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"Great import of the Genesis Megadrive"

Alien Soldier is a side-scrolling shooter title, similar to Gunstar Heroes or Contra III: The Alien Wars. Alien Soldier is made by the same company that produced Gunstar Heroes (Treasure), and Alien Soldier is a worthy adversary to Gunstar Heroes. You play as a strange bird-like creature and you can select 4 weapons to use, each with their own different abilities and drawbacks. It's a fun game to play and you should give it a try!

Graphics: 9
Lush, beautiful 16-bit graphics are found in Alien Soldier's levels and especially the incredible bosses. The graphics are some of the best that the Genesis has seen. It looks better than Gunstar Heroes, but it doesn't quite play as well. The different weapon effects look awesome, and so do the backgrounds, monsters and bosses. Okay, I'm just repeating myself here. The graphics are excellent Genesis material, and Treasure did a good job with them.

Sound: 8
The music kept you going and the sound effects were great! They could've both been better, but no real harm done. Nice work with the audio again, Treasure.

Gameplay: 8
Simple, fun shoot-em-up style. Unlike Gunstar Heroes, you don't just head right on the screen, you may go left as well. There are also several techniques to master in Alien Soldier; for instance teleporting (which helps during boss battles), hovering and shooting in different directions. All in all, there's a lot of overall technique involved, making Alien Soldier a fun game to learn and play. As for the difficulty, mindless shooting usually will prove to only make the game more challenging, so try doing some planning especially with boss enemies. For bosses, you'll want to use the teleport command to quickly dodge their attacks and attack them when they are out in the open. You can select from Easy or Hard, but for some reason, you automatically start out on Hard. Interesting, eh? Regardless, the gameplay is just great in Alien Soldier. After playing this, I highly suggest you play Gunstar Heroes for an even more thrilling experience.

Overall: 8.3 (Great)
I won't include value in this review, since it is a shooter and there is no intended value, and if I gave it a 0, that would lower the score simply to a 6.3, and the game isn't quite at that level, it's way better. Such a shame that this game was never released outside of Japan.

-Great Gunstar Heroes-style fun
-Excellent graphics

-No America release

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/02, Updated 01/03/02

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