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"A little bit better than the first one"

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sega definitely knew they had a cash cow in Sonic the Hedgehog after they sold a jillion billion copies to SUCKERS who spent money on it just because Sonic was FAST. So before most people could even get over how badly the game SUCKED they put out part 2. So did Sega even do something different in the sequel?? Maybe make it better and have more attacks and maybe some cool enemies?? Hell NO!! They just put out another dumb game where the hedgehog runs real fast and plenty of suckers bought it again. They didn't do something cool and different like Nintendo when they made Mario Luigi 2. Now that was very cool, because it wasn't just a copy of the first game. This is a COPY, but there is a little bit added so that it isn't so crappy like the first one was.

Story - 3

It's the same junky story from the first one, Dr. ROBOTNICK doesn't like animals so he takes them all away and hides them in metal things that Sonic has to stomp on and let them out. He also makes a lot of lame lame robots like in the first one. The enemies still all suck and you still have to fight fat ROBOTNICK in his little cars and planes all the time, so if you hated the first part you will hate this. It's all the same.

Anyway this time Sonic has this friend, a fox Tails. Tails is cool, he follows Sonic and tries to keep up and help but always falls behind and falls off cliffs and stuff. So a second player CAN use Tails even though stupid Sega didn't tell you but Sonic is always on screen, so when Tails falls down the other player has to wait a long time until he comes back. There are two player games too so one can use Sonic and the other player uses Tails, but then the screen is cut in two and everything is CRUSHED so you can't see
what's going. And also you can't win the game like that, just do levels. LAME.

Game Play - 7

A little better this time, but Sonic still justs runs and jumps and Tales runs after him. Tails can fly too, so Sonic should have had that, but no Sonic is the hero and cool Tails has to fall off cliffs and drown and stuff. Sonic does have this attack where he can roll into a super duper Sonic spin but it's not what I think when I want MAD SKILLZ. Sonic doesn't have any. So he always falls into the toxic waste or water and drowns, you just run around and then all of a sudden you fall in. It's really annoying and you have to get out before you lose air, but you can't run real fast so Sonic really can't do anything. LAME.

So two player games are just contests, get rings and points and stuff. The bonus games from Sonic 1 aren't here but this time they are still real cool. You can do 3D races now to collect coins, you see Sonic and Tails's backs and run forward. It's alot of fun with two players and its better than normal two player games that have the CRUSHED screens. It's the only reason I wanted to buy this game, for the bonus round.

Sound - 4

More bad SEGA SOUND like the first game but they changed the music a little and it sounds alot better. Still not the best Genesis music and some levels like the second one get REALLY annoying after a long time, especially if you keep dying and you have to hear them again. And every level has two different boards but they all have the same song, it would have been cool if they put more songs in the game. Some songs are taken from the first one too, which makes it more boring. We heard those allready!

Graphics - 6

The graphics are also alot better than in the first one. There are alot of different boards this time like jungles and factories so you can see more things. The enemies still are lame small robots though and Dr. ROBOTNICK still looks mighty mighty STUPID. Jeez get rid of the big fat ball Sega, he's DUMB!

Conclusion - 6

Most of it's the same and it still isn't that good but you'll probably like the bonus game. If you don't like the bonus game then don't get it because it's REAL boring with one player, and the CRUSHED screens suck, they mess up the two player mode. If you really like Sonic this is the best one so get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/23/01, Updated 04/23/01

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