests, 1 arrow launcher, 2 Orcs.
    ELRIC joins 
    Exit the pond and once outside try to re-enter the pond, ELRIC will open a hidden cave entrance. 
    Inside the tunnel search for 1 angel wing, 1 brave apple, 1 medical herb, 1 mithril (look on the 
    Mithrils Page) 
    TO CREED'S BATTLE 21: 2 skeletons, 2 dark madams, 2 high priest, 1 arrow launcher, 3 Orcs, 2 
    Win a protect ring. find 1 mithril (look Mithrils section ) 
    Before you enter, go to the left and find 1 healing rain in a chest - you may well need it for the 
    next battle! 
    You meet KARNA and ERIC. 
    CHESSBOARD BATTLE 22: 6 pawns, 3 queens, 2 rooks, 2 Knights, 2 evil bishops, 1 king
    After the battle you win a cotton balloon, with this item go talk to the guard on the ruler going 
    over the edge of the 
    table, who now allow to to pass, use the cotton balloon here to get to the floor. 
    To the left you will see a boy trying to get a ring (remember this for later) 
    You meet RANDOLF, and TYRIN. 
    Go to the north-east and enter the hole. 
    WALL CAVITY BATTLE 23: WILLARD, 5 rats, 6 bubbling oozes
    After the battle, you will be able to enter the room where Creed is, who restores you to your normal 
    size, and you meet the
    After the scene downstairs Creed will help you by allowing you to choose from 4 characters: KARNA, 
    ODDLER will rest here, and the fairy will follow you to help the sick dwarf. 
    Before you leave, go to the room where Desktop Kingdom is and search for the running ring (just 
    behind the chair), go outside and search for 1 antidote and 1 medical herb. 
    Receive the Cannon. Return to NEWGRANS (remember the short cut) 
    Talk with Astral, He will join the party as an Adviser 
    Talk the inventor, he has the dynamite, but be sure you have the Cannon with you and Astral 
    following you. 
    You will receive the dynamite. JANET join. go to the NORTH CLIFFS - where you fought Battle 8 
    TO NORTH CLIFFS BATTLE 24: 6 skeletons, 5 lesser demons, 3 dark snipers, 2 dark bishops.
    Win 1 blizzard from the first bishop, bottom-left, 1 medical herb 
    After the battle ROHDE will help you to open the cavern with the cannon and the dynamite, and after 
    join the party as 
    a Brass Gunner. 
    IN NORTH CAVERN BATTLE 25: 1 dark soldier, 2 lesser demons, 2 dark bishops, 5 skeletons, 4 dark 
    Win 2 medical herbs from the last two skeletons. 
    Find 1 fairy tear 
    Talk to the man standing at the north of the town he will open the store for you. 
    Find 1 healing water, 1 bright honey 
    You meet HIGINS 
    BATTLE 26: 4 lesser demons, 3 dark snipers, 2 dark bishops, 4 dark soldiers, 1 wizard, 1 Lizardman.
    Win a black ring. 
    HIGINS joins. 
    Go to PACALON - the big castle to the east. 
    Meet FRAYJA. Find the Pegasus Wing (look on the Promotion Items Page), 
    Find 1 medical herb, 1 cheerful bread, 1 fairy powder 
    Find 2 mithrils (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Head towards the bridge, past MOUN. 
    TO THE BRIDGE BATTLE 27: 3 dark soldiers, 4 dark snipers, 3 Lizardmen, 3 dark bishops, 1 wizard, 2 
    After this battle head for the top-right of the screen - you can see MOUN on the left side, but 
    can't enter it yet. 
    BRIDGE BATTLE 28: 4 lesser demons, 3 Wyverns, 1 Lizardman, 1 dark sniper, 4 worms, 1 master monk, 1 
    dark soldier, 1 wizard
    Killing the wizard will end the fight. 
    Find 2 healing seeds, 1 protect milk 
    TO TEMPLE BATTLE 29: 4 worms, 2 Wyverns, 3 master monks, 2 Orc lords, 2 wizard, 1 dark knight.
    There is a chest in the lake in the middle of this fight, which you cannot get -
    only in the Japanese version can your characters search during a fight. 
    TEMPLE BATTLE 30: ZALBARD, 2 wizards, 4 dark knights, 1 Wyvern, 1 gargoyle, 2 harpy queens, 2 Orc 
    lords, 1 master monk
    Find 1 healing seed, 1 power water, 1 critical sword 
    Find 1 mithril (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Meet TAYA 
    TAYA joins (search the statue when you are in the left room) 
    If you have saved SKREECH in BEDOE he will join when you try to exit the town. 
    SKREECH joins. 
    Return to PACALON 
    BACK TO PACALON BATTLE 31: 3 dark knights, 1 necromancer, 2 master monks, 4 harpy queens, 3 Orc 
    lord, 1 devil soldier.
    Killing the devil soldier ends the fight. 
    FRAYJA follows to open the door to MOUN 
    TO MOUN BATTLE 32: JARO, 3 Cerberus, 4 pegasus knights, 2 master monks, 3 devil soldiers, 1 bow 
    master, 2 necromancers.
    Killing the bowmaster ends the fight. 
    During the battle JARO joins. 
    FRAYJA joins. 
    MOUN BATTLE 33: 3 devil soldiers, 3 Cerberus, 2 necromancers, 2 pegasus knights, 2 mud man, 3 bow 
    masters, 1 shaman.
    Win a mage staff from a necromancer. 
    Find 1 running pimento, 1 angel wing, the Golem arm. 
    The Golem arm appears when you go to the top left of the town, search with the 'A' button to pick it 
    GYAN joins. 
    ZYNK follows. 
    TO NAZCA SHIP BATTLE 34: CAMEELA, 2 bow masters, 2 Cerberus, 4 Dragonewt, 3 pegasus knights, 3 mud 
    mans, 1 necromancer, 
    1 shaman.
    Win a wish staff. Receive the sky orb. 
    Find the NAZCA cannon. 
    After the crash go south and enter the little town. 
    Find 1 brave apple. 
    Find 1 mithril (look on the Mithrils Page) 
    Meet SHEELA  - go around the building to the left, in a C-shape, being careful not to exit the 
    SHEELA joins. 
    Find a VIGOR BALL in a tree on it's own near to SHEELA. 
    TO ROFT BATTLE 35: 2 Dragonewts, 2 mist demons, 2 griffin, 1 shaman, 1 bow rider, 1 chaos wizard, 3 
    purple worms, mud men 
    appear during the battle.
    Win 1 heat axe. 
    Find 1 healing drop, 1 blizzard, ZYNK joins. 
    CLAUDE joins (if you have the Golem arm) 
    Now is your chance to return to Creed's Mansion, where the rest of the fighters join. (KARNA, 
    RETURN TO GRANS BATTLE 36: 9 prism flowers, 1 Dragonewt, 1 griffin, 1 shaman, 1 purple worm, 1 chaos 
    wizard, 2 mist demons, 4 bow riders, 1 executioner.
    Win 1 battle sword. 
    TO GALAM BATTLE 37: RED BARON, 4 hell hounds, 2 Minotaurs, 2 mist demons, 2 evil bishops, 2 chaos 
    wizards, 4 bow riders, 
    1 executioner.
    After the battle, look carefully at the river - you will see something that looks like a start of 
    bridge.  Use the DRY STONE 
    in front of this, and a bridge will appear.  Now you can enter the hidden Dwarves' village - where 
    the Dwarven Blacksmith is
     - he will make you mega-weapons for Mithril and money, but what he makes is random - so save the 
    game before you see him,
    and keep trying until you get what you want.
    Find 1 white ring, 1 healing water, 1 demon rod. 
    In GALAM, return to the treasure room, you will find 1 healing water and 1 fairy powder 
    TO YEEL BATTLE 38: GESHP, 2 dark gunners, 1 Minotaur, 1 hell hound, 1 mist demon, 1 chaos wizard, 1 
    evil bishop,
    2 White dragons, 1 cyclops. 9 burst rocks will during the course of the battle.
    Win 1 Buster shot 
    Play the piano, to make a stairway appear in the church - that's where everyone's hiding. 
    Meet CHAZ. 
    CHAZ joins. 
    Sir Fil's Recommendation:  CHAZ has BLAZE, FREEZE and BOLT - but TYRIN as a Wizard's probably 
    Neither can do as much damage as the sorcerors, though. 
    Find 1 quick chicken, 1 evil knuckles. 
    LEMON joins as you exit the town. 
    Note to emulator users:  There is a bug in the KGEN and GENECYST emulators which prevents you 
    equipping LEMON with 
    any weapons - making him effectively useless.  You have to use the GENEM emulator if you want to 
    take LEMON. 
    TO SOUTH SHRINE BATTLE 39: 3 white dragons, 1 hydra, 1 chaos wizard, 3 dark gunners, 1 hell hound, 2 
    1 evil bishop, 2 cyclops.
    Win 1 evil ring from the evil bishop and 1 holy thunder. 
    Find the Force Sword, search with the 'A' button to remove it from the rock.  Upstairs you can then 
    the Evil Axe from the chest which was previously blocked by a piece of stone pillar. 
    To east of the tower (you'll have to walk all the way around) there's small entrance - here you'll 
    see a statue of a 
    devil's head.  (If you didn't visit Yeel, LEMON will join you here)  Use the Force Sword in front of 
    the head to open it. 
    There's an evil lance around here somewhere, but I can't recall the exact location. 
    From now on it's pretty much just fighting: 
    BATTLE 40: ODD EYE, 2 demons, 2 evil bishops, 1 demon master, 2 white dragons, 2 dark gunners, 3 
    chaos warriors,
     2 hydras, 2 chaos wizards, 3 cyclops.
    Win 1 fairy tear from the first evil bishop, and sometimes the counter sword from ODD EYE.  
    The floor disappears during this battle on two occasions, forcing you to take an S-shaped path. 
    BATTLE 41: 4 chaos warriors, 4 demons, 5 hydras, 3 demon masters, 2 chaos dragons, 1 blue shaman, 1 
    Win 1 holy staff from the blue shaman. 
    BATTLE 42: GALAM, 1 blue shaman, 2 demon masters, 1 devil griffin, 3 reapers, 2 evil beasts, 2 chaos 
    2 horsemen, 1 chaos dragon.
    FINAL BATTLE 43: ZEON, 1 blue shaman, 3 demon masters, 5 Pyrohydras, 1 horseman, 2 ZEON guards, 2 
    arch demons, 
    1 devil griffin.
    Win 1 healing rain from the blue shaman. 
    The End - or is it? 
    When you see the two jewels on the screen wait for 2-3 minutes, a new message " And more..." 
    appears: press 
    the C button and go in a special battle: 
    DARK SMOKE, CAMEELA, 2 prism flowers.
    Game Over. 
    Arg...the hardest part in this whole thing...working the characters to see when they get their 
    < > = Starts with
        Spell level:           1       2       3       4 
        Egress  Hero	  < >
        Bolt    Hero          L22     L33     L43     L53 
        Katon   Slade         L26     L31     L47 
        Raijin  Slade         L36     L41     L54 
        Heal    Sarah         < >     L7      L22     L48 
        Detox   Sarah         L4      L13     L41     L53 
        Blast   Sarah         L10     L16     L33     L44 
        Slow    Sarah         L19     L29 
        Heal    Karna         < >     < >     < > 
        Blast   Karna         < >     < >     L30     L41 
        Boost   Karna         < >     L34 
        Aura    Karna         L37     L45     L59     L64 
        Heal    Frayja        < >     < >     L36     L40 
        Detox   Frayja        < >     < >     L17?    L23 
        Aura    Frayja        L14     L20     L26     L32 
        Attack  Frayja        L29 
        Heal    Sheela        < >     < >     L21     L31 
        Blast   Sheela        < >     < >     L18     L27 
        Muddle  Sheela        < >     L16 
        Boost   Sheela        < >     L24 
        Blaze   Kazin         < >     L5      L22 
        Muddle  Kazin         L9      L25 
        Dispel  Kazin         L13 
        Desoul  Kazin         L18     L29 
        Blaze   Tyrin         < >     < >     L64     L68? 
        Freeze  Tyrin         < >     < >     L31     L51 
        Sleep   Tyrin         L25 
        Bolt    Tyrin         L28     L48 
        Blaze   Chaz          < >     < > 
        Freeze  Chaz          < >     < >     < >     L26 
        Bolt    Chaz          L20     L24     L29     L33 
        Dispel  Chaz          L21
    Sorcerors / Sorceress *for Taya*
        Dao     Kazin         < >     L12 
        Apollo  Kazin         L4      L17 
        Neptun  Kazin         L7      L26 
        Atlas   Kazin         L21     L32 
        Dao     Taya          < >     L15 
        Apollo  Taya          L12     L19 
        Neptun  Taya          L22     L29 
        Atlas   Taya          L25     L34 
        Dao     Tyrin         < >     L12 
        Apollo  Tyrin         L3      L16 
        Neptun  Tyrin         L8      L25 
        Atlas   Tyrin         L20     L29 
    Here is the list of normal weapons and Mithril *Below. These Weapons are put in by their Attack 
    power only not Value 
    or Classes that can use it.
    Normal, Magical, Cursed Weapons
      Weapon          Value       Atk        Classes 			  	Special
      ______          _____       ___        _______ 			  	_______
    Wooden Sword                  +3         SDMN,HERO,BDMN,BDBT,BRN,RDBN,NINJ
    Short Sword         140       +5         SDMN,HERO,BDMN,BDBT,BRN,RDBN,NINJ
    Middle Sword        340       +9         SDMN,HERO,BDMN,BDBT,BRN,RDBN,NINJ
    Long Sword          620       +12        SDMN,HERO,BDMN,BDBT,BRN,RDBN,NINJ
    Steel Sword        1120       +16        SDMN,HERO,BDMN,BDBT,BRN,RDBN,NINJ
    Achilles Sword     1350       +19        HERO   				Hurts Taros   
    Broad Sword        1600       +22        HERO,NINJ,BRN,BDBT,RDBN
    Buster Sword       2600       +26        HERO,NINJ,BRN,BDBT,RDBN
    Great Sword        5000       +29        HERO,NINJ,BRN,BDBT,RDBN
    Battle Sword          ?       +35        HERO,NINJ,BRN,BDBT,RDBN
    Force Sword       10000       +46        HERO
    Dark Sword        17000  A+50,D-5        HERO,NINJ,BDBT,BRN,RDBN                Desoul 1       
    Wooden Stick          ?       +3         KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Short Spear         120       +6         KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Spear               460       +12        KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Power Spear        1270       +20        KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Javelin            3400       +26        PLDN,PGKT
    Bronze Lance        260       +9         KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Steel Lance         810       +16        KNTE,PLDN,PGKT
    Heavy Lance        1600       +23        PLDN,PGKT
    Chrome Lance       6900       +31        PLDN,PGKT
    Evil Lance        11000  A+48,M-2        PLDN,PGNT					       *Cursed*
    Short Axe           120       +5         WARR,GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Hand Axe            340       +9         WARR,GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Middle Axe          610       +13        WARR,GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Power Axe          1100       +17        WARR,GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Battle Axe         1370       +21        GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Large Axe          2250       +25        GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Great Axe          4600       +28        GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Evil Axe          15000  A+50,D-5        GLDT,RDBN					       *Cursed*
    Wooden Rod           60       +3         MAGE,PRST,WIZ,VICR
    Short Rod           130       +5         MAGE,PRST,WIZ,VICR
    Bronze Rod          360       +8         MAGE,PRST,WIZ,VICR
    Iron Rod            560       +12        MAGE,PRST,WIZ,VICR
    Power Stick        1050       +15        MAGE,PRST,WIZ,VICR
    Flail              1490       +19        WIZ,SORC,VICR
    Guardian Staff     2380  A+22,D+5        WIZ,SORC,VICR 
    Indra Staff        3200       +25        SORC,WIZ,VICR 		                 Steals MP
    Wish Staff         6100       +26        VICR                                    Boost attack
    Mage Staff         6300       +27        SORC,WIZ                                Blaze 2
    Demon Rod         12500  A+50,D-10       SORC,WIZ,VICR                           Steals MP     
    Wooden Arrow        250       +5         ACHR,BRGR,SNIP,RNGR,BWNT
    Iron Arrow          600       +7         ACHR,BRGR,SNIP,RNGR,BWNT
    Steel Arrow        1270       +12        ACHR,BRGR,SNIP,RNGR,BWNT
    Robin Arrow        1480       +17        BRGR,SNIP,BWNT
    Assault Shell      2500       +25        BRGR,SNIP,BWNT
    Great Shot         5000       +29        BRGR,SNIP,BWNT
    Cannon                ?         ?        BRGR
    Nazca Cannon       3000       +33        BRGR,SNIP,BWNT
    Short Knife          70       +5         THIF
    Dagger              320       +8         THIF
    Knife               500       +12        THIF
    Thieve's Dagger     940       +18        THIF
    Leather Glove      1300       +26        MMNK
    Power Glove        1800       +33        MMNK
    Brass Knuckles     2900       +39        MMNK
    Iron Knuckles      4800       +43        MMNK
    Evil Knuckles      9500       +63        MMNK
    Mithril Normal & Special Weapons
      Weapon          Value       Atk        Classes 			  	Special
      ______          _____       ___        _______ 			  	_______
    Wish Staff         6100       +26        VICR                                   Boost attack
    Mage Staff         6300       +27        SORC,WIZ             		        Blaze 2
    Great Rod          7900       +28        SORC,WIZ,VICR
    Holy Staff         9000       +29        VICR
    Goddess Staff      9700       +31        VICR                                   Aura 2
    Supply Staff       8500       +32        SORC,WIZ                               Remove opponent's MP
    Freeze Staff       9500       +37        SORC,WIZ                               Freeze 2
    Mystery Staff     10000       +39        SORC,WIZ,VICR      *
    Buster Shot        6800       +33        BWNT,BRGR,SNIP
    Hyper Cannon       8700       +40        BWNT,BRGR,SNIP
    Grand Cannon       9800       +43        BWNT,BRGR,SNIP                         Muddle 1
    Katana             9600       +34        NINJ
    Ninja Katana      11500       +39        NINJ
    Gisarme           15000       +42        NINJ 		    *
    Heat Axe           7200       +32        GLDR,BRN,RDBN                          Blaze 2
    Atlas Axe          9600       +35        GLDR,BRN,RDBN                          Blaze 3
    Ground Axe         7500       +39        GLDR,BRN,RDBN
    Rune Axe          10000       +42        GLDR,BRN,RDBN                          Detox 1
    Critical Sword     7200       +32        HERO,BDBT,RDBN,BRN
    Counter Sword     13000       +39        HERO,BDBT,RDBN,BRN
    Levanter          14000       +42        HERO                                   Blaze 3
    Valkyrie           7700       +33        PLDN,PGNT                              Boost Attack
    Halberd            7300       +37        PLDN,PGNT                              Bolt 1 
    Holy Lance         9300   +39,D+5        PLDN,PGNT                              Heal 1
    Mist Javelin       9900       +42        PLDN,PGNT
    Misty Knuckles     5500       +48        MMNK                                   Remove opponent's MP
    Giant Knuckles     7500       +55        MMNK                                   Muddle 1
    * The Gisarme is for Slade: about 20% of the time, Slade will make his opponent split into pieces. 
    The message "(Monster) was cut off!" will appear and the enemy will be dead straight away.  It has 
    never been reported to
    work on the bosses, such as OddEye or Geshp but has killed Zeon Guards in one blow. It seems to work 
    20% of the time, and is the best Ninja weapon you can get. 
    * The Mystery Staff also has a special property: any wizard who has it equipped will automatically 
    regain two MP 
    after moving as the Demon Masters do. 
    Ring              Value     Equip effect    Classes      Use effect
    ____              _____     ____________    _______      __________
    Quick Ring        3000        Agi+5         All
    Protect Ring      3000        Def+5         All            Boost 1
    Power Ring        3000        Att+5         All            Attack
    Running Ring      3000        Mov+2         All
    White Ring        5000        Def+10        HERO,VICR      Aura 2
    Black Ring        5000        Att+10        SORC,WIZ       Blaze 2
    Evil Ring         5000        Att+15        SORC,WIZ,VICR  Bolt 2
    Status Upgrades
        Brave Apple: Level up
       Bright Honey: Increase MP (1-4)
     Cheerful Bread: Increase HP (1-4)
        Power Water: Att. up
       Protect Milk: Def. up
      Quick Chicken: Agi. up
    Running Pimento: Move. up
         Angel Wing: Casts Egress
       Medical Herb: Recover 10 HP
       Healing Seed: Recover 20 HP
       Healing Drop: Recover 30 HP
      Healing Water: Recover HP to full
       Healing Rain: Casts Aura 4
           Antidote: Heal Poison
       Fairy Powder: Heal Paralysis
         Fairy Tear: Recover 20 MP
      Right of Hope: Recover all MP to All
          Dry Stone: Used to get to Dwarven Blacksmith
            Mithril: Forged into special weapons by Dwarven Blacksmith *List of Weapons above*
           Blizzard: Damage enemy
       Shining Ball: Damage enemy *More Powerful then Blizzard*
       Holy Thunder: Damage enemy *More Powerful then Shining Ball*
    Key Items
       Wooden Panel: To get Achilles Sword
            Sky Orb: Powers the Nazca Ship
             Cannon: With Dynamite opens North Cliff
           Dynamite: With Cannon opens North Cliff
       Arm of Golem: To get Claude
      Cotton Ballon: To get off the Desktop when Miniaturized at Creed's house
    If you know of the location of any further Mithrils, please contact me! 
    So far I have been able to find 15 Mithrils - here are their locations:
    1. Behind the Ancient Tower in Grans - you can't see where you are walking, but gauge where the 
    centre is, 
    face North and search. 
    2. Search in the mountain where the south temple south of Grans is. 
                X Yeel                X Grans castle
                       search here>|   X  | south temple
    3. Search the north wall of the room you're in right after you go into Slade's secret passage in 
    Galam Castle. 
    4. After the earthquake when you are at the castle door there's a small hole in the ground to the 
       there's a Mithril inside. 
    5. In Ribble search in the centre of the sandbox.
    6. At the far east of the mainland, travel over a bridge to a fairly large island, search in the 
       indentation in the west side of the mountains. 
    7. Chest in Hassan.  (This, by the way is the first some people know about Mithril.) 
    8. Barrel on the dock in Hassan. 
    9. Chest in the Southeast corner of the hidden forest town. 
    10. Chest in the passage to Creed's land.  The passage which leads to the Mithril is not visible, as 
    it is in a 
        dark passageway itself - you see the south passageway beneath you as you go through, but the 
    Mithril's cave is 
        totally undetectable,  see the diagram: 
         (EXIT) ---------------------------------------- (ENTER)
                       -----------------------------(3 HIDDEN CHESTS)
    11. In Demon's Tail, search the North wall of the clearing which contains Creed's mansion. 
    12. In the Pacalon Castle treasury, behind a locked door.  Search the west wall of the castle, at 
    one point there
    will be a few stones on the other side, like a vague arrow.   You can walk through the wall at this 
    point and 
    find a stairway to the treasure room. 
    13. Go west from Pacalon castle as if going to the bridge. You will round the Northern tip of a 
    mountain range. Search right at that tip. 
    14. In Mitula's temple in a chest.  No NOT the one in the fight - you CAN'T open that! 
    15. You can find 1 Mithril where you find Sheela , go to the right side and you will see a chest. 
    Well, That's All I think heh...

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