Review by shenlong

"What I think is the best game of all time."

Like I said above I think that this is the best game ever made. Onto the review.

Game play: This game is a strat/rpg. It's battle system is outsatnding it is the typical strat/rpg style fights which can drag on for over an hour at times but every minute of it is fun. There is a limit of up to twelve members on your team at once which sometimes seems like to little because you are allways outnumbered. I give this a 10.

Music: The music is great but at times can be a little repetitive. I give this a 9.

Characters: The characters are all greatly drawn and all have their strong and weak points. I think that is a total of 23 but I'm not sure. The character development is pretty bad though, the main character says only like a paragraph worth of words the whole game but the other characters make up for it. This gets a 10.

Sound: The sound fx are really good and there is a variety of them. This really has nothing wrong with it so it gets a 10.

Story: The is typical, a master all powerful boss has been awakened and you are asked to help out. The princess has been stolen and it is up to you to save her. It's the same old stuff but nothin to scold at so it gets a 9.

Graphics: The graphics are perfect, it looks like a cartoon and can really drag you into the game. There are no faults here so it deserves a 10.

Challenge: I thought that this game was pretty hard and it really can be at times. It has a lot of difficulty settings that allow for good replayability. This gets another 10.

Overall: This a great game and a must buy if you have a sega genesis and like the rpg/strat games. This gets a 10 once again.

Definitely get this game!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/00, Updated 11/01/00

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