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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SStrife

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    By Squall Strife
    ©2000 Squall Strife
    Email me at squallstrife420@hotmail.com. I love feedback!
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    Ever played Gunstar Heroes? You know, the classic Genesis game and the best 
    console shooter EVER?
    WHAT?! You HAVEN’T?!?!
    Well, go get yourself a ROM and play it!
    Go on, do it! Don’t worry about leaving me here, I’ll just amuse myself with 
    these pornographic playing cards.
    Aaah! You’re back! Great game, huh?
    I’d write a FAQ for that one, but there already are some, and I only write 
    FAQs for games that don’t have them.
    Anyhoo, Alien Soldier is from Treasure, the makers of Gunstar Heroes. While 
    not as good as GH (what is?) it’s nonetheless a marvelous shooter.
    And before you ask, NO. I have no freaking idea what the hell that totally 
    nonsensical intro means, and I don’t feel like looking at it again. So don’t 
    expect much here in the way of plot, or even the name of your hero. I think 
    his name is Epsilon, but I’m just going to call him “Falcos’ Cousin.” :P
    Play this on a Genecyst. If you’re playing it on another emulator-a KGEN, 
    for example, the game will get near-impossible levels of buggyness in the 
    later stages. Thanks to Forte down at the GameFAQs boards for this vital bit 
    of info.
    Buster Force: Don’t be without this! Your basic fire-straight-ahead weapon, 
    good for getting through the stages. Don’t underestimate it though, as it 
    still packs a punch.
    Homing Force: In power, it’s weaker than the Buster but homes in on the 
    enemy. Useful in some boss fights, but all in all it’s incredibly low power 
    level isn’t worth it.
    Sword Force: An iffy weapon. A combination of the Buster and Lancer, this 
    will send a series of lasers slicing through your foe. At long range it’s 
    pitiful, at mid range it’s about Buster strength, and at close range it’s 
    VERY powerful.
    Flame Force: The Boss Killer. It’s got almost no range, and it’s fuel is 
    used up faster than any other weapon in the game, but the insane amount of 
    damage it deals out more than makes up for that. This baby will melt the 
    health off a boss rapidly and continuously. Beautiful. Its only weakness is 
    that it is completely ineffective against metal enemies, with the exception 
    of the Mechapede boss from Stage One.
    Lancer Force: Along with the Flame Force, the Lancer Force should be 
    reserved exclusively for killing bosses. It fires a devastating beam of 
    energy that will penetrate almost any defense and drill through the enemy 
    for massive damage. Comes with about six shots.
    Ranger Force: Fires several shots in a spread pattern. Not as good as it 
    sounds, though.
    Toads: Little hopping one-eyed thingies. Pop! Bye bye!
    Spewers: Bloated, immobile mutants that hock up mines through the air at 
    you. Take ‘em out quick.
    Robbies: Robots that look exactly like the classic Robby the Robot, hence 
    the name I’ve given them. They’ll try to blast you with a string of bullets, 
    but you should be able to scrap them before they attack. If not, just catch 
    the bullets or hover until the danger has passed.
    Bumbles: Bees that hover in the air and then dive, shooting a single bullet. 
    Can be trouble, so try to take them out before they see you.
    Obstinators: Large pink rocks with eyes. If you try to jump over them, 
    they’ll stand up and block you. Their rocklike skin is impervious to all 
    weapons except the Flame. You’ll moan that you have to waste your precious 
    Flame ammo on a normal enemy-until you realize you can simply Teleport past 
    them. ^_^
    Mine-a Birds: Flying beasties that poop mines on you. Shoot ‘em before they 
    get above you!
    Leave Me Alone Drones: These machines will file out onto the screen in a 
    single-file line. If you shoot them, they’ll shoot a bullet at you in their 
    death throes. So, repress your shooting game instincts and just let them 
    pass by unharmed.
    Crocs: Walking crocodile heads. Just like Toads, but a tiny bit tougher.
    Archerfish: Hiding under the waters’ surface, they try to blast you with 
    arcing streams of bubbles. Shoot the bubbles to get health, the shoot down 
    to fillet the Archerfish.
    Obstipillers: Obstinators that are on a big worm body. Flame ‘em!
    Snakes: They’ll leap out from beneath the snow. Kill them for a massive 
    health reward.
    Bikers: Just pop ‘em as they come up from the bottom of the screen, or try 
    to catch their bullets if you’re desperate for health or just really cocky.
    Missiles: Pretty easy to avoid. Shooting them is a waste of ammo.
    All the other moves are explained when you start your game, (hence my lack 
    of a button functions section) except this one. The Pyroport is a move you 
    can ONLY perform when your health is full, something indicated by the 
    flashing of said bar. It is a truly devastating move that will eat around 
    40% of a bosses’ health! Thanks to Dais/Christian C down at the GameFAQs 
    boards for the info on this.
    There are only a few in-game items in this game. They are as follows:
    Small Diamond: Restores some power.
    Large Diamond: Restores a lot of power.
    Golden Orb: Restores all power. Again, thanks to Forte down at the GameFAQs 
    boards for clearing this up.
    Force Pod: Flashes images of the six Forces. Grab a new one if you want it 
    (it will replace the one you’re currently armed with) or grab onto a copy of 
    one you already have for more ammo.
    Q: When I get to some bosses, their body parts look like they’re moving 
    independently of each other! What’s up with that?
    A: A small, easily fixable glitch. When this happens (it can occur with 
    Kermit, Necrocopter, Flutter and a few other bosses) simply go to “settings” 
    in the menu and select “Raster Effects On.” That will take care of it. 
    Thanks to AnotherGamer down at the GameFAQs boards for this helpful hint.
    Q: Why do you keep telling me to “catch bullets?” Are you trying to get me 
    A: No, that’s not the kind of catch I mean. When the bullet is about to hit 
    you, hit the fire button quickly to catch it and turn it into a Diamond. 
    It’s a real lifesaver sometimes.
    Q: What’s the best graphic setting?
    A: 320 x 240. It gives you a good-sized screen with minimal stretching.
    Q: What does that “change fire function” when you turn gold thing do?
    A: It sets your blaster to fire straight ahead, no matter what directional 
    button is held. Not that useful, really. Again, thanks to Dais/Christian C 
    at GameFAQs.
    Q: I downloaded a ROM, but it doesn’t work!
    A: You have to download one with “Hack” in the title. If it doesn’t have 
    that, then it’s the original version that just plays on Megadrives.
    Q: Squall, I beat this game and it gives you the names of all the bosses. 
    Why are you using your own names for them?
    A: Several answers to that…
    1-I was tired, I didn’t feel like writing all that down
    2-The game started bugging up and eventually I couldn’t even see which boss 
    I was seeing the name of
    3-I like my names better.
    Pretty basic-like all the stages. Don’t expect these level walkthroughs to 
    be too lengthy. ^_^  Head to the right blasting Toads, Robbies and Spewers 
    until you reach the boss.
    As in all boss fights, your Teleport will be very important here. The Lancer 
    Force will come in handy for exterminating this guy. The Flame Force works 
    well too, but it’s less risky to use the Lancer.
    Mechapede will loop around in one area, then bunch himself up on the floor 
    and spring at you. Or, where you would have been standing if you hadn’t 
    teleported past him. Just keep blasting him in the head with the Lancer, and 
    the Buster when your Lancer runs out, and he’ll soon be crawling to the 
    scrap yard.
    Note: If you have a Pyroport ready, one hit of that will destroy Mechapede 
    The stage once again isn’t too rough. The only bad spots are a few where 
    you’ll have to jump up in the areas with the Toad tanks to avoid mines, so 
    be careful.
    Well, he *does* look like a cricket….
    Anyway, Jimminy is a bit tougher than Mechapede. He’ll hop around the area, 
    making giant leaps at you and occasionally pausing to barf a spray of acid 
    at you. This can be avoided by either hovering over it, teleporting past him 
    (giving you a great opportunity to shoot at his back while he’s helplessly 
    vomiting) or moving all the way to the other side of the screen.
    Once again, your best bet is the Lancer. Leap up and shoot him in the chest 
    as he’s hopping across the screen. When that’s depleted, his life should be 
    about 40% full, so break out the Flame Force. Continue to teleport around 
    him and constantly shoot at him with the Flame Force until he’s toast, and 
    laugh mercilessly as he wiggles about frantically before exploding!
    Nothing to say here, really. If you got through Two okay, you can get 
    through Three. Their layout is almost exactly the same. However, you’ll soon 
    encounter your first mid-stage boss!
    A floating eye surrounded by indestructible orbs. Your Lancer could 
    penetrate it’s defenses, but I wouldn’t do that-you’ll be needing it later. 
    What you want to do is fill up on energy from the Toads in the area before, 
    wait for an opening in the Orbs, and then Pyroport right through him. Boom. 
    Continue on and you’ll shortly meet the boss.
    >_< I can’t believe I actually called him that…Well, he is a big decomposing 
    >mutant samurai!
    Take advantage of the unlimited Toads in the area before this to charge up 
    your Pyroport. Smash through him to burn off about 40% of his health, then 
    switch to the Flame.
    Using the Flame will put you on more or less equal footing with Kenshin, 
    since he has no long-range attacks. Run up to him as he lands from his jumps 
    and give him a napalm shampoo. Then quickly teleport past him and repeat 
    until your Flame is out.
    After that, switch to the Lancer. Keep on the opposite side of the screen 
    from him and cap him in the head nonstop. (when he stands still and whirls 
    his sword around is an excellent opportunity for this) He should be in 
    pieces before you run out of ammo.
    AGAIN, the same layout! Gah! Move, hop, shoot, but beware a nasty gauntlet 
    of mines early on. Teleport past them, but careful not to collide with the 
    Toads on the other side….
    Hive seems difficult, until you figure out the incredibly easy pattern he 
    What you want to do is wait under the platform. This spot is very safe. 
    You’ll be under the Bumbles’ arc, out of reach of most of the rocks, and the 
    platform will protect you from the falling mines. Cozy!
    When Hive gets close to you, simply teleport behind him! He is TOTALLY 
    helpless back there! None of his attacks can reach you! Blast him with Flame 
    until he backs up almost all the way, then teleport back out, get back under 
    the platform and repeat! Simple! You don’t even have to break out the Lancer 
    for this wussy-just switch to the Buster when your Flame is gone, and he’ll 
    be dead in seconds!
    Finally a change of scene! You’re blasting your way through the mall!
    You’ll encounter the Mine-a Birds for the first time in this stage, but 
    other than that just keep walkin’ and blastin’.
    This crab isn’t as tough as the crab in Parasite Eve (how many times did I 
    die before I realized you could avoid the bubble spray by standing beside 
    the crab? Don’t ask.) but his shell will still be tough to crack. First off, 
    his claws are one of the few defenses the Lancer can’t penetrate, so you’ll 
    have to get under him and scorch him with the Flame.
    Pinchy has three attacks. He’ll swing at you with his claws, unleash a swarm 
    of smaller crabs that will hold you in place for his swings, or spread his 
    claws and send out a wave of bombs.
    The last one is the attack you want to look for! When he does it, get right 
    under him and blast away, as he’s completely helpless while the attack is 
    being executed. You’ll take a few hits, but he’ll take FAR more damage.
    Keep looking for those openings, and soon he’ll be steamed. Get the melted 
    More of the same. Run and shoot, run and shoot.
    They...they call *this* a “boss?
    Equip the Flame.
    Stand beside Kermit and shoot him.
    When he jumps up, wait for him to come down and shoot him some more.
    Jump over any shots his eggs shoot at you.
    Repeat until Kermit is a steaming mass of French cuisine. You should be able 
    to kill him in about ten seconds, and not run out of Flame ammo.
    When Kermit is out of his misery, proceed on through the mall!
    Proceed normally, but there is one tricky spot. Lines of Leave Me Alone 
    Drones will file on the screen. Remember, *don’t shoot them!!!* Just kneel 
    and let them pass. After that, go on through the waves of Toads until you 
    reach the boss.
    Good news and bad news here, folks. The bad news is that your trusty Flame 
    Force, so lethal in most fights, is utterly useless against this metal foe. 
    The good news? You don’t really need it.
    The AT-WANNA-BEs’ weak point is the small turret on top.  What you wanna do 
    is cling to the ceiling and pummel him mercilessly with the Lancer. Once 
    it’s out, use the Buster, or a Pyroport if you have one.
    On the ceiling, none of his attacks can reach you except for maybe the 
    missiles, which are easily destroyable. Beware though! If through your field 
    of fire you see the target turret begin to charge up, immediately drop down 
    to the ground unless you want a faceful of laser!
    All in all though, he’s pretty easy. I used the Lancer and finished him off 
    with a Pyroport, and he was a scorched junkheap in about seven seconds.
    Hey, you’re on a train! This is different! Go on through blasting Toads 
    until you go out on top.
    First off, it’ll REALLY help if you used the Toads to build up to a 
    Pyroport, which is easy to do. Blaze through him, and then wait on one side 
    of the screen.
    Rainy, isn’t it? I like rain, but this rain is BAD. It’s not acid rain or 
    anything like that, it’s the fact that it can hide Necrocopter partially or 
    entirely from view! You can see his outline when it’s partial, but when it’s 
    total, look at the floor, and you can see an outline of the very ends of his 
    claws. That’s the ONLY part you can see!
    However, this fight is not as tough as it may sound, as the elements are not 
    all against you. Equip your Flame Force. Now blow it against the wind! Hey! 
    It’s even shorter than usual! But the wind is actually on your side, as if 
    you shoot the Flame *with* the wind, it’ll blast all the way across the 
    screen! The Flames’ greatest weakness is GONE!
    With this tactic, Necrocopter shouldn’t be a problem for you. When he 
    crashes and burns, get ready for a tough gauntlet.
    Swarms of Bumbles from both sides will assail you now. Try as you might, I 
    don’t think there’s any way to totally avoid getting hit here, but you 
    should be able to catch quite a few of their shots.
    When the Bumbles are gone, a large fleshy zeppelin will float across the 
    screen. It will spit bullets out of the ports on it’s bottom, which are 
    pretty easy to avoid, but it also unleashes a small mini-boss on you.
    Squirmy is easy. He simply squirms around the screen. The only real danger 
    is the bullets coming from above. Just blast him with the Flame-you won’t be 
    needing it in the next fight. When Squirmy is fishbait, grab up the health 
    he leaves behind and wait for the boss to show up, catching enough bullets 
    to charge up a Pyroport, hopefully.
    A man in a black trenchcoat with taloned hands will soon appear. After 
    laughing at you, a brief cutscene will play. The man will transform (after 
    appearing to be in the throes of an orgasm) into a giant weretiger!
    Hobbes is TOUGH. He is a *very* difficult boss. Don’t underestimate him just 
    because he has no long-range weapons, because he is ten times deadlier in 
    close up combat than Rurotten Kenshin was.
    First off, forget the Flame. You’ll have to get close to him to use that, 
    and you DON’T want to be close to Hobbes!
    “Fine” you say. “I’ll use my Lancer! That can take out anything!”
    Nope, sorry! The Lancer is an important part of this fight, but you can’t 
    just shoot at him from across the room. The Lancers’ awesome penetrating 
    power (did I really just say that?) can zap through most any defense, but 
    Hobbes’ arms can block them. So you’ll have to wait for an opening.
    What you want to do is this: When Hobbes leaps towards you, teleport past 
    him. Now, when you see his arm is raised up, THAT’S when you wanna put a 
    Lancer in his chest! It’s an easy pattern to follow, but it’s only half the 
    fight, as the Lancer will run out of juice soon and he’ll still have about 
    half his life left.
    What you wanna do now is switch to the Sword Force or Homing Force. Then 
    keep teleporting and firing, teleporting and firing, until you’ve destroyed 
    him. This will take a while, so be patient.
    Once Hobbes has meowed his last meow, get ready to go through some VERY 
    trying stages if you’re on a KGEN.
    Remember how I said earlier that you if you were playing this on a KGEN, it 
    would start to get buggy? Well, it just started. The next few levels will be 
    riddled with invisible pits unless you’re on a Genecyst, the ONLY emulator 
    that can play Alien Soldier correctly!
    You can try going through here on your KGEN, but I wouldn’t recommend it 
    unless you *like* screaming at the screen and pulling your hair out.
    Falcos’ Cousin has the age-old action game hero affliction of “allergy to 
    water.” (Someone really should do a telethon for this…) If you fall in, you 
    can jump out but you’ll still take damage.
    Hey, what can I say? He looks like a sturgeon. :D
    Theodore will leap out of the water in an arc, trying to drag you down into 
    the toxic depths. This is easily avoided by hovering. Send a Lancer into him 
    as he passes under you.
    Theodores’ second attack is to stick his head out of the water and spit a 
    spray of bombs, much like Pinchys’. Try to nail him with the Lancer when he 
    does this. If you’re lucky, he’ll come out right under you and you can zap 
    straight down into him. Continue on till he’s chum.
    Same layout as Stage Ten, basically. Use the same tactics as before.
    “Suckemup?” My boss names are starting to sound like Power Rangers monsters…
    Suckemup is metal, so your Flame is useless against him. Just as well, as 
    you can’t get that close to him. Break out the Lancer, and shoot at his core 
    from across the screen while being careful not to be sucked/blown into the 
    water. When he shoots a laser at you, just duck it.
    Soon, Suckemup will go to the right side of the screen, and it will start 
    scrolling. Make sure you don’t get scrolled off into the water and keep 
    jumping around and blasting his core. If you destroy him fast enough, he may 
    not even get to this stage.
    Water, water, everywhere, and kill your ass it will…Head on like usual until 
    you see some Toads bullying a small blue teddy bear. Blow them away 
    (wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple back in middle school?) and the 
    bear will start driving the boat to safety...until the boss shows up.
    The first thing he’ll do is grab the bear and throw him overboard! Heartless 
    bastard! And not the cool kind! (sorry, message board in-joke there)
    Now, the battle begins. Sebastian wouldn’t be *that* tough, except for the 
    boats’ going back and forth! What you want to do is run to one side of the 
    boat (don’t teleport, or you’ll go into the water) so he’ll bring down one 
    claw on that side, giving you a few seconds to spray his head with Flame. If 
    he swings a claw across, try to jump over it.
    And be on the lookout for his dives into and out of the water, and the rain 
    of lobsters that accompany it! Blast as many as you can for some much needed 
    Short, simple stage. And the water is gone! Yay! The auto-scroll area may 
    seem challenging, but once you get rid of the big worm (try to make it so he 
    dies above the ground so you can grab the oodles of health he leaves behind) 
    just relax and let it carry you to the boss.
    Flutter will begin the battle in pupae form. DON’T use any of your special 
    weapons on him now! Equip the Buster. Catch some of his bullets if you want 
    to charge up a Pyroport, then get RIGHT beside him and shoot diagonally. If 
    you’re close enough to him, none of his shots will hit you!
    When the pupae starts to explode, get back and equip the Lancer. Zap Flutter 
    in the head while you teleport past his dives and antennae grabs. When he 
    starts slowly flying across the room dropping pollen, DON’T get hit with it 
    or you’ll be temporarily blinded!
    When you run out of Lancers, get in close with the Flame. All in all, he’s 
    not too tough.
    AARGH! The next couple of stages are a REAL pain in the ass. You’re in total 
    darkness, which you can only light up with a weapon. Only problem is, you 
    can’t see what weapon you’re selecting! Try not to waste too much of your 
    valuable stuff, and prepare for a battle.
    Not too tough. When he shoots at you, leap from the floor to the ceiling to 
    avoid it, and teleport past him when he charges you. The Buster works well.
    Same layout as 14, pretty much.
    Except one thing…..
    Daisy will send out waves of spores and needles at you, but these are fairly 
    easy to dodge. Blast him nonstop, and when it looks like he’s getting ready 
    to fire, run to the other side of the screen. Stick to the Buster for this 
    guy-a tough gauntlet of bosses are coming right up, and you’ll need your 
    heavy artillery for them.
    After you deflower Daisy, you’ll be rudely introduced to the next boss as it 
    flies down and picks you up!
    The main point of Grabby is simple: *you must kill him as fast as humanly 
    possible.* If you don’t, the worms and Bumbles will knock you to your doom. 
    I suggest the Flame. It will burn him to ash in 3-4 seconds.
    After you’ve defeated Grabby, the wounded boss will fly into a spider web. A 
    huge spider will come out and devour him, (well, his midsection anyway) and 
    then will look to you with thoughts of dessert.
    Don’t bother attacking while Charlotte is feeding on Grabby, or you’ll just 
    waste ammo.
    Aaarggghh…this is a tough one.
    Charlotte will move back and forth below the remains of Grabby, shooting 
    easily-dodged blasts at you. Occasionally she will turn upside down, 
    exposing her main weak point, her abdomen. Shoot this with the Buster 
    (you’ll need the Lancer later) and make sure her thread doesn’t snag you.
    Sounds easy, huh? Got news for ya. The real threat is not Charlotte herself, 
    but her babies. Baby spiders will slowly fly in from the bottom of the 
    screen and glom onto Grabbys’ remains, pulling it down into the abyss. This 
    is exceptionally bad news, as this dead bug is the only thing you’ve got to 
    stand on.
    You have to remember, the babies are the real enemy here. If you’re patient 
    and make sure to blast them all, you should be okay.
    Again, straight to a boss fight….Fortunately, the boss gauntlet ends with 
    Remember how I stressed you to get the Lancer? Meet the reason why. It is 
    the ONLY way to kill Peregrine before the time runs out.
    Naturally, you don’t want to get caught in Peregrines’ target lock. Dodge 
    this and shoot while you can.
    When he goes up, he’s going to dive back down shooting a blast straight from 
    his beak, followed by a volley from both wings, which you can teleport out 
    of the way of, barely. Expect to do a lot of save/loadstating in this fight…
    Note: Peregrines’ wing blasts are by far his strongest attack, taking off 
    200 units of your health!
    When Peregrine is extincticated, sit back and watch a very strange cutscene 
    as the Earth explodes into water droplets and a giant cloaked Grim Reaper 
    appears appears in space and looks at Falcos’ Cousin, who then turns into a 
    ball of light, spirals into space and reappears in a snowy area.
    FINALLY, a chance to heal and power up! Enjoy it while you can, and continue 
    to the right to meet….
    Dreidel can be a toughie without the right tactics. For one thing, though it 
    looks like you should move around, you need to stay on the far right 
    platform. From here, you can catch his bullets, deflect his tiles and be 
    completely safe from his lasers.
    Dreidel will send double waves of bullets at you, which you can catch for 
    health. He will also send out his tiles at you, which you can use the catch 
    motion to deflect.
    Occasionally, he will send a huge wall of tiles at you. No need to fear 
    though, simply deflect it the same way you do the regular tiles. He will 
    then come towards you firing big lasers that, in your position, you’re 
    totally safe from. Zap away at his center with the Buster, weakening his 
    defenses. When he’s next to you, he’ll teleport back to the side of the 
    screen, and repeat the process. Eventually his protective tiles will be 
    gone, and you can Bust at his core until he croaks.
    A very short area, and then…
    Hey! A boss I actually know the right name of! Melon Bread was a boss in 
    Gunstar Heroes, that you met in the Dice Maze at Blacks’ Fortress. There, he 
    was a total pushover, but here, he’s a bit more dangerous.
    Melon Bread has three attacks. Going from side to side smashing his nose 
    down on the floor (this is the best stage to attack him in) going from side 
    to side laying down bombs (he doesn’t do this very often) and flying around 
    whirling his nose around like a cyclone.
    The last one is the one to look out for-just teleport like crazy and don’t 
    even think about trying to attack. In his other stages, teleport a lot and 
    fire at him with the Lancer until his body explodes! (his face however, will 
    still float around)
    Just a straight boss stage….with a very tough gauntlet. You thought 
    Daisy/Grabby/Charlotte/Peregrine was bad? You ain’t seen *nothin’* yet.
    Another Gunstar Heroes boss! And like Melon Bread, he’s much tougher this 
    time around….
    Soldier has two main attacks-throwing his boomerang and shooting off his 
    arm. Jump over the arm, and when he throws the boomerang, get out of its 
    range and take advantage of his temporary immobility to zap him with the 
    Lancer. Also, don’t get too close to him or it’ll smash you with a flurry of 
    Not so much a boss as a mini-stage. Run through the caves collecting health 
    and blasting Urchin with the Buster. Get behind this Sonic wannabe if you 
    can, the shooting is good there.
    It only has one attack-spinning faster than usual and charging ahead-but 
    this is easy to see coming and simple to teleport past.
    When it starts to open its wings, don’t shoot! You’ll make him close them 
    and waste your ammo!
    The point at which you want to shoot him is just after he’s swung at you. 
    Bust his core and keep moving!
    His oddly placed weak point-his tail-can be a bother. You’ll be teleporting 
    a LOT in this fight.
    His two main attacks are shooting a fireball from his tail and leaping at 
    you. When he does either of these, teleport behind him and cap him in the 
    GGGGGGAAAAARRGGHHH!!!!! *@^&#*#! I hate this guy….not to mention, the timer 
    is more than likely against you at this point.
    The fight is in the same sort of area as Falcon Force, but you seem to get 
    swept around a lot more. Not to mention, you can catch his waves of mines, 
    but only a few of them will give you Diamonds…
    There is an opening you should look for. At a point during the fight, it 
    will be possible to get behind him and fire nonstop while you’re out of 
    reach of his tails. Look for it….
    Finish tails off, and you’ll head off into space!
    The asteroids can look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of 
    dodging them, it’s not that tough.
    Pretty easy. This is one of the few bosses that the Sword works really well 
    Make sure you don’t get hit by his whirling cannons, which will then stop 
    and either spin around sending out two waves of small lasers (teleport a few 
    times to shake these) or fire straight ahead. (again, teleport)
    It will also send out waves of bullets and asteroids. Catch the bullets to 
    replenish yourself, and deflect the asteroids with the same function.
    All in all, a simple boss. Blow him into nothing, then move on to stage 22! 
    Almost at the end now!
    Blast those Bikers! Or if you’re feeling reckless, try letting them shoot so 
    you can catch their bullets. Then dodge the Missiles, and prepare for-what 
    else? A boss fight.
    Ouroboros will loop around the screen, then curl up into a ball and send out 
    his segments. (don’t worry, the segments can’t hurt you as they come out)
    While the easily dodgable segments fly around, Flame Ouroboros in the head 
    nonstop. Easy.
    A quick drop and a dash through a Diamond-filled corridor, and on to the 
    This guy isn’t that tough on his own, but the environment is working against 
    you too…
    Also, Rider is unique in a way-he has two major weak points, each of which 
    have different vulnerabilities.
    Rider himself-Buster, Flame
    Horses’ head - Lancer
    Rider will try to target you with his gun. When you see the sight appear, 
    teleport left and right nonstop until he has to reload, then fly up and 
    shoot the horse in the head with the Lancer. When this runs out, concentrate 
    on Rider with your Flame and Buster.
    However, occasionally the horse will seem to smell something-which means a 
    type of wall is going to start popping up. Follow his lead and get down or 
    up, and blast him nonstop as he can’t attack while dodging. Soon, he’ll ride 
    off into the sunset permanently.
    The stage begins rather rudely, as Missiles start firing from the bottom of 
    the elevator! Do your best to dodge them.
    This guy is HARD.
    First of all, he will fire short firebursts. Teleport to avoid these. Look 
    for it to shoot twice on one side, then teleport over to the other. He will 
    eventually shoot them all in a row, just teleport past the flames as they 
    come at you, and get a few shots in at his core if you can.
    Then, he will disassemble and fly up to the ceiling. Teleport past his 
    parts, and then start blazing away at his core with the Lancer and then the 
    Sword. He will now periodically fire a pair of lasers from his core, while 
    sending down wide shots from his pods. Run around the pods (you shouldn’t 
    need to teleport) and hammer him relentlessly. (his core zaps are easy to 
    see coming and avoid.) Eventually he’ll drop back down to the floor. Just 
    repeat the same process until he’s destroyed.
    Last stage! Grab the Golden Orb and head right for the final showdown!
    Not Dick Chaney, you dummies! :P Lon Chaney! You know, the Wolfman?
    I feel old….
    This will be a long, tough fight. For starters, it can be tough to determine 
    where he’s vulnerable, as nothing seems to hurt him.
    As the target implies, Cyberchaneys’ head is his weakpoint, but you can only 
    hit it when he opens his mouth.
    And in boss tradition, he only opens it to attack you.
    He has three main attacks.
    The first is a spray of bullets from his arm-cannon. Get behind these and 
    catch as many as you can to get much needed energy.
    This will be a spiraling fireball from his mouth. Of course, this is when 
    you should attack him but not with your gun. Instead, catch the blast while 
    it’s in his path (easier than it sounds) and it will smash back into his for 
    big damage.
    The third attack is one of the most irritating attacks in video game 
    history! He will throw you (you can’t avoid this) up into the shaft above, 
    and fire a stream of lasers after you-and yup, you guessed it. You have to 
    dodge them as you fall back down. Have fun…try not to teleport though. It 
    will make you vulnerable when you rematerialize.
    Keep smacking his mouth blasts back into him, and survive the Annoying Shaft 
    Attack, and soon, Cyberchaney will explode.
    In video game villain tradition, his death will cause his fortress to 
    self-destruct for no apparent reason, but Falcos’ cousin blazes outta there! 
    A winner is you!

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