Review by Eviloracle

Reviewed: 01/22/07

The best game I have ever played

I've played SF I, FFT, Kartia and many others as well as a demo for FFXI. No matter what, SF II is the best of them all. I've played this game since I was a little kid, and it remained the best game I have ever played. No doubt anyone with good taste will agree it is truly an amazing game.

Storyline: 10
The storyline to this game is based on a hybrid of currently existing storylines (such as prince charming) but with a dark and warlike twist. I could even find some Biblical roots to some parts of the storyline. The story is very down to earth and easy to follow. As the Hero, you will deal with gods, slay giants, kill krakens and much, much more. The best part of the storyline is that it is emotional (very similar in a way to BoFIII) and that the characters evolve mentally as well as in war capabilities. You end up fighting Zeon; the king of Devils and his horde of Greater Devils. This is where the storyline shines. The Greater Devils all posess their own reasons for fighting, their own strategies and their own personalities. For instance: while Cameela is a stand up fighter and bad girl, Geshp is a cowardly, smart and powerful wizard. But I'm not gonna spoil it that much for you.

Characters: 11
I had to. Bowie is my favorite character of all video games!!! The character growth and battle systems in this game are awesome. The Hero, Bowie, for instance, is found in the beginning of the game being a wussy little kid. He later grows into a dreadful war commander who endures both war and emotional trauma. There are no gods in this game (Ryu III), so characters still very much rely on each other and it is only through his friends like Sarah, Chester, Peter, Astral and so on that Bowie makes it through. The classes and pure choice in this game are ideal. Plus, Karna and Taya are HOT!!! What's more, magic (I love it) looks totally awesome and seems to be a larger part in this one than in the first one. Also taken from the first Shining Force is the promotion system. An ingenious system that allows for characters to gain up to forty extra levels! Actually promoting characters gives you a real sense of achievement and satisfaction that is unique to the game. It also strongly compliments the games emphesis on character devlopement.

Sound: 10
The sound is awesome. The music totally suits the parts of the game in which it is played and though there is a sound effect problem; the music more than makes up for it. I especially like the music whenever a Greater Devil attacks!

Graphics: 10
Maybe it isn't so much the realism, but simple awesomness of the graphics that gives this division a ten. The normal graphics are rather detailed (much more so than in SFI) and you can definately find your way around. Now, let's get into those battle graphics. Initial battle scenes are the same as those in the game, but make an action and there will be a cut scene. The cut scene's graphics increase infinantly, and there is a scene that highly details your character and his/her actions. For instance, say Bowie is attacking a witch, you will see a cut scene that shows Bowie and the Witch, in high detail, one on one and Bowie will make a highly detailed assult on the witch. It's totally awesome. And if you think that's cool, wait till you see the spells (Bolt's the best)! Overall the graphics are awesome.

Gameplay: 100
Do I really need to explain? The gameplay is awesome. You can backtrack (not like in SFI) and fight battles at your choice. The battles are revolutionary in that it actually takes tactics to win battles (I'm a huge fan, but you just don't see it in FFT). You command up to twelve units in all and fight a strategic battle across a realistic and detailed terrain. The battle is turn based (as it is a tactics game) and you can use one of four commands. Attack, Item, Magic, and wait are the four commands; all of which are rather self explanitory. At times, the difficulty can ever be considered challenging. The gameplay is gold.

Replayability: 10
I've played this game over and over again (I've lost track after my forth game). The strategies are virtually limitless, so you'll never run out of things to do. I know everyone won't appreciate its greatness like I did, but its worth playing over again.

Oh yeah, if you can, BUY IT!!! Its rare, and even considered a collectors item, but most of all, its totally awesome.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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