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"One of the best games ever."

I (and most other people) have a list of their most favorite games of all time. Well, mine consists of Grandia II, Shenmue, The Neverhood, Sonic 1 (because it started the great series), and, of course, Shining Force II. This was released for the Sega Genesis way back when, and is the oldest game on my favorites list.

The story is yet another ''Big bad dude saves the little helpless chick and, somehow, the fate of the whole damn world falls in your grubby, calloused hands.'' You are Bowie, or whatever you name yourself. Bowie is the default. In the beginning, you gather a team of Sarah and Chester, then eventually Jaha, Kazin, Slade, and so forth. More about this will be in the Gameplay section. Anyway, they talk a lot when they join, especially if it's the beginning, but you don't hear a word from them till the end. This story can be very touching, especially if you liked ------.

This game has awesome graphics for being released in '94 or whatever. It has a kind of simplistic look to it, but not the way other games were at the time. The battle animations and everything were nice. And the people's faces were nicely animated.

The music was nice, and I really enjoyed a couple tunes and still hum them absentmindedly sometimes. Some songs were a bit annoying and repetitive at times though. The sound? I never really paid attention to it. I just remember the fighting noises and menu bleeps and bloops.

Heh, couldn't resist. This has a battle system that should be seen more often. There are lots of different classes in SF2. They are 4 letters and stand for an actual word. Like, SDMN is swordsman, HERO for, well, hero, PRST for priest, and so on. At level 20, they can be promoted like-
priest-vicar or master monk
knight-paladin or Pegasus knight
The battle system- the two sides (you and the enemy) are on separate sides of the battlefield. You move the people around like troops and eventually start fighting. It's all very strategic.

Replay Value-10
I beat this 4 times, my friend 2, and my other friend 2. (we're the only ones that have it.) And I'm about to start a 5th game.

This is, one of the best games ever.Everyone with a Genesis must get this game. Everyone without a Genesis must get one and then SF2.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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