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Reviewed: 09/27/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

Guns and weapons can't save the world, but somehow a hedgehog can?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is obviously the sequel to the overrated Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic The Hedgehog was immensely popular, spawning sequels and spin-offs, imitatiors and cartoon shows, wasted plastic and wasted time.
Genre-2D Platformer
Release Date-1992

I've always thought that Sonic The Hedgehog was grossly overrated, and it's games like this that are partly to blame. They mysteriously sell, glueing children to their Genesis pad, and keeping them somehow entertained. I don't see how, as this game is almost exactly like the original. For instance, the opening levels look like they were taken right out of the original game, minus one of the levels. Also, it looks like a lot of the character sprites were ripped out of the original.

The only things this Sonic has to offer is a new character, Tails, who has no impact on the 1-Player mode (He just follows you like an annoying little brother), a newer bonus stage, where you race around a 3-D stage (Why couldn've the game been entirely in 3D), collecting as many rings as you can, and a two-player mode, which isn't that fun seeing as how it requires little skill to do. The game is literally a breeze if you're even slightly good at platformers. Granted, certain levels have hard points in them, but that's something to expect in a platformer and something I expected more of in this game.

The premise of this game is to go from the beginning of a level to the end of a level as fast as you can, collecting rings for health. Sega must be stoned or something, because collecting rings around the stage protects you. If you get hurt by an enemy, you lose all of your rings. Some of them get temporarily scattered around you, though, so you can have a quick chance of retrieving some of them.

The enemies have some skill to them, but really all you have to do to kill them is jump into them or run into them spinning. When you do that, their skill doesn't amount to crap. All the enemies do is just fly around and appear out of trees. Some shoot pellets and spikes at you, but those can be easily avoided. The enemies don't really have a wide range of variety to them either. They look creatively drawn, but have few attacks.

The stages in this game were done with imagination once again, with the music matching each one perfectly. That's sort of a bad thing, because the music is sort of slow-paced, matching the game's slow-paced speed, proving that this game isn't that fast, and adding to my overrated theory. Mario in Super Mario World ran faster with the invincibility star then Sonic does when he runs regular. The speed was supposed to be a big part of the game, and Sonic really only goes fast when he has his power-boots on, which give him temporary speed, which brings me to my next point, the power-ups.

Sonic doesn't have any permanent power-enhancing power-ups like in the Marios. Sonic has his Lightspeed, giving him temporary invincibility, and the power-boots, and the extra hit power-up, giving Sonic a protective bubble that protects him until it gets popped, which happens when you get hit by an enemy.

The colors in this game are a little too bright for my tastes. In a few of the levels, some darker shades really could've been appreciated. It starts to strain your eyes after a while. And in some sections of a few levels, I could see yellow, blue, and green popping out in certain pixels, and I know those aren't supposed to be there.

The sound effects in this game were pretty good. They didn't get on my nerves that much. Sonic jumping sounds a lot like Mario jumping in Super Mario Bros., but I don't really think that's an act of plagerism. It doesn't look like Sega copied Mario with Sonic, I think Sonic was just an easy and cheap way to get back in the console race. Sega could've exceeded if they had put more innovation into the Sonic games, instead of making little changes each game. The control was almost copied directly from the first, if it weren't for adding a new move, showing plenty of innovation and originality on Sega's part. (Obvious sarcasm)

The control is almost the same as in the first Sonic. All three Genesis buttons make Sonic jump, with the D-Pad making Sonic go either left or right, and the ground spin by pushing down, left, and one of the buttons. A lot of the stuff in this game was copied or duplicated, and barely modified to a degree from the original Sonic, almost making this game a waste of money, giving you less enjoyment from the original game. Even the story is a lot like the original.

The villian, Dr. Robotnik, is back and survived Sonic (They couldn't have gotten a new villian), and captures more bunnies and birds and turns them into his robot army. Dr. Robotnik also needs the Chaos Emeralds, which you get when you beat a special stage. One thing that bothered me about the first was the tank that had all the furry rabbits in them. At the end of each stage, the tank was there, and you jumped on it to free them. The tank was full of rabbits, and seeing as how they're rabbits, I bet there were only two of them in there to start with.

The game is pretty enjoyable if you liked the first, and the game will be more speedy fun for them. If you're like me and didn't go for the Sonic games, then you shouldn't get this unless you can get it extremely cheap.

My Score-6/10
Street Price-$3.99

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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