Review by Slade

Reviewed: 07/28/01 | Updated: 07/28/01

The best video game ever created by far!!

Gameplay:10 of course. There is no question about it. The battles are performed in a great way (much different than Final Fantasy games), I love the blinking spots idea, the characters move much smoother than SF1, cooler new spells like Atlas, Apollo, and Raijin, awesome characters such as Slade (my favorite), Peter, Kazin, and Sheela, four of your best characters. A bit challenging with some of the battles (Kraken, Taros, King Galam) but that is what makes it so fun. Promoting characters is fun as well. Not to mention that your main hero actually looks like a hero, unlike that sissy in SF1. Plus there is nothing more fun than hacking up a bad guy with a battle axe.

Story:10 An excellent story full of great good guys and baddies and an awesome story line. Being a hero with a bunch of cool friends and destroying a 10,000 year old demon named Zeon seems pretty cool to me. But the demon also has a lot of ultra strong friends like Odd Eye, King Galam, Geshp, and Red Baron. Hidden items such as the mithril are awesome. Finding all fourteen isn't as hard as it seems. You just have to know where to look (hint: the sandbox in Ribble). Cool surprises will occur like the deal with Odd Eye which is totally unsuspected, and the end when Lemon talkes Zeon to another demension. Plus the end scene with everyone deciding on who gets to kiss the princess is a very funny scene.

Graphics:10 I love the way the characters and the scenery are drawn. For a game like this it is better to have the types of drawings that are in the game already. 3D drawings would just mess everything up. The overhead view is a great way to perform battles.

Sound:10 The music is great! Sound effects rock, and there is nothing stupid or annoying.

Replayablity:10 I guarantee you will play this more than once. I first played this game on the Sega channel in third grade and after it didn't show up on the Sega channel later on, I wrote a letter to the staff to put it on only to find that the Sega channel was shut down (Why oh why?). I then spent a year looking for it and finally bought it off of the internet for $45 bucks. That is how much I wanted to replay it!

Buy or rent?: BUY! BUY! BUY! Who wants to rent the best game ever when you can own it for yourself. Besides, renting it would just make you mad that you wont have enough time to beat it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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