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Reviewed: 12/28/02 | Updated: 12/28/02

Definatly one of the best CLASSIC sequels of all time.

Shining Force 2 was just simply in my opinion great, all though it wasn't as good as Shining Force 1, Shining Force 2 was outstanding addition into this classic Genesis series. Most of the aspects of this game come from Shining Force 1, for example, the battle system is basically the same, items work the same way, and promotion of characters also. However there are aspects of this game that are different which separate it from SF1.

Gameplay 93%
Shining Force 1, and more? Well that is exactly what it is! SF2 has the same battle system as Shining Force 1, that takes in all aspects of the characters, items held by a character, and the terrain of the battle field. You also have magic which, in some cases, when cast look spectacular. Also there is a much bigger variety of enemy creature types, oh did I mention more then one way to promote your characters? The most important thing though, Shining Force 2 has overall just more gameplay then Shining Force 1. Their are more battles to fight, and more stuff you can do aside from the main quest, I really wouldn't call them side quests because they really aren't, because they don't have any battles in them. Also SF2 has more towns to visit, and more weapons and items to purchase.

Difficulty 95%
Can you say near perfect difficulty setting? Four different difficulty settings so you can whoop up on this game no matter if you are a veteran gamer, or just a novice. Also, no matter what difficulty you choose, as you work your way into the game, the difficulty will also rise and fall many times. Well their is one problem that I find with this though, the game's difficulty rises during the wrong segments of the game. For example, you will fight a battle with no boss in it, just a normal battle, and it will sometimes be harder then the boss fight the proceeds it. This I find really messed up. Their is no way that this should happen, I mean in a lot of games it does happen, but it this game it DEFINITELY does show, and makes it very obvious. Other then that, the SF2's difficulty is perfection.

Story 75%
A thief steals 2 jewels from a tower, wow not very amazing is it, actually the beginning of the story isn't really that astounding at all, let me continue. You are a boy who goes to school one morning. Your mentor is then called into the castle for some type of big emergency. You and your friends decide to sneak in after him. When getting there you are caught by your mentor. He then takes you to a sacred tower that usually only the king can go to, and... ok that's all for you. After working your way through the game the storyline may put you in awe. When you first start the game, you look at it saying, wow, uhhh this storyline....bites. After working your way into the game the storyline gets more and more interesting, and you find yourself addicted to the game wondering what will happen next. However, in my opinion, an intro is what gets a person into a game at first, that is why this categories' rating isn't higher.

Graphics 75%
Graphics aren't good compared to SF1, but other then that, they are pretty decent. In my opinion, everything in SF2 looks not as well drawn out as SF1, the magic still looks great, but still not as good as SF1. Everything looks a little cartoonish, and not more smooth and realistic. The real reason why I think this is so, is that you can only do so much, and Sega decided to give up a little bit of it's graphics for more gameplay, overall, I think this was a great decision, the gameplay and story clearly makes up for the graphics, GOOD JOB SEGA!!

Sound 65%
Once again Sega did a great job with the sound effects, different sounds for just about every type of attack or magic spell in the game. Once again though, the gaming industry has produced a game that has really annoying repetitive music. Because this game is so long, you will get tired of it by the time your half way through it.

Replay Value 45%
Shining force 2 has a real low replay value because it is so long. You won't get so tired of it that you will not want to finish, but you will be to tired of it to play it again right after finishing it. I suggest that after beating it, there is no way you will play it again for another 8 or 9 months.

Buy it??? Yes, but don't pay a lot for it.
I would buy it if I ever had the chance to get it, but there is no way you should pay over 30 bucks for this game, I mean this game is a great game, but no 50 dollars great. I have seen this game on sell at many places that sell used games, so it really isn't that rare.

Overall 85%
I really think this is an excellent RPG, if it weren't for it's horribly long length, and it's below average graphics, I would say it is a better game then SF1, but overall SF2 is most definitely a classic that should be played by RPGers no matter how experienced they are. SF2, one great game!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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