Review by Cesar

Reviewed: 10/20/01 | Updated: 10/20/01

This game blows FF games away

Shining Force 2 is one incredible game. It is hard to believe that so few of them have been made.

The story may be nothing special at first, but man does it get sooooo intresting and exiting later on in the game. It suprises you at every corner and is filled with wonderful characters.

The graphics are great. The characters and monsters are very detailed and backgrounds during battle are very nice and detailed. My only complaint is some characters in your party look exactly the same but with different colors. Oh, and the spells look great as well. While early spells like Blaze LVL 1 may be nothing special, LVL 4 looks incredible, as well as the awsome looking Sorceror spells.

Great music and sound, changes as you progress during the game. When you attack, its a nice victory music, when you get attacked, its panicky music. When your fighting a boss it has really cool and different music. Then when you are promoted, the new music sounds incredible. The sound was exelently done.

This is the best part, the battles are so much fun. Rather than runing around and having monsters pop out of nowere and having to battle in a straight line with 3 characters, you battle across a huge field with many different characters. And your characters dont stay the same the entire game, they evolve into more powerful character that make you say, wow. Having to chose from so many unique characters, chosing wisely takes strategy, unlike in FF series. Some bosses are soo much fun to fight against, moving your army slowly taking them out then BAM! you jump the boss. Its all just to much fun.

Characters: 10
The characters is a mayor part of Shining Force 2. It amazes me how a small weak looking pretty boy turns into a big, buff strong looking man with a great looking costume, with the coolest bandana Ive ever seen. Some characters take great changes, other small ones. For example, some characters may turn into a complete new form, like a human into a werewolf while some just change weapons and clothing. It ads alot of intrest to your game watching the characters you play with grow and change.

Rent or buy: BUY BUY BUY! Why rent this incredible game that you most likely wont finish in 5 days when you can buy it? Definately worth your money, even if it was $100 [Its only about $30.]

Shining Force 2 is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. It should of gotten alot more fame than the FF games. Go pick up a copy right now and I am sure you will agree with me.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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