Review by flyerfan1248

Reviewed: 11/25/09

Best Sonic Game Ever

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is easily the best game SEGA has ever made. Even though I grew up with a Super Nintendo playing Super Mario World, I still enjoy playing Sonic 2 on my computer. Compared to other SEGA games, most notably the Sonic games, this is easily the best, being the only game to recieve an 8/10 in my opinion. The levels are very colourful and just look really cool. In fact, I believed at first that Sonic 2 had better graphics than my own Super Mario World.

I first got interested in Sonic Games by one of my friends, who had a Genesis in the past. He even showed me a comparison of sonic 2 and super mario world to show how well it was made. I watch a few friends play it on the Wii Virtual Console and developed an interest in playing it. But instead of actually buying it (I only have a Wii and PC), I just downloaded a Genesis emulator and the Sonic 2 ROM, along with 1 and 3. The only one I could really get in to, however, was Sonic 2, which had the best music and levels.

Another inspiration to play this game is FFR (Flash Flash Revolution, its like a DDR flash game on the computer) which has some Sonic music, such as Sonic 1 final zone (worst one, easy difficulty), Sonic 2 Boss Machine (Hard to get perfect on, almost got it though), Emerald Hill Zone and Metropolis Zone. After my friend would constantly play these untill I descided to try them, thats how I got interested in the music.

I am gonna have to say the Metropolis Zone is what makes Sonic 2 a great game, the main reason being because the music is cool. The level has a really cool backround, the hazzards and enemies make the level really challenging, and it's really fun. The strange thing is how the backround looks like a chemical plant more than anything else. The irony in that is that Chemical Plant Zone has a backround the looks like a metropololis. I recommend this to all.

Sonic 2 has earned a play in my top 15 favorite games of all time, which is saying alot because most of these are games from Nintendo. The actual rating I would give this game is closer to 7.5/10, but I cant select that for this review.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (US, 11/24/92)

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