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    FAQ/Move List by MPewo

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 02/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWF Royal Rumble-FAQ/Move List-Sega Genesis
    Version 3.5/FINAL-2/26/03
    Matt Pewo  -  mpewo_faqs@yahoo.com
    Also known as MPewo on the GameFAQs message boards.
    This FAQ is Copyright 2001-2003, Matt Pewo, All rights reserved!
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    -You may print a copy, save a copy on your PC, and fold, spindle, and/or
    mutilate this if you wish.
    -You may not wipe your feet on this FAQ!
    -If you find anything that you think will help me in the Next Version please
    e-mail me at mpewo_faqs@yahoo.com
    Version 1.0-[07-13-2001]-3 Pages-My very first FAQ!!!-Private
    Version 1.5-[07-25-2001]-4 Pages-Changed Finishing Moves, ending screens, and
    added character Bios!-Private
    Version 2.0-[07-27-2001]-4 Pages-Changed Move List, and added and
    Version 2.5-[08-07-2001]-4 Pages-Added to copyright, and fixed Art, History,
    and finishing Moves.-Private
    Version 2.6-[08-07-2001]-4 Pages-Fixed Title Section which still (at the time)
    read, "Version 2.0"!-Public
    Version 3.1-[08-24-2001]-4 Pages-I changed art, and Added my Website.  I also
    removed the Same Wrestler Cheat because it does not work [Thanks Nick!].  The
    next update will likely be the last.-Public
    Version 3.2-[09-22-2001]-5 Pages-Fixed Character Bios, credits, and added
    Apologies.  Next version will have Sonic and Knuckles Bonus Guide, will be
    Final Version-[11/21/2001]-5 Pages-It's the end of this FAQ as we know it. I've
    added indicators on each version's Info, relating to public and private
    releases.  I now have a new email.  Even though this is marked Final Version I
    will still take emails, and I might possibly bring this FAQ back from the dead
    if I get enough Email.-Public
    Version 3.4-10/11/2002-This FAQ is back with a vengence.  I have new email and
    I no longer have a web site.  I will add a Sonic+Knuckles Bonus Guide tommorow.
     I do not have the ROM for this game, so please don't ask.-Public (I Hope)
    Version 3.5/FINAL-11/27/2002-6 Pages-This FAQ is now Officially dead.  Nothing
    can Bring it back.  Not even the almighty himself. kissmyass.com got shut down
    last week along with my Email account with them.  If you Emailed me scince
    10/11  please re-send your Message -Public
    =Table of Contents
    b)Move List
    c)Finishing Moves
    d)Character Bios
    e)Tips and Cheats
    f)Ending Screens
    One on One-A simple match between two wrestlers [One or two players can compete
    in this mode]
    Tag Team-2 people team together and face 2 other people [One or two players can
    compete in this mode, or players one and two can team up and face the computer]
    Triple Tag Team-A 3 on 3 match [to switch partners press A+C, and as usual one
    or two players can compete]
    Royal Rumble- You will be facing the wrath of all the other Wrestlers in this
    *Match Options*
    One Fall-10 count outside of ring, Referee, Some moves are illegal
    Brawl-No Count out, No Ref, all moves legal
    One on One-You will be facing all the other wrestlers once for the WWF Title
    Tag Team-You and your partner will face all the other teams twice to try and
    win the WWF Tag Team Titles
    ***Note-The 1P modes and the 1P and 2P Royal Rumbles have a 1 to 10 difficulty,
    1 being easy, 10 being hard.
    b)Move List
    *Normal Moves*
    Tag Partner-B
    Climb in/out of ring-A+down/A+left/A+right
    *Tie Up*
    Tie Up-B+C
    Irish Whip-A
    Hiptoss out of Ring-A [near the ropes]
    Atomic Drop-A+C
    Back Braeker-A+B
    Break Tie Up-c
    Vertical Suplex-B+C
    Pick up opponent on Mat-B+C [near head]
    Elbow Drop-A/B/C [on turnbuckle]
    Drop Kick-B [While Running]
    Clothesline-A+B [vs. running opponent]
    Hip toss-B [vs. running opponent]
    *On Mat*
    Body Splash-B [Above opponent on Mat]
    Stomp-C [Below opponent on Mat]
    Knee Drop-C [above opponent on mat]
    Running Elbow Drop-B [while running, opponent on mat]
    Pin Opponent-B+C [opponent on mat , near midsection]
    Cancel pin-A+C
    *Illegal Moves*
    Choke Hold-B [near]
    Rake To Eyes-A+B [at a distance]
    Pick up steel chair-B+C [near chair]
    Use steel chair-A/B/C
    Press A+B when in the following positions to perfrom the finisher.
    *On Turnbuckle*
    Randy Savage-Flying Elbow Smash
    *Win Tie Up*
    Narcissist-Running Forearm
    IRS-Write Off
    Razor Ramon-The Razor's Edge
    Papa Shango-Shoulder Breaker
    *Standing at a distance from Stunned Opponent*
    Hulk Hogan-Legdrop off ropes
    *At feet of stunned opponent*
    Model-Boston Crab
    Bret Hart-Sharpshooter
    *Behind Stunned Opponent*
    Shawn Michaels-Back Suplex
    Crush-Cranium Crunch
    d)Character Bios
    *Randy Savage*
    Sarasota, FL
    237 lbs.
    *Bret Hart*
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    234 lbs.
    *Hulk Hogan*
    Venice Beach, California
    275 lbs.
    Death Valley
    328 lbs.
    Kona Coast Hawaii
    315 lbs.
    *Jim Duggan*
    Glens Falls, New York
    280 lbs.
    Atlanta, Georgia
    275 lbs.
    *Shawn Michaels*
    San Antonio, Texas
    234 lbs.
    Cocoa Beach, FL
    234 lbs.
    *Papa Shango*
    Parts Unknown
    330 lbs.
    *Razor Ramon*
    Miami, FL
    262 lbs.
    Washington DC
    256 lbs.
    *Knock-out the Referee*
    To knock the referee out, either run into him or punch him twice. He'll get up
    in a few seconds, but while he's down you can perform illegal moves in the
    *Playing Tip*
    An easy way to beat the Royal Rumble is to play with two players. Have one
    player stand next to one rope, and the other stand by the other rope. As soon a
    computer player enters the ring, get him in a grapple and throw him to the
    other human player. The human player can then easily hiptoss him out of the
    *Same wrestler*
    Press Up + "B" at the select screen.
    *Sonic and Knuckles Bounus Rounds*
    If you have Sonic & Knuckles, you can access a special bonus stage. To
    activate, insert your WWF Royal Rumble cartridge into Sonic & Knuckles, then
    turn on your Genesis. Wait for a screen with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and
    Robotnic and the words, "No Way". Now hold A + B + C and you're ready to play.
    f) Ending screens
    One on One-Wining the last match will make Mene Gene come out with the WWF
    Title.  You are then shown on a phony WWF Magizine Cover.
    Tag Team- Same as One on One, but both Wrestlers are shown on the cover.
    Luc Dragoon-Calling his cheat fake
    Mark Konwinski-For The Royal Rumble Playing Tip
    GameSages-For the Knock out Referee Trick
    Luc Dragoon-For the Same Wrestler Cheat
    Nick Pewo-For the Sonic Bonus Rounds
    CJayC-for hosting this on his site
    Matt Pewo-for writing this

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