Review by Mage

"A stunning sequal to a great game. The return of the Hog!"

Gameplay: (5) You must once again lead sonic, and now his new friend tails, through another world of Evil. With the new Speed dash feature making for even more ways to stop your enemies, and an entire new horde of robots, this game is as fun as it's predecesor.

Graphics: (5) Better then the original, with detailed characters, an expansive world, and dynamic stages. Semi-interactive backgrounds, huge landscapes, and beautifully drawn worlds make this a fun game to look at as well as play.

Sound: (4) sadly, this games music is still along the same par as the First, with mediocer sound, uninspired music, and fairly boring monster noises. You'll soon find yourself playing on Mute.

Story: (5) Robotnick returns, taking over the world and turning all your friends into Robots again. You and tails must race and fight your way through several worlds, saving your friends and stopping Robotnick before he can use his Egg shapped ship to destroy the world.

Replayability: (5) You can play this game over as soon as your done, just to see if you missed anything. Besides, now that two people can play, thanks to tails, you can call up a friend when you beat it and a play it again!

All in all, a fun game, and a worthy sequal to sega's great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 09/29/01

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