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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Fang the Sniper

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    *Super Fantasy Zone Game guide*
    For the Sega Mega Drive
    Ver 1 
    Information found and compiled by 
    Fang the Sniper (nakoruru_and_mamahaha@hotmail.com)
    1-Stuff that usually goes at the front.
             b-Notice to American players
             c-Legal Stuff
             d-Version History
    2-The Game!
             a-Basic storyline
             b-Controls and Gameplay
             c-Options Screen
             d-Stage guide
             e-Weapons Shop
             f-Boss Guide
             g-Tactics and strategies    
    3-The End.
    SECTION 1: Stuff that usually goes at the front.
      This is my first ever GameFAQS guide, so this is a 
    bit hit-and-miss.
      Super Fantasy Zone was the last of the Fantasy Zone 
    games to be released. It stars Opa-Opa, the strange 
    Bug/Ship hybrid, who must bring peace to the Fantasy 
    Zone for the 5th time. It has a lot of weapons, 
    enemies, stages and boss characters. This is also the 
    first Fantasy Zone game to have a decent storyline, 
    although the previous games had some nasty twists at 
    the end.. The Fantasy Zone series was also notorious 
    for having a cuddly-cute exterior, but at it's heart 
    having a brutal and nasty difficulty. You can also see 
    Opa-Opa in Phantasy Star Online as a secret Mag.
      I wrote this FAQ not because there was a request for 
    it, but because it didn't have much information at 
    all. Also, because it's too hard! So, here the FAQ 
     Unfortunately, for some reason, Super Fantasy Zone 
    was never released in America, but only in Japan and 
    Europe. I own the European version, so those who have 
    the import Japanese version, I will show directions 
    for what some of the options do.
    Ver 1.0- The first version of the Super Fantasy Zone 
    SECTION 2: The Game!
      After the victory of Opa-Opa over his twin created 
    by his own mind, the Fantasy Zone encountered a little 
    bit of peace. This peace, unfortunately, didn't last 
    long, because soon after, a giant gravitational 
    disturbance appeared just off the planet Menon. A 
    science team was sent to investigate. While they were 
    there, however, a military force came, claiming they 
    were the "Dark Menon Forces" and that they were here 
    to take over the Fantasy Zone. They wiped out the 
    whole Science Team, and proceeded to make their way to 
    the Fantasy Zone. O-Papa, Opa-Opa's father tried to 
    take on the Alien Forces, but was fatally wounded in 
    battle. Hearing of this, Opa-Opa vowed to return his 
    father's faith ad went out to seek revenge against 
    these aliens. Then, you start the game.
      The controls are very simple, since you don't need a 
    six-button pad for it. The controls (default settings) 
    A- Use Special Weapon (If you have one)
    B- Fire bullets/Main weapon
    C- Use Bombs/Secondary weapons.  
       The way the game works is you can move around 
    freely on the board, as the screen does not scroll. To 
    fight the boss and clear the stage, you must first 
    destroy the "Enemy Generators" that dot the level. 
    These can be identified by the little dot on them that 
    changes colour each time you hit them. As soon as all 
    the Enemy Generators are shot down, you face the boss 
    of the stage. To get better equipment, you need to 
    collect gold, and this is found when you shoot down 
    the normal enemies. The gold pieces can be used in the 
    shop, which appears at the start of every level 
    (Except Picknica, where it appears after you've shot 
    down a few enemies) in the shape of a weather balloon. 
    (The items that can be bought at the shop are in 
    section 2e) As soon as the boss at the end is beaten, 
    you advance to the next stage. Repeat until you clear 
    the game.
      The weapons you start off with are:
    TWIN SHOTS- Normal shot that is your standard weapon 
    throughout the game.
    BOMB- A single bomb, that is shot from the bottom of 
    the ship. Useless, upgrade as soon as possible.
    SMALL WINGS- Slow movement, but useful. Best to 
    upgrade when you can.
      Also, the coins come in 8 different varieties. Each 
    has a different number.
    8: 5,000 Gold.
    7: 2,000 Gold
    6: 1,000 Gold
    5: 500 Gold
    4: 200 Gold
    3: 100 Gold
    2: 50 Gold
    When you defeat a boss, money will start pouring from 
    it. The coins that come out first are worth 5,000 
      Right below Game Start on the title screen is the 
    Options menu. The options here are (In order):
    LIVES- Choose between 3, 4 and 5 lives. Default is 3.
    DIFFICULTY- Choose a difficulty between Easy, Normal 
    and Hard. Default is Normal.
    CONTROL- Change the controls. Default is explained in 
    Gameplay and Controls.
    RAPID- Change whether you can hold the button to fire. 
    This is off by default
    SOUND TEST- Listen to the music from the game. Fantasy 
    Zone veterans will recognise some tunes.. From Opa! 
    Opa! Onwards, the tunes classic Fantasy Zone tracks!
      You can't really write a stage guide for Super 
    Fantasy Zone, as they are pretty much the same, except 
    for the backgrounds, the music, the enemies and the 
    bosses at the end. However, I'll just give you the 
    names of the rounds.
    Round 1- Picknica
    Round 2- Kazarne
    Round 3- Niagro
    Round 4- Risscave (Note: Super Lights used here)
    Round 5- Grandiuss
    Round 6- Le-Picker (Note: Rubber Boots used here)
    Round 7- Aflouricious
    Round 8- Menone (Note: Boss endurance stage!)
    Round 9- ?
      In here, you can buy various weapons and add-ons for 
    your ship. I will go through each weapon you can buy, 
    how much they start off priced as, and whether you 
    should bother spending your money.
    #1: Big Wings, 200 Gold.
    These are an upgrade from the small wings, but not by 
    much. When you are strapped for cash or when you first 
    start the game however, they are a worthwhile 
    purchase, just don't use them for long, as in later 
    levels, they are too slow.
    #2: Jet Engine, 5,000 Gold. 
    Probably the best Speed-up item, the Jet Engine is 
    faster than the Big Wings, but not so faster that 
    you'll have minimal control. Pick this up as soon as 
    possible. The earliest place to attempt to buy this is 
    Kazarne, stage 2, as you won't have enough on 
    #3: Turbo Engine, 20,000 Gold.
    Just a little bit too fast, you can cash quite easily 
    with this equipped. Stick with the Jet Engine, and 
    don't waste money on this.
    #4: Rocket Engine, 100,000 Gold.
    Now this piece of kit is just insane, as it's so fast 
    you have very little control. Stick with the Jet 
    Engine, this item is too expensive and very useless.
    #1: Wide Beam, 1,000 Gold. 
    Not as useful as the name implies, this item shoots 
    off long Semi-Circles of energy. They only hit one 
    target (That means they don't go through enemies) but 
    this can be useful if you want to cover a large area.
    #2: Laser Beam, 4,000 Gold. 
    Probably the best overall, this goes through enemies 
    and can take down Enemy Generators in seconds. Best to 
    be saved for later stages, as the price on this can be 
    very expensive late in the game.
    #3: 7-Way Shot, 10,000 Gold. 
    Wider than the wide beam, this attack covers a lot of 
    the board, but only does as much damage as an ordinary 
    shot. Useful in Le-Picker (If you can't afford the 
    Rubber Boots)
    #4: Cross-Rang, 20,000 Gold. 
    Essentially, a boomerang as a weapon, this is not very 
    useful at all. Buy the Laser Beam instead.
    #1: Twin Bomb, 200 Gold. 
    The same as the normal bomb you start with, except 2 
    are fired at a time. Don't waste money on these, 
    unless you're REALLY strapped for cash.
    #2: Quartet Bomb, 1,000 Gold. 
    The most useful item in the whole game, these babies 
    not only fire in 4 directions, but also lock on to 
    certain enemies. Pack these bombs as soon as possible, 
    preferably Picknica.
    #1: Ultra Bomb, 2,000 Gold.
    A normal bomb, with the exception that it falls slower 
    and it creates a bigger explosion. Best to save this 
    for the bosses.
    #2: Heavy Bomb, 2,000 Gold.
    When you used this, a giant weight comes from directly 
    above you, killing any enemies that are squashed by 
    it. Very useful for the bosses on Risscave and 
    #3: Thunder Volt, 2,000 Gold.
    When this item is used, thunderbolts shoot down onto 
    the screen, killing anything caught. They are long and 
    vertical, and can be useful in some situations.
    #4: Hurricane, 2,000 Gold.
    When used, a number of tiny whirlwinds spiral out from 
    your ship, killing anything that comes in contact with 
    them. Very useful when you are crowded.
    #5: Smart Bomb, 2,000 Gold.
    Simply destroys all enemies on screen. This excludes 
    any Enemy Generators and bosses.
    #6: BackFire, 2,000 Gold.
    A burst of flame comes from behind your ship. Very 
    useful against the boss of Afloricious.
    #7: Shower Bombs, 2,000 Gold.
    When used, 6 bombs come from beneath the ship, killing 
    anything below. Useful on Le-Picker if you don't have 
    the Rubber Boots.
    #1: Extra Life, 2,000 Gold.
    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Cheap at first, 
    but the price this goes for eventually is 100,000 
    Gold! Try to buy these early.
    #2: Shield, 40,000 Gold.
    A bubble will surround your ship and defend you from 
    attacks for a short time. Infinitely useful on Menone, 
    but doesn't last long. Use sparingly, as they can be 
    #3: Rubber Boots, 5,000 Gold.
    These are only used on 1 stage, and that is Le-Picker. 
    The floor on this stage will kill you as it is 
    electrically charged. With this item, you can walk on 
    the floors without fear of dying. (Unless you get 
    shot! ^^)
    #4: Super Lights, 4,000 Gold.
    Again, used on 1 stage, Risscave. Since it is so dark 
    on this level, you get a limited view, but with this 
    item you can see a lot more of the stage.
    2f- BOSS GUIDE
      As I mentioned earlier, Super Fantasy lulls you into 
    a false sense of security. The stages seem so docile 
    and cute and cuddly, the game can't POSSIBLY be hard, 
      WRONG. At its heart, this game is plain nasty when 
    it comes to difficulty. The stages themselves are not 
    so bad, but when you encounter the bosses, you will be 
    begging for mercy. That is why I'll give you 
    directions to beat each boss quickly and effectively.
    BOSS 1: Pumpkin Bomber
    Stage- Picknica
    Equip- Big Wings, Quartet Bombs
    Strategy- This one is quite hard for a first boss. The 
    pellets he fires explode and spiral off screen, making 
    them odd to judge. After firing 2 pellets, he 
    disappears and reappears somewhere else on screen, and 
    continues the pattern. Try to stay on the floor, as 
    his shots are easier to dodge from there. Simply 
    barrage him with the bombs and normal shots, while 
    dodging the bullets and he should die.
    BOSS 2: Laser Sphere
    Stage- Kazarne
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs
    Strategy- This boss has tiny little "Heads" all around 
    him. They each fire lasers which are easy to dodge. 
    There are 2 laser patterns that are circling him, one 
    goes round clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. That 
    means that at the same time, 2 lasers are being fired 
    from the heads and they circle round in those 
    directions. Sometimes the heads start revolving so 
    they change positions. Shoot the heads while dodging 
    the laser fire, and they will die off. Keep this up, 
    and he will die once the heads are gone.
    BOSS 3: Vacuum Fish
    Stage- Niagara 
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs, Ultra Bomb 
    Strategy- As soon as the boss appears, start shooting. 
    You won't hurt him, but keeping up a pattern here is 
    essential. When he opens his mouth, he is vulnerable, 
    but he will also be trying to suck you in, so use the 
    quartet bombs to home in on this weak spot while 
    travelling in the opposite direction to avoid being 
    inhaled. He will constantly be firing tiny blue shots, 
    so avoid these. After this, he will stop inhaling but 
    fire off a whole row of blue shots. Get in-between 
    them to avoid damage, but try and stay near his mouth 
    i.e. the middle, as he will start inhaling again. 
    Repeat until he dies.
    BOSS 4: Axe Head
    Stage- Risscave
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs, Heavy Bomb x2
    Strategy- When the boss first appears, he can't be 
    harmed, but then he releases his arms, two axes, that 
    twirl about slightly, and then you can start using the 
    quartet bombs against him. He also fires off bullets 
    in all directions; they can be easy to avoid. As soon 
    as he turns orange, use the heavy bombs to finish him 
    BOSS 5: Head Blocks
    Stage- Grandiuss
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs, Heavy Bomb 
    Strategy- This time, there are 2 bosses. They share 
    the same health bar though, but they're re on the same 
    screen. They move around in a random direction, but 
    it's not hard to avoid them. When one of the blocks 
    opens their eyes, that's when to attack. Mainly use 
    the normal shots, but fire the Quartet bombs in case 
    you see an opening, r use the heavy bomb if you 
    equipped it. When the boss dies, the coins come out 
    from one of the blocks, and then the other.
    BOSS 6: Mecha Gunner
    Stage- Le-Picker
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs
    Strategy- This boss has 8 guns around his body- 4 on 
    the left side, 4 on the right. When you start, start 
    shooting the gun directly in front of you, dodging the 
    oversized bullets he fires. You can take out all the 
    guns this way but be careful when you are switching 
    sides, as there is a power meter on the boss, and when 
    it depletes, he shoots a large beam above and below 
    him. Just finish off the guns and he'll go away.
    BOSS 7: Prawn Multiplier
    Stage- Aflouricious
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs, Laser, (If possible) 
    Heavy Bomb x2, a LOT of patience.
    Strategy- First, to equip a laser beam before fighting 
    a boss, die just as you defeat the last generator by 
    crashing into an enemy. After you come back, a shop 
    will come down. You may lose a life, but you can 
    purchase more if you have the money, which you should 
    do by now. Anyway, this boss is just pure evil. He 
    starts off as a giant prawn that fires the odd bullet 
    (which are very large and easy to avoid) so you should 
    have no problems here. As soon as he dies, however, he 
    splits into 4 mini-prawns. They also fire pellets, 
    lots of them, so you should stay on your toes. However 
    this nightmare is not over. When you kill one of the 
    Mini-Prawns, he splits into 4 even smaller prawns. 
    Fortunately, these don't shoot and are easy targets, 
    but when they do die, the bodies STAY ON SCREEN. By 
    touching them, you die. Nasty. However, here is a 
    tactic: When you kill one of the mini-prawns, use the 
    heavy bomb on the even smaller prawns, so their bodies 
    stay away from you, giving you some breathing space. 
    You can beat the boss, but you WILL scream. Oh yes you 
    BOSS 8- Endurance match!
    Stage-Menone (Whole stage)
    Equip- Jet Engine, Quartet Bombs, Laser Beam, Heavy 
    Bomb x6, a desire to see the ending, a lot of 
    patience, tissues.
    Strategy- Yeah, that's right. As soon as you think 
    you're seeing the final boss, you see ALL THE OTHER 
    BOSSES. As soon as the stage starts, the shop menu 
    comes up, so purchase what you need before you start. 
    Use the tactics for the bosses as before, and you 
    should get to the end of this stage. By the way, every 
    time you die, the Shop menu comes up again. If you die 
    before the Prawn Multiplier, stock up on everything 
    you can afford, but leave some spare for the final 
    Final Stage- I haven't reached this part of he game, 
    but I am getting close. I'll post up a strategy as son 
    as possible.
      OK, first thing is ALWAYS KEEP THE QUARTET BOMBS!!! 
    They are very useful as they home in on nearly 
    everything. Second, the more times you buy something, 
    it goes up. For example, Extra Lives start at 5,000 
    Gold, but when you buy one, the price will then 
    increase to 20,000 Gold the next time you want to buy 
    one. Be aware of that, especially with the Heavy Bomb, 
    since you'll use that a lot. On Le-Picker and 
    Risscave, a favourite tactic of mine is to purchase 
    the Laser Beam and stay on the floor. In Risscave, 
    most of the Generators are here, and on Le-Picker, ALL 
    the Generators are there, so you can go and kill them 
    quicker. This is how I usually spend my money at the 
    Picknica- Big Wings and Quartet Bombs
    Kazarne- Jet Engine
    Niagaro- Extra Life
    Risscave- Super Lights, Extra Life, Heavy Bomb 
    Grandiuss- Extra Life
    Le-Picker- Rubber Boots, Laser Beam
    Aflouricious- Heavy Bomb x2, Laser Beam
    That way you can earn a lot of money because you don't 
    go on a spend frenzy. Make sure you always have plenty 
    of money with you at all times, as you may need 
    something on the next stage at the shop. Finally, 
    leave the game on the title screen for a few minutes 
    and you will see the intro to the game.
    SECTION 3: The End.
    3a: CREDITS
    Me, Ant Cooke.
    That's it. All this information I compiled myself from 
    my copy of the game that I won on eBay. Eventually 
    there may be other people here who contribute, but for 
    now, I hog the show!
    3b: THANKS
    Thanks to SEGA and Sunsoft who made the game,
    Thanks to the kettle, which gave the tea that helped 
    produce this guide, 
    Thanks to the dude off eBay who sold me the game,
    but NO Thanks to SEGA, because they never released a 
    Dreamcast Sequel, and don't have plans for a Game Boy 
    Advance conversion (By the way, this was the only FZ 
    game coded by Sunsoft)
    Also, SEGA never released Space Fantasy Zone for the 
    PCE, which was supposed to be Space Harrier meets Opa-
    3c: THE END.
    Or is it? Mwahahahahaha!!!
    I might write more FAQs, particularly one for Sonic 
    and Tails 2/Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear, 
    but I'll see how this one does.
    All your Game Gear games are belong to Fang the 
    For any comments, complaints, death threats and 
    corrections, E-Mail me at 

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