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    FAQ/Walkthrough by velo city

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 02/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Streets of Rage 2 FAQ by velo city(Genocide_City_Metropolis@hotmail.com)
    Version 4.0
    Copyright 2002-2003 velo city
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction                         (Shift + 1)
    2. Legal Junk                           (Shift + 8)
    3. Version History                      (last letter of the alphabet)
    4. What is Streets of Rage 2?           (equals sign)
    5. Streets of Rage 2 FAQ:               (Shift + 3)
       a. Storyline                         (greater than sign)
       b. Characters and strategies         (less than sign)
       c. Moves and how to use them         (left bracket)
       d. Enemies                           (right bracket)
       e. Bosses                            (Shift + left bracket)
       f. Items and weapons                 (Shift + right bracket)
       g. Walkthrough                       (forward slash)
       h. Secrets, hints, and codes         (Shift + 7)
       i. Other things I noticed            (semicolon)
       j. Scoring System                    (two plus signs)
       k. High Scores                       (two semicolons)
    6. Contact me                           (Shift + 4)
    7. Credits                              (two equals signs)
    1. Introduction                    !
    Welcome to my Streets of Rage 2 FAQ.(my first FAQ ever) I'd like to 
    start off by saying that I'm a big fan of the Streets of Rage series, 
    and that I felt the guides already posted weren't enough in detail, so I 
    decided to write this when I was bored and had time on my hands. 
    Throughout this FAQ, don't expect me to be stiff, like most FAQ writers 
    are, as I am merely the opposite of this. So...enjoy!
    Oh, and another thing I added for convenience is if you press Ctrl + F 
    and type in the symbol or symbols described in the Table of Contents 
    next to the chapter you want to see, it will skip you directly to that 
    2. Legal Junk                      *
    *takes a deep breath* This FAQ is protected by Copyright Law, and cannot 
    be reproduced in any way without asking me first. If you do take 
    something out of my FAQ, give me full credit and leave it _unaltered_. 
    This FAQ cannot be printed, sold, or by any other means damaged or 
    tampered. The latest version of this FAQ is currently available at:
    Any other sources will be posted at a later date. If you see this 
    document on any other site than the ones mentioned above, notify me and 
    appropriate action will be taken. There, I'm done with the serious part 
    of the FAQ.
    3. Version History                 z
    Version 1.0: Finished roughly all of the FAQ except three sections. 
    Version 2.0: Completely finished every aspect of the FAQ. Added the 
    "Scoring System" and "High Scores" sections. Also added tons of secrets 
    I didn't even know were there. Unless I find lots more secrets, one that 
    is so ground-breaking that it HAS to be posted, or I get tons of 
    info/high scores, the FAQ will not be updated again.
    Version 3.0: Added and revised plenty of secrets to the "Other things I 
    noticed" section, gave more tips on high scoring, changed a little on 
    the scoring system, submitted four more high scores, added a "low 
    scores" section, gave another tip on Blaze, redefined a downward attack, 
    changed a little on the character and enemy move damage estimates, added 
    a "Name variaties" section to the enemies and bosses, found more enemy 
    and boss color variaties, thoroughly tested two Game Genie codes to find 
    odd results, gave an alternate tip on R. Bear, and did a lot of 
    spellchecking. Also realized that I don't do version numbers like 
    everyone else does.(1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.) Oh well, deal with it.
    Version 4.0: Nothing major, just posted two more high scores and tidied 
    the FAQ up a bit.
    4. What is Streets of Rage 2?      =
    Sequel to Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2 is a major upgrade to the 
    first game with all new characters, moves, and special attacks. For 
    those not familiar with the Streets of Rage series, let me describe it. 
    Streets of Rage was a side-scrolling beat-em-up Sega made to rival 
    SNES's Final Fight, a similar beat-em-up. Since Sega had no direct cash 
    flow, they depended on this game to be a hit. And sure enough, it was. 
    Not only was it a hit, it went on to spawn two sequels, Streets of Rage 
    2 and Streets of Rage 3.(Bare Knuckle II and III in Japan) Anyway, back 
    to Streets of Rage 2. You have four characters, each with their own 
    specialties. Max has power, Skate has speed, etc. Plus, the old cop car 
    call from Streets of Rage is gone and replaced with special moves, 
    meaning that you're on your own this time. This also means that you have 
    to use more strategy, and you can't just knock off half a boss's life 
    bar or kill an entire horde of enemies by pressing A. Another addition 
    is that everybody has a completely different set of moves, namely 
    special moves, combos, "blitz" attacks, grab combos, power blows, 
    throws, single attacks, and slams. Each character is good in a certain 
    situation, where others aren't. All four players have weaknesses, but 
    these weaknesses can be easily conquered with strategy and timing. Well, 
    enough of my babbling, and on with the game!
    5. Streets of Rage 2 FAQ           #
    A. Storyline                       >
    With the previous downfall of Mr. X, Adam, Axel, and Blaze went their 
    seperate ways. One year later, the gang decided to meet up in town to 
    celebrate the moment. What they didn't know was that the Mr. X they 
    thought was defeated wasn't, and had kidnapped Adam to lure Axel and 
    Blaze into a trap. When Adam's kid brother Skate came home and saw the 
    ransom note and the house in ruins, he immediately called Axel and told 
    him the news. Axel and Blaze rushed over to find the house destroyed by 
    Mr. X. Soon after that day, Mr. X's minions rose in number and the 
    streets were once again filled with thugs. With the help of Skate and 
    Axel's ex-wrestler friend Max, Axel and Blaze went out to once again 
    defeat Mr. X's plan and end the _Streets of Rage_.
    B. Characters and strategies       <
    In this part of the FAQ, I will list the four characters, their 
    strengths/weaknesses, and my review on the characters. I will also list 
    some strategies for each of the characters, general and specific. There 
    are four categories the fighters are measured in. These are:
    Power: How strong your character's moves are.(duh)
    Technique: This is a tough one to define. I think this means how well 
    your character works under pressure and how efficiently he/she fights. 
    It might also mean the probability of your character getting cornered. 
    This could explain why Axel has three stars and everyone else has two in 
    this catagory.
    Speed: How fast your character moves at a walking speed.
    Jump: How high your character can jump.(a different definition by Dan 
    Gallagher is that this catagory actually is how long your character 
    stays in the air and how fast he/she recovers when landing. The theory 
    isn't totally solid, but it makes you think...)(doesn't really effect 
    Stamina:(supposedly) How much punishment your character can take before 
    dying.(also doesn't effect gameplay, for some strange reason)
    General Tips:
    * If you see a roast and you're at the end of a scene, save it until you 
    get low on HP. Don't save it too long, as you might proceed to the next 
    scene without getting it.
    * Some enemies and bosses can be manipulated by barely walking across 
    the screen so that only a few enemies/bosses appear instead of a lot. 
    Here are the instances when you can manipulate enemies/bosses this way:
    In the alley in Stage 1, you can keep away from Barbon so that he stays 
    still and you can beat up his cronies by themselves.
    In the scene right before the pirate ship in Stage 3, you can activate 
    the Samurai Warrior at the end of the screen without activating the 
    Donovan by slowly creeping along the screen. This makes it much easier 
    in Hard, Hardest, and Mania.
    In the first scene in Stage 4, you can fight the Samurai Warrior without 
    interferance of the Donovan.
    In the baseball stadium in Stage 4, you can activate one Firebreather 
    without activating the other.(this takes a lot of practice)
    On the road in Stage 6, when you get to the Electras/bikers, you can 
    lure one Electra without signaling the other Electra and the mass horde 
    of bikers.
    You can manipulate the boss of Stage 6 so that only Souther and maybe 
    one Jet fights you.(see "Other things I noticed" for more info)
    * Every time you go into a scene, you gain a small portion of your HP. 
    Use this to your advantage.
    * A way to grab almost all non-blocking enemies/bosses is to downward 
    attack them, then quickly grab them, but my keyboard is too sucky to 
    execute a downward attack with any efficiency. This tip is useful for 
    those playing the real Streets of Rage 2.(submitted by Truncated)
    * When you're carrying a weapon, press B + C to throw it. Weapons also 
    can only be dropped three times before they disappear.(the bomb is 
    * If you have a weapon that has been dropped twice and see a fresh one, 
    pick that one up, as it will last longer.
    * You lose your weapon every time you enter a new scene.
    And now, my reviews and tips on the characters...
    Power:     **
    Technique: ***
    Speed:     **
    Jump:      *
    Stamina:   **
    Strengths: Two words, Grand Upper. Also, he can handle with enemies the 
    Weaknesses: Can't jump for crap.(not like it effects gameplay 
    anyway...or does it?*twilight music is heard*)
    My review: Axel is, IMO, the best character to play with. He is well 
    rounded in fighting skills, and he isn't lopsided like Max/Skate is. He 
    is also the second most powerful character in the game, which helps. 
    Grand Upper is probably the best move in offense and defense, and I like 
    to use it.(a little too often, in fact) Of course, Grand Upper may be 
    the only reason Axel is number one on my list...
    Rating: 9/10
    * Only use Dragon Smash if you're going to hit all the characters on the 
    screen.(or if you're playing Very Easy) Or better yet, just Grand Upper 
    * Using Vertical Kick against regular enemies is a bad idea. If you 
    miss, you are open to attack for 3/4 of a second. Although it may not 
    sound bad, it is bad.
    * There is a disadvantage to doing a Body Slam on an enemy. Every time 
    you slam an opponent, Axel jumps in the direction he's facing. Here's a 
    diagram to show you what I'm talking about: (A = Axel, E = Enemy)
    A E (grab)
      E (vault)
      E A (grab from behind)
        A (first part of the slam)
          E (second part of the slam; Axel jumps)
      A   E (Axel lands)
    Not only does it let the enemy get up without you contending to him, but 
    you are suspectable to attack by other enemies as well.
    * If you're going to interrupt your combo to do a Grand Upper, do it on 
    the second hit, not on the third hit. For some unknown reason, the CPU 
    removes a hit on the Grand Upper if you do it on the third combo hit, 
    thus resulting in less damage. I've also noticed this same phenomenon 
    happens when you do it right after you pick up an item.(sometimes)
    * Axel's low jump kick is an advantage for taking out speeding bikers 
    easily. All other jumps take much more timing.
    * Axel's Vertical Kick also does surprisingly well against bikers in the 
    lower difficulty levels, so keep that in mind.
    Power:     **
    Technique: **
    Speed:     **
    Jump:      **
    Stamina:   **
    Strengths: No weaknesses.
    Weaknesses: No strengths.
    My review: Blaze is a very good character, considering she is good in 
    all categories. Her Vertical Slash is almost as efficient as Grand 
    Upper. Her slam can leave her invincible for quite a while, which helps 
    a lot. In fact, I had to make a tough decision of which character is 
    better, Max or Blaze. In the end, Max beat Blaze by two tenths of a 
    point. Anyway, Blaze is still a good character to deal with multiple 
    punks efficiently.
    Rating: 8.5/10
    * Unlike Axel's vault-and-slam combo, Blaze's slam does considerably 
    more damage than her throw, and it doesn't have the unfortunate side-
    effect that Axel's slam has.
    * Blaze's combo structure is quite odd. Sometimes the last hit either 
    doesn't knock the enemy down,(this happens when Blaze is as far away 
    from the enemy without him/her being out of range) hits twice, or 
    advances Blaze forward mysteriously. If the first thing I mentioned 
    happens, Blaze can start a new combo. I once successfully pulled off 
    three combos in a row on an enemy using this method.
    * Vertical Slash often. Like Grand Upper, Vertical Slash does good 
    damage, closes in on the opponent, and makes you unstoppable if used 
    right. Using this move in the first two combo hits is the most 
    effective.(although the damage is the same no matter what hit you do it 
    on, unlike Grand Upper)
    Power:     ***
    Technique: **
    Speed:     *
    Jump:      *
    Stamina:   ***
    Strengths: BY FAR the most powerful character in the game.
    Weaknesses: Slow as molasses in January. Also, he gets hit a bit too 
    My review: Most people bash Max because he's way too slow.(unless you 
    Power Slide your way through the game) Though this is true, that doesn't 
    mean Max isn't a good character. In fact, he's a KICKASS fighter! All of 
    his attacks(especially his combo) dominate the enemies until they're 
    dead. Max also has the three most powerful moves in the game.(Bear 
    Punch, Atomic Drop, and Suplex) Plus, he has some good moves for staying 
    mostly invincible for good periods of time.(Power Slide, Brain Buster, 
    Atomic Drop, Thunder Body Slam) Overall, Max is a very good character to 
    play, but in the end, Max gets second place because of Axel's Grand 
    Rating: 8.7/10
    * Here's a very handy trick to do infinite Atomic Drops on normal 
    enemies and some bosses. First, Thunder Body Slam an enemy, then Power 
    Slide behind him and right as he/she gets up, press <- or -> to grab 
    him/her from behind. Atomic Drop, Power Slide, wash, rinse, and repeat.
    * If you Thunder Tackle too many enemies in a row, there's a chance that 
    they can punch you out of it. Use at your own risk.
    * You can sometimes Power Slide into grabbing the enemy, although it 
    doesn't happen very often.
    * You are almost invincible(read: ALMOST invincible) while doing Power 
    Slides, so if you find yourself in a tight spot, Power Slide like crap.
    * Either it's just me, or at lower difficulties when you do a Bear 
    Punch, the enemies tend to reduce their aggressiveness until you stop. 
    Maybe it intimidates them.
    * When you start a Bear Punch, you cannot stop it unless you're hit, so 
    be sure not to use it around too many enemies.
    * Thunder-Tackling Samurai Warriors from afar is not a good idea. 
    They'll either jump kick you, or do a Palm Strike.
    * Using Super Hammer Punch on speeding bikers is much more effective 
    than jump-kicking them.
    * Although it doesn't have much throwing range, Thunder Body Slam is the 
    best you're going to get out of Max. Actually, it isn't half bad 
    considering you can move either left or right before tossing your 
    opponent to the ground.
    * Pipes and swords are your best friends when you're Max. He can hit on 
    both sides of him pretty fast with these weapons. It's like a non-
    draining non-invincible special!
    Power:     *
    Technique: **
    Speed:     ***
    Jump:      ***
    Stamina:   *
    Strengths: VERY fast.
    Weaknesses: VERY weak.
    My review: There is no way around Skate's weakness, unlike 
    Axel/Blaze/Max, so that may be why Skate is number four on my list. 
    Skate's good moves are too few to cover up his lack of strength, so 
    you'll be finding yourself doing Migraines/Neck Throws throughout the 
    game. Ok, enough about Skate's bad side, let's talk about the good side. 
    Skate is faster than Axel, Blaze, and Max combined! He can also 
    dash,(press <- or -> twice in a row) which means he can basically 
    outmanuever any enemy, no matter how fast they are.(Mania, however, is a 
    different story) Regardless, Skate is fun to play around with, but if 
    you want a serious and "gotta get the best character" game, go with 
    someone else, preferrably Max or Axel.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    * You are not invincible while doing a Migraine. Enemies can still knock 
    you down with jump kicks/anti-air attacks.
    * If you, for some reason, hit multiple enemies with Migraine and kill 
    one before the other, you will immediately stop doing the 
    Migraine.(there are exceptions)
    * If you damage an enemy while doing the headbutt animation of the 
    Dynamite Headbutt instead of when Skate turns into a ball, you'll do 
    more damage.
    * Like Thunder Tackle, multiple enemies can stop you if you're doing a 
    Dynamite Headbutt at four or five enemies.
    * It is very possible to do a Corkscrew Kick, get five hits, and miss 
    the sixth hit, which will leave the enemy standing and you open to 
    * Maybe it's just me again, but at lower difficulties, the enemies seem 
    to get a massive aggression boost while you're doing a Roller Uppercut.
    * Unlike Migraine, Neck Throw leaves you invincible, so if you need a 
    break from getting hit, Neck Throw.
    * Being small has it's advantages. Skate is said to have a smaller hit 
    collision box(the invisible box that determines whether or not you get 
    hit) than Axel/Blaze/Max, so he can often times "cheat death" because of 
    this.(credits go to Truncated for finding this out)
    C. Moves and how to use them       [
    Being one of the major upgrades in Streets of Rage 2, each character has 
    their own set of tons of different moves, some are efficient, others are 
    not, and some are only efficient if you know how to use them properly.
    Here is the order I will list the moves for each character:
    Single attack
    Back Attack
    Stationary Special
    Directed Special
    Grabbing combo
    Power Blow(Skate doesn't have one)
    Neck Throw(Skate only)
    Suplex(Max only)
    Atomic Drop(Max only)
    Flying Kick(not moving)
    Jump Kick(moving)
    Downward attack
    The Maximum Damage will be the largest possible amount of damage the 
    move can perform on a standard enemy with no special defense. To give 
    you an idea of the damage scale, a move with four stars can successfully 
    take out a Stage 1 Galsia on Normal/Hard setting.(approximately three 
    letters or numbers across)(Note: The damage estimates are NOT pinpoint 
    Generic Moves
    Land:(when thrown, press Up + C before you hit the ground) Prevents you 
    from taking damage from a throw.
    Weapon Throw: Press B + C while holding a weapon to throw it.(note: it 
    will not dissappear if it hits a wall[that is, unless it has been 
    dropped twice])
    Axel's Moves
    Combo:(press B repeatedly) Two left jabs, a straight, a middle kick, and 
    a high kick.(the high kick is only performed if you press B really fast 
    and are a good range from the opponent)
    Maximum Damage: |*******_______|
    Strategy: Axel's combo is OK, but even better if you change into a Grand 
    Upper(Axel's blitz attack) in the first two hits. Never bother using the 
    full combo if you can use the Grand Upper more efficiently.
    Rating: 7/10
    Single Attack:(hold B for a second, then release) A middle kick and a 
    high kick.(the high kick will always be performed)
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: Use it if you don't want to bother going into a full combo or 
    a Grand Upper. An easy and fast way to deal decent damage to the 
    opponent, but there are better ways than that...
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Back Attack:(press B + C together, or hold B and press C) A backhand 
    punch.(hits two times)
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: If you're caught in a situation where you're getting beat on 
    both sides, you're better off pressing A, as it is easier to pull off 
    without getting hit a bunch of times. I never use back attacks, to tell 
    you the truth.
    Rating: 3/10
    Blitz:(press <- or -> twice in the same direction, then press B) A Grand 
    Upper.(Axel sweeps the floor with his hand then comes up with a nasty 
    uppercut)(hits three times)
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: Use this move while in the first two hits of your combo, and 
    it will simply dominate the enemies into submission. Grand Upper is 
    probably Axel's best move, but don't overdo it in Mania, as you are left 
    standing for a half-second defenseless each time you use it. But still, 
    this move is a great choice, and I tend to use it often. Grand Upper 
    also doubles up as an anti-air attack.
    Rating: 9/10
    Stationary Special:(press A while standing still) Dragon Wing(Axel 
    swings his fist around in a Dragon-esque motion)
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: There is no real strategy, just use it when you get cornered 
    or when you know 100 percent you will get hit by an enemy's attack. 
    Great for getting out of cheap shots.
    Rating: 8/10
    Directed Special:(press A + <- or ->) Dragon Smash(Axel goes into a rage 
    and swipes the enemy with a combo of seven smacks and a Ryu-style 
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: This move mostly sucks because once you use it, you are 
    defenseless on one side for four full seconds. In this game, that is a 
    lot of time. Still, the move is good for single enemies, multiple 
    enemies on one side, and getting back at a Signal that just slid you.
    Rating: 5/10
    Grabbing combo:(get close enough to an enemy to grab him/her/it, press 
    the directional button closest to your enemy, and press B repeatedly) 
    Two knees and a double knee.
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: Don't even bother with the double knee, as there are stronger 
    ways that finish an opponent in less time. Just combine the two knees 
    with a throw/slam, and you got a decent damage maker.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Power Blow:(grab an enemy and press B) A headbutt.
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: Ignore this move, it's a waste of time when you could just 
    Rating: 3/10
    Throw:(grab an enemy and press the button farthest away from the enemy + 
    B) A throw.(surprise!)
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: Despite the not-so-great damage, this move is great for when 
    you have tons of punks surrounding you and you need to get rid of 
    them.(which happens often in this game)
    Rating: 8/10
    Vault:(grab an enemy and press C) A vault.(Zzz...)
    Maximum Damage: |N   O    N   E|
    Strategy: Use to slam.
    Rating: N/A.
    Slam:(grab an enemy from behind or vault from the front and press B) A 
    body slam.
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: If my memory serves me correct, Axel's slam does a little more 
    damage than his throw. Only use this if you need the vault/slam combo to 
    be invincible. Otherwise, throw.
    Rating: 7/10
    Flying Kick:(press C, then B while in the air and not moving left or 
    right) A Vertical Kick.(hits two times)
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: You get hit out of this move so many times it's not funny. 
    Only use against Abadede.
    Rating: 3/10
    Jump Kick:(do a Flying Kick while pressing <- or ->) A jump kick. (!)
    Maximum Damage: |*_____________|
    Strategy: Don't even bother with this move. It's damage is pathetic, and 
    you can easily get knocked out of it.
    Rating: 2/10
    Downward Attack:(press C + <- or ->, then press down + B) A knee press.
    Maximum Damage: |**____________|
    Strategy: I have trouble executing this move on an emulator, but it may 
    be of some use to other people for grabbing purposes.
    Rating: N/A
    Blaze's Moves
    Combo:(press B repeatedly) Two punches, an elbow punch, and a high 
    kick.(hits five times, seven on multiple opponents)
    Maximum Damage: |******________| (this damage figure is for two hits by 
    the first two punches, two hits by the elbow punch, and one hit by the 
    high kick. If it is possible to hit twice with the high kick while 
    hitting twice with the elbow punch, notify me with a damage figure, and 
    you will be given credit)
    Strategy: You can either use this combo, or do a Vertical Slash in the 
    first two hits. Either way, it's a good bet.
    Rating: 7/10
    Single Attack:(hold B for a second, then release) A high kick identical 
    to Blaze's last combo hit.(hits twice)
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: Don't even bother. You get hit out of this move too many times 
    for it to be useful.
    Rating: 3/10
    Back Attack:(press B + C together, or hold B and press C) A 180 degree 
    foot sweep.(hits twice on multiple enemies)
    Maximum Damage: |*_____________|
    Strategy: You can tell by the damage figure that this move is not useful 
    at all.
    Rating 1/10
    Blitz:(press <- or -> twice in the same direction, then press B) A 
    Vertical Slash.(Blaze jumps in the air and thrusts her arms downward, 
    emitting a blue charge)(hits two times)
    Maximum Damage: |*******_______|
    Strategy: Not only does this move do a lot of damage, but it is 
    efficient as well as being almost as good as Grand Upper. Just watch out 
    for anti-air attacks.
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Stationary Special:(press A while standing still) Embukyaku.(a backflip)
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: There is no real strategy, just use it when you get cornered 
    or when you know 100 percent you will get hit by an enemy's attack. 
    Great for getting out of cheap shots.
    Rating: 8/10
    Directed Special:(press A + <- or ->) Kikousho.(basically the same as a 
    Samurai Warrior's Palm Strike except stronger)
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: Why use this move and lose HP when you could Vertical Slash? 
    Still, this move is good in itself and does lots of damage.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Grabbing combo:(get close enough to an enemy to grab him/her/it, press 
    the directional button closest to your enemy, and press B repeatedly) 
    Two knees and an elbow smash.
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: Like Axel's grabbing combo, you should use the two knees and 
    ditch the elbow smash for a throw/slam.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Power Blow:(grab an enemy and press B) A throw.
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: Nice, fast, and damaging. Use this often.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Throw:(grab an enemy and press the button farthest away from the enemy + 
    B) A back sacrifice throw.
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: Great for getting rid of multiple enemies.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Vault:(grab an enemy and press C) A vault.(if you think this is getting 
    monotonous now, just wait until you get to the enemies' move 
    Maximum Damage: |N   O    N   E|
    Strategy: Use to slam.
    Rating: N/A.
    Slam:(grab an enemy from behind or vault from the front and press B) A 
    back drop.
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: Good damage and temporary invincibility. What more could you 
    ask for? The only problem is the time it takes to vault over.
    Rating: 8/10
    Flying Kick:(press C, then B while in the air and not moving left or 
    right) A roundhouse kick.
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: Nice damage and not a bizarre hit range like Axel's Vertical 
    Kick. Use moderately, but watch out for anti-air attacks.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Jump Kick:(do a Flying Kick while pressing <- or ->) A jump kick.
    Maximum Damage: |*_____________|
    Strategy: Say NO to this move. It's damage is crap and you can easily 
    get hit out of it. Use Blaze's flying kick instead.
    Rating: 1/10
    Downward Attack:(press C + <- or ->, then press down + B) A flying chop.            
    Maximum Damage: |**____________|
    Strategy: *copy/paste* I have trouble executing this move on an 
    emulator, but it may be of some use to other people for grabbing 
    Rating: N/A
    Max's Moves
    Combo:(press B repeatedly) Two chops, a hook, and a Hammer Punch.(hits 
    seven times, but can hit nine times on three opponents, two of which 
    must have a jumping move[see "Other things I noticed" for more info])
    Maximum Damage: |**************|(thanks to Truncated for this estimate)
    Strategy: This will be the backbone of Max's attacks. Extremely huge 
    damage, but can get you cornered easily. Use often, but not too often.
    Rating: 8/10
    Single Attack:(hold B for a second, then release) A Hammer Punch.
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: This move is pretty much a waste of time. The only time it 
    could possibly come to use is when you're cornered and need to get out 
    fast, but this takes a second to charge.
    Rating: 1.5/10
    Back Attack:(press B + C together, or hold B and press C) A Mule 
    Kick.(hits twice, three times on multiple enemies)
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: Mostly useless, but may come in handy in some situations.
    Rating: 4/10
    Blitz:(press <- or -> twice in the same direction, then press B) A Power 
    Slide.     ______________
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: Despite being one of Max's weakest moves, it is actually one 
    of his best, because:
    1) Max can move twice as fast this way.
    2) Max is invincible to everything but air attacks/bikers/weapons/long 
    distance attacks while doing this.
    3) This move is great for getting out of having enemies on both sides of 
    you.(Power Slide to one enemy, then do a Brain Buster/Thunder Body Slam)
    4) It is also good for approching Signals, Samurai Warriors, Kickboxers, 
    and other enemies without getting whomped.
    It is almost as good as Grand Upper, IMO.
    Rating: 9/10
    Stationary Special:(press A while standing still) A Knuckle Bomb.
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: There is no real strategy, just use it when you get cornered 
    or when you know 100 percent you will get hit by an enemy's attack. 
    Great for getting out of cheap shots.
    Rating: 8/10
    Directed Special:(press A + <- or ->) A Thunder Tackle.(hits twice)
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: Great for taking down multiple enemies or zooming across the 
    screen. Well worth the HP loss.
    Rating: 8/10
    Grabbing combo:(get close enough to an enemy to grab him/her/it, press 
    the directional button closest to your enemy, and press B repeatedly) 
    Two knees and a headbutt.(hits four times)
    Maximum Damage: |***********___|
    Strategy: Combine the two knees with a Bear Punch or a Thunder Body 
    Rating: 7/10
    Power Blow:(grab an enemy and press B) A Bear Punch.(hits five times)
    Maximum Damage: |**************|
    Strategy: Now THIS is a Power Blow! Even though this is the most 
    powerful move in the game, it is not the best. You can get knocked out 
    of it, and it lasts too long, but it's very good for single enemies or 
    2-3 seperated enemies with lots of HP. Also, enemies tend to not hit you 
    as much as they should while you're doing this.
    Rating: 8/10
    Throw:(grab an enemy and press the button farthest away from the enemy + 
    B) A Brain Buster.
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: This move is great for staying invincible and getting an 
    opponent on your other side. Good damage as well.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Vault:(grab an enemy and press C) Max jumps in the air while holding the 
    enemy.       ______________
    Maximum Damage: |N   O    N   E|
    Strategy: Use to slam.
    Rating: N/A
    Slam:(vault from the front and press B) A Thunder Body Slam.
    Maximum Damage: |*********_____|
    Strategy: Another good invincibility move/throw that can easily get you 
    out of rough situations.
    Rating: 8/10
    Suplex:(get behind an enemy and press B) A suplex. *belch*
    Maximum Damage: |************__|
    Strategy: Since it's hard to get behind an enemy with Max when you need 
    it, this move isn't all that great. Atomic Drop is better.
    Rating: 6/10
    Atomic Drop:(get behind an enemy, press C, then B) An Atomic Drop.(Max 
    jumps and breaks the opponent's back with his knee)
    Maximum Damage: |************__|
    Strategy: The damage and invincibility are worth it if you can get 
    behind an enemy. Don't go too out of your way to execute this move, 
    though.(see "Characters and strategies" for info on how to easily 
    execute this move)
    Rating: 7/10
    Flying Kick:(press C, then B while in the air and not moving left or 
    right) A Super Hammer Punch.
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: Good range, a stable hit collision box, and good damage make 
    this move worth using often. Just watch it for anti-air attacks.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Jump Kick:(do a Flying Kick while pressing <- or ->) A drop kick.
    Maximum Damage: |**____________|
    Strategy: Unless you're in a situation where you need to drop the 
    opponents, don't even bother using this.
    Rating: 3/10
    Downward Attack:(press C + <- or ->, then press down + B) An elbow drop.            
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: I have trouble executing this move on an emulator, but it may 
    be of some use to other people for grabbing purposes.
    Rating: N/A
    Skate's Moves
    Combo:(press B repeatedly) Two jabs, a Heel Kick, and a Roller Kick with 
    a backflip.(hits five times)
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: Too little damage, and takes too long to perform. Only do this 
    if you can't grab the enemy.
    Rating: 5/10
    Single Attack:(hold B for a second, then release) A Roller Kick with a 
    backflip.(hits twice)
    Maximum Damage: |**____________|
    Strategy: Total waste of time. This move has absolutely no purpose 
    Rating: 0/10
    Back Attack:(press B + C together, or hold B and press C) A Backflip 
    Kick.(hits twice)______________
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: This is the most useful back attack in the game, in both 
    damage and range. Use occasionally.
    Rating: 6/10
    Blitz:(press <- or -> twice in the same direction, then press B) A 
    Dynamite Headbutt.
    Maximum Damage: |*******_______|
    Strategy: Use the dash to temporarily escape danger, and use the 
    Dynamite Headbutt to knock down anybody in your path. A good move in 
    both offense and defense.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Stationary Special:(press A while standing still) A Double Spin Kick.
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: There is no real strategy, just use it when you get cornered 
    or when you know 100 percent you will get hit by an enemy's attack. 
    Great for getting out of cheap shots. Unfortunately, this move has less 
    range and is lower than the other three characters' moves.
    Rating: 7/10
    Directed Special:(press A + <- or ->) A Corkscrew Kick.(Skate jumps in 
    the air and comes down diagonally in a corkscrew-type motion)(hits six 
    Maximum Damage: |***********___|
    Strategy: Superb damage, but is inaccurate. As with a double-edged 
    sword, use at your own risk.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Grabbing combo:(get close enough to an enemy to grab him/her/it, press 
    the directional button closest to your enemy, and press B repeatedly) 
    Two headbutts and an elbow.
    Maximum Damage: |*****_________|
    Strategy: The two headbutts are so weak, I'd recommend skipping the 
    whole thing and doing a Migraine/Neck Throw.
    Rating: 4/10
    Throw:(grab an enemy and press the button farthest away from the enemy + 
    B) A Roller Uppercut.(hits two times)
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: Even though this move does good damage, it sucks because if 
    there is more than one enemy on the screen, the one you're not holding 
    will punch you out of it so fast it's unbelievable. Even casually 
    lenient enemies like Signals will become aggressive while you're doing 
    this. Migraines/Neck Throws are much safer.
    Rating: 4/10
    Vault:(grab an enemy and press C) A vault.
    Maximum Damage: |N   O    N   E|
    Strategy: Use to slam.
    Rating: N/A.
    Neck Throw:(press B while in the middle of vaulting) A Neck 
    Throw.(shocker!)       ______________
    Maximum Damage: |******________|
    Strategy: A great move for both invincibility and damage. Plus, it can 
    get you out of dangerous situations quickly. Use often.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Slam:(grab an enemy from behind or vault from the front and press B) A 
    Migraine.(Skate gets behind the enemy and hits him six times on the 
    head)            ______________
    Maximum Damage: |********______|
    Strategy: This is one of Skate's best moves. The near-invincibility is 
    good paired with the damage, but you can get knocked down by anti-air 
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Flying Kick:(press C, then B while in the air and not moving left or 
    right) A Double Back Kick.
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: Not only is this move's damage bad, but the range is pathetic 
    and you can easily get knocked down.
    Rating: 3/10
    Jump Kick:(do a Flying Kick while pressing <- or ->) A jump kick.
    Maximum Damage: |***___________|
    Strategy: Better than Skate's Flying Kick, this move doesn't make you an 
    easy target and has good range. The poor damage, however, is a drawback.
    Rating: 6/10
    Downward Attack:(press C + <- or ->, then press down + B) A Roller 
    Press.           ______________
    Maximum Damage: |****__________|
    Strategy: I have trouble executing this move on an emulator, but it may 
    be of some use to other people for grabbing purposes.
    Rating: N/A
    D. Enemies                         ]
    _Galsia_: The main punk of the game, you'll be meeting a LOT of these 
    guys. They usually have very little HP and like to use numbers to beat 
    you. When they have knives, they're annoying as hell. Just jump kick or 
    blitz them and they will turn back into a normal Galsia.
    Description: A slim red-haired guy in denim jeans and a jacket.
    Color variaties: Blue, green, orange, yellow, dark blue, white, grey.
    Name variaties: Galsia, Talk, Joseph, Surger, B.T, Brash, Jonathan, 
    AI/Strategy: All this punk really does is walk up to you and punch you a 
    couple of times, then step back and repeat. Just wail on him and you'll 
    be fine. If you see a Galsia with a knife, jump kick.
    Difficulty: 1
    Difficulty:(with knife) 3
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 2
    Punch: A weak ass punch. Yippee.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Just smack the dude and he won't punch you.
    Knife Run: Galsias can only do this if they have a knife. They run 
    across the screen at random speeds, eliminating anything in their path.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Jump kick, special, punch, blitz, anything. Just knock 'em out 
    of your path before they get you.
    _Donovan_: Another standard punk, Donovan isn't much different than 
    Galsia, except that he has more HP, an uppercut attack, and occasionally 
    comes with a pipe.
    Description: A shirtless bald guy with sunglasses and jeans similar to 
    Color variaties: Blue, green, orange, yellow, dark blue, white, grey.
    Name variaties: Donovan, U-3, Mc. K, Altet, Gonzalez, Reid, Z, Martin, 
    Brown, Gudden.
    AI/Strategy: Like Galsia, he'll come up and punch you twice, but instead 
    of backing off, he'll finish you with an uppercut. He also uses the same 
    uppercut move if you jump too far into him. If he has a pipe, he'll aim 
    a horribly slow shot at you, which can be easily avoided with a blitz, a 
    jump kick, or a sidestep.
    Difficulty: 1.5
    Difficulty:(with a pipe) 2.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 2.5
    Punch: Exactly the same as Galsia's punch.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: ...
    Uppercut: An uppercut. Wow.
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Watch it when you jump kick him.
    Pipe Smash: Donovans can only do this if they have a pipe. He'll swing 
    it at you, but it can't connect until half a second later, and by that 
    time, you should have him pinned.
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: Do any kind of attack that will drop the Donovan before he can 
    connect. Or you could just sidestep it...
    _Signal_: A fairly common street punk, Signals love indirect combat. 
    They will either aim a backhand punch, throw you, or slide you, all 
    which are annoying attacks. They also have more HP than Donovans and 
    Description: Geeky-looking guys with mohawks, black jeans, and brightly-
    colored loose jackets.
    Color variaties: Yellow, red, purple, blue, green, dark green.
    Name variaties: Y. Signal, Mavin, Axi, G. Signal, R. Signal, B. Signal, 
    D. Signal, P. Signal.
    AI/Strategy: If you are within a certain distance, he'll slide you. If 
    you're right in front of him, he'll do a backhand punch. Sometimes when 
    you grab him, he'll throw you. How can you avoid all of this? Easy, 
    don't let him do anything! Take advantage of his lack of aggressiveness 
    by constantly beating him up in close range 'till he's dead. And make 
    sure you don't beat down heavy on a punk and leave a Signal unattended. 
    He _will_ slide you when given the opportunity.
    Difficulty: 2
    Difficulty:(when paired with other enemies) 3.5
    Slide: Right out of the blue, a Signal can do this and send you to the 
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Stay out of mid-range.
    Backhand Punch: Signals can turn around and quickly take you down with 
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Since Signals can often do this in a heartbeat, it is best to 
    maul them before they can even start this move.
    Throw: Signals will occasionally throw you if you try to grab them.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Hold Up + C and you will land unharmed.
    _Knife Maniac_:(unofficial name) Fairly uncommon and acting as "mini-
    bosses", Knife Maniacs love to use knives. They pull one out every time 
    they lose one(yes, they have infinite knives) and try to cut you up 
    whenever possible. They also have a lot of HP, so stay on your toes.
    Description: A crazed guy wearing a jacket full of knives and jeans with 
    holes in the knees.
    Color variaties: Orange, grey, purple.(hair color)
    Name variaties: Jack, Beano, Soya.
    AI/Strategy: Never stay in the same horizontal row with a Knife Maniac, 
    or they will throw a knife across the screen at you. When he isn't 
    carrying one, he'll try to combo you into submission. Try to grab him 
    from above/below, as that is his weak spot. He isn't much trouble if you 
    keep grabbing him from all directions. Combos and blitzes are also good 
    to use.
    Difficulty: 4
    Difficulty:(when paired with other enemies) 6
    Knife Combo: A series of knife jabs while walking.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Sidestep, blitz, combo, or stay out of his way.
    Knife Throw: Knife Maniacs can do this from all the way across the 
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Stay. Out. Of. Range.
    Quick Combo: Two jabs and a straight.
    Damage: |***_____|(credits go to Dan Gallagher for finding this)
    Strategy: Never dangle in close range unless you're going to beat the 
    crap out of him.
    _Electra_: Sort of like the Knife Maniac, Electras have a lot of HP. 
    They love to whip you and jump-kick you into submission, and can be very 
    annoying with other enemies. If I'm not mistaken, Electras in Streets of 
    Rage 2 can also deliver a shocking amount of voltage through their 
    Descrption: What the hell do you think a dominatrix looks like?
    Color variaties: Blue, orange, white, dark blue.
    Name variaties: Electra, Metal M., Sug. Q, Eldy, Nora, Bloody, L. Lisa, 
    Reine, Caska, Enola, Dallala, Zora.
    AI/Strategy: When you're dealing with a woman who can whip, shock, and 
    jump kick you from a distance, the best way to defeat her is constant 
    grabbing.(not like that, you pervert!) Don't underestimate an Electra's 
    quickness, as she can jump kick you pretty fast. If you're next to her, 
    combo like there's no tomorrow. If you're far away from her, either get 
    out of range or throw an enemy at her. She's pretty easy to defeat by 
    herself, but she's very dangerous with other punks, so always stay on 
    Difficulty: 3
    Difficulty:(when paired with other enemies) 6.5
    Whip: ...________
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: See AI/Stretegy.
    Electric Whip: ...
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Don't stay in the same horizontal row with her...
    Jump Kick: ...
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Same as above.
    _Biker_: One of the most unique enemies in Streets of Rage 2, the biker 
    can be very annoying. Whether they're on bikes, in groups, or by 
    themselves, they love to knock you down in one hit. They can also grab 
    you from behind, which then you must either back attack or special, 
    depending on what level you're on. They are also the only enemies to use 
    Description: A lanky guy with no shirt, striped pants, shoulder pads, 
    and a helmet.
    Color variaties: Yellow, green, orange, light blue, purple.
    Name variaties: Fog, Gale, Wanter, Blade, Typhoon, Tornado, Gust, Storm, 
    Frost, Tempest, Hail, Mist, Calm, Dew.
    AI/Strategy: There are several types of bikers: they can be on bikes and 
    zoom across the screen, be without their bike, jump off their bike to 
    fight you, weild a pipe, weild a bomb, be in the scenery, fly across the 
    screen in their bike, or contunue trying to run you down until you're 
    dead. If they're on their bikes, bikers can be defeated with one jump 
    kick. If alone, however, things can get more tricky, as they have more 
    HP. Since his only ground attack is a combo with good range, you should 
    figure out some way to approach the biker without getting 
    clobbered.(blitz, jump kick, downward attack, etc.) Then, unleash hell 
    on the defenseless little biker and continue doing so until he's down 
    for the count. Grabbing is risky business. He can cheat and grab you 
    from behind when you're facing him, then follow immediately afterwards 
    with a knockdown punch. He is also pretty fast with a pipe, so keep that 
    in mind.
    Difficulty:(with bike) 2
    Difficulty:(without bike) 3
    Difficulty:(with pipe) 3.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 5
    Combo: This is the biker's only ground move without using the pipe or 
    bike. Annoying as ****.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: See AI/Strategy.
    Pipe Smash: Bikers can only do this with a pipe.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Attack, attack, attack!
    Run Over: Bikers can only do this if they have a bike.
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Jump kick or sidestep.
    _Samurai Warrior_:(note: I have no clue whatsoever whether or not they 
    are actual samurai, I just call them that) The main job of this guy is 
    to move around faster than you and eventually knock you down. He's very 
    annoying in medium range, and can be a threat when you're dealing with 
    multiple enemies.
    Description: A shirtless dude in a fancy-looking pair of pants.
    Color variaties: White, orange, purple.
    Name variaties: Hakuyo, Ryokurou, Suzaku, Ko-Shu, Byatcko, Hakuro, Ko-
    Kaku, Suicho, Seiryu, Rakan, Ho-oh,(wait a minute...) Kongoh, Ashurah.
    AI/Strategy: Like Electra, the Samurai Warrior's weakness is close range 
    and grabbing. Try your best to stay out of his way until you can grab 
    him, then beat the living crap out of him and continue doing so until he 
    dies. Combos are effective, so use them as well. The Samurai Warrior can 
    also jump kick a good distance.
    Difficulty: 3.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 6.5
    Palm Strike: The Samurai Warrior juts his arm out and his hand emits a 
    charge. Similar to Blaze's Kikousho.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Avoid staying in the same horizontal row with him...
    Combo: Two weak slaps and a pimpslap.(a slap with knockdown)
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Combo him before he combos you.
    Jump Kick: ...
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Same as Palm Strike.
    _Ninja_: These annoying bastards will have you on a wild goose chase. 
    They jump around and either throw you, combo you, or swipe you with 
    their swords/kunais. They are really fast, and like to distract you 
    until they can attack. When mixed up with other enemies or a boss, they 
    can be deadly.
    Description: A scuba diver. 'Nuff said.
    Color variaties: Blue, green, orange, grey, yellow, dark blue.
    Name variaties: Kusanagi, Hanzou, Ryuohin, Ranzou, Setsura, Izayoi, 
    Yagasira, Unsai, Tenzen, Genyosai, Kanzou, Jay, Buoh, Huwa, Mutsu.
    AI/Strategy: Since they're so freaking hard to catch, deal with other 
    enemies before them.(unless they have a weapon) If they have a sword, 
    blitz/combo/grab them and take the sword. If they have a kunai, get a 
    long way away from them, let them do a Spinning Kunai Jump, then jump-
    kick/do a flying kick. Throw the kunai/sword if you're not going to use 
    it, because Ninjas will pick up their weapons after losing them. Jump 
    kicks are mostly useless, as the Ninjas will become invincible and do a 
    weird defensive sliding move away from you. Grabbing is risky, as Ninjas 
    can throw you if they don't have a weapon.
    Difficulty: 4
    Difficulty:(with sword) 6
    Difficulty:(with kunai) 5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 6
    Combo: A punch and a slash.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Don't stand there like an idiot! Attack!
    Sword Slash: ...
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: Get out of his way.
    Kunai Stab: ...
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Same as the Sword Slash.
    Spinning Sword Jump: Ninjas can only do this if they have a sword.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Be more subtle when approaching him.
    Spinning Kunai Jump: Ninjas can only do this if they have a kunai. They 
    jump across the screen with it.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Jump kick when they do this.
    Single Star Throw: The Ninja throws one of his stars at you.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Stay out of long range if they don't have a kunai.
    Triple Star Throw: Similar to Shinobi's move, the Ninja jumps in the air 
    and throws three stars in varying angles.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Same as above, but easier to avoid.
    Downward Attack: ...
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Stay out of mid-range.
    Low Kick: The Ninja ducks down to the floor and kicks you at your feet.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: ...
    Throw: ...
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Don't go for grabbing attacks unless he has a weapon.
    _Vehelits_: The weirdest enemy in the game, Vehelits has only one 
    attack, to knock you down. It floats around attached to the wall while 
    making disturbing noises and trying to fling itself at you. What else is 
    there to say?
    Description: A face-looking thingy attached to the wall by(what looks 
    like) chains.
    Color variaties: Vehelits is unique, it has no clones.
    Name variaties: Vehelits.
    AI/Strategy: Since it floats in the air, your only defense is jump-
    kicking. Watch out, you need to hit at percisely the right depth for the 
    attack to connect.(Side note: Am I the only person that has trouble with 
    this enemy?)
    Difficulty: 4
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 5
    Knock Down: ...
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Jump kick...
    _Firebreather_: Even though this baseball fan looks like a defenseless 
    fat loser, he can do plenty of things to take you down. He can combo 
    you, jump all over you, and even breathe fire while running across the 
    screen!(hence the name) He also has plenty of HP. Completely vaulnerable 
    by himself, but can be a menace if he is assisted with a few other 
    Description: An extremely obese guy wearing overalls and a hat.
    Color variaties: Red, blue, green, purple.
    Name variaties: Big Ben, Big-Go, Heart, Anry, Balloon, Bongo, Gourmand, 
    Golba, Buffet, Dante, Titan.
    AI/Strategy: Grabbing is your best bet. You can also combo them after 
    they land from a jump. If you see one of these dudes breathing fire 
    across the screen, either get out of the way or throw another punk at 
    him. He is also open to attack when he gets up, but back off when you 
    knock him over the side of the screen...
    Difficulty: 2.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 5.5
    Combo: Two slaps and a pimpslap.
    Damage: |******__|
    Strategy: Combo him first.
    Jump Attack: The Firebreather jumps and uses his girth as a weapon.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Sidestep, and don't try to stop him while he is doing this.
    Jump Kick: The Firebreather will choose between this attack and the one 
    above.   ________
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Same as above.
    Firebreathing Attack: Don't even ask me how he pulls this off.
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: See AI/Strategy.
    _Kickboxer_: Another of the cast of annoying punks. The Kickboxer can 
    not only fully block your attacks, but has a good range and can grab 
    you. Having a good deal of HP, they can make you in for a rough ride, 
    whether it be alone, or in groups.(like in Stage 6)
    Description: A tall guy wearing a shirt, shorts, a bandana, and tape 
    around his hands and feet.
    Color variaties: Red, green, blue.
    Name variaties: Eagle, Raven, Ibis, Condor, Galuda, Sparrow, Falcon, 
    Bantam, Pheasant, Thrush, Raptor, Phoenix.
    AI/Strategy: Blitzes are the most effective against Kickboxers. Since 
    they can block your attacks and occasionally grab you, combos and grabs 
    are not recommended. Jump kicks are also not a good idea, as they have 
    an anti-air attacks. If you are dealing with this guy and other punks, 
    either pay attention to him or throw other enemies into him, as you 
    would do to a Signal. DO NOT try and grab a Kickboxer when he does the 
    Jumping Knee, as they will most likely grab you.
    Difficulty: 3
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 5.5
    Kick Combo: Two kicks and a double-hit kick.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Blitz or combo.
    Jumping Knee: Similar to a downward attack.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Avoid so he can't grab you afterwards.
    Grabbing Combo: Up to seven knees and a double-hit kick.
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: Don't try to grab.
    Anti-Air Kick: Exactly what it sounds like.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Don't jump.
    E. Bosses                          {
    At the end of every stage, there is a large enemy with enormous amounts 
    of HP and skill, called a boss. Here is a list of the bosses:
    ___Barbon___: A beefed-up bartender, Barbon wants to show you who's boss 
    at the end of Stage 1. He has a fairly good arrangement of moves, walks 
    fast, and can partially block some of your attacks. He also has quite a 
    few Galsias/Donovans as backup.
    Description: A muscular bartender with no shirt.
    Color variaties: White, dark purple, orange.
    Name variaties: Barbon, Wayne, Vulture.
    AI/Strategy: Barbon loves to move around a lot, so you need to execute 
    "on the go" moves. Get up close to him, pull the punches first, blitz, 
    then back off when you take him down, as he will roundhouse-kick you 
    when he gets up. Also beware when you grab him, as he will throw you 
    often. If you can, pin him to the wall as Max. Then you can do infinite 
    Atomic Drops 'till he dies.(only works with Wayne and Vulture)
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 6.5
    Punch: ...
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Once you get close to him, pound him into submission before he 
    can do anything.
    Roundhouse Kick: Barbon sweeps you with his foot. He often uses this 
    when he gets up after being knocked down.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Back off when he gets up, and don't linger too long in his 
    High Kick: This is sort of an anti-air move, like Donovan's uppercut.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Just don't jump too far into him.
    Throw: Exactly the same as Signal's throw.
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: Don't go in for grabs too often. If you do decide to grab him, 
    damage him first so that he will be stunned.
    ___Jet___: Jet is an annoying little bugger who rides around on a 
    jetpack, waiting to inflict pain on you at the end of Stage 2. He only 
    has three attacks, but he can use them quite efficiently. Throws are 
    ineffective on this guy because his jetpack starts up before he hits the 
    ground. He also has very little HP for a boss. Jet isn't really hard by 
    himself, but when you double the Jets, you almost double the difficulty.
    Description: A blond-haired guy with goggles in a suit with a jetpack 
    attached to it.
    Color variaties: Grey, blue, green.
    Name variaties: Jet, Comet, Spitfire, Mosquite, Blitz, Tomcat, Bomber, 
    Mach, Stealth, Kite, Griphis.
    AI/Strategy: If you get far away from him, he'll drop and do a flying 
    punch. Do a flying kick/jump kick or a sidestep to counter this. If 
    you're medium range/close range to him, he'll slowly rise up, then do a 
    diagonal charge. Sidestep the charge/take advantage of the "Jet 
    glitch"(see "Other things I noticed" for more info on this), judge where 
    he will stop, and grab/combo him. If you're dead under him, he'll drop, 
    pick you up high, and slam you into the floor hard. When you're Axel, 
    you can Vertical Kick to stop this. If you get slammed, Jet will be open 
    to attack when you get up. So the best strategy is to go in middle range 
    and let him do a diagonal charge. If you're fighting more than one of 
    these guys, get in middle range of all of them, let them diagonal 
    charge, then concentrate on one without not having to deal with the 
    others. Also, if you hold him from behind too long, he will break 
    through your hold with Autostart. You can stay far away and make him do 
    flying punches so that you can jump-kick him into oblivion.
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 6.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with another Jet) 8
    Flying Punch: Jet drops, puts his fist out, and rushes the ground with 
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Do a flying kick/jump-kick/sidestep it.
    Diagonal Charge: Jet slowly rises, then diagonally charges to the floor.
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: See AI/strategy. Flying kicks aren't very effective against 
    Vertical Slam: If you're under him, Jet will drop, pick you up, then 
    slam you to the ground. If he misses, he will go into a Flying Punch.
    Damage: |******__|
    Strategy: Don't get under him!
    Autostart: If you hold Jet from behind for 3/4 of a second, his jetpack 
    will automatically start and you will be burned.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: If you're gonna slam him, slam him fast.
    ___Zamza___: Occupying the Alien House in Stage 3, Zamza isn't very 
    happy about your precense. He'll flip all over the place, only stopping 
    to slide, slam, swing his claws, or just plain hurt you. He can also 
    block, so keep that in mind. Most people claim this guy's hard, but with 
    timing and strategy, he can be easily conquered.
    Description: Futuristic alien-looking guy in shades and snow-white hair, 
    covered with armor and armed with wicked claws.
    Color variaties: Blue, red.
    Name variaties: Zamza, Souther, Nail.
    AI/Strategy: He jumps around the screen quite frequently, so you have to 
    be on the move as well. One very effective tactic is to patiently wait 
    'till he jumps near you, predict where he will land, then grab him RIGHT 
    WHEN HE LANDS. If you're more than one-sixth of a second off, he'll slam 
    you. Combos aren't very effective, as he blocks almost all of it and 
    claws you afterwards. If you're Axel or Max, blitzes are effective. 
    Never stay in the horizontal range of this guy, or he will punish you 
    from afar. Just stick to grabbing him when he lands, and you should beat 
    him pretty easy.(see "Other things I noticed" for info on an alternative 
    method using Max)
    Difficulty: 6
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 6.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with Jet as the Stage 6 boss) 7.5
    Foot Slide: Zamza slides forward with his foot knocking anything in his 
    path down.
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: If you are far away from Zamza, he will choose between this 
    and the Clawing Jump. Moral: stay close at all times.
    Clawing Jump: Zamza does a long-range spinning jump with his claws 
    sticking out.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: See above, lazy.
    Lunging Jump: If you're medium range from him, Zamza will hover 
    mysteriously in the air for a half second, then come rushing down with 
    his foot.
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Sidestep...
    Suplex:(thanks to Dan Gallagher for classifying this move) He does this 
    if you hesitate to grab him when he lands.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: If you get hit by this, it's your own fault. Sharpen those 
    reflex skills...
    Clawing Uppercut: You figure it out.
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: He does this if you are in close range of him, so...don't go 
    there, girlfriend! *snaps fingers*
    Claw Combo: Two weak claws.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Don't get too close.
    ___Abadede___: Remember that guy from Streets of Rage 1 who kept doing 
    charging uppercuts? He's back, and he means business in Stage 4. He 
    knows a lot more than how to charge uppercut this time, and can be quite 
    deadly if you don't know how to deal with him. He can also break out of 
    your grabs/combos quite quickly, and has some of the strongest moves of 
    any enemy in the game. Beware of his combo as well.
    Description: A black-haired, muscular professional wrestler with knee-
    high white boots.
    Color variaties: Red, purple.(boot color)
    Name variaties: Abadede, Z. Kusano.
    AI/Strategy: First of all, Abadede does NOT like to be pounded on. DO 
    NOT combo him unless you're Max, as you will feel the wrath of Abadede 
    after the first couple of hits.(unless you want to risk it and combo 
    slowly with Axel, Blaze, or Skate) Secondly, you cannot grab him unless 
    you're very, very lucky. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred he'll suplex 
    you and you _will_ regret it.(unless you want to risk it again and 
    downward attack him[see Characters and Strategies for more info]) Even 
    if you DO grab him, he'll break out in a half second unless you unleash 
    pain fast. So, how do you damage him without him retorting? Well, there 
    are different ways for different characters. With Axel, just punch him 
    twice, then Vertical Kick. With Max, combo him to death. With Blaze, hit 
    him twice, then Vertical Slash.(this is risky) With Skate, punch him 
    once, then go into a Dynamite Headbutt quick. No matter which character 
    you use, ALWAYS stay close to him. If you don't, he'll most likely 
    charge uppercut you. Also, if you knock Abadede off the screen, get to 
    the opposite side fast, as he will try to charge uppercut you, and you 
    will have advance warning if you're across the screen.
    Difficulty: 7
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 8.5
    Charging Uppercut: When you least expect it, Abadede charges you from 
    afar and ends in a nasty uppercut.
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: Stay near him at all costs!
    Suplex: Most times when you try and grab him, Abadede does this in 
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: Don't even think about grabbing him unless you're going to 
    downward attack him.
    Throw: ...
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: This is a rare move that Abadede only performs in the lower 
    difficulty levels.(Normal and below)
    Combo: Two chops and a downward chop.
    Damage: |******__|
    Strategy: Stay close, but never dangle in his range unless you're going 
    to hit him.
    Grabbing Combo: Another rare move performed in the lower difficulty 
    levels,(Normal and below) Abadede grabs you, hits you with a bottle 
    opener twice(thanks to Truncated for this info), then (oddly) lets you 
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: ...
    Break Through: Abadede becomes invincible and thrusts his arms outward 
    in a defensive position.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: One of the most important things when facing this boss, NEVER 
    POUND ON HIM!(unless you're Max)
    Square Uppercut: I call it this because Abadede uppercuts in a 90 degree 
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: If you're Blaze, Vertical Slash carefully.
    Jump Attack: Abadede jumps and uses his weight as a weapon.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Stay out of mid range and when he does this when you get up, 
    use this advantage and grab him when he lands.
    ___R. Bear___: One of the toughest dogs in the game, R. Bear is a real 
    bastard to take down at the end of Stage 5. He's a pro-boxer, and won't 
    be afraid to punch your lights out in a heartbeat. He moves really fast 
    across the screen, only stopping to knock you down with an assortment of 
    fast punches. If you have a sword/pipe, R. Bear is really easy to defeat 
    due to his lack of a better range, but without it, prepare for a rough 
    Description: An extremely beefy bald dude with black and white stripes 
    on his shirt and boxing gloves.
    Color Variaties: Red, green.
    Name variaties: R. Bear, Bear Jr.
    AI/Strategy: Another "on the go" boss, R. Bear loves to move around you 
    and eventually strike, so that means you must pull the punches first. He 
    isn't very powerful, but he does move fast and act fast. Do not stay in 
    his horizontal row unless you're going to pound him into submission. 
    Don't get too close to him, because he will often grab you and beat you 
    to the ground. You have to have quick reflexes if you want to combo him 
    and get away with it. Blitzes are effective for all except Blaze, so use 
    them. Use Skate's speed to your advantage and corner R. Bear when he 
    least expects it. Most of all, KEEP MOVING! If you stay in the same spot 
    for too long, you are sure Bear-prey. Also watch out for a charging 
    uppercut similar to Abadede's and a high-flying cannonball that Bear 
    performs if you're not in his immediate horizontal range. If you have a 
    pipe/sword, get in his range and slash away. Just keep on him and ALWAYS 
    pull the punches first or you will regret it.
    Here's an alternate strategy by Anthony. If you knock him down, get in 
    the middle of him, and special when he gets up, he will do an uppercut, 
    both of you will miss, and you will recover before Bear. That way, you 
    can grab him with ease.(doesn't work with Bear Jr.) Also, thanks to 
    Truncated for posting this tip in his FAQ, as that's where I found it.
    Difficulty: 8.5
    Difficulty:(when paired with other punks) 9
    Difficulty:(if you have a pipe/sword) 4
    Combo: Two jabs and a straight.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Since this move is performed lightning-fast, the only way to 
    get out of this combo is to special. Not much to say except hit him 
    before he hits you.
    Cannonball: R. Bear jumps in the air headed for you, hoping to squish 
    you in his enormous weight.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Either sidestep it, or if you're Axel, Grand Upper so that the 
    punch will be aimed at Bear.
    Charging Uppercut: Same as Abadede's but not as deadly.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: ...
    Grabbing combo: A flurry of knees and headbutts.
    Damage: |******__|
    Strategy: Don't grab him unless you can pay the price.
    Elbow Jab: When you hold him from behind for too long, R. Bear will gut 
    you in the stomach with his elbow.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: ...
    Jumping Uppercut: ...
    Damage: |**______|(thanks to Truncated for this)
    Strategy: You shouldn't be that close to him in the first place.
    ___Molecule/Particule___: Two robots who want to kick your can at the 
    end of Stage 7. They jump around frequently and if you get caught in 
    their horizontal row, they'll thrust their maces out at you or shoot you 
    with their lasers. They will also electrocute you if you try to grab 
    them for too long. Still, they're pretty easy for Stage 7 bosses.
    Description: A metal robot with one eye and maces attached to it's 
    Color variaties: Grey, light red.
    Name variaties: Molecule, Particle, Oxygen, Isotope, Hydrogen, Mercury, 
    AI/Strategy: Like Zamza, Particule/Molecule likes to jump around the 
    screen frequently. Use the same strategy as you do for Zamza except now 
    you don't have to deal with annoying blocking and clawing attacks. 
    Beware when it gets low on health, as Particule/Molecule will attempt to 
    self-destruct in your immediate area.
    Difficulty: 4
    Difficulty:(when paired with another robot) 6
    Stretch Punch: A punch with longer distance.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: You figure it out...
    Diagonal Stretch Punch: Used as an anti-air attack.(only in Hard and 
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Don't jump.
    Laser: Molecule/Particule ducks to the ground and shoots a laser from 
    it's eye.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Don't stay too far away from the robot.
    Oval Stretch Punch: Molecule/Particle takes it's mace and swings it 
    around in an oval shape.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: If you see it doing this attack, sidestep.
    Electrocute: If you grab it for too long, Molecule/Particle will 
    electrocute you.
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Throw/whatever fast, or don't grab at all.
    Self-Destruct: When Molecule/Particle gets low on health, it'll try to 
    blow itself up near you.
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: Grab/blitz Molecule/Particle right as it lands.
    ___Shiva___: In my opinion, Shiva is a cheap boss. He fully blocks 
    almost everything you do and counterattacks when you hit him once. You 
    can't grab him at all unless you're very lucky. Only jump kicks and 
    specials are effective, so either you'll waste two lives beating him or 
    run out of time. He also has an annoying selection of moves ranging from 
    a jump kick to a slide n' hit move called "Final Crash".
    Description: A ninja in a black robe with red tape around his fists.
    Color variaties: Shiva is a unique boss, he has no clones.
    Name variaties: Shiva.
    AI/Strategy: Blitz, jump kick, or special. Pick one, but do NOT combo. I 
    really don't have a strategy for this boss, I just special 'till he 
    Difficulty: 8
    Final Crash: Shiva slides, then does a somersault in your face.
    Damage: |****____|
    Strategy: Stay out of long range.
    Combo: Two Palm Strikes, a straight, and a High Kick.(thanks to Dan 
    Gallagher for reminding me)
    Damage: |******__|
    Strategy: Don't stay in close range for too long.
    Hit and Slam: After grabbing you and hitting you, Shiva vaults and slams 
    Damage: |*******_|
    Strategy: If you get caught in this, special before Shiva vaults, as it 
    is unstoppable after that.
    Jump Kick: ...
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Avoid, simple as that.
    Flaming Roundhouse Kick: Shiva's special attack.(i.e. he is 
    invincible)(creds to Dan Gallagher)
    Damage: |***_____|
    Strategy: DON'T COMBO. EVER. Just don't do it.
    Downward Attack: A Downward Palm Strike.(again, credits go to Dan 
    Damage: |*_______|
    Strategy: Actually, when Shiva does this, this is your chance to attack.
    ___Mr. X___: Back to seek his revenge, Mr. X is just as annoying as he 
    was in Streets of Rage. He didn't learn any new moves this time 
    around,(in fact, he only has two, which is pathetic) so you might 
    experience deja vu when fighting him. He can be tough if you let his 
    thugs get in your way, and sometimes he mows them down while trying to 
    get to you! Mr. X may seem tough, but with timed grabs and lots of 
    throws, you can beat the final boss without too much difficulty.(read: 
    without TOO much difficulty)
    Description: A very tall guy wearing a green jacket and carrying a 
    Uzi.(or whatever the hell it is)
    Color variaties: Mr. X is a unique boss, he has no clones.
    Name variaties: Mr. X.
    AI/Strategy: When Mr. X gets up, get as far away from him as possible, 
    as he is prone to do a Uzi Ram when he gets up. Remember, throws are 
    your best friend here, so unless you're Max, throw like crazy. If you 
    are in the middle of the room and he starts shooting from a corner, do 
    standing specials like a madman, because it's IMPOSSIBLE, I repeat, 
    IMPOSSIBLE to jump over the stream of bullets as Max if you're in the 
    middle of the room.(however, if you're at the top of the screen, you can 
    easily jump the bullets)(I've found it's possible to do it as Axel in 
    the middle of the room) Also, if you're Max, when Mr. X starts shooting, 
    you can get behind him and do an Atomic Drop on him, which helps a lot. 
    Remember, Mr. X's backup is enormous, but not infinite. Eventually, 
    he'll run out of mindless thugs to sic on you.(right before this 
    happens, a 10,000 point Galsia named Talk faces you) Blitzes are always 
    good to use, so keep that in mind. Also, beware when you get near him to 
    grab, as he will attempt to Uzi Ram you. For best results, try grabbing 
    him from below/above so he can't react.
    Difficulty: 7
    Uzi Ram: Mr. X smacks you with his machine gun for lots of damage.
    Damage: |*****___|
    Strategy: Be careful when trying to grab.
    Shooting Frenzy: Mr. X goes in a corner and fires away.
    Damage: |**______|
    Strategy: Special, get in the opposite corner, or get behind Mr. X.
    F. Items and weapons               }
    Here I will list all the items/weapons in the game, as well as the 
    damage done, points scored, or HP healed by using the item/weapon. In 
    the weapons category, I will give a description, damage figure, and 
    strategies with the weapon.(like in the "Moves and how to use them" 
    section) Also, there will be a section called "Usefulness" which lists 
    the characters in order from the best with that weapon to the worst.
    Knife: Just your basic, ordinary run-of-the-mill knife. Blaze has a 
    special advantage with this weapon.
    Damage: |***____|
    Strategy: The only time the knife comes to use is if you're playing 
    Mania and need to drop the enemies fast. Otherwise, avoid like the 
    Usefulness: Blaze, Skate, Axel, Max.
    Sword: The best weapon in the game, the sword has long range, and Max 
    can hit on both sides with this weapon and the pipe.
    Damage: |*******|
    Strategy: Use at all times possible. This weapon should never be dropped 
    under any circumstances. None.(unless you're Skate)
    Usefulness: Max, Blaze, Axel, Skate.
    Kunai: Just like a knife, but worse. Ninjas carry them. Also, Blaze has 
    no advantage with this weapon.
    Damage: |***____|
    Strategy: Never EVER use this unless you're in Mania.
    Usefulness: Skate, Blaze, Axel, Max.
    Pipe: Exactly like the sword, except it does a little less damage.
    Damage: |****___|
    Strategy: Use this if there isn't a sword around.
    Usefulness: Max, Blaze, Axel, Skate.
    Bomb: Definately the worst weapon in the game, these are dropped by 
    speeding bikers and sometimes bikers in the scenery. They explode after 
    three or so seconds, whether you use it or not.
    Damage: |**_____|
    Strategy: Unless you're asking for a death wish, don't even think about 
    tampering with these things. In fact, the bomb does less damage if you 
    throw it!(thanks to Truncated for this info)
    Usefulness: All characters use the bomb the same way.
    And now, the items...
    Apple: Restores 25% of your HP.
    Roast: Restores all of your HP.
    Cash Bag: Gives you 1000 points.
    Gold Bar: Gives you 5000 points.
    1-UP: Gives you an extra life.(rare)
    G. Walkthrough                     \
    Here I will list a guide to beating the game, plus some strategies for 
    dealing with certain combinations of enemies and locations of secret 
    items. First though, I will tell you the differences between the 
    Very Easy - I really pity anyone who loses more than five lives on this 
    difficulty. Minimum enemies with no AI, a horrible selection of moves, 
    and almost no HP makes this difficulty easy as cake. Even somebody who 
    has never played video games can beat this.
    Easy - Still pathetic. Enemies have a little better selection of moves 
    and will punch you for a change, but there still is a massive lack of 
    HP/aggressiveness.(Side note: There is an extra Donovan that pops out of 
    Barbon's bar right as you leave it. The Donovan, oddly enough, is only 
    in this difficulty level.)
    Normal - Kinda easy. More enemies pop up, and have a wide variety of 
    moves. They are also smart for a change and will catch you off-guard 
    Hard - Normal difficulty level right here. The enemies are no pushovers 
    and have good amounts of HP. This difficulty is the first to present 
    Hardest - Definately a hard difficulty. Enemies are far more aggressive, 
    and have tons of HP, making this difficulty way tougher than Hard. To 
    tell you the truth, I've only beaten Hardest once with Axel.
    Mania - WHOA NELLY!! This difficulty is so hard, I don't know where to 
    start. The enemies are SUPER AGGRESSIVE, and will walk right up to you 
    and beat the living crap out of you, sort of like in Streets of Rage. 
    Also, new enemies pop up everywhere with a load of HP and all move 
    faster than Skate. Almost all of the bosses have four-star lifebars, and 
    are extremely agile as well. You'll be very hard-pressed to find someone 
    who has beaten Mania.
    And now, on with the walkthrough...(the stages are coded with various 
    characters for convenience)(this walkthrough is for the Normal level, 
    but additional enemies in higher difficulties will be listed)
    *Stage 1, Scene 1: Pimpin' the streets*
    This is the typical "get adjusted to the game" stage that gets you used 
    to the controls. Start by thrashing a few weak Galsias and grabbing a 
    cash bag from a trash bin. A couple of Signals will walk onto the 
    screen,(three on Hardest and Mania) but they won't have any brains, so 
    they shouldn't be a problem.
    Keep going, and the road will turn to a diagonal direction, where you 
    must beat up some Galsias/Donovans that come from the sides, and a 
    Yellow Signal halfway down the turn. Beat up all the Galsias/Donovans 
    before you get to the Signal. At the end, the road will go back to being 
    horizontal, where a Red Signal and his cronies await you.
    Beat them up, and progress right when you see the "Go" sign flash up. 
    Two 10,000 point Donovans, Mc. K and Altet, will come out of manholes 
    with pipes, assisted by a few Galsias. Grab the pipes and smack them 
    into submission while grabbing some powerups from the trash bins as you 
    meet a Yellow Signal at the end of the screen.
    More fun comes around the corner as two Yellow Signals attack assisted 
    by quite a few Galsias/Donovans. When you walk right a bit, a couple 
    more Donovans will come from the left side. After tangling with them, 
    walk right until you see Jack come out of the driveway. First, beat up 
    the crouching Donovan before Jack gets into "action mode." Then, deal 
    with Jack without anybody to distract you. Also, don't save the roast in 
    the road signs for too long, or you might kill Jack and not be able to 
    get it in time. Either way, you will progress into the bar...
    *Stage 1, Scene 2: The bar*
    First of all, know that the Signals in this place are smarter than their 
    street buddies, and will slide you at a moment's notice. Knowing that, 
    knock over the first set of tables/chairs while contending to a Donovan. 
    Then, move on and two Signals will try and wipe you out. After dealing 
    with them, move to the end of the screen where another Signal with a 
    couple of Galsias/Donovans await.
    Another "Go" sign will flash up, and a big team of Galsias/Donovans will 
    try to gang up on you. Remember, contend with the enemies on-screen, 
    THEN proceed forward. After a long walk down the bar, you will meet 
    Electra, who has quite a bit of HP and acts as a mini-boss. You will 
    also see Barbon leave the bar in the background, so you know something's 
    *Stage 1, Scene 3: Back alley*
    When you first get to this scene, you will notice that not only is it 
    raining, but Barbon and his backup Galsias/Donovans/Signals await you. 
    Beat up as much of Barbon's backup as you can without "activating" 
    him,(i.e. walking too close to him) and this fight will be much easier. 
    After twenty seconds of the timer, Barbon will activate whether you're 
    ready or not. There's a roast in the trash can.(nasty!) After draining 
    Barbon's life, you will have beaten Stage 1.
    -Stage 2, Scene 1: On the bridge-
    As you start Stage 2, you will notice lots of bikers whizzing by. Just 
    stay at the bottom and 90% of them will not hit you. Luckily for you, 
    the ones that stay on their bikes can be defeated with one jump kick. 
    One speeding biker and a flying green biker named Blade(a 10,000 point 
    punk[see "Secrets, hints and codes" for more information]) will pass you 
    as a few Donovans meet you at the end of the screen.
    Another biker will cross the top of the screen and a few 
    Galsias/Donovans will assault you. Trash them, then progress right and 
    do the same thing to more Galsias. Keep going, and you will notice two 
    barrels, one which has a pipe in it. Grab the pipe if you're Max/Blaze 
    and two more bikers at the top will speed along, then another one who 
    will jump off his bike and face you. He has more HP than his rubber-
    burning counterparts, so watch out.
    Yet another duo of bikers will rush across the top of the screen,(one 
    will jump off) and a Donovan will come from behind. Knock them out 
    easily, then continue going right until two jumping bikers and an 
    "aggressive" biker(aka. one who continues speeding across the screen in 
    the same horizontal row that you are) assisted with a Galsia and a 
    Donovan appear. Keep on going until you reach two more barrels, one 
    contains an apple while the other houses a gold bar. An aggressive biker 
    and a bomb-weilding biker rush across the top, followed by a biker at 
    the bottom who jumps off(you need to move to the middle when you reach 
    the gold bar) and yet another aggressive biker.
    As soon as the "Go" sign flashes, two bomb-weilding bikers will race 
    across the screen. Avoid the bombs, and progress forward. Two flying 
    bikers will drive across, then two more bikers. Move some more and a 
    biker named Fog will jump off his bike and face you. At the end of the 
    screen, Blade and a Yellow Signal will try and diminish you. Grab some 
    items, including a cash bag and a roast, before you kill both thugs.
    -Stage 2, Scene 2: In da truck-
    When you start this scene, you will notice that there are bikers on the 
    wall, one of which has a pipe. You can't hurt them yet. Walk to the end 
    of the truck and face a Samurai Warrior named Hakuyo. After thrashing 
    him, the bikers on the wall will come to life assisted by another 
    Samurai Warrior. Grab the pipe off one of them and you're in for some 
    smooth sailing. After that, the truck will stop and your character will 
    special through the wall.(it won't hurt you, though)
    -Stage 2, Scene 3: Back on the bridge-
    Start by grabbing a secret extra life in the top left-hand corner.(it's 
    hidden behind the truck) A couple of Galsias/Donovans will try and 
    overwhelm you. Smash up a couple of roadblocks to reveal a cash bag and 
    an apple while two Galsias and a Yellow Signal await you.
    When the "Go" sign flashes, a swarm of weak Galsias called Surgers will 
    confront you. This can be a real problem in Mania. After dealing with 
    them, move on and face Jet. There's a cash bag and a roast hidden in the 
    roadblocks. Take on Jet's Donovans before you face him. If he has an 
    accomplice, kill the main Jet and the accomplice will die as well. Now 
    on to Stage 3...
    &Stage 3, Scene 1: Yay! Theme Park!&
    At the beginning of this stage, three Galsias will team up on you. After 
    that, two Donovans and a biker will confront you. Deal with the biker 
    first, as he is the most annoying.
    &Stage 3, Scene 2: Fun at the arcade&
    This scene goes diagonally, like the road in Stage 1. Trash a few Bare 
    Knuckle machines containing three cash bags, a gold bar, and an apple 
    while dealing with the angry Donovans/Signals who were playing them. 
    More Donovans, Signals, and Galsias will come from behind. After that 
    onslaught, beat the crap out of the Green Signal at the end.
    &Stage 3, Scene 3: Detour&
    Beware when you cross this scene, as a knife-weilding Galsia will blaze 
    across the screen at full speed.(Hard and above) An unruly mob of 
    assorted Galsias, Donovans, and Signals meet you at the end of this 
    short scene.
    &Stage 3, Scene 4: Detour Strikes Back&
    As you walk along this detour, two Galsias will jump out of nowhere. 
    Grab them as soon as they land and unleash pain. At the end, a Samurai 
    Warrior and a Donovan try to tangle your cords.
    &Stage 3, Scene 5: Pirate Ship&
    Start by dealing with a horde of Galsias/Donovans while grabbing an 
    apple and an extra life from the crates. A Ninja(two in Hard and above) 
    carrying a Kunai will try and ruin your day.
    &Stage 3, Scene 6: Deja vu&
    Hmm, this looks a lot like Scene 1...anyway, wake up a sleeping Glasia 
    on the bench while making the other Galsias/Donovans suffer. Grab an 
    apple from the trash bin(who are these sick programmers?) and face a 
    Knife Maniac.(assisted with an Electra in Hard and above)
    &Stage 3, Scene 7: Alien House&
    Destroy an alien egg and get a well-deserved roast. A Galsia will try 
    and surprise you by popping out of the underbrush. Grab a sword from the 
    next alien egg and make him pay. Move on and do the same thing to a 
    Galsia, a few Donovans, and a Signal while reaping the rewards from an 
    alien egg.(a cash bag)
    Take a stroll down the alien house until an obnoxious sound is produced, 
    then contend with a Signal approaching from behind. Destroy another 
    alien egg for a cash bag and deal with the Galsia below you. Then tangle 
    with another Signal as you get ready to face Vehelits and a Donovan. 
    Don't forget to grab the free extra life directly below Vehelits' 
    starting point in the bushes.
    After defeating Vehelits, proceed and slash away at the Ninja with a 
    sword. Then go on to face Zamza. It is IMPERATIVE that you kill the 
    Ninja before you get to Zamza, or you will not be happy. As usual, 
    there's a roast in the nearby alien egg. After defeating Zamza, you will 
    proceed to Stage 4.
    %Stage 4, Scene 1: Take me out to the ball game...%
    Ever wanted to trash the local slime while enjoying a good American 
    pasttime? Here's your chance! Start by showing an aggressive Yellow 
    Signal who's boss and grabbing a pipe from the trash bin. Score a home 
    run on an aggressive Blue Signal and three Galsias, one with a knife. 
    Take on a Donovan and another Signal before progressing.
    More Galsias and Donovans, one with a pipe, will tackle you. After 
    rumbling with another Donovan and U-3, a 10,000 point Donovan, face a 
    couple more Donovans and a Samurai Warrior. Watch out for his jump kick 
    when he comes down.
    %Stage 4, Scene 2: Take me out to the crowd...%
    On Hard and above, you will find a Blue Signal at the beginning of the 
    stage. Otherwise, move on to fight two Donovans, two Galsias, and a Blue 
    Signal while collecting a cash bag and a knife from the crates. Keep on 
    going to the end of the scene and a Blue Signal followed by a 
    Donovan(two in Hard and above) with a pipe will try and maul you.
    Continue onward and receive a cash bag from a crate while dealing with a 
    Galsia. Grab another cash bag and face two Donovans and a Galsia, which 
    shouldn't be a problem considering you have a pipe.(you DO have a pipe, 
    don't you? *sweatdrop*) Go on, bash up another Donovan paired with a 
    Galsia, and then progress on to deal with a 10,000 point Electra.(two in 
    Hard and above) There's an apple in the crate, so that should help.
    A gang of Galsias/Donovans will try and unsuccessfully beat you up. Grab 
    the cash bag and the apple and move on to the pitcher's mound. There, a 
    Galsia and a Donovan are waiting. After dealing with them, you'll have 
    to face Big Ben, your very own firebreathing fat boy to beat 
    up...(paired with Big Go in Hard and above)
    %Stage 4, Scene 3: Secret Elevator%
    Here, Galsias, Donovans, and Samurai Warriors will be poured onto the 
    screen in waves. Start by eliminating two Galsias and two Donovans. 
    Then, watch the shadows as a Samurai Warrior jumps down.(two in Hard and 
    above) After that, two Donovans and four Galsias will try and team up on 
    you. Trash them, then face two Galsias, two Donovans, and a Samurai 
    Warrior. Tackle on two more Galsias and two more Donovans before you 
    face one more final wave, two Samurai Warriors,(four in Hard and above) 
    a Galsia, and a Donovan. The elevator will then come to a complete stop, 
    and you move on to the...
    %Stage 4, Scene 4: Underground Arena%
    Here, you will face Abadede alone while the crowd watches on. Blah blah 
    blah there's a roast in the crate blah blah blah. After taking down 
    Abadede, you will have beaten Stage 4.
    $Stage 5, Scene 1: Lower Deck$
    Right as you start this boat stage, a Galsia with a knife will shuffle 
    across the screen. Take the two cash bags from the crates and face a 
    mob, complete with two Donovans, three Galsias, and a Firebreather named 
    Four Galsias and a Donovan will gang up on you as you steal their 
    loot.(a cash bag and a gold bar) At the end of the scene, a Donovan and 
    a Samurai Warrior await you. Activate the Donovan and lure him out 
    before taking on the Samurai Warrior.
    $Stage 5, Scene 2: Middle Deck$
    Walk a little bit and you will meet Raven, the first Kickboxer you will 
    encounter with a Galsia.(two Kickboxers in Hard and above) Trash a load 
    of Galsias/Donovans while grabbing a roast in the crates. Then go on to 
    face a Barbon clone. I strongly suggest you deal with the 
    Galsias/Donovans first.
    $Stage 5, Scene 3: Upper Deck$
    First, deal with some Galsias/Donovans as you take a cash bag and a 
    sword from the crates. Move on, and a few more Galsias/Donovans will 
    come your way, followed by a Jet.(two in Hard/Hardest, three in Mania) 
    Save the apple at the end until you get hurt. If you're facing one Jet, 
    tag the Donovans/Galsias first. Also, if you drop the sword, don't pick 
    it up until there are no Jets left.
    Move on and a few bikers from the left and right will try and take the 
    sword away from you. Use superior range to beat them. A biker in the 
    scenery will then throw bombs into the playing area. Continue and face a 
    blue weaponless Ninja while another biker in the scenery throws bombs. 
    Press on and face a Ninja with a sword. If you have dropped the sword 
    twice or lost it, this is your chance to get a fresh new one.
    The "Go" sign will flash, and a Galsia will come from behind. A few more 
    Galsias/Donovans and a Firebreather(Hard and above) will block your 
    path. After that, you have to face R. Bear.(assisted by a Firebreather 
    in Hardest and above) I hope you hung on to that sword, because you'll 
    need it. After defeating R. Bear, you will have beaten Stage 5.
    !Stage 6, Scene 1: Fun at the beach!
    Immediately, a Ninja(two in Hard and above) will fall out of the sky and 
    attack you. Tackle on a few Galsias/Donovans before having to face a 
    kunai-weilding Ninja.
    When the sign flashes, a collective swarm of Glasias/Donovans will come 
    onto the screen. After taking a long stroll down the beach, you will 
    have to face two kickboxers.(four in Hard and above)
    !Stage 6, Scene 2: Road Rage!
    First, get the roast from the sandbag piles, and eliminate the Samurai 
    Warrior that drops down. Move right and face a crapload of aggressive 
    Signals and another Samurai Warrior.(two in Hard and above) Then, get 
    the cash bag from the lone sandbag pile and grab two more from the three 
    sandbag piles at the bottom. In Hard and above, you will have to face 
    another Samurai Warrior at the end of the screen.
    Take a few seconds to deliver pain to the wave of bikers.(without bikes) 
    Then, move on to fight a Firebreather(two in Hard and above) and yet 
    another wave of bikers.
    This is where it gets tricky. A large number of bikers(on bikes) will 
    come in this order: Wanter(a 10,000 point punk) will rush by, followed 
    by a bomb-tossing, a rushing, another rushing, two more rushing, a 
    flying carrying a pipe, and two aggressive bikers.(these two have been 
    known to not show up at all) Your best bet is to stay in the middle. 
    After the onslaught, snag up a knife and an apple, then go to work on an 
    Electra(two in Hard and above) and a group of very weak bikers. Try to 
    hang on to the pipe.
    Walk along the road and collect a cash bag, a gold bar, and a 
    roast.(only if you need it) The boss fight this time is Zamza paired 
    with a Jet.(two in Hardest, three in Mania) If playing Hard or below, 
    take out the Jet first. Either way, when you defeat Zamza, everybody 
    else dies and you proceed to Stage 7...
    #Stage 7, Scene 1: Factory#
    Start off by trashing the local Donovan crew and fighting a Galsia and a 
    Firebreather.(two in Hard and above) Make sure to also get the cash bag 
    and an apple in the metal containers.
    A Donovan will come up behind you. Show him who's boss, and go on to 
    face an aggressive non-biking biker named Typhoon. Fight another Galsia 
    while grabbing a cash bag, a gold bar, and an apple from the three metal 
    containers. A biker will start tossing bombs into the playing screen, so 
    lay low and trash the Donovan behind you. Another biker will toss bombs, 
    so lay low again and beat up the approaching biker. Another aggressive 
    non-biking biker with a pipe assisted with a Galsia(and a Donovan in 
    Hard and above) will give you a rough time. Take away his pipe and smash 
    him into oblivion.
    This part of the scene gets rather annoying, so you better keep the 
    pipe. Smash up the first Electra that comes out of nowhere, then move on 
    to do the same to a Ninja. Two metal containers, one housing a roast, 
    will roll by on the conveyer belt. Be sure to get it before moving on, 
    whether you need it or not. At the end of the scene, a kunai-weilding 
    Ninja(two in Hard and above) will drop down.(assisted by one Electra in 
    Hard, two in Hardest and above)
    #Stage 7, Scene 2: Cargo Elevator#
    This is the hardest scene in the whole game.(that is, in Hard and above) 
    Only use the roast when you absolutely need it. Waves and waves of 
    varying punks will drop down and give you a very hard time. First, deal 
    with the usual Galsias/Donovans and a D. Signal.(the only one in the 
    game)(assisted by a Yellow Signal in Hard and above)
    The elevator will go up, and a swarm of Galsias/Donovans paired with a 
    Jet(two in Hardest, three in Mania) will come onto the screen.
    Times get tough as a Ninja(more in Hard and above) and a Samurai 
    Warrior(more in Hard and above) fight tooth and nail with you.
    The elevator will go up again and a Kickboxer(more in Hard and above) 
    and a load of aggressive non-biking bikers with tons of HP will work 
    with the Kickboxer(s) to make your day bad. This can get super annoying, 
    as the Kickboxer(s) will kick you from afar while the bikers punch you 
    up close.(in Mania, bikers in the scenery will throw bombs)
    Immediately when the elevator moves, the usual gang of Galsias/Donovans 
    drop onto the screen with a Knife Maniac.(and two Firebreathers in Hard 
    and above) Take care of the Galsias/Donovans first, then the 
    Firebreathers, then the Knife Maniac.
    Be sure to throw away the leftover knives before the elevator reaches 
    the top. There, you will fight two robots,(three in Hardest, four in 
    Mania) Molecule and Particle. Try to focus only on the robot(s) in your 
    immediate vacinity. After beating them, you will go on to Stage 8.
    @Stage 8, Scene 1: Mr. X's Stronghold@
    This is it, the final stage. Start on the right foot by bashing up a 
    robot, two Donovans,(one with a pipe) and a Galsia. Go on to face Bear 
    Jr., one of R. Bear's relatives.(with a robot named Mercury in Hard and 
    above) Save the apple for when you're about to strike the final blow on 
    Bear Jr.
    @Stage 8, Scene 2: Boss Elevator@
    As you can tell by the name, this elevator is full of bosses, and each 
    time the elevator goes up, you receive a sizable portion of health. 
    First, a Galsia and a Donovan(assisted by a Samurai Warrior in Hard and 
    above) will waste your time. After a while, Vulture(a Barbon clone) will 
    drop onto the screen and face you.
    While the elevator is moving up, a Galsia and a Donovan will drop down. 
    When the elevator stops, Nail(a Zamza clone) will fight you.(also, an 
    Electra will drop down in Hard and above)
    A Galsia and a Donovan(assisted by a Kickboxer in Hard and above) will 
    stall you as Z. Kusano(an Abadede clone) gets into action. Since he 
    isn't invincible when he gets up, you can do infinite Atomic Drops on 
    Finally, the elevator comes to a stop, with Mr. X and Shiva in the 
    background. A few Galsias/Donovans soften you up at Mr. X's command. 
    After that, Mr. X snaps his fingers and Shiva jumps into the playing 
    screen. When is defeated, Mr. X will get up himself and fight you, with 
    an army of Galsias/Donovans as backup. Once you take him down...that's 
    it! You have just beaten Streets of Rage 2!
    H. Secrets, hints, and codes       &
    Here, I will post the not-so-obvious secrets in the game, and some 
    codes.(thanks to damin mance 0 for most of the codes) There are a lot of 
    secrets in the game, and most of them you may not know, others are right 
    under your nose! Let's start with the goodies...
    Extra Lives
    Throughout Streets of Rage 2, there are three lives scattered where you 
    can't see them. Here is a list of where they are:
    Extra Life #1 - Right at the beginning of Stage 1, go to the bottom 
    left-hand corner of the screen and press B for a 1-UP.
    Extra Life #2 - In Stage 2, once you exit the truck, go to the top left-
    hand part of the screen and press B for another 1-UP.
    Extra Life #3 - In the Alien House in Stage 3, when you meet Vehelits, 
    go to the bottom of the screen vertically from Vehilits's starting point 
    to find a life in the bushes.
    10,000 Point Punks
    In almost every stage, there are various punks that give you a 10,000 
    point bonus if you beat them. They always have unique names like Talk, 
    Altet, and Mc. K, and some of them are bonus punks that you don't have 
    to defeat to progress in the game. See the list below for descriptions 
    of all the bonus punks.
    Mc. K - The first Donovan that comes out of a manhole in Stage 1. He 
    carries a pipe.
    Altet - The second Donovan that comes out of a manhole in Stage 1. He 
    also carries a pipe.
    Blade - A green biker in Stage 2 who appears twice. He is the first 
    biker who flies through the screen, and he is the last biker who faces 
    you with a pipe before you enter the truck.
    Axi - Green Signal playing an arcade machine in Stage 3. *
    Mavin - Yellow Signal playing the bottom arcade machine in Stage 3. *
    U-3 - A Donovan sleeping on a bench next to two trash bins in Stage 4.
    Metal M. - Blue Electra seen in the baseball field in Stage 4. *
    Wanter - The first purple biker riding through Stage 6.
    Anry - Accompanying the elevator in Stage 7, he is a Firebreather. *
    Talk - The last Galsia who comes as backup for Mr. X in Stage 8.
    * - Thanks to Streets of Rage Online for information on these punks.
    Cheat Mode
    To get lives select,(up to 9 lives) stage select, and Very Easy/Mania 
    difficulties, scroll down to "Options" on the menu screen, and hold A+B 
    on controller two while pressing Start on controller one. Hold down the 
    buttons until the options screen appears for this code to work.
    Player 1 & 2 can play as the same character
    On the title screen, hold -> + B on controller one and <- + A on 
    controller two. Press C on controller one and hold until the menu screen 
    appears. You should now be able to play the same character in 2-player 
    Game Genie Codes
    (courtesy of damin mance 0 unless otherwise specified)
    AJPT-BFS8(non-knockdown moves hit tons of times, making them ultra 
    A5TT-A42N(all enemies/bosses have very little HP)(does not effect 
    Abadede in Stage 4, R. Bear in Stage 5, Soya in Stage 7, Molecule in 
    Stage 7, Uranium in Stage 7, Vulture in Stage 8, Nail in Stage 8, Z. 
    Kusano in Stage 8, and Mr. X in Stage 8)(Shiva is semi-effected)(it also 
    gives one of Mr. X's Galsias a four star lifebar, three Donovans a full 
    yellow lifebar, and four more Galsias[including Talk] a full yellow 
    lifebar)(tested in Mania)
    5BJA-AF24(invincible to everything but throws/slams, ally attacks, 
    explosions of any kind, knife throws, Electra's Electric 
    Whip,(sometimes) Molecule/Particle's Stretch Punch/Laser/Oval Stretch 
    Punch, Mr. X's Shooting Frenzy, and the Ninja's Single Star Throw/Triple 
    Star Throw)
    ABRA-AAAA(converts to Bare Knuckle II[Japanese Streets of Rage 2])
    A5TT-A92N(all enemies/bosses have four star lifebars)
    BDAA-BDCE(characters go HYPER FAST, zooming across the screen in one tap 
    of the D-Pad)(this code has been known to produce different 
    results)(submitted by Seijuro Hiko)
    AVGT-AAGA(makes it so that all non-throwing/slamming moves not only 
    instantly kill an opponent, but you will be stuck in that animation 
    until the opponent's life bar goes to zero)
    More to come!
    I. Other things I noticed          ;
    This is like a "miscellaneous" section where I list some peculiar things 
    I noticed in the game. They may be glitches, weird things, or trivial 
    facts in the game, but if they catch my eye or somebody else's, I put 
    them here in DYK fashion.
    * Max's combo usually hits seven times(if "inside" the opponent) on 
    normal enemies, but there are some enemies/bosses who receive less 
    hits.(for some odd reason) Here they are...
    Shiva(confirmed by Truncated)
    Mr. X(submitted by Truncated)
    Electra(submitted by Truncated)
    Molecule/Particle(confirmed by Truncated)
    Knife Maniac(submitted by Truncated)
    Samurai Warrior(submitted by Truncated)
    R. Bear
    Something that makes this glitch weird as hell is that some types of 
    Electras/Knife Maniacs/Samurai Warriors/etc. take the missing hit like a 
    normal enemy.(creds to Truncated for this info) These enemies/bosses 
    are: Electra in Stage 1, Suzaku in Stage 3, Ko-Shu in Stage 4, Metal M. 
    in Stage 4, all the Samurai Warriors in the Stage 4 elevator, both 
    Samurai Warriors in Stage 5, Scene 1, all the Samurai Warriors in Stage 
    6, Souther in Stage 6, all the Samurai Warriors in Stage 7, all the 
    robots in Stage 8, and both Samurai Warriors in Stage 8.
    Also, for some odd reason, Abadede is programmed in Mania to either stay 
    invincible or slam you when you attempt to hook him while inside of him, 
    yet the same amount of hits can be done to him in the three hit hook 
    combo. Even if you use Game Genie codes from here to kingdom come, he 
    will never take all four hook hits no matter what. Very odd. If you want 
    to test this, enable the "almost invincible" Game Genie code,(see the 
    "Secrets, hints and codes" section) set the difficulty to Mania, and set 
    the Stage to 4. When you get to Abadede, stay far away from him but not 
    at the left edge of the screen so that he will do a Charge Uppercut 
    right through you to the left side and disappear. Then face right and he 
    will charge uppercut again, but you will grab him from behind. Allow him 
    to do his Break Through attack, then quickly get right in the middle of 
    him. Attempt a four-hit hook combo and you will notice that he will do a 
    barrage of Square Uppercuts/Break Throughs to make him fully invincible 
    until he eventually slams you.
    * The maximum score possible is 999999. This is obtainable without codes 
    only in Hardest and Mania.(that is, if you beat them in one continue)
    * Max's combo has a secret eigth hit, but it almost never connects with 
    enemies.(normally, there ARE exceptions in which you can hit enemies, 
    but they must jump "into" you first) If you don't believe me, get really 
    close to a trash bin/barrel/whatever, press B, and you will notice that 
    the object is destroyed when Max's hand is up while doing the first 
    chop. Weird.
    New info! Max's secret eigth hit is twice as powerful as his regular 
    chop.(thanks to Truncated for finding this out) It is also confirmed 
    that Max's combo has a ninth hit, since his first two chops are exactly 
    the same.(credits go to Truncated for confirming this) In order for 
    somebody to pull off the nine-hit combo in 1-player mode, they would:
    1) Have to be "inside" of an opponent with a good amount of HP.
    2) Have two Samurai Warriors/other enemies who can jump into him.
    3) Start the combo when the first jumping enemy is inside you and when 
    the second one is starting to jump.
    4) Have to time it so that the second secret chop would connect with the 
    second jumping enemy right as he jumps into you.
    5) Finish the combo without interferance or the opponent dying.
    In other words, the chances of actually pulling off the nine-hit combo 
    are one in a million.
    If you want to test it in 2-player and Duel Mode, pick Max and Skate. 
    Hit Skate once with Max's combo, then make Skate jump inside of Max and 
    make Max hit him again. If you time this right, it should work.(thanks 
    to Truncated for this tidbit)
    * There are signs all around Streets of Rage 2 that advertise Bare 
    Knuckle and Bare Knuckle II, Streets of Rage 2's Japanese counterparts. 
    These places include the ball park in Stage 4, the arcade room in Stage 
    3, and many others.
    * No boss in this game(including Mr. X) has infinite backup. They 
    eventually run out if you keep beating them up. This is also true in 
    Streets of Rage.
    * Nobody's standing special attack is the same. For example, Blaze's 
    Embukyaku takes time to perform, and Axel's Dragon Wing has less range 
    than Max's Knuckle Bomb.
    * When some things happen to you, you become invincible for a short 
    while, so you should take advantage of these times. Here are the 
    situations in which you are invincible:(for roughly one second)
    When you get up
    When you throw someone
    When you are thrown
    After you land from getting thrown
    When slamming someone
    When performing a standing special
    When you pick up an item(submitted by Truncated)
    When vaulting
    And...that's it!
    You'd be surprised how much you could use this to your advantage...
    * Here's a glitch I noticed that was quite weird. I was on Stage 2 with 
    Max, and for some reason, two enemies got on both sides of me and 
    punched me at the EXACT same time. The result was an odd turbo sound and 
    my life being completely drained. Maybe, since the game didn't have a 
    sprite animation for getting hit on both sides, it decided to "restart" 
    the punches to see which one would hit first. Unfortunately for me, it 
    kept restarting over and over because they both kept hitting me at the 
    same time, thus taking my life.
    More info on this glitch suggests that it may only work if the two 
    enemies are the same, preferrably Galsias. I'm not sure if this glitch 
    works with Donovans/other enemies with a punching move.
    * It is possible to hit more than one enemy with every single damaging 
    move in the game.(I've tested this)
    * Some enemies/bosses I found are "special", meaning that they are 
    invincible when they get up, whereas their identical counterparts later 
    in the game don't have this ability. Here is a small list of the few 
    "special" enemies/bosses I have found so far:
    Jack - Comes out of the alley in Stage 1, right before you get to 
    Barbon's bar.
    Electra - The first whip lady you encounter in the game.
    Barbon - The boss of Stage 1.
    Abadede - At the end of Stage 4.
    R. Bear - Stage 5's boss.
    If you find any others, contact me and I will give you full credit.
    * Another bizarre bug found. We all know that when Jet does a Diagonal 
    Charge, you get hit when he charges down. What most people don't know is 
    that you do not get hit when he is charging while on the floor. To 
    demonstrate this, I will make a diagram.(Y = You, J = Jet)
     Y     J(start of the attack)
           J(Jet rises)
           J(Jet rises some more)
         J(Jet charges; you can get hit in this stage of attack)
     Y J(Jet reaches the ground; you can't get hit in this stage of attack)
    JY(you are unharmed)
    * A bug I just found recently. While I was finding out the damage 
    figures for Blaze's moves, I damaged Jack(in Stage 1) until he had an 
    almost full yellow lifebar. When I grabbed him to do a throw,(not to be 
    confused with the back sacrifice throw) he had a full yellow 
    lifebar.(which meant he had gained a small portion of life since I last 
    grabbed him) This was to my advantage, though, as I could more 
    accurately tell how much damage Blaze's throw does.
    Here's a much more serious version of this bug. I was playing as Axel in 
    Stage 1 on Normal and I got to Barbon. I trashed all of his punks and 
    got him down to a one star and a half of life. His info when off screen 
    and when I grabbed him, he had a full yellow lifebar! Something is up...
    Another turn-up of this glitch that is really freaky. I was facing 
    Barbon with Max and I kept doing Super Hammer Punches over and over 
    again. Barbon had an almost full yellow lifebar. His info went off and 
    he finally hit me out of the Super Hammer Punch. The next time his info 
    came up, he had a yellow lifebar with a VERY SMALL shade of red. What is 
    so strange about this time? I didn't grab him once, which is supposed to 
    trigger this. Maybe it has to do with the fact that his info goes off.
    Yet another encounter with this oddity. I was playing Stage 1 Mania with 
    Axel and I damaged a Yellow Signal until he had an almost full yellow 
    lifebar. His info went off, I grabbed him, and the full yellow lifebar 
    glitch struck again! Now I'm thinking that it "rounds up" the damage so 
    that it can be more even with the CPU's HP system. That wouldn't explain 
    the incidents with Barbon, though.
    * If you walk left and right at the same time,(almost impossible without 
    an emulator) you face the direction you pressed last and slowly move in 
    the direction you pressed first. If you press both left and right at the 
    EXACT same time, you will turn right for a split second, then turn left 
    and walk in place.
    Truncated informs me that it doesn't work on his emulator, so this has 
    led me to believe it may not work on the real Streets of Rage 2.(that 
    is, if you have a flexible or broken but operational D-Pad and can pull 
    it off) Either way, I'm baffled. Maybe it's just that my emulator or 
    keyboard is different from Truncated's...
    * If you trap R. Bear in the bottom right-hand corner with a sword, he 
    will stay in place as long as you're a good distance away from him, 
    which means you can slash away without fear of counterattack.
    * Max has two more moves than everybody else.
    * Some types of enemies have names that are connected. For example, all 
    the Kickboxers have names of birds,(Raven, Condor, etc.) the Signals 
    have names that are the color of their jackets,(Y. Signal, B. Signal, 
    etc.)(not sure about D. Signal) all the bikers except Blade have 
    weather-related names,(Storm, Gale, etc.) all the Jets have aircraft 
    names,(thanks to Truncated for info on this)(Jet, Comet, Spitfite, 
    Mosquite, etc.) all the Firebreathers except Anry have names that have 
    to do with their enormous girth or food,(Big Ben, Big Go, Heart, Buffet, 
    etc.) the two "Bear" bosses are related,(R. Bear, Bear Jr.) the robots 
    have scientific names,(Molecule, Particle, Oxygen, etc.) and the Samurai 
    Warriors have unpronouncable Japanese names.
    * After a Knife Maniac has lost five knives and they're all on the 
    floor, he will not pull anymore out, but pick up existing ones until 
    they disappear, then he will pull out more.
    A similar glitch exists, this time with the biker. When bikers in the 
    scenery toss too many bombs on the screen at one time,(common in Duel 
    Mode) they will continue doing the animation, but no bombs will be 
    tossed. When the bombs explode, the bikers will resume tossing more of 
    Some of them disappear occasionally as well.(thanks to Truncated for 
    this piece of information)
    * Blaze's Kikousho(directed special) cannot be fully interrupted by non-
    knockdown moves. If Blaze gets hit, she will start the Kikousho over 
    again and again until she successfully pulls it off. I wonder if you 
    could get killed this way in Mania when a really aggressive Galsia comes 
    up and beats the crap out of you while you're doing the Kikousho.
    Max also has a similar glitch with his Thunder Tackle, but they must 
    punch him right when he starts.(kudos to Truncated for reminding me of 
    this glitch)
    R. Bear also has some moves he will continue restarting until he hits 
    his target. These are: Connonball, Combo, and Charging Uppercut.
    Abadede may start his combo over if he gets hit.
    * A widely-known and widely-used glitch. When Max Thunder-Tackles an 
    boss who PARTIALLY(not fully) blocks the attack,(i.e. Barbon and Zamza) 
    Max will take bits and chunks off the boss's HP and hit so many times 
    that he can take anywhere from one to two whole lifebars off!
    A similar oddity exists with Skate's Corkscrew Kick, Blaze's Vertical 
    Slash, and Axel's Grand Upper, but the damage pretty much evens out, so 
    it is of no use.
    * When some enemies are activated and they are in the scenery, they are 
    invincible until they move onto the normal playing screen.
    * One of the very few "unsolved mysteries" of Streets of Rage 2. We all 
    know that weapons disappear after being dropped 3 times...but what about 
    the bomb? I don't think anybody has ever successfully dropped a bomb 
    three times before it explodes.(hell, I'm lucky if I can even pick it up 
    at all) Any confirmation is welcome.
    * Another unsolved mystery that has baffled me. When I killed Blade the 
    biker one day on Stage 2 when he first appeared, I thought "Hey, wait a 
    minute...he's supposed to appear at the end of the screen! But I killed 
    him..." Sure enough, when I got to the end of the screen, there he was 
    again! This aroused questions. Are there two 10,000 point green bikers 
    named Blade, or did he simply beat me to the end of the screen?(in other 
    terms, does the CPU count the two Blade appearances as one enemy?) Even 
    though Blade gets killed the first time, if the two appearances count as 
    two enemies, then that would break the "every 10,000 point punk is 
    unique" rule, which was obviously set up by the programmers.
    Truncated informs me that, yes, there are two seperate Blades. He also 
    says that there's a similar instance in Stage 6 where all the 
    bikers(Wanter excluded) rush across the screen and later appear behind 
    * Yet ANOTHER unsolved mystery. Can Blade(or any flying biker, for that 
    matter) be knocked off his bike in Mania using Axel's Vertical Kick? It 
    might be possible to do so if one could get to the end of the screen and 
    time the kick precisely so that the highest point of Axel's jump would 
    connect at the lowest point of the flying biker's journey. Since Axel's 
    leg is much higher than his body during the attack, the possibility that 
    the bike would reach Axel's hit collision box and stop him is slim. 
    Again, confirmation is welcome.
    Some further investigation reveals that Axel could pull off the attack 
    if given the right angle, but at the speed of which a flying biker 
    drives in Mania, the chances of getting knocked out of it are far more 
    than slim. This still doesn't mean he can or can't do it, though.
    * If you jump towards Abadede after holding him and after he starts his 
    Break Through attack, you will not be hurt.(this takes timing)
    * We all know that in order to cycle a combo, you must be hitting 
    someone...but Axel's combo is an exception. The Middle Kick and the High 
    Kick can both be performed if the opponent dies when Axel does the the 
    Straight Punch.
    * Even though, when performed on one enemy, Atomic Drop hits only one 
    time, the CPU, oddly enough, raises your score twice.(or more if you 
    continue pressing B)(see "Scoring System" for the two scores)
    * Usually, when someone holds you, you lose your weapon. With the biker, 
    this is not the case. Even though he holds you, you don't lose your 
    weapon. Odd. The same happens with R. Bear's grabbing combo when you 
    special out(sometimes) and Jet's Vertical Slam.
    * Bikers, Ninjas, and Knife Maniacs are the only enemies in the game to 
    pick up their weapons after they lose them.
    * Molecule/Particle is the only boss at the end of a stage that doesn't 
    die in slow mode. In fact, you can even attack and pause after it is 
    dead and before the "Stage 7 Clear" sign pops up.
    * I've known some occasions where I've gained a VERY SMALL sliver of 
    life as Skate when I throw knives. It rarely happens, though.
    * If Axel is interrupted while he's doing the Dragon Smash, he will 
    occasionally change into his standing special.
    Truncated notifies me that this also works with Blaze's and Max's 
    directed specials.
    * I think I finally figured out what Max's Bear Punch really is. It's 
    not a neck-breaking combo, but a head-crushing combo!(note: some enemies 
    and bosses, like Barbon and a Knife Maniac, do not follow this pattern)
    * If you finish Mr. X with a Thunder Body Slam or anything similar, he 
    will not fly to the top of the screen.
    * The last two bikers(the aggressive ones in Stage 6) have been known to 
    not appear at all when they're supposed to appear on that difficulty 
    level. This seems to happen when you don't move right after Wanter 
    * A lot of Zamza's attacks either fail or he gets hit when you do Max's 
    Super Hammer Punch over and over again. These are: Clawing 
    Uppercut,(misses) Foot Slide,(he gets hit) Clawing Jump,(he gets 
    hit)(takes timing) Claw Combo,(misses, but he either does it again or 
    does a Clawing Uppercut, so you should move after this) and Lunging 
    Jump.(misses)(takes timing)
    In fact, I was once able to defeat Nail on Stage 8 using this method. I 
    was right in the upper middle part of the elevator, and I knocked Nail 
    to the left of me and kept on doing Super Hammer Punches. Every time he 
    got up, he did a Clawing Uppercut, but every time it missed, and every 
    time I hit him until he was dead.
    * If you hold Mr. X while he is shooting and let go, he will resume 
    shooting at the spot where he left off.
    * If you Power Slide immediately when Max walks into a new scene, he 
    will slide in place.
    * Here's a way to grab some enemies/bosses who can be hard to grab as 
    Max. First, grab an enemy close to the hard-to-grab enemy/boss, do a 
    Thunder Body Slam facing away from the enemy/boss but moving towards 
    him/her, then press the button closest to the enemy/boss to grab. 
    Viola!...What's that confused look on your face? Alright, I'll show you 
    another diagram:(E = Enemy, H = Hard-to-grab enemy/boss, M = Max)
    H    M E(Max grabs the enemy)
        E(Max starts the Thunder Body Slam; you are invincible)
       M  E(Max throws the enemy; you are still invincible)
    H M    E(press <- and you grab the hard-to-grab enemy/boss)
    You can also do the Thunder Body Slam towards the opponent for the same 
    effect, but it only works on enemies/bosses with glitchy hit collision 
    boxes.(i.e. Barbon)
    * If you Power Slide one of the two Donovans in Stage 1 that come out of 
    the manholes RIGHT as he starts, he will not jump at all and will stand 
    over the manhole.(you can walk over the manhole as well)
    * Blaze and Axel can sometimes grab enemies from behind even if they're 
    not facing away. This seems to happen when they do multiple throws/slams 
    in rapid succession.
    * Right before you lose control of your character to special through the 
    front of the truck in Stage 2, jump through it and if you time it right, 
    the jump alone will destroy it.
    * When a bomb explodes, you can see various shadows on the floor if you 
    look close enough.
    * One day I was fighting Nail(Stage 8 Zamza) as Axel, and when he 
    appeared, I Grand Uppered him right when he was landing on the ground 
    the first time. The result was that the Grand Upper hit him, but he 
    stayed in his regular landing sprite until halfway through the move.
    * In the truck on Stage 2, one time I was facing the bikers and the one 
    with the pipe became glitched! The pipe was a little bit to the right of 
    the biker and when he moved, it moved. I swear, these glitches keep 
    getting weirder and weirder...
    * Some enemies, like a Knife Maniac and an Electra, move abnormally fast 
    if you're above them and you're both against a wall that's diagonally 
    slanted to the right. Diagram time...(Y = You, K = Knife Maniac[for 
    In this situation, the Knife Maniac would move up at a rapid rate.
    * Once I did an Atomic Drop on a Signal and I landed it right on 
    Barbon...but he was unaffected! Another example of how glitchy his hit 
    collision box is...
    * Another weird thing about Barbon. On random occasions, whether you're 
    comboing him, specialing him, etc., sometimes he will advance a little 
    bit towards you when you're beating him up. This sometimes happens with 
    Axel's Dragon Smash when you start it as well.(except that you move away 
    from the enemy)
    * If you walk towards Barbon while he's comboing you, you can easily 
    grab him.
    * Most people don't know this, but Max's Super Hammer Punch does less 
    damage if you do it right before you hit the ground.
    * If you do Axel's Vertical Kick right before you hit the ground, you 
    will do both animations hyper-fast. If you do it while you're VERY close 
    to the ground, Axel will just do the knee animation only.
    * Normally, throws or anything similar inflict approximately 2/3 of the 
    damage to anybody who gets hit by them. Here are the exceptions:
    Thunder Body Slam: 4/5
    Brain Buster:(submitted by R B) Full damage
    Atomic Drop: Full damage
    Suplex: 3/5
    Throw:(Blaze)(submitted by R B) 1/2
    Neck Throw:(submitted by R B) 3/5
    * If you jump kick towards Barbon with Blaze, there's a small chance it 
    will hit twice, the second time dealing twice the damage as her normal 
    jump kick.(see below)
    * Here's how the partial blocking system(aka. Barbon and Zamza) works:(I 
    can't believe I went through all this)
    Every time you hit Barbon/Zamza with a non-grabbing move, he either 
    fully blocks it, blocks it and takes full damage, or takes damage like a 
    normal enemy.(depending on the move) Here is the breakdown on which 
    moves, excluding grabs and stationary specials, do damage:(Hit = he 
    takes damage like a normal punk, Block = he takes no damage and blocks, 
    Blockhit = he does the blocking sprite, but he takes damage, ??? = 
    Unknown)(tested in Hard mode)(blocks can be blockhits and hits as well, 
    depending on the situation)
    |Axel's Combo             |Blockhit + blockhit + hit + hit + hit      |
    |Axel's Single Attack     |Hit + hit                                  |
    |Axel's Back Attack       |Blockhit + hit                             |
    |Axel's Grand Upper       |Blockhit + blockhit + blockhit             |
    |Axel's Dragon Smash      |Blockhit + hit + hit + hit + hit + hit +   |
    |                         |hit + hit                                  |
    |Axel's Vertical Kick     |Block + hit(unconfirmed)                   |
    |Axel's Jump Kick         |Block                                      |
    |Axel's Downward Attack   |Block                                      |
    |Blaze's Combo            |Blockhit + hit + hit + hit + ??? + hit     |
    |Blaze's Single Attack    |??? + hit                                  |
    |Blaze's Vertical Slash   |Block + block                              |
    |Blaze's Kikousho         |Blockhit + hit                             |
    |Blaze's Flying Kick      |Block                                      |
    |Blaze's Jump Kick        |Block + hit(what the hell?)                |
    |Blaze's Downward Attack  |Block                                      |
    |Max's Combo              |Blockhit + blockhit + ??? + ??? + blockhit |
    |                         |blockhit + blockhit                        |
    |Max's Single Attack      |Block                                      |
    |Max's Power Slide        |Blockhit                                   |
    |Max's Thunder Tackle     |Blockhit*                                  |
    |Max's Super Hammer Punch |Block                                      |
    |Max's Jump Kick          |Block                                      |
    |Max's Downward Attack    |Block                                      |
    |Skate's Combo            |Block + blockhit + hit + hit(unconfirmed) +|
    |                         |hit                                        |
    |Skate's Single Attack    |??? + block                                |
    |Skate's Dynamite Headbutt|Block + blockhit                           |
    |Skate's Corkscrew Kick   |Block + blockhit + blockhit + blockhit +   |
    |                         |blockhit + blockhit                        |         
    |Skate's Flying Kick      |Block                                      |
    |Skate's Jump Kick        |Block                                      |
    |Skate's Downward Attack  |Block                                      |
    * - This move hits a crapload of times, and I'm not gonna count them.
    Note: This was tested on Barbon, Zamza may produce different results.
    Further Note: If you're going to submit something on this, don't send 
    the first result you get.(unless it's a block) Make sure Barbon can't 
    block or partially block that particular attack before you send it in.
    Yet Another Note: Barbon seems to block more likely if he's moving away 
    from you.
    * I've got a savestate of a Signal constantly doing backhand punches. If 
    you want it, e-mail me.(see the "Contact me" section first)
    * If you punch a knife-weilding Galsia in the back with a non-knockdown 
    attack while he's running, he will continue running in the same 
    direction, only backwards.(thanks to R B for finding this)(I managed to 
    get in a quick savestate of this)
    * The hidden life in Stage 1 looks very strange.(it kinda looks like a 
    table or stool of some kind) If you want to directly see it, move to the 
    right so that the mailbox(or whatever the hidden life is behind) moves 
    out of the way. You can't see all of the 1-UP sprite, but you can see 
    enough to convince you that it is not your average life.(I've got a 
    savestate of this as well)
    * The stuff in front of your character(mailboxes, lampposts, etc.) 
    shifts differently in different stages. In Stage 1, for example, it 
    shifts to the left more, but in Stage 3, it shifts more to the right.
    * Normally, you should not be able to do anything when a boss dies in 
    slow mode...but you can still use your Single Attack by holding down B 
    right when the boss dies and letting go after a second.
    * Every single character and enemy that can pick up weapons uses their 
    item-pick-up sprite when they get up after getting hit.(in fact, this is 
    true for Streets of Rage 1/3 and all the Final Fight games)(!)
    * I've got a savestate of one of the weirdest and bizarre things I have 
    ever seen in Streets of Rage 2: a Galsia with a knife running backwards 
    at the pace of a turtle! Even if you die and make the Galsia fall, he 
    will get up and continue doing it. If you punch him from the other side, 
    he will go back to the forwards animation, but still be slow as hell. I 
    have absolutely no clue whatsoever how in the blue blazes this is 
    * If you get hit from behind while you're doing a Dragon Smash, you can 
    press <- or -> to switch sides.(not sure if this works with Blaze's 
    * You can hit a Galsia with a knife from behind using a Grand Upper and 
    another enemy. Here's another of the series of diagrams:(A = Axel, E = 
    Enemy, K = Knife Galsia)
     E A  K(the Knife Galsia starts running)
     EA K(Axel starts the Grand Upper)
     AK(Axel finishes the Grand Upper; the Knife Galsia gets hit)
    Don't ask me why this works, it just does. Also, you might be able to do 
    it without another enemy...
    Truncated's FAQ reveals that Max's Super Hammer Punch hits anyone behind 
    him in the first frame as well.
    * If you do a Grand Upper on an enemy next to a destroyable object, it 
    does less damage, probably because the object takes up a hit of the 
    Grand Upper. This most likely also works with Blaze's Vertical Slash, 
    Skate's Corkscrew Kick, etc.
    More investigation reveals that this works with other moves as well.
    * In the first and second frames of the Grand Upper, you are completely 
    invincible to everything.(yes, that means you can Grand Upper bikers on 
    bikes, I've done it plenty of times before) Even though you can Grand 
    Upper bikers, it does so little damage that the biker actually 
    * If you do a Dragon Smash far away from a Ninja and in his horizontal 
    row, he will continuously throw stars until he hits you.(tested in 
    * An Electra is invincible while she's doing an Electric Whip, a Knife 
    Maniac is invincible while he's doing a Knife Combo, Abadede is 
    invincible while he's doing a Square Uppercut/Jump Attack, R. Bear is 
    invincible while he's doing a Charging Uppercut, and a Ninja is 
    invincible when he's doing a Spinning Sword Slash/Single Star 
    Throw/Triple Star Throw/his evasion move. Also, any enemy 
    specials(Abadede's Break Through, Shiva's Flaming Roundhouse Kick, 
    Molecule/Particle's Electrocute) make them invincible as well.
    * One time when I was testing out Game Genie codes, I enabled the 
    "almost invincible" and "non-knockdown hits do loads of damage" cheats 
    in Mania. I finally went up against Zamza as Axel, and when I grabbed 
    him from behind, he did the sprite for me grabbing him from the front! 
    So I slammed him, and the CPU acted like I threw him...it looked really 
    This has happened to me with Barbon as well, but I still haven't been 
    able to accurately reproduce this or get a savestate of it.
    * For some time, I have been utterly stumped by the problem of the Stage 
    6 boss.(Souther and Jets) I think I have finally solved this problem. If 
    you move in Souther's horizontal row until he activates and starts 
    running/sliding towards you, the Jets should not appear. That way, you 
    can face Souther alone and this boss will be much easier.(I have a 
    savestate to prove it)(this has been known to not work at all)
    * If you move too close to an arcade machine,(above it) you will get 
    "stuck" inside the arcade machine until you hit it/blitz out.(again, I 
    have a savestate of this)(not sure if this works with other objects or 
    other characters besides Max)
    I have been able to reproduce this glitch with the crates in the 
    underground arena. It seems that if you Thunder Body Slam someone away 
    from the object but moving towards it, you will get stuck inside.
    * When you reach Vehelits in Stage 3, the mist changes color.
    * I've got yet two more savestates of a weird incident. Apparently, when 
    Max tries to grab two enemies that are in the same horizontal row but a 
    little bit apart from each other, he still grabs both enemies, but it 
    looks weird.(I also had to use a Game Genie code to get these, but I'm 
    absolutely 100 percent positive you can do it without the code)
    * Here's how the "enemy special" system(aka. Abadede and Shiva) works:
    Abadede's Break Through attack seems to be triggered by the following 
    Axel's High Kick(combo)
    Axel's Grand Upper(when done in first two combo hits or more)
    Axel's Dragon Smash
    Blaze's Combo(six hits)(sometimes)
    Max's Hook(four hits)(tested in Mania)(see the beginning of this section 
    for more info)
    Skate's Migrane
    Hitting him right as he drops to the ground(Z. Kusano only)
    Grabbing him
    Shiva's Flaming Roundhouse Kick seems to be triggered by the following:
    Axel's Dragon Smash
    Blaze's Kikousho(up close)(sometimes)
    Blaze's Vertical Slash(when it misses and goes through him)
    Max's Power Slide(non-knockdown)
    Your first combo hit
    Hitting him right as he gets up
    Grabbing him
    * Here's a little info for Truncated. Blaze's throw(not the back 
    sacrifice throw) structure is a misconception. Blaze doesn't really put 
    her foot behind the enemy, although it looks that way. She actually 
    stands up on one foot, holds the enemy with her right hand,(left if 
    facing left) pulls back her opposite hand, and slams the enemy with it 
    while using his/her weight to jump and add more force to the 
    throw.(thats why it does more damage than a regular throw)
    * A little piece of trivia. Throwing a weapon is the only move in the 
    game where the move does damage, but the enemy's info doesn't come up.
    * I've seen a Jet rise almost through the top of the screen while doing 
    a diagonal charge in Mania.
    * Sometimes in normal and below, when Abadede grabs you to do a grabbing 
    combo, he will switch the side that he is grabbing you on. He seems to 
    do this if he grabs you on or near either side of the screen.
    * If you're lucky enough to grab Abadede and do a Bear Punch on him, you 
    will notice that it's totally screwed up.(it looks like Max is crushing 
    Abadede's muscles)
    I've also noticed that if you grab R. Bear/Barbon/Zamza and Bear Punch, 
    it screws up badly as well.(it looks like Max is pulling Zamza's hair!)
    * Max on the character select screen has blueish hair, but in the game 
    he has solid black hair.(same for Skate)
    * Here is a list of all the enemy attacks that are only performed on 
    certain difficulty levels: Abadede's grabbing combo,(Normal and below) 
    Abadede's Throw,(Normal and below) Jet's Diagonal Charge,(Easy and 
    above) Jet's Vertical Slam,(Easy and above) Molecule/Particle's Diagonal 
    Stretch Punch,(Hard and above) Molecule/Particle's Laser,(Normal and 
    above) a Firebreather's Jump Attack,(Easy and above) a Firebreather's 
    Jump Kick,(Easy and above) the Ninja's Single Star Throw,(Hard and 
    above) the Ninja's Triple Star Throw,(Hard and above) Electra's Electric 
    Whip,(Easy and above) and a Kickboxer's seven-knee grabbing combo.(Mania 
    * Normally, any characters/enemies that get far up enough on the screen 
    to block the timer/info/score actually go behind the timer. With Shiva 
    and Mr. X, this is not the case.(watch their sprites block the timer as 
    the elevator goes up)
    * Once you throw someone with a Neck Throw, you cannot be hit by them 
    while they are flying, even though you are not invincible.(try Neck 
    Throwing someone against a wall) I'm sure this works with all the other 
    throws as well.
    * Given the right situation, if you attack your ally with the right 
    attacks, he/she could have zero health and not die.
    J. Scoring System                 ++
    Here's a breakdown of the scoring system for every move,(performed on 
    one opponent) enemy/boss killed, end-of-stage points, extra lives given, 
    and which moves are best scorewise:
               Move                   Points Scored         Total
    |Axel's Combo              | 20 + 20 + 30 + 30 + 40   |  140   |
    |Axel's Single Attack      |         40 + 60          |  100   |
    |Axel's Back Attack        |         40 + 40          |   80   |
    |Axel's Grand Upper        |      70 + 20 + 60        |  150   |
    |Axel's Dragon Wing        |           50             |   50   |
    |Axel's Dragon Smash       | 20 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 20 + |  250   |
    |                          |      30 + 30 + 60        |        |
    |Axel's Grabbing Combo     |    30 + 30 + 30 + 30     |  120   |
    |Axel's Power Blow         |           60             |   60   |
    |Axel's Throw              |           200            |  200   |
    |Axel's Slam               |           200            |  200   |
    |Axel's Vertical Kick      |         30 + 60          |   90   |
    |Axel's Jump Kick          |           30             |   30   |
    |Axel's Downward Attack    |           40             |   40   |
    |Blaze's Combo             | 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 30   |  110   |
    |Blaze's Single Attack     |         40 + 40          |   80   |
    |Blaze's Back Attack       |           30             |   30   |
    |Blaze's Vertical Slash    |         50 + 70          |  120   |
    |Blaze's Embukyaku         |           70             |   70   |
    |Blaze's Kikousho          |     400/300/200/100<- <- |Same as |
    |Blaze's Grabbing Combo    |      30 + 30 + 50        |  110   |
    |Blaze's Power Blow        |           200            |  200   |
    |Blaze's Throw             |           200            |  200   |
    |Blaze's Slam              |           200            |  200   |
    |Blaze's Flying Kick       |           70             |   70   |
    |Blaze's Jump Kick         |           30             |   30   |
    |Blaze's Downward Attack   |           40             |   40   |
    |Max's Combo               | 30 + 30 + 40 + 30 + 40 + |  250   |
    |                          |         30 + 50          |        |
    |Max's Single Attack       |           70             |   70   |
    |Max's Back Attack         |         30 + 50          |   80   |
    |Max's Power Slide         |           50             |   50   |
    |Max's Knuckle Bomb        |           70             |   70   |
    |Max's Thunder Tackle      |         50 + 80          |  130   |
    |Max's Grabbing Combo      |    30 + 30 + 40 + 50     |  150   |
    |Max's Bear Punch          | 50 + 50 + 50 + 50 + 50   |  250   |
    |Max's Brain Buster        |           200            |  200   |
    |Max's Thunder Body Slam   |  200 + 200(press B X 2)  |  400   |
    |Max's Suplex              |           200            |  200   |
    |Max's Atomic Drop         |200 + 200(B X 2 or more) +|  420   |(note:
    |                          |           20             |        |the
    |Max's Super Hammer Punch  |           90             |   90   |second
    |Max's Jump Kick           |           40             |   40   |score
    |Max's Downward Attack     |           50             |   50   |gain
    |Skate's Combo             |  20 + 20 + 20 + 30 + 50  |  140   |happens
    |Skate's Single Attack     |         40 + 40          |   80   |every
    |Skate's Back Attack       |         50 + 70          |  120   |time
    |Skate's Dynamite Headbutt | 150(headbutt) or 70(ball)| 150/70 |you
    |Skate's Stationary Special|           50             |   50   |press
    |Skate's Corkscrew Kick    | 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + |  220   |B after
    |                          |           70             |        |once)
    |Skate's Grabbing Combo    |      20 + 20 + 50        |   90   |
    |Skate's Roller Uppercut   |         50 + 70          |  120   |
    |Skate's Neck Throw        |           200            |  200   |
    |Skate's Migraine          | 50 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + |  180   |
    |                          |           50             |        |
    |Skate's Flying Kick       |           70             |   70   |
    |Skate's Jump Kick         |           50             |   50   |
    |Skate's Downward Attack   |           70             |   70   |
    |Pipe Smash                |           150            |  150   |
    |Knife Stab                |           50             |   50   |
    |Knife Stab(Blaze)         |      50 + 20 + 50        |  120   |
    |Kunai Stab                |           50             |   50   |
    |Sword Slash               |           100            |  100   |
      Enemy/Boss Killed    Points
    |Galsia               |  100 |
    |Donovan              |  150 |
    |Signal               |  200 |
    |Knife Maniac         |  500 |
    |Electra              |  500 |
    |Barbon               | 2000 |(1000 in Stage 8)
    |Biker(on bike)       |   90 |
    |Biker(not on bike)   |  100 |
    |Samurai Warrior      |  300 |
    |Jet                  | 3000 |
    |Ninja                | 1000 |
    |Vehelits             |    0 |
    |Zamza                | 4000 |(3000 in Stage 8)
    |Firebreather         |  600 |
    |Abadede              | 5000 |(4000 in Stage 8)
    |Kickboxer            |  800 |
    |R. Bear              | 6000 |(5000 in Stage 8)
    |Molecule/Particle    | 4000 |(1500 in Stage 8)
    |Shiva                | 9000 |
    |Mr. X                |10000 |
    Note: Truncated reminds me that I didn't figure the scoring for hitting 
    an enemy by throwing another enemy at him/her. Well, I investigated, and 
    it turns out you get no points for hitting other enemies with a 
    throw.(or any slamming/throwing move, in fact) You also don't get any 
    points for throwing weapons at enemies.
    At the end of every stage, you get three bonuses. They are:
    Clear Bonus: 5000 points + 5000 for every level above one.
    Time Bonus: 100 points for every second left on the timer.
    Level Bonus: 0 points - Very Easy(that's what you get for playing such a 
    wimpy ass difficulty)
              5000 points - Easy
             10000 points - Normal
             20000 points - Hard
             30000 points - Hardest
             40000 points - Mania(you should get a helluva lot more than 
    You get an extra life at 20000 points, 50000 points, and every 100000 
    points after that.
    Also, here is a damage-to-point ratio that shows which moves rank the 
    highest in scoring big and doing little damage:(1.25 is worst and 12.5 
    is best)(idea and exact damage figures courtesy of Truncated)(rounded to 
    the nearest .00)(moves that do varying damages or score different 
    amounts of points[i.e. Kikousho and Atomic Drop] are averaged)
               Move                  Individual Ranks    Overall Rank
    |Axel's Combo              | 3.33 + 3.33 + 3.75 + 3 + |  3.25  |
    |                          |           2.86           |        |
    |Axel's Single Attack      |         2.5 + 3          |  2.75  |
    |Axel's Back Attack        |         5 + 3.33         |  4.17  |
    |Axel's Grand Upper        |       2.92 + 5 + 3       |  3.64  |
    |Axel's Dragon Wing        |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Axel's Dragon Smash       | 3.33 + 3.75 + 3.75 + 3 + |  3.46  |
    |                          |  3.33 + 3.75 + 3.75 + 3  |        |
    |Axel's Grabbing Combo     |  3.75 + 3.75 + 3.75 + 3  |  3.56  |
    |Axel's Power Blow         |           2.73           |  2.73  |
    |Axel's Throw              |           8.33           |  8.33  |
    |Axel's Slam               |           7.14           |  7.14  |
    |Axel's Vertical Kick      |         1.5 + 6          |  3.75  |
    |Axel's Jump Kick          |           3.75           |  3.75  |
    |Axel's Downward Attack    |           3.33           |  3.33  |
    |Blaze's Combo             | 5 + 5 + 3.33 + 3.33 + 3  |  3.93  |
    |Blaze's Single Attack     |       3.33 + 3.33        |  3.33  |
    |Blaze's Back Attack       |           3.75           |  3.75  |
    |Blaze's Vertical Slash    |       3.13 + 2.92        |  3.03  |
    |Blaze's Embukyaku         |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Blaze's Kikousho          |           8.93           |  8.93  |
    |Blaze's Grabbing Combo    |    3.75 + 3.75 + 3.13    |  3.54  |
    |Blaze's Power Blow        |           6.25           |  6.25  |
    |Blaze's Throw             |           7.14           |  7.14  |
    |Blaze's Slam              |           6.25           |  6.25  |
    |Blaze's Flying Kick       |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Blaze's Jump Kick         |           3.75           |  3.75  |
    |Blaze's Downward Attack   |           3.33           |  3.33  |
    |Max's Combo               | 3.75 + 3.75 + 2.86 + 3 + |  3.19  |
    |                          |     2.86 + 3 + 3.13      |        |
    |Max's Single Attack       |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Max's Back Attack         |       3.75 + 3.13        |  3.44  |
    |Max's Power Slide         |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Max's Knuckle Bomb        |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Max's Thunder Tackle      |       3.13 + 2.67        |  2.90  |
    |Max's Grabbing Combo      |   3 + 3 + 3.33 + 3.13    |  3.12  |
    |Max's Bear Punch          |  3.13 + 3.13 + 3.13 +    |  3.13  |
    |                          |       3.13 + 3.13        |        |
    |Max's Brain Buster        |           5.88           |  5.88  |
    |Max's Thunder Body Slam   |            10            | 10.00  | 
    |Max's Suplex              |           3.23           |  3.23  |
    |Max's Atomic Drop         |     8.86(620 points)     |  8.86  |
    |Max's Super Hammer Punch  |           3.46           |  3.46  |
    |Max's Jump Kick           |           3.33           |  3.33  |
    |Max's Downward Attack     |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Skate's Combo             | 5 + 5 + 5 + 3.75 + 3.13  |  4.38  |
    |Skate's Single Attack     |       3.33 + 3.33        |  3.33  |
    |Skate's Back Attack       |       3.13 + 2.92        |  3.05  |
    |Skate's Dynamite Headbutt |           3.44           |  3.44  |
    |Skate's Stationary Special|           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Skate's Corkscrew Kick    |  3.75 + 3.75 + 3.75 +    |  3.61  |
    |                          |   3.75 + 3.75 + 2.92     |        |
    |Skate's Grabbing Combo    |   3.33 + 3.33 + 3.13     |  3.26  |
    |Skate's Roller Uppercut   |       3.13 + 2.92        |  3.05  |
    |Skate's Neck Throw        |           6.67           |  6.67  |
    |Skate's Migraine          |  3.13 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 +  |  4.38  |
    |                          |           3.13           |        |
    |Skate's Flying Kick       |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Skate's Jump Kick         |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Skate's Downward Attack   |           2.92           |  2.92  |
    |Pipe Smash                |           6.25           |  6.25  |
    |Knife Stab                |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Knife Stab(Blaze)         |    12.5 + 1.25 + 3.13    |  5.63  |
    |Kunai Stab                |           3.13           |  3.13  |
    |Sword Slash               |           2.63           |  2.63  |
    So, the moves, in order from best for scoring to worst, are:
    Max's Thunder Body Slam
    Blaze's Kikousho
    Max's Atomic Drop
    Axel's Throw
    Axel's Slam/Blaze's Throw
    Skate's Neck Throw
    Blaze's Power Blow/Blaze's Slam/Pipe Smash
    Max's Brain Buster/Knife Stab(Blaze)
    Skate's Combo/Skate's Migrane
    Axel's Back Attack
    Blaze's Combo
    Axel's Vertical Kick/Axel's Jump Kick/Blaze's Back Attack/Blaze's Jump 
    Axel's Grand Upper
    Skate's Corkscrew Kick
    Axel's Grabbing Combo
    Blaze's Grabbing Combo
    Axel's Dragon Smash/Max's Super Hammer Punch
    Max's Back Attack/Skate's Dynamite Headbutt
    Axel's Downward Attack/Blaze's Single Attack/Max's Jump Kick/Skate's 
    Single Attack
    Skate's Grabbing Combo
    Axel's Combo
    Max's Suplex
    Max's Combo
    Axel's Dragon Wing/Max's Power Slide/Max's Bear Punch/Max's Downward 
    Attack/Skate's Stationary Special/Skate's Jump Kick/Knife Stab/Kunai 
    Max's Grabbing Combo
    Skate's Back Attack/Skate's Roller Uppercut
    Blaze's Vertical Slash
    Blaze's Embukyaku/Blaze's Flying Kick/Max's Single Attack/Max's Knuckle 
    Bomb/Skate's Flying Kick/Skate's Downward Attack
    Max's Thunder Tackle
    Axel's Single Attack
    Axel's Power Blow
    Sword Slash
    Tips for big scoring:
    * Slams and throws are your best friends, no matter who you're playing 
    as. Most of them score 200 points, and aren't that hard to pull off in 
    rapid succession.
    * Choose a difficulty that you can beat most of in one continue and not 
    get clobbered at.(Mania is not a good choice) Beating the game in one 
    continue is essential for maximum scoring, as your score goes down to 
    zero after each continue...but if you think you can tackle down most of 
    Hardest or Mania in one continue, by all means do so, as you get a 
    massive score boost for every difficulty you go up...but then again, 
    don't push yourself too far, as a large bonus is given to you at the end 
    of the game.
    * Even though an enemy may block your attack, it still racks up the 
    points without doing any damage. Use this to your advantage.
    * If you absolutely know that you're going to kill an enemy with a 
    slam/throw, it is recommended that you soften him/her up by grabbing 
    combos, etc. That way, you can squeeze more points out of an enemy.
    * Even though it does insane damage, Atomic Drop is very good for 
    scoring big with Max. Since the second score gain of 200 points happens 
    every time you press B after once and before you hit the ground, you can 
    easily rack up 800+ points with this move.(considering you have a good 
    trigger finger)
    K. High Scores                    ;;
    Even though most people don't care about high scores in Streets of Rage 
    2, I put this score chart for those who do. These scores are to be 
    obtained without using ANY cheat codes.(except to activate Mania/Very 
    Easy) Also, you must start with three lives and cannot use savestates to 
    achieve your score.(i.e. playing half of the game in one day, half some 
    other time/playing using other peoples' savestates, etc.) The only 
    savestating acceptable is right when you lose your last life and have to 
    use another continue.(see below)(1-player mode only)
             Name            Score     Difficulty  Character  Stage Killed
    1. velo city            868470         Hard       Axel      Finished
    2. velo city            849790         Hard       Axel      Finished
    3. Truncated*           723260          ???       Axel         8
    4. velo city            681770         Hard        Max         7
    5. velo city*           669360       Normal      Skate         8 
    6. FOZ*                 611180         Hard       Axel      Finished
    7. Alex "Joker" Hall    590350      Hardest       Axel         6
    8.         -               -            -          -           -
    9.         -               -            -          -           -
    10.        -               -            -          -           -
    Contributions are encouraged.(if you have an emulator, PLEASE send a 
    savestate for proof)
    And on a lighter note, for those who stink at getting high scores, I 
    thought I would hold a contest to see who can get the lowest possible 
    score obtainable by beating the game in one continue.(same rules apply 
    as above)
             Name            Score     Difficulty  Character
    1. velo city            448650      Very Easy     Max
    2.         -               -            -          -
    3.         -               -            -          -
    4.         -               -            -          -
    5.         -               -            -          -
    I have savestates or visual proof of all the scores above except for the 
    ones with the stars by them.
    6. Contact me                      $
    If you want to contribute something I left out or asked help for, my e-
    mail is Genocide_City_Metropolis@hotmail.com. Please be aware that I 
    will not tolerate four things:
    * Hate mail - If you're going to e-mail me just to bash me or my FAQ, 
    not only will I ignore it and block your e-mail address, but I will keep 
    the letter and laugh my ass off for the rest of eternity at how anger-
    prone people can be.
    * SPAM/Advertising - I already receive 100 junk mail letters per day, 
    and every single one I get, I block and delete.
    * Chain/Virus letters - I already have enough problems with my e-mail as 
    it is. I don't need the Klez virus/chain letters to add to them.
    * Common sense questions - If the answer to your question is in the FAQ, 
    I will send the e-mail back saying that it's in the FAQ and that you 
    need to get off your lazy bum and find it yourself. Examples:
    "Who's Max?"
    "What are some Game Genie codes I can use?"
    "What's a Grand Upper?"
    "Tell me where the secret lives are or I shall hax0rz j00!!!1!1!11!"
    That kind of crap is not tolerated in my book.
    If you avoid doing the four things above, then your contributions could 
    be added to the next version of my FAQ! Also note that you must make the 
    title "Streets of Rage 2 FAQ" or I will skip it. Due to the fact that I 
    get an enormous amount of junk mail every day, I might accidentally skip 
    your e-mail without seeing it. If I don't reply in a week, send a copy 
    of the e-mail again. If I don't reply by then, consider yourself 
    Another means of contacting me is by posting your question on the 
    Streets of Rage 2 GameFAQs message board. My current username is "atro 
    city", but that may change in the future.
    Unless you are a very honest source,(Truncated, damin mance 0) it would 
    be VERY recommended for you to send some kind of proof of your 
    discovery.(i.e. pictures, a small movie, an emulator savestate, etc.) 
    When it comes to stuff like this, I am pretty lenient on believing your 
    findings,(I realize some of you don't have a camera, cam-corder, or 
    emulator) but if I find out you deliberately sent me false information, 
    I will erase your findings and you will no longer be able to contribute 
    to the FAQ. End of story.
    7. Credits                        ==
    Thanks to:
    Truncated for submitting useful info on lots of various things.
    Streets of Rage Online for information on some of the 10,000 point bonus 
    damin mance 0 for a bunch of Game Genie codes.
    Seijuro Hiko for one of the Game Genie codes.
    Dan Gallagher for pointing out some things.
    R B for pointing out a glitch about the knife-weilding Galsia and a few 
    other things.
    Anthony for a tip on R. Bear.
    Alex "Joker" Hall for submitting a high score.
    CJayC for taking crap from us so long, yet still giving us GameFAQs and 
    it's free services.
    Copyright 2002 velo city(insert copyright sign here)

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