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    Max Life+ Orb Locations by Kyle Bowen

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    by Kyle Bowen
    Many people find this game challenging thus finding the permanent Max Life+ 
    orbs just might be what you need to get over the hump. That is the main reason 
    why I am making a list as a quick reference so you can find them as soon as
    Max Life+ orbs are obtained through TV sets that are found throughout the game. 
    They are a green pulsating ball with lightning around them. When obtained they 
    fill Vectormans health as well as add another slot to Vectormans life. They are 
    There are five Max Life+ orbs to found and their locations are;
    Day 1- Terraport
    About halfway through the level there is a tower-like structure that you will 
    see when you are climbing up a hill. If you jump to the left there will be a 
    small platform with a TV set. In the TV is a grenade transformation which will 
    let you destroy the wall blocking your way. Once you do this, jump up the middle
     of the tower and you will see a TV set. The first Max Life+ is yours. 
    Day 4- Absolute Zero
    You spend most of this level under water and going up. About halfway up the 
    level there is a cave that can be found on the left. You have to enter the cave 
    from the top. There is a TV set inside that holds a Max Life+ orb. 
    Day 6- Bamboo Mill
    This one comes at the very end of the level. You will be on the left looking 
    to jump down into a big open area to fight the boss Clockwork. Now there will 
    be a TV right in front of you, it is a Check point. Be sure to get it in case 
    you miss the next jump. Now you need to make a double jump onto a platform to 
    your right. There are actually two platforms the higher one is the Max Life+ 
    orb, so you be sure you make the jump. This can be the easiest one to miss. 
    If you miss the jump I suggest sacrificing a life to Clockwork. If you got 
    the check point you will be right back on the ledge and you can try the jump 
    again. The orb is worth much more than a life. 
    Day 10- Superstructure 
    About halfway through the level you destroy a TV that turns you into a jet 
    so you can fly. You want to fly to the right until you come up from underneath
     as structure shaped like an upside down pyramid. Fly back to your left into 
    the structure. Once inside find the TV that is holding the Max life+!
    Day 13- Dark Ruins
    Again about halfway through the level there will be a stone pillar that goes
    pretty high in the air. Climb up it and you will see a small satellite. 
    You need to get up on the ledge where that is. It’s a tough jump but you 
    need to make another double jump up and around onto this ledge. Just 
    above you there will a TV holding the last Max Life+. 
    There you have them. Now you can take your best shot at taking out Warhead!
     Good Luck, the Earth needs you!
    Copyright 2006. Kyle Cooper

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