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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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                          The Vectoman Walkthrough!
                       Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda)
                     E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com
    Yes, another guide for another game that hasn't been wrote.  I really enjoy 
    filling in for these kinds of games.  Anyway, this will cover a majority of 
    the secrets in Vectorman.
    8/13/2002- The guide's first release.
    1. Story
    2. Controls
    3. Items
    4. Weapons
    5. Transformations
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Bonus Rounds
    8. Credits
    9. Disclaimer
    1. Story
    2049 is the year, and humans have finally realized the consequences of 
    littering carelessly around the earth.  In order to clean up the planet, 
    mechancial "orbots" have been created for such a purpose.  Everyone on planet 
    earth leaves, so the orbots can clean up the entire mess while the humans 
    migarate for a while and return at a later date.
    Raster is one of the Orbots who's viewing the current progress of the clean-up 
    through a Com-Net.  One of the orbots was dumb enough to attach a salaved 
    nuclear bomb to his control circuts on acciedent.  "Warhead" was made shortly 
    afterwards, and his mission is to mess up the planet even more so that the 
    humans can look at a now destructful and wasteful planet.
    Vectorman has just returned after delivering a load of sludge to the sun.  
    Realizing what's up, and the only one not hindered by mind control, he must 
    save planet earth from certain doom.
    2. Controls
    NOTE: Controls are at their default setting.
    Control Pad-Move
    A or B- Fire
    C- Jump
    C, then C again in midair- air jump
    3. Items
    Health point- This tiny green ball fills in a missing piece of health.
    Full Health- Fills in all of your health.
    Max Health- Refills all of your health and adds a another health ball.
    1up- Extra life.
    Checkpoints- marked by a blue V, lets you continue from a certain point after 
    you die.
    Extra time- Adds about 2 more minutes to the clock.
    Photons- Collect these for points.
    TVs- Destroy these for what's inside.
    Sheild controller  Disables shield around the satellite dish.
    Satellite dish  Destroy these to go to the bonus round.
    Mutilpliers- depending on which one you have so far, they'll times the score 
    values, health, and 1-ups by 2, 3, 5, or 10.
    4. Weapons
    Rapid Fire Gun- Fires shots very fast and can ricohet off walls.
    Wave Gun- It fires in a 5-way spread and can go through walls.
    Bolo Gun- It fires slowly, but can go through enemy orbots and other enemies.
    Nucleus sheild- Protects Vectorman for a while.
    Orb- Fires a powerful shot that kills all enemies on screen.  The brightness 
    may hurt your eyes when you first see this. 
    5. Transformations
    Drill- In can break through certain floors.
    Fish- Has Vectorman move more quickly in water.
    Missile- This can burst through ceilings.
    Buggy- It can have him break through walls.
    Bomb- It can wipe out enemies and destroy floors, walls, and ceilings.
    Jet- You can fly anywhere in this form.
    Parachute- This slows down your fall.
    7. Walkthrough
    NOTE: Bosses take more hits on harder difficulty settings.
    Day 1: Terraport
    Shoot the TV above you for some photons, then jfire at the orbot and duck 
    under it's shots.  Jump on top of the platform and shoot it for the wave (Spread) 
    gun and drop down.  Go foward, killing enemies until you reach a ledge.  After 
    killing off the mosquitoes, drop down and jump in midair when you see an area 
    on the left you can reach.  It's tricky to reach for first timers, however.
    Once your there, down collecting the photons.  Go to the right first and shoot 
    the orbot, then the TV above you for a checkpoint.  go back and shoot the 
    TV above you and you'll turn into a bomb.  Here, blow up the wall on the left 
    next to you.  Jump on the platforms and shoot the TV above you for the Nucleus 
    shield.  Jump on the invisible platforms (The pair of photons are obvious 
    tipoffs) and work up on the left side (The right side holds nothing special).  
    You should be at an area with 3 TVs.  The ones on the side contain 1-ups, 
    the one in the middle holds a jet.  Get both 1-ups first, then the jet.
    Fly to the right until you see a TV in midair.  After you're back to normal, 
    shoot it for the bolo gun.  This place can also be reached by the invisible 
    platforms (Hence the pair of photons).  Here, go right and shoot the TV ahead 
    for the drill and keep right until you go across a weak floor.  Here, you'll 
    eventually fall, go to the left for full health if you wish.  Go back up on 
    the right side, and see where the TV is?  Shoot it, and a health ball will 
    be there.  Go up futher by jumping through the floors, though, and you'll 
    have a 1-up after shooting the TV!  
    Go right and you'll fall down.  Shoot the TV to your left for a rapid fire 
    gun, and the one to the right for a checkpoint.  Go up the floor and shoot 
    the TV, you'll become another bomb.  Stay where you are and blow up the wall 
    on the left, then go through the passage you just made.  Here, you'll 
    eventually get to a TV, shoot that and you'll have MAX HEALTH!  Go down and 
    up the slope, shooting any TVs you see.  One of them will have clock for extra 
    time.  Go up and shoot the TV for another checkpoint.  Jump across and kill 
    the orbot and get the photons.  Fall down and enter the alcove on the right 
    first.  Just a health and some photons is all you get here.  Now, jump to 
    the left, and use a boost jump if possible, because inside a TV is a bolo 
    gun.  Pick it up and drop down for your first boss.
    This is too easy, but than again, it's only Stage 1...it'll fly back and forth 
    above you, stay in the center to avoid getting hit by the spiked balls hanging 
    by chains on the wings.  It'll occasionally open its hatch and drop bombs-this 
    is when you fire at it.  The bombs are easy to avoid, and as long as you follow 
    the plane's movements, it's a piece of chocolate cake with a cherry on top.
    Day 2: Metalhead
    Cute!  You're a train!  You can move fast or slow, and you can fire left, 
    right, or straight ahead.  See that gray robot on the tracks?  You must shoot 
    at its hands holding onto the tracks so it'll let go.  It'll eventually grab 
    hold again, repeat.  Shoot on the side every once in while, as pods will fire 
    at you.  On the easiest difficulty setting (Lame), you must shoot at it 3 
    times, more than that on the harder difficulty settings.  If you're getting 
    to close to hands, of if a shot will hit you, jump.
    Day 3: Tidal Surge
    You'll preety much get everything here, as this stage is linear.  Here, shoot 
    the turret and go into the water, and go left.  You can jump through the pole 
    in the water, in case you're wondering.  Shoot the TV for Full Health and 
    go to the right.  Jump on the floating platform on the water after killing 
    the turret and fire at the TV.  Your reward?  Several photons.  When you reach 
    the third platform, though, jump on it and fire at the TV for a 5X mutilplier!   
    Go forward and jump on the next floating platform, and destroy the TV for 
    the Bolo Gun.  Drop down into the water until you see another platform, you 
    know what to do. After becoming a bomb, go to the left and blow up the wall 
    to the underwater passage.  Ahead is a TV that'll allow you to become a fish 
    after you destroy it for the Icon.  It's not much, though.  Go forward, and 
    destroy the TV for the checkpoint.
    Go underwater and to the left again, you'll find a TV, destroy it to become 
    a fish again.  After being a fishie, keep going until you see another TV.  
    Shoot it to add more time to the clock, then shoot the next one to become 
    a bomb.  Go to the right a little then detonate it and another underwater 
    passage.  Ahead is the orb, but it's in an awkard area and isn't really useful 
    as the enemies are easy.
    Go forward, kill the turret, and jump on the platform.  Fire at the TV for 
    a 10X multiplier!  Go back to where the first checkpoint was, quickly.  Hop 
    into the water and go through the underwater passage, you'll see a TV.  Shoot 
    it and a 1-up will appear, and thanks to the 10X item, you'll have earned 
    10 lives!!!
    Work your way back and shoot the TV on your left, you're (Once again) a fish.  
    Swim to the checkpoint and keep going.  When you reach the final platform 
    on the water, jump up on top and fire at the TV for full health, and jump 
    into the water below for the next stage.
    Day 4: Absolute Zero
    You're underwater for almost the entire stage until the end.  Go forward and 
    jump from platform to platform and in the middle, shoot the TV to become a 
    fish.  Go to the left and up into the secret passage and enter it from the 
    bottom (Just a little to the left from the TV you shot for the fish 
    transformation).  Work up from the top and shoot the TV on the left for the 
    Rapid Fire Gun.  Exit the secret room from the top.
    Go up farther, looking to shoot any TV's you see on either sides of the stage 
    (They mainly hold nothing useful). The next secret room is on the right.  Shoot 
    the TV a little to the right to become a fish, and go up a little more and 
    to the right.  Keep in mind that you DO NOT have to be a fish to enter these 
    passages.  Inside the lone TV is a nucleus sheild.  Go down and exit the secret 
    Shortly after leaving, you'll see secret room on the left side.  Enter it, 
    and inside the TV is a MAX Health!  Look at your timer-you should be around 
    2:00 by this point, so we need to leave fast.  Jump from platform to platform 
    all the way up, shooting TV's along the way.  One of them ahead has a wave 
    gun.  There are two ways to exit:
    1. Go all the way up via the platforms, and shoot the TV to become a rocket.  
    Boom!  You're out of here.
    2. Go to the right shortly after getting the wave gun, and you'll be in a 
    secret passage.  Go up, the route is linear.
    However, either way you slice the pie, you must face the boss, but it's not 
    tough.  Shoot the TV for the checkpoint to start the battle.  You'll see a 
    bird appearing in the sky, follow it and fire at it, that's all it does, really.  
    After that easy form, you must fight a polar bear.  It walks while firing 
    shots at you and occasionally stands up and a fires shots in a 3-way spread.  
    Again, nothing too difficult.
    Day 5: Arctic Ridge
    Go foward and fire at the mosquites that come from the top.  Take care here, 
    you'll get several more of these annoyances in here and other stages.  After 
    shooting the next squad of Mosquitoes, jump across and shoot the TV for a 
    checkpoint and drop down.  Then, go left and shoot the TV for photons.  The 
    next one ahead has a Rapid Fire Gun.  You'll eventually go back up via the 
    platforms, and if you haven't shot the TV for the checkpoint, do it.  
    You now have one of two choices: You can either go up or down, and if you 
    want to, you can go the other path if nesscessary.  However, I usually go 
    down.  After falling, shoot the two-legged robot and then the TV for the orb, 
    but even with enemies, it'll be used up quickly.  Go right, going about your 
    usual business, and after going down, jump into the left wall.  Inside is 
    the TV is full health.  Exit by jumping straight up.  
    Next, go all the way up, but go to the left and shoot the TV to become a drill.  
    Go to the left through the weak floor and kill the turret.  The TV inside 
    holds a bolo gun.  Go right, shoot the robot, and fall down (The TV just holds 
    a health ball ignore it unless you're near death).  Next, go the right, jump 
    up, then go to the left and jump inside the wall for TV.  Inside is a nucleus 
    sheild.  Exit from the way you came in, but it can be pretty tough to get 
    Go up and shoot the TV to become a drill, and go to the left to destroy the 
    weak floor below you.  The TV below you holds full health.  Keep going right 
    and shoot the gray robot, and fire at the next TV for a checkpoint.  Go up 
    and blast the TV for the wave gun.  Go to the right abd up via the platforms 
    for full health.  A huge robot blocks your path.  To get past it, jump (Be 
    sure to jump again in midair), and it'll jump with you.  Quickly run past 
    it before it comes down.  You can only shoot it from behind.  Go up and hug 
    the wall on the right as you fall.  Boost jump inside and shoot the TV ahead 
    for the 1-up.
    To exit, drop down and leave the area.
    Getting to the bonus round:
    At the very end of the stage, fall down and jump through the left wall.  Here, 
    go left blasting everything in sight, including the reciver sheild.  The 
    satellite isn't too far, so blast it.
    Day 6: Bamboo Mill
    Go right, as always, and shoot the orbot ahead.  Ride the bamboo carries tht 
    are going up.  You'll eventually have to jump off, then go left to find another 
    one.  Get off of it at the very top and shoot the TV ahead to become a drill.  
    Go right and you'll come across a weak floor to use it on.  After falling, 
    shoot the TV for full health.  You'll have to go right, ride a bamboo carrier 
    up, then go up and to the left.  Shoot the TV for a Rapid Fire gun.
    Go all the way back down, then go to the right.  Go up the very last bamboo 
    carrier on the right side.  Shoot the Tv to tunr into a bomb, then detonate 
    right away to reveal a secret passage.  Shoot the TV for the Bolo gun, but 
    DO NOT GO DOWN.  Trust me, don't.  Go back to the left.  In order to get there, 
    jump then boost jump again to reach the ledge.  
    Take the farthest bamboo carrier on the left that goes up, then go to the 
    right.  Shoot the TV for a checkpoint.  THIS NEXT PART IS IMPORTANT!!!  Jump 
    to the right, then boost jump.  If done correctly, you'll reach a platform 
    with a TV, shoot it for a MAX HEALTH!!!  That should be your third one.  Go 
    down, then boost jump to the right again.  You'll get a wave gun.  Now come 
    on down, it's time for another boss!
    This giant Robot isn't hard.  Shoot at it's head, and it'll unleash bombs 
    on you which is fired upwards from it's head.  Stay on the far side of the 
    screen and repeat after he does the bomb attack.  If he gets close, boost 
    jump over him and go to the other side.  Remember that your boost jump can 
    take out enemies below you, so use it to your advantage.
    Day 7: Rock and Roller
    This is weird.  You're on a treadmill of sorts with a maze inside.  Here, 
    two rocks in the form of fists will try to smash you from above.  At the same 
    time, the treadmill maze (My name for it) will constantly be scrolling, and 
    there are arrows.  LISTEN UP!!!  The green ones pointing upward will keep 
    it at a slow pace, the purple ones pointing downward speeds it up.  And we 
    want to keep the treadmill at a slow pace so you can react to the obstacles 
    ahead and whether or not the rocks will fall.  You're also dead if you fall 
    off the treadmill, so be sure to check where you are.
    To defeat the rocks, simply shoot them.  Be sure to watch for their shadows 
    so you're not smashed.  It doesn't matter which rock either, they both die, 
    even if most of the firepower is on one rock.
    Day 8: Death Alley
    Blast that Fire extinguisher with jaws and go forward.  Drop down and go 
    through the right and shoot the TV for a nucleus sheild.  Keep going right 
    and down until you reach the TV, shoot it to turn into a buggy.  Go forward 
    and plow through the wall.  Shoot the TV for the Bolo gun.  Go up, then back 
    down and shoot the TV for the Checkpoint. 
    Go up and the hill and shoot the TV for the Drill.  See that floor on the 
    left side?  Drill it.  Your reward for this is a TV with full health inside.  
    Go up and to the right and drop down one more time to finish.  That was pretty 
    darn short...
    You're halfway done with Vectorman by this point.
    Getting to the bonus round:
    It's easy to locate the shield receiver, it's the satellite that's another 
    story.  Look for a pair of photons indicating an invisible platform.  If you've 
    picked them up, stand under the flags next to the TV on the left side.  Jump 
    up on one invisible platform after another and jump through the wall.  You're 
    Day 9: Hydroponic Lab
    Go forward, killing enemies until you see a platform.  Jump on it, then look 
    up-another one to your left is there.  Jump and shoot the TV for the bolo 
    gun.  Keep going until you're over the area eclosed by long pipes.  Here, 
    jump left through the pipes and destroy the TV's for photons and health.  Go 
    forward again until you see another TV, destroy it to turn into a drill, and 
    destroy the weak pipe to your left.
    Inside the TV is a nucleus sheild, and you'll need it. Shoot the TV for a 
    checkpoint and double jump up to the next platform and shoot the TV to be 
    a dune buggy.  Go to the righy and hit the wall.  Shoot the TV above for full 
    health.  By now the shield is off, and you'll have passed a up TV with protons.  
    Go up on the pipes until you see another platform, jump all the way up to 
    the top and shoot the TV for a 1up.  Now go all the way right to a sign that 
    says DANGER.  
    Four blobs who look like they belong in a Gumby cartoon is your next boss.  
    The first shape they'll change into is a slinky-like creature that goes up 
    and down in an arch pattern (You'll recognize it), then it'll crawl along 
    the ground.  In both cases, jump.  After that, it'll take the shape of a man 
    that walks back and forth.  Jump over it and let loose.  The pattern repeats 
    from there.  They can't be damaged when they are not combined into a form, 
    so wait until they take shape first.
    Day 10: Superstructure
    I like this music!  Go forward and up, but don't jump yet-mosqitoues will 
    ambush you from above.  Wait 'til there and gone and continue.  Shoot the 
    TV for the Wave gun and go down through the linear path, then head right up 
    the slope, destorying TV with photons (They're not hard to reach.  You'll 
    soon get to an another TV, shoot it for a Rapid Fire Gun.  Drop down and shoot 
    the next one for the checkpoint, and the other one for a buggy transformation.  
    Here, smash the left wall and destroy the TV for full health.
    Shoot the next TV and turn into a jet.  Go down and to the right a little, 
    then all the way up.  Go left and you'll pass through a fake wall.  Drop down 
    and destroy the TV for your fourth MAX HEALTH!!!  Go all the way to the right 
    and up to finish!
    Getting to the bonus round:  
    You've seen the satellite dish, but where's the sheild?  Simple.  Shortly 
    after passing it, you'll drop, jump through the wall on the left, and Bingo!  
    To get back to the satellite, use the ledge.
    Day 11: Stayin' Alive
    This is SO messed up.  Here, you're spinning on a disco floor with several 
    tornadoes.  The enemy of the stage is the center.  You'll see some sort of 
    hole you can shoot through to hit him, and he fires laser bolts at you.  After 
    that, it rotates in a clockwise direction.  The tornadoes don't harm you, 
    just knock you around.  Shoot at the hole so it'll hit him to kill him.
    Day 12: Nightscape
    Shoot the TV above you for the Rapid Fire gun, then go forward and jump down.  
    Go left, up, then jump down again.  Fire upwards at the TV screen and turn 
    into a bomb.   Stay there and explode, a weak floor should crumble (It's hard 
    to see due to the nighttime sky).  Shoot the TV for a jet, then to the right 
    after leaving the secret area.  Go all the way down as far as you can go, 
    then go to the left.  Go up and head to the ledge on the right.  Shoot the 
    TV for a 1up.  Fall down (Not all the way though) and go to the right and 
    shoot the TV for a checkpoint.  NOW fall all the way down.
    Shoot the first TV for photons.  Go forward and down, then shoot the TV above 
    you for a 5X multiplier.  Continue onwward through the linear route until 
    you reach another TV for the bolo gun.  Fall down and go all the way to the 
    right and jump up.  Shoot the silver robot from behind and shoot the TVs for 
    items and photons.  Continue the rest of the climb upward and head right to 
    Day 13: Dark Ruins
    I love this stage, hopefully, so will you.  It's a huge stage with secrets 
    galore!  Go to the left and shoot the TV for the wave gun.  Go to the right 
    and go up the long pillar with platforms.  Shoot the TV for the Drill 
    transformation.  Jump to get it, then go a little to the left or right, 
    depending on where you landed.  Here, you'll stumble across a fake floor, 
    and you'll fall.
    Go to the left, then up.  Here, you'll stumble across another TV.  Shoot it 
    for some health, then kill the orbot and turret guarding the TV with a 5x 
    multiplier inside.  Go back on the main path simply by jumping through the 
    rope.  Go uo the hill and when you're at the top, look up.  There should be 
    a TV with a bomb tranformation.  Once you become one, detonate and you'll 
    fall into another area below.  You can collect the photons up there if you 
    wish, they're not hard to reach.  Shoot the first TV for photons, and the 
    second one ahead for more health.
    Go up the long pillar and shoot at the turret.  Don't jump across yet, finish 
    going to the top of the pillar first.  Shoot at the TV for full health if 
    you need it.  Then jump to where the turret was and fire upward.  You'll into 
    a drill.  Fall on the right side and go a little to the right (Or left if 
    you're near the slope, that's too far) for another breakable floor.  Before 
    seeing what's up there, though, jump on the flagpole on the left wall and 
    destroy the TV for Rapid Fire Gun.  
    Now venture through the area you just destroyed.  Apart from a sheild receiver, 
    you'll find a TV with a checkpoint.  That's pretty much it right there.  Go 
    the way you came in, and go up until you see another pillar.  This climb is 
    tricky at the end.  You have to jump to the left, then QUICKLY to the right 
    to reach the ledge.  Above, a TV will be up there containing a max health 
    for your efforts.  
    Go down and shoot the Next TV.  You'll see two pillars next to each other, 
    jump in between the gaps and on the flagpole to reach a TV with some photons.  
    Next, go right and you'll have to go up, destroying th turrets and using the 
    spots where they where to get to the top.  Shoot the TV at the end for a nucleus 
    sheild.  Fall down and jump through the wall on the right and shoot the TV 
    for some photons.  Go up and to the right.  The 2 TVs have photons, but the 
    one at the very top has a 1up!
    As far as leaving the area goes, you have to jump through the straight girder 
    where the TV with the 1up was hanging from.  It's possible, I did it before, 
    but it's tricky.  You can shoot the Satelite dish (You should've shot the 
    sheild generator by then) and exit to the bonus round.  
    Shoot upward at the TV for more photons, then go to the right and drop down.  
    Jump from pillar to pillar until you see a TV, shoot at it for a parachute 
    transformation.  Follow the photons and you'll land on a platform, jump to 
    the left and shoot the TV for an orb, fire it, as there are many enemies here.  
    Now jump up over the wall and go through the linear path.  You're done.     
    Reaching the Bonus Round:
    In the area where destoryed the floor with the second drill transformation 
    (See fourth paragraph), go a little to the right and shoot the sheild 
    generator.   Then, in the final secret area near the end of the stage (The 
    one where you find the 1up in the end of the stage, you'll see a satellite.
    Day 14: Underground Vault
    Make a long jump (Be sure to use the boost to the right and shoot the turret.  
    Fall down and shoot the TV for a bomb transformation, then go to the right 
    and explode when you see a weak floor.  The TV on your right has a parachute, 
    float down to collect the photons and shoot the TV for a bolo gun.  Run through 
    the wall go left, then shoot the TV in midair for photons and fall down.  Go 
    to the right and fall again, shooting another TV full of photons.  Fall down 
    some more, but stay on the right side, you'll land on the floor.  Do the same 
    thing for the next fall.
    Now listen up!  The next fall, boost jump to the right and you'll be in another 
    area, go up and shoot the TV for health.  Go back and fall down.  shoot the 
    TV ahead for the 5X multiplier and fall down.  Go to the left and shoot the 
    TV for a wave gun, then fall to the right again.  Keep falling until you see 
    a path going up on the right side.  Go up and shoot the TV for the checkpoint, 
    then keepp going up until you reach the top.  Be sure to shoot any mosquitoes 
    you encounter on the way up.  
    Now jump up to the where the first photon is.  You'll land on an invisible 
    platform.  Jump to the photon on the left next and you'll land on another 
    invisible platform.  Do again for the one on the right, and so forth.  As 
    long as you remember the platforms are always close to the walls, it's not 
    hard.  Halfway during the climb, you'll have to jump up on the right side 
    twice, then to a visible platform, that means you're nearly there.  Be sure 
    to use the boost jump as well.  At the top, you'll find a 1up.  Now fall all 
    the way down.
    You'll land in an area with blueprints, this is where you fight the boss.  
    The first blueprint that comes to life comes in the form of a spaceship.  It 
    flies around trying to hit you, and it may drop bombs. shoot at it and jump 
    when it comes toward you.  The next one that comes alive will look like a 
    fish (A piranha).  It walks back and forth, but once you shoot it, it'll go 
    faster than you and hurt you pretty badly.  Shoot it at a close distance, 
    then run.  Jumping over it can be risky, because it turns pretty quick.  Drop 
    down and you'll face the final blueprint, which resembles a monkey.  It'll 
    climb along the walls, the drop down and shoot you if you hit it.  You'll 
    also get a TV and shoot for health if you lost some (Most likely).  After 
    it dies, you're done here!
    Day 15: Worldlink Center
    Go forward and shoot the TV.  You'll have to go up (The left and right paths 
    leading up take you to the same place, it doesn't matter, though the left 
    route takes you slightly more to the left.  Go to the left first.  Jump on 
    the platform and shoot the TV for the wave gun, then jump on the platforms 
    to the right to continue.  You'll run along a line of lights hanging by a 
    wire which goes in the other direction.  Jump up onto the platform you were 
    under and shoot the TV for a checkpoint.  
    Take light carriers down (Simiar to the bamboo carriers in the Bamboo Mill) 
    and shoot the nearby TV on the left for a jet transformation.  Go to the right 
    some, and go all the way up.  You'll be in an inaccessible area you couldn't 
    reach with the jet otherwise.  Shoot the TVs for photons and another 
    checkpoint.   Jump down on the left side and shoot the TV for a bolo gun.  
    Go to the right and go up on the TV screen, and get the bomb transformation.  
    Stay where you are and blow up, a passage should take you back to the area 
    where you shot the second checkpoint.  Shoot the TV in midair and turn into 
    a drill, and go right until you stumble across a hidden floor.
    Jump on top of the camera thingy and jump to the left for a 1up inside the 
    TV.  Now jump on it again and jump to the right, then shoot the TV for full 
    health.  The the TV on the right on the bottom floor just contains photons.  
    You can either exit by going through the wall on the far right at the bottom 
    or go back through the path you just made.  
    If you're going back the way you came, go up the hill and jump on the wire 
    of lights and shoot the TV on the right for a nucleus shield, then go to the 
    left and shoot the next TV for photons.  Regardless, go right, then from here 
    on out it's all nothing more than a maze of navagating through lights.  To 
    save time, after you go down from the first set of light carriers, stay on 
    the bottom and go far to the right as possible until you see the current light 
    carrier near the end going up.  It should be linear from there.  And don't 
    worry about secrets, the TV's don't contain anything worth your while, other 
    than a checkpoint.  
    Day 16: Twist and Shout
    The stage itself is weird, but the final boss is easy.  Here, you'll soar 
    up through a tornado, shoot any junk that gets in your way.  Then you'll see 
    Warhead.  The rooftops can be used to stand them, and if you fall, you'll 
    be "bumped" back up to the top with no health loss.  The target is it's head, 
    and as it gets damaged, it'll fire back and move around, but it's not hard 
    ot dodge the shots and avoid his hands.  After he's totalled, Vectorman is 
    7. Bonus Stage
    There's only one kind of bonus stage.  You're a nucleus with several particles 
    spinning around you.  To fire press the control pad in the direction you're 
    firing your shot.  Missiles will fire shots and mines will spin around you 
    and get closer and closer to you.  If you survive for 1 minute, you get a 
    25,000 bonus.  If you lose, it's just 5,000.  I'd skip it, to be honest.
    8. Credits
    Sega: For making this game.
    Blue Sky software: For those fancy smanchy computer graphics.
    Myself: Typed it all up...
    CJayC: For www.gamefaqs.com
    9. Disclaimer
    This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to 
    do with Nintendo, Blue Sky Software, or any other parties involved in the 
    making of this game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make 
    sure you give me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say 
    this is yours you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC 
    (Gamefaqs webmaster) will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest 
    verison of the guide is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it 
    if you update it when I update it, unless you like the previous one better.
    FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people) 
    So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission, 
    and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's 
    intended to be-a guide>  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it 
    just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which 
    includes hints, secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic 
    E-mail, which includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults, 
    stuff already mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it. 
    Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will result 
    in you not using the guide altogether.
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2002 by Cedric Cooks/Oda
    All rights reserved
                   -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-   

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