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"Excellent RPG/Strategy game...Perfect combination!"

Shining Force II is a dream. Or should I say, a similarity to Final Fantasy Tactics. Shining Force II is also VERY addicting. So let me start the review for this super duper awesome(did I mention super?) game!

Graphics: 9
Pretty good. Bearable, and you won't argue like this: ''These graphics suck. I'm not gonna play it.'' The character model's eyes look old-fashioned Mickey Mouse style, but nothing to bad, good enough for anyone's eyes.

Sound: 8
Perfect sound overall. Most of the Music is just So-So, but the battle music is spectacular! You'll never get bored of that, but what get's annoying is the sounds of when the text goes by, it gets annoying let's leave that be and take off my score for this catagory 2 points.

Gameplay: 8.5
Very good. The world is played like a Final Fantasy game, but the battles are different. You start out with some characters, who each have a certain distance to move. You can move anywhere without using a characters turn. Then from there you can use an item, stay, attack, or cast magic. The regular scene of the battle is an overview, but and then when some attacks, casts a spell, or uses an item you go into a movie-like screen of the character doing it, using actual pictures instead of icons. This all sounds pretty simple, and it is, but VERY fun and challenging.
There is a drawback though, which is when RPG's have DIFFICULTY LEVELS. Geez, it really pisses me off(and hopefully you off too)but even Easy Mode is pretty hard, so if you're just some regular RPG player just do that.

Story: 6
You are a boy which you can name anything you want. But for right now, let's just call him ''Bob.'' Okay, Bob is just an ordinary boy who is in a school being taught by Sir Astral, when suddenly your King is Possesed by a ghost, and King Galam(your ally) also becomes possesed and destroys your island. Fortunatly, you find the two jewels which make you more powerful, and you go on the quest to kill whatever posseses King Galam and your king. Basically that's the story. Nothing much.

Replay: 4
This game is not the type of game you would want to play over and over again, so I'm giving it a 4. No one should object.

Overall: 7

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/24/01, Updated 07/24/01

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