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"A strategy/rpg game that needs improvement..."

Gameplay- Shining Force 2's gameplay is simple and is not at all hard to understand. The computer
AI can be intelligent by attacking your weaker units or your leader first to end the battle. The battles
can be very challenging and will take some strategy and skill to beat. The commands are simple
and the only noticeable difference between the first game and this one is that they took out the
ability to search a treasure chest during a battle. The gameplay can be very frustrating, however,
because it is very repetitive. The battles are the same you take turns facing off and you win by
eliminating all the enemy forces or kill their boss. After about 30-40 of these battles, the only thing
that makes you continue is the need to see the ending. This game can be addicting from the
beginning and I admit is a very good strategy game, but it needs some more twists to make it
interesting at the end instead of more battles, battles, battles and battles. Get my drift? Near the
end of the game, this game can be very hard and you must salvage all the skills you didnt have
and use them to win. The enemies will have the same spells (if not better) then you and this makes
the game challenging.

Story- This story is just like the first game with a few changes. Your the hero and you need to save
the world from evil. Sound familiar? This game is very predictable and that can be very disappointing
and this game has no character developement. Near the end maybe a little, but throughout the
story there is basically no character developement. The only thing your characters will do is fight,
and fight some more. I thought the story was not very good.

Sound- The music in this game was absolutely atrocious. I suggest muting your t.v. volume and get
a cd player for your music needs. The same droning music over and over and over again, is very
annoying. They could have improved this section quite a bit.

Graphics- The graphis for this game is very nice for Genesis console. The characters look different
once they are promoted and overall the background, color is done nicely and I admit the graphics for
this game exceeds that for a normal one. I give Sega credit for this, they really worked hard to make
this game look great.

Replayability- You will be probably play this game twice for a challenge and that is all. This game
needs more variety. The characters can only be promoted to 1 or 2 classes and once you played
both it gets repetitive and boring. They should have done less choice of characters and made
more promotions/jobs available. The replayability gets a low score, because you will not play this
game more then a couple of times.

Buy/Rent?- This game is quite old now, so finding the game can be hard. I suggest borrowing it
from a friend or if you like to collect antique games, buy one at a used game store. I dont think
you can rent this game, so buying it would be your only option.

Overall Score- 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/19/02, Updated 08/19/02

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