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"Speeding to a Genesis console near you!"

This was my very first game I ever owned back in the day, and so I decided this should be my very first review. So let's take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I've had many years of fun playing this game and I hope that you will too. Come with me to a world where our hero, Sonic the hedgehog must stop evil Dr. Robotnick from destroying the world with his wild, cunning schemes.

Gameplay:Sonic the hedgehog is controlled with any one of the three trigger buttons on the genesis control pad. Press a button and Sonic performs a jump. Hold down on the directional pad while rapidly pressing a button and Sonic revs up to reach super speeds. The premis is that these attacks can defeat badniks and release the captured animals inside. Very simple to pick up and learn. Very hard to put down. Oh so much fun!

Story: The story is pretty standard in the Sonic universe that Sonic and tails must stop Dr. Ivo Robotnick and his wacky robotic creations. After you blast throught zones that feaure sunken labyrinths, factories, oily oceans and many other locales, you will fight Robotnick in a creation he has. You must defeat him to proceed to the next location to further continue your quest to free all the animals and ultimatley fight Robotnick in his ultimate creation in the final zone.

Graphics:Though not very great compared to today's standard 3 dimesional graphics, I loved these back in the day. Although it was fast paced the blurring was minimal and slowdown was far from crippling the fun gameplay. The levels feature bright easy to see backgrounds and terrificly animated badnicks. And of course one cool looking blue hedgehog!

Controls: As I said before one button is all you need to enjoy this game. A, B, or C jumps while the Start button pauses the action so you can go to the little boys, or girls room , or get some sweet sweet Pepsi cola. The Genesis control pad feels comfortable in my hands and is pretty easy to get used to.

Fun Factor: I couldn't put this down. I would skip meals and alienate myself from all things not Sonic. I have played this game for so many years and still pop it in my Genny for a round every now and then. Easy to learn and hard to master is a great feature of this game. Even if you beat it you can always try to get the fastest times, or try to collect the elusive Chaos Emeralds. One player can play or Tails the fox can join you for more fun in defeating Robotnick, or you and a pal can try to run through the levels the fastest looking for the most rings, item boxes, and best score.

Replayability: I've found my self playing this for years and I'm sure you will too. Very fun for an afternoon of extended play or great for a few minute speed run before math class. This classic is still played today and remebered by many for its high speed fun.

Music/Sound effects: The music is great. A shining example of some of the best music video games has to offer. I still love the catchy tunes from the levels. I like the music so much I sometimes just pop this into listen to the sound test to hear all the tracks. Some of the best music in any videogame is a great example of why this game drew so many people in with its great atmosphere.

Difficulty: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 can be a tough game when you first pick it up. In fact I spent a few months only getting to the second level, but after you get the hang of it you will speed by all the levels. Another difficult challenge is collecting all of the seven Chaos Emeralds. At the star posts if you have fifty rings you can jump into the circle of stars and transport to a three dimensional bonus stage where you collect rings while avoiding spike bombs. If all goes right, you will be rewarded a Chaos Emerald. This at firs seems very simple, but the latter bonus levels become more difficult and frusterating. But never impossible though. If you have played other titles in the Sonic the hedgehog series you may already be familiar with the controls, but even for beginners it is not too terribly difficult to pick up and have it all learned with in a few minutes.

Rent or buy: Well you can't rent Genesis games any more so that's outta the picture, but you could borrow it from your neighbor if they have it. But I am pretty sure most people would like to get it any way because it's not too hard to find for a few bucks at your local used game store, pawn shop, flea market, or garage sale. Or if you wanna try you can do that option too. This game was a pack in for a few years with the Sega Genesis console. That's how I got it. Since it was a pack in title it should be pretty easy to find and for a decent price. If you don't have a Sega Genesis you can still play this on newer consoles like the Nintendo Gamecube and Playstation two. There are collections available with all of Sonic's fantastic adventures including this one.

Closing:In closing I would like to thank yall for reading my review on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and hope you guys have tons of fun with it if I have persuaded you to get it. If you like this try and read some of my other reviews that I plan to write soon and keep on gaming. So I give Sonic the hedgehog a score of 10/10 for it's fun simple gameplay and replayability. A great Genesis game that continues to wow me today. I believe a great game can still hold up its fun even after may years and this title is a great example of that. I still continues to amaze me and other Sega Genesis games worldwide.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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