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"Sonic runs Faster than your average Hedgehog in this Second Installment to The latest Sonic Series."

It looks like Sega did a pretty great job with the second installment of Sonic the Hedgehog, using Bitmap Graphics in this game, making it awesome, and it stood out in the crowd at the time it was made. I remember when one of my brothers own a Sega Genesis at the time, I played this great game for the first time. Now I'm able to play this great game on the computer.

First lets start off with the graphics shall we. The graphics in this game are totally cool. It amazing how Sega improve after the making of the original game, using Bitmap Imaging, as I stated above earlier. Even Sonic the Hedgehog looks a lot better in this game. The landscape, and the scenery, look almost real. It amazing how many different zones, and backgrounds they were able to come out with. From the Green Hill Zone, all the way to the final Zone in the game. You should check out the character art that was use for the final boss, this Boss is as big as the Screen, it huge, of course we all know that Sonic is brave and strong and can take down this huge thing called the Death Egg in the game.

Next is the challenge, the challenge in this game rocks, from first zone to last zone. There are even special Stages that you can do (provided that you collect 50 rings of course). You will start off easy at first, but man does this get more challenging later on, till you fight the final Boss. Sonic like I said earlier can take down this big huge Final Boss that you go up against at the end of the game (of course before you can do that you have to beat a Robotic Sonic First). Also you face Dr. Egg-man (also called Robotnick in the Sonic games a couple of times). Each Zone as I stated earlier, will present quite a challenge. The first zone will be easy, but as you progress on to the more challenging zone, Sonic will have his work cut out for him. The airplane zone is also a good challenge as well. You can play this game as Sonic and Tails. Also you can play this game with Sonic alone, or Tails, also with the Sonic & Knuckles Enhancer you can play as Knuckles, also there is a Rom Out there that lets you play as Knuckles, without having to use the enhancer.

Game play is also well done in this Sonic game also. Sonic, Tails (don't called him Miles which is his original name, however he like to be called by his nickname Tails) go where you want them to go and do what you tell them to do by using the controller. Awesome power ups to obtain, from rings, to speed boots, invincibility (only lasts a short time by the way) you can also collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds (that's is what they are called in the game) and then Sonic can transform to Super Sonic. Tails does fly in this game, however, unlike in Sonic 3, and Tail's Adventures where Tails can fly, when you are playing as Tails in Sonic 2 you won't be able to fly with Tails (because that came later in the Sonic Series).

Overall, this is a great, awesome game to play for the Sega Genesis Console. Sega did a pretty good job with this game, and it shows. Also there are checkpoints in this game, so that if Sonic does lose one of his lives, he will start from that particular checkpoint in the game instead of at the beginning. Cool Graphics, awesome Game play, good challenge, and the boss fights, make this a interesting game. And finally Sonic has to free his animals friends from robots, and from the Steel machines that Egg-man put them in (animals deserve to be free, and not be put in cages, so run free animal, run free). Anyways back to the review here, this is one great games that Sega made for there Genesis Console as I stated earlier, and this is a great buy, good download, and worth your time checking out. Also has a great replay value too, so next time you want to play a awesome Quality Game check out Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Also watch Sonic X on 4Kidstv it is awesome too. Peace. :)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (US, 11/24/92)

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