ArtistDerek Newman
ArtistAlan Taylor
Game DesignerSteve Beran
Game DesignerEd Boon
Game DesignerDan Forden
Game DesignerTony Goskie
Game DesignerDave Michicich
Game DesignerJohn Tobias
Game DesignerJohn Vogel
ProgrammerJohn Blackburn
ProgrammerTodd Blackburn
ProgrammerJim Henn
ProgrammerGary Penacho
Sound DesignerChris Braymen
Voice ActorSal Divita
Voice ActorRich Divizio
Voice ActorBecky Gable
Voice ActorBrian Glynn
Voice ActorKerri Hoskins
Voice ActorTony Marquez
Voice ActorLia Montelongo
Voice ActorMichael O'Brien
Voice ActorJohn Parrish
Voice ActorJohn Turk
Voice ActorEddie Wong


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