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"Better than the first!"

The first Sonic game was a smash hit and sold in large numbers and boosted the Genesis. In 1992,on a day dubbed ''Sonic2sDay'',Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released. It never did reach the sales of the first but it was great. It was better than the first but not perfect.

Sonic 2's graphics were pretty good for its time. Take a look at Chemical Plant. This zone has GREAT graphics(for its time and its still great today). Other zones have good graphics too,such as Casino Night Zone and Death Egg Zone. Other zones are pretty much average 1992 Genesis graphics.
Overall,the graphics were great for its time and today,its still good. That tells you something right there.

The sound is pretty much the same as Sonic 1. The sounds a bit better but overall,its the same thing modified.

The music is GREAT! Its some of the greatest music on a game! Okay,some of its not so hot,such as Casino Night and Hill Top Zone. However,it has GREAT music for just about everything. Chemical has COOL music and its the best in the game IMO. Metropolis Zone's music is also cool.
The music for Sky Chase Zone is fitting and relaxing,the music for Wing Fortress Zone is fitting and nice,Death Egg's starts out strong but gets weird after a few seconds,and the ending music is superb. Theres also music in the Options that was taken out with a zone(the music is on 10)that sounds good and sad sounding.
Overall,the music is great! While it has its not so amazing moments,the great moments more than make up for it.

The story is much better than the first(which was go beat Robotnik and save animals). Dr.Robotnik has been kidnapping animals and using them to make the Death Egg(Star Wars anyone?). Its now up to Sonic to save them and beat Robotnik. But nows he got a sidekick,named Miles ''Tails'' Prower,to tag along.
Tails wants to be like Sonic and goes with him. As Sonic goes through the zones,he'll eventually meet Metal Sonic(or maybe Robo-Sonic or something like that? He looks different from the other Metal Sonic)and fight him. Then,its time to fight Robotnik in a giant robot.

The gameplay is better than the first. A second player may control Tails and theres also a VS. Mode(a race for rings). The second player may get frustrated as he has to stay on Sonics screen or he'll die but it all adds up to great fun! Hes also helpful against some enemies and all bosses(that hes there for). Theres also a reason for Chaos Emeralds. They make you become an invincible Super Sonic.
The VS. Mode is much better than 3's. No short zones here! You never know what item you'll get if you try to get one(its random)unless you have teleport only(its an item that teleports you the the opponents position and the opponent to yours.Randomly,its great fun. The winner is the one with the most rings(but don't waste too much time or you'll lose.

The replayability is good at best. You can play through as the different characters(and also play as Knuckles when locked on). Also,you can also play again to get the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic. The VS. Mode is also quite fun and worth playing more than once(of course,its competition!).

Buy or Rent?:Buy
If you like Sonic games,this is a must have. If you're not a big Sonic,try it. If you don't like games like Sonic and Mario,don't even bother.

Its a great game every Sonic fan should own. It would have gotten a 10 if it weren't for the sound.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/01, Updated 07/10/01

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