Review by BHeilman

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 01/25/02

It's STILL the best Sega game EVER!!!

I wanted to update my review of this game because there is still so much to say about it!
I do still play this game from time to time. The Shining series is about the only reason I play Sega. It saved Sega Genesis as far as I'm concerned.
Graphics: The best in the series, even rivaling SF3! I love hand drawn characters! They have head movements and such and dance around. The enemies are crystal clear. I didn’t think they could do some of the things they do in this game. The mountains, towns, transportation, and even the weapons are very well-drawn. If you equip a weapon, there it is in battle, how cool is that! And if you have no weapon there is none there to remind you of how silly you are! And the magics couldn’t be better! I love the Sorcerers magics that look like summons! I give this a 12.
Characters: There's a lot of character development for a few characters, like the hero, Peter, and the Sage who comes with you. I love the character twist with the blind child. What an entrance he had! An earthquake, clap of lightning, then there he was! Nothing suspicious there... I like how Lime turns out to be a friend. Also, I LOVE how Jar joins the group. Another thing is the number of people is about right. You get them at the right time and their level always makes sense. They don’t give you promoted people, then unpromoted. Well, not entirely true, but you do have to go all the way back to get them. And, when you do, there’s a nice secret battle to build them up! I also like promoting people to different things, that's cool! I actually got into an argument with online people about promoting differently. I mean, how many games let you do that?? I give this an 14.
Music: Unforgettable, rhythmic, catchy, stylish. I find my self humming it sometimes. I do like the way the music matches the mood, even when getting a new character in a sad town.
Story: Full of twists, turns, surprises, and totally unexpected. I don't want to give anything away, but just be prepared! Most of all no chapters!! You can almost always go back and there are SO MANY classic funny and touching moments in this game! I give this an 14.
Secrets: Mithril rules! I love finding new Mithrils and secret promotion items, and of course, secret characters. They even have a couple of secret towns! One of these has a secret battle! Neat! And, there is even a secret battle past the ending! I give this an 11.
Replayability: You WILL play this more than once, I guarantee! You’ll play it to promote somebody to something else, get new mithril weapons, laugh and cry again, and most of all have fun! You can have an entirely different army, almost, by promoting different, which means almost a different game! I give this a 10.
Overall I gave it a perfect score. I've not said that about many games that weren't Final Fantasy games, can I say that here? hehehe :-)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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