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"Other than Phantasy Star, this is the second leader of best RPGS on Genesis."

Wow, when I think of the old times I used to play this game, it reminds me of what old classic RPG game playing was all about. Now with the newer games out for the newer systems, you would think that these older classic games would really sink away, and never come back, and never even be mentioned again...

That is completely incorrect. Like Phantasy Star, Shining Force II was said to be the best rpg ever on the Sega Genesis. Despite differing with a war with Phantasy Star IV, clearly it showed that Shining Force II was not only an rpg, but a strategic type of game, such as Warsong and etc ...

Shining Force II put you in the main character role of a young Swordsman named Bowie, who must rescue his kingdom of Granseal against the evil forces of Zeon. This may sound like an odd, perhaps bland type of rpg, but the whole game is clearly INCREDIBLE, truly incredible.

You are put in control of several battles to raise your character's levels and abilities, you can promote them into greater classes, interact with townspeople and your own friends, a lot of things to do in this game! This game is a rpg game really mixed with the strategy involved in it.

This is one of my favorite rpgs ever, despite nothing beating Rings of Power, Shining Force II was still truly, and still IS truly, one of the best RPGS EVER CREATED.

Graphics: 96%
Words: See the colors, the drawing, the lining, the computerized graphics and effects! In battles you fight sometimes in towns, villages, and large fields and such! You can see the mountains, your movement is effected by the terrain, and it is all just so much fun you will not get bored easily, that is a promise.

Sound: 79%
Words: Sound was the only thing that was a little odd. The music was very good, and the sound effects were well, but some of the sounds sounded like static, and the music was choppy at times.

Replay: 0%
Words: As most rpgs have, after you beat Shining Force II, despite its legacy, strengths, abitilies, popularity, and effect on you... you will want to put it into the cabinet for a LOOOONNNNGGG time... It has been in my cabinet for five years!

Gameplay: 92%
Words: Gameplay was very well designed for a strategy game. Like explained earlier, like Warsong, you control your friends, the soldiers, in battle against several enemies who are out to destroy you!

Story: 64%
Words: The story was good, but other stories have been way better.

Characters: 45%
Words: Elves, Dwarves... too many of them, a fun game with them, but there are FAR too many Elves, Centuars, Dwarves, odd creatures. This game needed more human type of fighters, there were only about two or five humans out of thirty to forty Shining Force members! Quite odd, I must say!

Final Words: Not many flaws in this game, other than some slight sound choppiness and too many wrong characters, sort of like Phantasy Star IV had a problem with odd characters, this will still go down as one of the greatest rpgs ever made due to its' gameplay and fun filled things to do! It still goes for $50... after eight years.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/11/02, Updated 05/11/02

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