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"This Hedgehog Got the Speed"

The very first Sonic the Hedgehog game was a glorified success debuting Sonic as the new Sega mascot who could go head-to-head with Nintendo's Super Mario franchise in the 16-Bit console war. After the success of the first game, Sega is back again to give hardcore fan a new Sonic sequel with more intense speed, over the top platforming, and more loop-de-loop levels to keep the hedgehog fan asking for more. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the ultimate climax in the franchise history with more hype to it than the original, so with all the hype surrounding it does the game make or break compare to the original let's get to it.


Like before the visual graphics in this sequel are colorful, highly design, and superbly detailed with more highlights charm than the originals. The enemies are much larger, Sonic now had a new animation when springing through loops as well as a new spin dash animation. The power-up monitors are much bigger this time and the environment seems more vast than those of the first game with more added obstacles, loops, enemies, pipes, pathways, and continue poles all throughout the level. The bonus stage also evolve from a pinball style perspective into a 3D world runner style mini-game this time challenging the player in an attempt to again collect the seven Chaos Emeralds. Dr. Robotnik even had a more technical appearance this time around and use much bigger gears to threaten Sonic than ever before.


Superbly awesome, like the first game before this the music are rockin' here. From the tropical paradise of Emerald Hill to the industrial turf of Chemical Plant to the majestic jungle of Aquatic Ruin to the Las Vegas inspired level of Casino Night to even the eerie abyss of the Mystic Cave and the apocalyptic flood of Oil Ocean, these tunes will be glued to your ears for hours on end. The sound effects also got upped from the original such as the vacuum power shift of the new spin dash to the casino jingle of each bell and bumper to the laser zapping blast of Wing Fortress. These are probably some of the best soundtracks you would ever hear coming from a Sega Genesis title.


Like before you control Sonic or his new playable side-kick Mile “Tails” Prowler and make your way through each level collecting rings, grabbing power-ups, entering bonus stages to grab rings and get the Chaos Emerald and clearing level or fighting Dr. Robotnik. Unlike the first Sonic game; however, each zone had only two levels (with Metropolis, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, and Death Egg Zones all being the only exception) with the last one ending with a boss battle with Dr. Robotnik. Also improved from the first game, the new levels are much vastly large this time and more cleverly design with multiple paths to the goal so players could take their sweet time exploring every nook and cranny that each level had to offer. Also replacing the bonus portals from the first game, this game allows player to jump into a star pole within a random area of the level. If the player collect more than fifty rings, a banner of stars would appear. Jumping into the banner when these stars appear would take the player to a bonus stage where they'll have a chance to collect a series of rings in able to unlock the gateway to one of the required Chaos Emerald. Also new to this game is the spin dash move which when ducking and pressing the attack button would allowed Sonic or Tails to initiate a ground buzz-saw attack on the enemies leaving behind a trail of dominance. One minor complaint about this game was that with bigger levels means more leap of faith awareness as there are a few countless jumping where player could end up falling into the abyss and a few areas in some levels (particularly Mystic Cave Zone) where player could end up being trapped in sticky situation but other than those the gameplay is highly improved here.


Unlike the first game where only one-player gets all the fun, in this sequel two players could get on the action whether cooperatively or competitively. There's a two-player versus mode where both players could try to play for a best player versus player platform competition or both players could co-op together to stop Dr. Robotnik in the main game where player one control Sonic and player 2 play the assist role of Tails helping the hedgehog succeed destroying enemies, grabbing power-ups, and defeating Robotnik's latest creations. Both players could also team-up to collect rings in the bonus stage so to open the path to each Chaos Emerald and unlock the super power of Super Sonic to end Robotnik's madness once and for all.

Is This Game a Must-Buy?

Yes, you don't have to play the original to enjoy this sequel, just buy a copy, any copy cause on the Sega Genesis or whatever platform Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had make its release on, this is by far the best Sonic platform game to ever grace the Sega Genesis or any console and it is considered by many as an instant classic. The graphics were upped from the original, the levels are bigger and more explorable, the bonus stage are rewarding, the gameplay is lightning fast and solid fun, and the multiplayer will keep the players busy on end whether cooperatively or competitively.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/13/12

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (US, 11/24/92)

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