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"Blue is back, but not better than ever!"

Gameplay (9/10) - Good games like Sonic the Hedgehog NEED a sequel, to prove how great the first one is! :D Sonic is has the same gameplay elements as Sonic 1 but with more stuff added, and some other stuff changed. The most obvious change, is the brand spanking new character Tails. Tails is almost useless in one player mode, but he is in this game primarily for the sweet two player mode! Though Tails can't fly in two player mode, there isn't a noticeable speed difference anyway. Two Player mode features 3 of the game's full sized zones without their sweet bosses of course! :(
Anyway, the one player mode is a good full game with only two acts per zone this time, so there are more zones and more bosses! (I like the 3 acts per zone, but Metropolis zone has 3 acts just for you!) The zones are imaginative, faster paced, but there is one thing that Sonic 1 has that its sequel doesn't. Heart Sounds stupid but, both games are fun but somehow Sonic 1 is still better. The new Super Spin Dash Attack (Revving Rolling Attack) allows you to go through loops easily or get out of a sticky situation pretty quickly. This game is fun and the bosses are also up to par but are a little bit too easy. The new 3D Chaos Emerald stages are a pain in the ass though, and you lose all of your rings after you play one too, Sonic 1's rotating maze was far better.

Story (5/10) - Robotnik seems to be at the height of his power in this game, with the Death Egg fully operational and orbiting Mobius, his Aerial Fortress controlling the skies, and pumping oil and mining where he pleases. Robotnik is stronger than ever and Sonic must save his animal friends while he is at it. Yep, this is a recycled storyline...

Audio/Video (9/10) - The music in this game isn't as catchy as Sonic 1 but it'll do. My only gripe about the music is when they got rid of Sonic 1's boss music, it was so cool!!! Man, this is how you can tell its a sequel. :( The graphics in Sonic 2 are the finest in any Sonic Game in my opinion. All the colors are mixed in correctly, everything is sharp, and the game isn't invaded by fake 3D stuff. (The chaos emerald stage.... arghhhh) Sonic 3 probably had more effort taken on its graphics, but I'd rather have a clean 2D game than a blurry 2d-1/2 game!

Replayability (7/10) - Longer game, two player mode, no tv and no beer make Homer something something, this game has the most replayability for the average player. If you buy S & K, you can play this game with the slow as a slug Knuckles!

Overall (9/10) - Great game, great graphics, great music, but not as great as Sonic 1. You can never outdo any first game unless the first game sucks so bad, it can easily be outdone! The final boss in this game is cool as well, with a remix of S1's boss music too! You can still taste a lot of Sonic 1 in this game but it is obvious that Sonic is evolving and new changes are taking place. This game is a must buy, you can be playing it for years to come. At least this sequel can still live up to the original.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/03/01, Updated 11/03/01

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