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"Sonic's second outing is still one of his best."

Sega's duel against Nintendo in the 16-bit era brought a climactic clash between video game veteran Mario and slick newcomer Sonic. After releasing the first Sonic game for the Genesis, Sega quickly found a sequel in the future. Sonic 2 is the sequel to the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog. This time around, Sonic has a new friend in Miles “Tails” Prower and an old enemy in Dr. Robotnik. So is Sonic 2 worth your Wii Points?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the first chapter in the epic Death Egg saga of Sonic the Hedgehog. With Robotnik back and more determined than ever to rule over Mobius, Sonic brings his newfound, two-tailed ally Miles “Tails” Prower with him for the ride to send the Death Egg crashing down. Being the first chapter in the major gaming arc, there isn't a ton of storyline to the game. Tails isn't a tremendous defined character at this point, but seeing Sonic's up-and-coming sidekick in his hour makes the other games a bit easier to understand. But really: Sonic games are not about story. They're about speed.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is definitely one of the more memorable installments of the series in that it showed the game much faster. Sonic's newfound ability, the Spin Dash, makes the game longer and faster, and barreling down the levels at the speed of sound is flat-out amazing. The levels are also a great deal longer. The longer length cuts back on the multiple-route aspect of the first game, mind you, but Sonic 2 is the successor to the first game in that it really showed why Sonic is different. Sonic and Tails travel through the levels at phenomenal speed; the game, fortunately, does a good job of keeping up.

The game also abandons the three-act storyline for a quick and more interesting two-act story. This makes the game show off some incredibly detailed and interesting level designs. Levels range from a mountain top to an oil sea, all climactically paced with stellar bosses and a high-speed amount of challenge. Sonic's one-ring rule still comes with its strengths and weaknesses. One problem the game has is the Special Stages. Unless you're playing as a single player, the ally computer player can make some critical mistakes. The half-pipe race is extremely difficult and seeing your partner crash at your expense is just annoying. Still, if you can look past the poor special stage design, the game is an incredibly interesting and fast experience. It is miles ahead of its predecessor and an excellent sequel.

As a Wii VC game, you still are paying a bit too much than expected. The Sonic Mega Collections are still the best bet for the Sonic series, at least for price. The two-act series do show their limits when the price is 800 Wii Points ($8). The game does do a better job of being interesting than the first Sonic game, but 800 Wii Points is still a tall price to pay when the Sonic Mega Collections are available cheap as well. The game is playable with the Wii Remote (thanks to Sonic's simple and accessible controls) so extra hardware is not an issue. The multiplayer VS is actually one of the better multiplayer modes in the Sonic series, keeping gameplay balanced and surprisingly deep.

+ Plenty of interesting levels
+ Good challenge
+ Accessible
+ Works with Wii Remote

- Special Stage is extremely difficult
- Still overpriced for a Sonic game

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 does everything a good sequel should do: make the good things better and include enough new aspects to be interesting. Although it's still annoyingly overpriced and the Special Stages are annoyingly difficult, Sonic 2 still manages to be a landmark title, even more than the first. Sonic 2's incredible level design, both cosmetic and gameplay-wise, is a very good mark and the fun and balanced two-player mode is a clever diversion from the challenging and beautiful single player. Sonic 2 is a VC game with enough depth and creativity to be interesting, and unless you've already bought the game in its other forms, is a definitely good pick in the Wii Shop.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/07

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