Review by Vivi0198

Reviewed: 05/28/04

The greatest SRPG of all time!

Shining Force 2 quite possibly of the most under rated games ever!! The graphics are awesome, the sound is great and the gameplay is just beautiful, the sad thing is not very many people know about it aw well because thats why I am here. Read on if you would like to learn why it's so great.

First off lets start with the graphics the battle scenes are awesome and look like something from the Sony Playstation, the character design and the enemy design is beautiful I and I believe it is the very best graphics from the 16 bit era. Then we have the world map and the battle areas, the graphics there are great as well something like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, not as good as the battle scenes but still great. So all in all great graphics.

Not only was the graphics great but the music and sound effects we're as well. The music was beautifully composed it actually sounded like someone at Squaresoft was helping the creators of Shining Force out because I have only heard great music like this from games such as Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI. The sound effects were very nice as well, the attacks sound, the magic sound hell even when you walk the sound was great. Just great sound one of the best games ever.

Non-like other RPG's Shining Force is unique it's a tactical RPG where you're characters are laid out on a grid and you can move them a certain number of squares in a battle depending on there 'movement' stat. Other then the battle system though it's you're original RPG go from town to town finding out what you're next quest will be and so on.
In my opinion this game is unique, as far as I know it's the first of it's kind and Squaresoft stole the idea for Final Fantasy: Tactics. Great gameplay.

Now the story is where it gets even better, you are a young man who sneaks into the castle after you're mentor Astral is summoned to check on the king because he has fallen sick with a unknown illness. When you find you're mentor he is told by the kings assistant that a gate has opened in the tower and he summons you to go check it out with him so you do and when you get there you notice that evil is being unleashed because two crystals we're stolen that sealed the king of demons, Zeon. Now you're mission is to defeat Zeon and seal him again with the crystal of light and evil. Along the way you meet many many colorful and unique allies who will join the Force to help seal Zeon again some of the allies you meet include a Phoenix who is capable of self revival and a Clay Golem who has lost his arm and will only join you if you can find his arm for him and bring it to him, plus there is many many more characters to be found elsewhere in SF2 all who are different and unique in there own way, As you can tell it's a very deep storyline and very good one as well.

There is one thing I did not like about this game and that thing is the lack of direction on what to do next. I remember at the age of 10 trying to figure out how to get a raft to continue with the game but the mayor of the city was too frightened to help me. I believe I spent almost 3-4 days going from city to city and talking to everyone and trying to use all my items at a certain place to get a raft but not once did I prevail until I talked to the mayor of the city again and again, how was I supposed to know that it worked that way.... in my opinion they should of at least hinted this somehow instead of telling me to just go talk to the mayor. Basically this is the one and only flaw the game had so it's not bad at all.

Replay value is great, whenever you're bored throw in Shining Force 2 because you can take a different approach to the game by choosing what characters you use in battle and what to promote them to and so on. Trust me you will replay this game.

Overall it's great and should be played by everyone and everyone should know about it. Maybe then if more people knew about it we might get another one here in North America, great game the best Sega game ever made.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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