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"Great RPG tactics game"

SF2 is a really cool RPG/Tactics game for Genesis with at least 15+ characters and at least twice that many class's.
Basically what you do is go on a quest to save a Princess and along your journey you meet lots of characters who help you with battles.

Graphics - 8
Not the best I've seen on the Genesis but very good nonetheless. When you fight an enemy the game switchs to a different camera angle so you can see your own character and the enemy in greater detail. The world map has a questionable amount of detail and really the landscape doesn't vary too much throughout the whole game. Mostly its made up of 4 textures. Mountains, grass, trees and water.

Walls, grass, floors, etc were all just tiled images of 1 or 2 textures. I know that in 1994 there were games like Final Fantasy 6 with much better detailed, varied textures for instance in dungeons, towns etc.

Sound - 6
Nothing special. Town music gets repetitive after awhile because its the same one over and over. Sound effects were what I expected for a Genesis game.

Story - 7
Basically you have to save this princess, and on the journey u meet like tons of other characters who join you (some are optional). The ending was very predictable, your typical fairy tale happy ending scenario.

Gameplay - 10
Well if theres one thing that kept me playing its that I was always interested to see what kind of character I would get next as I travelled through the world. Probably the coolest part is the fact that you can evolve your player's class's with items or just naturally when they get to lvl 20 i think it was. The battles is really where the heart of the game is and they were deep enough that they kept me going through the entire game.

Replay value - Hmm.... not really after I got all the characters there didn't seem like reason enough to play again.

Buy or Rent? Well this game is fairly rare if you can manage to find it used then you should probably go for it!
I don't think there's too many places that rent out Genesis games anymore though.

Overall - 9
If you like games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre then I would definitely recommend it to you, I don't think the story was all that great enough alone but if you're into tactics games then this game definitly has what you want.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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