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Reviewed: 12/21/04

He's back, and this time, he's got company...

Sonic 1 was one of the earliest games released on the Mega Drive. It was a simple concept for a game; blow up little robots, free your animal friends, run really really fast, and defeat Robotnik.

The only real flaws in Sonic 1 was the short amount of time it took to beat. A good player could thrash the game within an hour. And so, Sega released Sonic 2.

Sonic 2 follows pretty much the same story as before, but now there are a few little extras, the first and most obvious of which is the new character Tails, full name Miles Prower (Get it? Miles-per-hour!). So did the tweaks make it any better? Is bigger better? Did they improve the quality as well as the quantity?

Let's see.

Graphics - 10
Pretty much the same as before, only with different levels and bad guys. There are more variety though, and they really add on all they can in the levels. The backgrounds are incredible too, with Metropolis Zone being a fine example of this.

Sonic and his new partner Tails look good too. Sonic has pretty much the same graphics as before, while Tails moves as smoothly as Sonic does.

Bad guys are varied, and there aremany new ones thrown in as well as remodels of old bad guys, for example, the Buzzers from the Green Hill Zone show up again in the Emerald Hill Zone. Some of the new bad guys are a bit boring though, for example, there is a starfish which you can only defeat in one way (more on that later). But then, some are also devilishly dangerous, such as the seahorse in th Oil Ocean Zone. Just remembering those things chasing me makes me want to cry.

Sounds - 8
Ooh, you cry. Ooh, you gave them a nine before. Why did you drop? Well, to be honest, the background music just isn't as good. There are a few good levels, like the Sky Chase Zone, and the Metropolis Zone, but aside from that, they aren't as good. And the sound effects are just the same as before really. Plus, they changed the brilliant boss music.

That being said, they also made one of the greatest tunes ever in this game: the bonus level music. It is fantastic! Unfortunately, it wasn't able to bring the score up as much as the Scrap Brain and Starlight Zones music did.

Controls - 10
Same as before, pretty much. Left and right to move, A, B, or C to jump. Hold down and press Jump to spin dash.

Gameplay - 10
As good as before, if not better. The levels are bigger and better, and there are loads more things to find and places to go. The levels aren't as linear either. While in Sonic 1, up until the Labrinth Zone you had to follow a pretty much set path, in this game there are loads of paths to take. I still find new areas when I play it. The Mystic Caves are massive, and full of secret paths. And along with the new abiltiy, the Spin Dash, you can go even faster than before.

Levels - 10
Bigger, and harder than before. There are 11 zones in total; Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruins, Casino Night, Hill Top, Mystic Caves, Oil Ocean, Metropolis, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, and finally, Death Egg Zone.

Most of the Zones have 2 acts in them, with a boss at the end of act 2. The exceptions to this are Metropolis and the acts after that - Metropolis has 3 acts, while the last 3 zones only have 1.

There are 7 3D bonus levels as well, making the grand total of 27 levels to beat. The bonus levels are basically Sonic running down a colourful pipe, collectiing rings and evading bombs. To get into them, you need 50 rings, and pass through a checkpoint. There will be stars above it, so you can jump through them and enter the bonus world. However, when you leave the bonus level, you lose all of your rings. Which isn't good.

As I already mentioned, the levels are much bigger than before, and so you are unlikely to breeze through the game as you could before. I still die, even on the first levels, when I replay this game, it is just that hard.

Replayivity - 8
The levels are indeed bigger and better, but the game is just so damn big! It takes so long to play it all the way through that it isn't something you are likely to do very often once you have beaten it.

However, there is a new addition to the game to make it more enjoyable, and that is Super Sonic. Before, when you got all the Chaos Emeralds, nothing happened other than the game ending changed. Now, get all the Emeralds, get 50 rings, and press jump twice and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, his yellow, faster, slightly psychotic alter-ego. He is invincible in this mode, and so fast it isn't even funny. (This, by the way, is the only way to beat the starfish I mentioned earlier)

Overall - 9
All thsis game really lacks is a game save feature. It is jut far too big to play constantly. With a save feature, it would have earned a 10, easily.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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