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"Feel the speed rushing through you!!"

Ah sonic the hedgehog. Watch out, he can really move, hes got an attitude. The saturday morning cartoon aside Sonic was one of the coolest characters i encountered in my videogaming life when i was about 7 years old when Sonic 2 came out. As far as i can recall i had never played the original when my mega drive was opened up at christmas along with a brand new copy of Sonic 2 and the console itself. After a half hour of my parents trying to hook it up to the tv i was all set. Dang was i in for a fast ride.

Back when console gaming was as geeky an activity as you could get there were 2 big companies. Nintendo and Sega. As it was at that time they each had a mascot. Nintendo had a short fat plumber who eat magic mushrooms that made him grow. And Sega relied on Sonic who was a mean blue hedgehog who collected rings. Having had a slice of the ninty pie which my dad bought 3 years back i knew all about Mario. Hell i was 6 when Sonic first came out and it just looked so dang cool that i had to have it. My parents gave in to my plans and i was left that christmas morning with one of the fastest most beautiful and hardest adventures i had ever witnessed. on with the review.

Depending on who you speak to you will get a very varied and mixed reaction to my statment but Sonic 2's graphics kicked the cahoots out of Super Mario World. Of course both consoles carried childish games but Mario was just to childish for a mature intelligent 7 year old. Anyways you boot up the game and you are suddenly presented with a lush green tropical enviroment. You jump in the air testing out Sonic's laws of physics. You start walking to the right noticing the detail as Sonic's legs turn into a circle. You collect some rings and kill a few monkeys. Its not until you hit the first slope however that you realise just how good this game is. Sonic goes hurtling along the ground. You push down and he turns into a blue ball of flame speeding across the grass. He runs into an enemy but it doenst matter becaues they get killed and out pops a little furry animal you just saved. As the momentum slowly wears off you go to a crawl and crouch down, hit the buttons like mad and fly up the next stop. You guessed what the greatest thing about Sonic 2 is. Its the fact that the little blue guy can go super sonic fast without slowdown. Ok not quite supersonic but for a genesis this speed was impressive. The enemies are also kind of crazy. The sort of thing that you would get if you gave 8 year olds a piece of paper and a pen and told them to draw a monster. You would get a normal animal filled with spikes and all sorts of other crap. One rather surprising thing (for a genesis) is that the backgrounds are as detailed as the forgrounds. Heck they even have flowing water in the backgrounds. One repetitive thing is the boss in Sonic 2 known as Robotknick. Every time you encounter him he looks basically the same with some new addition.

The tunes in Sonic 2 are very recognisable. I have a couple in Midi format and as soon as you hear them you would remember what level they come from. Heck some of them are quite good. I might put a couple on my future website. As you would expect from an early genesis game there is no digitised speech, its all midi musc. Well of course apart form the infamous ''Sega'' saying as sonic rushes so fast he createst the Sonic Logo. The great advantage with Genesis games is that the technology for the sound is Midi which means (if your a geek) you can download your fave songs from the internet for free. Just go to a search engine and search for ''Video Game Midis''. Chances are there will be a site out there featuring them.

Ah the best part of a game. Sonic revolves around one basic principle. If you have some rings when you fall into lava, get hit by an enemy etc. then you lose all your collected rings. If you have no rings when you hit a enemy or fall in lava then you die. You can also die by drowning or being squished. There are 6 stages in the game and each stage has 3 levels. They range from a countryside place where Sonic hangs out to a underwater labyrinth to a spaceship which Robotnkick owns called teh Death Egg. Each of the enemies have various attacks such as having a spike shooting out of their heads or chucking fireballs at you but you all dispose of them in the same way. You can either jump at them curled up into a little spikey ball or you can crouch into a ball and blast along the ground at really fast speeds. There are also lots of loop the loops scattered throughout the level. Some of the best parts of Sonic 2 are where you can just start going full speed on a piece of the level and not stop for about 10 seconds. The hardest level is by far the labyrinth level witch is almost entirly underwater which makes for a very hard game.

A very nice and fast paced game which is better than its prequel but not as good as Sonic 3 or the even newer Sonic & Knuckles. Still you could probably buy it for less than $5 or you could even try the ROM for 24 hours unless you are someone who keeps them. Its not worth playing through more than once but if you can dust off that old Genesis just try it.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/26/00, Updated 11/26/00

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