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"Tactical planning... great storyline... a must!"

This is an old game, but it's still good, as I'm playing the emulated version for the THIRD time already. Alright, it's illegal, I know, but I can't find the real one in the video game stores anymore.

The storyline in this game is really good, with everything clearly put into detail. The story goes something like this: Somebody has taken the two Jewels of Light and Darkness, which has been sealing _something_ inside the Ground Seal. This brings up the ancient evil which has been there for a long time, and you are chosen by God Volcanon to destroy him. Well, something like that, it seems. I'm not a good storyteller.

The battle in this game is very innovative. Every character can carry up to four items, and they can be promoted. "Promoted?", you ask. Well, everybody in this game starts with a decent job, and if he reaches level 20, he can be promoted to another bigger job, with better looks.

For example, a priest can be promoted to a VICR (Vicar) or to a MMNK (Master Monk) with the Vigar Ball. The hero, from a SDMN (Swordsman) to a HERO (uhh, self-explanatory). The higher your level, the cooler you look.

The magic in this game works great. You can do elemental based attacks (aka Fire, Bolt) and one guy in the game by the name of Slade the Ninja, can do Raijin (that's japanese for Lightning), one of the strongest attacks in the game.

Enemy too hard for you? You can teleport your way out of the battle with EGRESS. Of course, what RPG would be complete without mythical lords coming to help you? A sorcerer in this game can summon gods, from Neptune the water god, or Apollo, to others.

The bosses in this game are made to be bad, they sound bad, and even act bad to make the impression that they're really bad. Ie, Zeon, the last boss in the game kills his own minion who fails his duty.

Now about the Dwarven Blacksmith. Ever heard of Mithril? They are a special type of Metal, indestructible. Give a piece of Mithril to the Dwarven Blacksmith, and he will make for you a weapon for a small sum of money.

There are even Black and Evil weapons. For example, the Evil arrow, or the Evil Rod. Different weapons differ. Soundtrack in this game is really good, but there are no CD's for it, so download a midi from RPGamer .

It's a really good game, and if you really want to try it, get it from a emulation site.

"I am like a shadow. Silent, and deadly!" - Slade

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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