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Reviewed: 08/29/03

Old School RPGers, try this out!

Shining Force II pretty much starts off after the time of Shining Force. In the introduction of the game, a ratman thief named Slade and his companions steals two mysterious jewels from some old ruins. This complicates things a bit for the island of Grandseal. Thus you embark on an adventure to set things back to normal, and the game takes off...

Storyline 38 out of 50%
Overall in RPGs I think the story is the most vital part. To me it's mainly why you play an RPG. The story of Shining Force II is overall decent. It has that casual theme of 'destroy the villain and save the princess', but there are a lot of other elements in the story that makes up for plain theme it seems to have to it. Shining Force II has minor comedy, love, adventure, and tragic emotions to it. The characters are just very like-able, and the villains you just want to crush at the first chance you get. It kept me playing more just to see what happens next. Definitely not the strongest peak of the game, but good enough to get you threw it.

Gameplay 14 out of 15%
Wonderful, just simply wonderful. If you are a strategy RPGer your missing out totally if you haven't tried this game out. Shining Force II surpasses Shining Force in gameplay by far, mostly by the balance of the game. This game is mildly challenging when you first go threw it, and if you choose the 'Ouch' mode, you have some work ahead of you. The main gameplay aspect is set on an overhead landscape of where your fighting. This is where you can move your current selected party member around, attack the enemy, cast spells, and use items. You can have up to 12 members in your party fighting out on the battle field, and by the end of the game you have up to 30 characters to choose from. You advance in the game by killing off the enemy to gain experience and level up, thus increasing your stats so you can face stronger enemies in the near future. This is where most of the 'fun' in this game is.

Graphics 13 out of 15%
In it's time Shining Force II graphics was nicely done. When the game first came out it was good eye candy. The overhead map was detailed nicely, and when you went into the battle screen it had different landscapes depending on where you character was on the map. Character models were like-able, and each character had their own unique appearance except for a few which the color determined the difference. Overall the graphics are more than good enough to get you threw the game.

Sound/Music 13 out of 15%
The usual midi type sound and music was used, but the sound/music did it's part to the corresponding scene. If you was in a village it played a heart warming at home song. If you went in to attack an enemy it really sounded like you hit it with a sword or you just cast a powerful magic spell. There is nothing really to complain about the music and sound of Shining Force II, it did its job just fine.

Replay Value 2 out of 5%
Ok so Shining Force II is kinda lacking in this department. Well a lot of RPGs really don't have that great of a replay value. You play the game and you see how the story turns out. That's pretty much it with this game. About the only reason you would want to play this game over again is to try out the different difficulty levels. Other than that, you've pretty much seen and done everything the game has to offer you.

Overall Consensus
Shining Force received 80% out of a possible 100%. If you haven't played this one yet your missing out. It didn't get a lot of hype when Genesis was in style, but it is definitely a classic. I enjoyed this one a lot, right until the end, and its worth every bit of your time.

Other Stuff
This review was made by my own personal views and opinions. As well this was my first review, so bare with me if it wasn't that great.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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