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"A classic that always delivers!"

I got a Sega Genesis at the age of 8. Included with the system was a little game called Sonic the
Hedgehog 2. Little did I know, I wouldn’t want to buy another game for the next few months!
This is easily the best of the Sonic games and is just plain fun! Tails was a nice addition, although
the little guy could never keep up with Sonic. New items, new levels,
a new character, and better music is what you get out of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Gameplay: 10

You know how to place these games. You run really fast, avoid obstacles, spin through loops,
and kill Robotnik at the end. In Sonic 2 though, they turned it up a notch. Adding a new move
that I like to call the “ground dweller”, you can go really fast at any time you feel like it, greatly
increasing the fun and speed of this already fast game. The mini-game is great as well as you run
through a colorful, never-ending, thing, and try to gain yourself some crystals! There are all
kinds of things to do inside the levels as well. In the casino level you can get points for jumping
into the slot machine. You can also have all your coins taken away though. The standard power
ups are here as well. Free lives, fast shoes, 10 coins, the blue shield, and the traditional
“temporary invincibility” power up. Of course, the level design is amazing for each and every
level. Each stage has a new innovation, or something different. Hill Top Zone has the see saw
type jumping device. Casino Night has the slot machines and other such things to gain yourself
some extra points. Personal favorite levels would have to be Hill Top Zone, Metropolis Zone,
Oil ocean Zone, and Wing Fortress Zone. The levels are overall much more fun that the original
Sonic. There is also a two player mode which basically sucks. The screen looks squashed and
is hard to see just what is going on. Just the idea of racing through the level is pointless. It just
isn’t any fun. Dr. Robotnik also has a few new inventions he likes to utilize on the hog. Every
Zone end, you must fight Robotnik in one of his ridiculous, but cool, inventions. Every one is
unique and offers a low, but new challenge. Perfect gameplay in every way.

Story: 7

Who would have thought that this guy would capture more animals? You must be a REALLY
bad man when you resort to animals to lure Sonic. Anyway, he captures animals, Sonic is trying
to save them, and must go through Robotnik to do so. Not much of a plot, but this isn’t a game
that is based around story anyway.

Audio/Video: 10

The music here is extremely catchy and memorable. I hadn’t played the game since I was a little
kid, but when I recently picked it up again, I was easily humming along with the classic themes!
Stand out songs are in The Hill Top zones, Oil Ocean zones, and of course, the Metropolis
zones! Sound effects are great as well, although the jumping sound effect might get annoying by
the end of the game. The graphics are extrememly nice. Backgrounds and nice backdrops are
everywhere. For the time this came out, this was top notch quality graphics. This deserves an
easy ten, considering it rivals Streets of Rage 2 for the best music on the Genesis. The game
looks and sounds great, and I have zero complaints.

Replayability: 10

Man, when I was a little kid, I wore this thing out for a whole year! The crystals will keep you
coming back along with favorites like The Hill Top Zone, and Metropolis Zone. The speedy
blue guy will never get you bored and as long as you keep humming with the music, you more
than likely won’t want to turn it off. I probably have beaten this game over ten times in my
lifetime and I never get tired of this game. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s fun, and everyone
likes that!

To Rent Or Buy:

You probably won’t find this for sale anywhere except for Funcoland used, but you can also
download an emulator and this rom. The rom is a MUST download. If you have Genesis, or
like the system, and haven’t played the game, what are you waiting for? Get it now before I
come over to your house and make you! Nah, just kidding, just get it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/11/01, Updated 05/27/01

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