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"A wonderful game in a shining series"

A great strategy/RPG game. Its story is very intriguing and its sound exceeds my expectations by a long while. I don’t see how they could of improved on it.

Gameplay: It’s fun and sometimes exciting. The controls for the game are very easily used. It’s very easy to move around everywhere. Both in battle and out of battle are menu based. It is a strategy game, so fighting is turn based. I like that you can make a large force of 12 members to fight enemies. You actually have to move across a battlefield to attack the enemy, which makes the game more realistic. 10/10

Sound: This is one of the BEST points of the game. The music is very deep. It goes with wherever you are located. The battle sounds are very realistic. In fact, most of the sounds are pretty realistic. I like the musical stings that occur when someone is doing something to someone else. I would like to see how, if they could, they would improve this area. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good too. The screens while one of the members are speaking are very well drawn. Some look like they could be real people. The sprites outside of battle look a little strange, but they go fine with this game. The backgrounds in and out of battle are beautiful. The weapons and items are well illustrated. 10/10

Story: The story starts off with Slade and two of his friends breaking into the Ground Seal to find some treasures. They find two jewels and take them. Little do they know that these two jewels trap an ancient evil. By taking the jewels, they release the evil Zeon unto the world. When investigating a disturbance in the Ground Seal, the Hero and his two friends come across an evil spirit. After this, things turn for the worse. They have to hunt down Zeon and destroy him if they want to save Rune. Along their travels, many others join them for other reasons. All of them combined are a very powerful force. But are they strong enough to beat Zeon? 10/10

Replayability: Another good point of the game. You can play this over and over because there are probably hundreds of ways to try each battle. There are also side quests and secret characters to do and find. Also, to find everything would take you well over one game. 10/10

I gave this game a 10 because it is nearly perfect. I still play it today (Though I’ve already found everything) because it is fun and requires a certain amount of strategy sometimes. I recommend that everyone buy this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/20/00, Updated 06/20/00

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