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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gunlord999

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    Vixen 357 Walkthrough, v.0.01
    April 17, 2007
    By Gunlord
    Copyright: Gunlord-2007:2008
    :Table of Contents-
    [000]: Author intro and legal details
    [000A]: Introduction
    [000B]: Plot
    [000C]: Characters
    [000D]: Beginning the Game
    [001]: Scene 1
    [002]: Scene 2
    [003]: Scene 3
    [004]: Scene 4
    [005]: Scene 5
    [006]: Scene 6
    [007]: Scene 7
    [008]: Scene 8
    [009]: Scene 9
    [010]: Scene 10
    [011]: Scene 11
    [012]: Scene 12
    [013]: Scene 13
    [014]: Scene 14
    [015]: Scene 15
    [016]: Scene 16
    [017]: Final Pilot Stats
    [018]: Acknowledgements 
    [000]: Author intro and legal details
    Hello, everyone! This is my very first FAQ, so I am terribly sorry if 
    its not that good. However, as of today, it seems like I am the only 
    person I know of to have played and beaten Vixen 357! This is a truly 
    excellent, underappreciated strategy game for the Genesis, so I am of 
    the opinion it should get more love. My dear friend Armordragon 
    suggested I write a FAQ, so in an effort to give the game some more 
    attention, I have decided to take him up on that offer it as I play 
    through it again! Please send all suggestions to my email address, 
    bio_armor2026@yahoo.com This is just a rough draft, so I apologize for 
    any errors, but I do hope you find it at least a little useful!
    First off, the legal stuff:
    This FAQ is the property of Gunlord, copyright 2007. Only these sites 
    have permission to host it:
    Ask for permission to use this guide anywhere else, and I will probably 
    give it, so please, do ask before using it!
    Vixen 357 is copyright 1991 to NCS Masaya (the same people who made the 
    Langrisser series!)
    Secondly, I am afraid I must offer a warning and an apology before you 
    begin reading. You see, I dont understand Japanese and havent read the 
    instruction manual for this game (at least, not in a language I can 
    understand). Thus, many of the details I attempt to illuminate are 
    based entirely on my own experiences playing the game-I just translated 
    many of the names from my knowledge of katakana, made up names for 
    those given in hiragana, and made up titles for stats and options in 
    Hiragana which I wasnt sure of, but had a good idea of what their 
    purpose was from playing the game. Thus, I apologize in advance for any 
    inaccuracies to be found within this guide, and if you do find any, 
    please email me so I may correct them!
    Anyways, now that thats out of the way, on to the guide! Due to the way 
    this guide is written, I will introduce each element of the game as it 
    appears, although in future revisions I may split it up into separate 
    [000A]: Introduction
    What is Vixen 357? This is a turn:based, panel:based Strategy RPG made 
    by the same people who made the famous strategy game, Langrisser. It is 
    entirely in Japanese, and no translation exists that I know of. In 
    terms of gameplay, it is fairly similar to Langrisser, or SRPGs like 
    Fire Emblem, except in a science fiction setting rather than fantasy 
    and with giant robots (called Vectors) and beam weapons rather than 
    swords and sorcery. There are also a few differences in gameplay I will 
    describe later. If you liked games such as Front Mission or Super Robot 
    Wars, you will enjoy this game! It seems to have a fairly good plot, 
    but lamentably, I do not speak Japanese aside from a limited 
    understanding of katakana and thus am of little use. All I can give you 
    is a basic outline of the plot (provided kindly by Mobygames) and the 
    names of the characters, as they are given in English during the intro 
    [000B]: Plot (as taken from 
    In 2384 AD, a great interstellar war took place. The Earth emerged 
    victorious, thanks to a secretly developed robot weapon called "Serd". 
    After the war, the usage of Serds was not a secret any more, and 
    various nations started using them for military purposes. Several 
    years, a more powerful weapon named Vector was developed. The usage of 
    such highly destructive weapons led to wars between the nations of the 
    world. You control Takuya Murasawa and his comrades, member of a 
    special military force called Slash. Everything begins with an attack 
    of unidentified Vectors on their base...
    [000C]: Characters
    Once you start the game, you will be treated to a very nicely:done 
    animation sequence introducing you to all of the characters you will 
    have the opportunity to play as, with two exceptions. Here they are, in 
    order of appearance in said cinematic:
    1: Takuya Murasawa-He is the main character-if he dies in any mission, 
    its game over! 
    2: Nina Laurel - She is the second person you see, along with the 
    third, Chay Won. 
    3: Chay Won - She is the girl in the car with Nina. 
    4: Mack Ryan - This character is introduced as an expert sharpshooter, 
    and as you can expect, Mack Ryan proves to be better with ranged 
    weapons than almost everyone else under your command.
    5: Reiko Machida - She is introduced pointing at a holographic mission 
    briefing display of a sphere grid with a glowing ball at the center. 
    6: Harry Gibson - A hard:featured, older man with a chiseled, lined 
    face, he has long, shoulder:length light brown hair and is shown 
    lighting and smoking a cigarette with great satisfaction.
    7: Eddie Ray - A large, muscular blonde:haired man with a wide, broad 
    face who is shown catching a football helmet with a star on it. He 
    looks very strong. He turns out to be the best melee fighter of all of 
    your pilots.
    Characters Not Shown:
    Ben Bask (Be-N BaSuKu) - An elderly, white:haired man with the white 
    suit and cap of a Naval commander. He cannot pilot any of your Vectors, 
    he can only command his great airship. If the airship is destroyed and 
    he goes down with it, its game over.
    The Turncoat - Theres one more character who can and will join you, but 
    the circumstances of his recruitment are quite a surprise! Ill tell you 
    about him later on in the walkthrough.
    Anyways, thats it for the intro. Now that youre at the title screen, 
    press start and let the game begin!
    [000D]: Beginning the Game 
    Now that youve pressed start, you have 2 options: Beginning and 
    Continue. Press down and then A to select Continue. Youll be brought to 
    a new prompt which says "Continue: No Data" and below that, 4 numbered 
    files which also have no data in them. Please see this picture: if 
    youre still confused. This, obviously, is the load game screen, where 
    you can load a previously saved game from the chapter you left off on, 
    or continue a battle already in progress (that is what the Continue: No 
    Data thing was referring to). Since we havent started a game yet, all 
    of these are currently empty...but hopefully, will open up soon! Now, 
    press the B button to go back to the first prompt, then select 
    Beginning with the A button. As you can tell by now, the directional 
    buttons help you select options, the A button confirms, and the B 
    button cancels. Now, youve started a new game! Sit back and watch the 
    intro as well as the games backstory-if you cant read Japanese, my good 
    friend Silverspoon was kind enough to translate it for me, which you 
    can see here: http://gunlord.livejournal.com/629990.html
    After this, stage 1 begins! We see a shot of all the members of the 
    heros elite mech team behind a brief description of the stage. Press 
    start to get started!
    [001]: Scene One
    First off, a note of caution: Much like in Fire Emblem, if one of your 
    characters dies, they (and their mech) are gone forever! So, you should 
    always reset if you lose one of your allies, even if its not a game 
    over, because things will get very, very difficult later on if you dont 
    have a full complement of soldiers.
    After a brief conversation with a young woman at a base (which you can 
    skip over quickly by pressing the B button repeatedly), youll be ready 
    to start playing! First off, lets quickly look over the stage. The 
    first thing youll see is 3 brownish mechs with the number 10 and the 
    letters A (in green) and M (in maroon) over them. Let me take a moment 
    to explain what this means. All units that are either brown or blue are 
    your allies. The ones with A and M over them are the ones you can 
    directly control. The number 10 indicates that the unit has 100% of its 
    HP remaining-if it goes down to 9, its at 90%, at 6, 60%, at one, 10% 
    and its almost dead, etc. Now, move your cursor over one of your 
    friendly mechs and look at the bottom of the screen. Youll see three 
    things. At the very left is a picture of the mechs head-its portrait so 
    to speak. At the center are its most important stats and the name of 
    its pilot. Youll see its HP (when this goes to 0, the mech is destroyed 
    along with its pilot, obviously) and the level of the pilot at the top, 
    with a blue bar representing the pilots experience next to that (it 
    should be empty at this point). Below, youll see the Vectors name 
    followed by the name of its pilot (all in Japanese, unfortunately, but 
    I can provide you with passable translations, fortunately). At the very 
    left youll see a little box with a picture of the sort of land the mech 
    is currently on as well as a percentage below it, but Ill explain that 
    in the next paragraph.
    Now, all of your units can both attack and move once each turn (though 
    not necessarily in that order!) Move the cursor (the square:sherped 
    crosshair thing) over to one of your 3 units and press the C Button. 
    Yes, the C button...I have no idea why they chose to use that rather than 
    the A button, but what can you do, huh? The A button instead cycles 
    through all of your units, of which there are only 3 at the moment. 
    Once youve selected one, youll see 3 options, all in Japanese.  The 
    topmost option is MOVE. Press the C or A button to select it. The 
    screen will darken except for a small area which remains lighted, and a 
    pair of metal boots will appear. Your mech can move anywhere on the 
    lighted field.
    Now, a few notes concerning terrain. As youll notice, the lighted part 
    of the screen (your movement range) extends well into the grass and on 
    the road, but cuts off abruptly in the mountains. This is because your 
    mechs cannot move as well through certain types of terrain as they can 
    through others. They move best on roads, and grasslands, are somewhat 
    impaired in forests and cities/buildings/urban areas, move poorly in 
    mountains and shallow water, and can barely move at all in deep water.
    This does not hold true for all your Vectors, however. Later on in the 
    game, you will get an aquatic Vector that moves (and performs!) 
    extremely well in water, and you will also get flying airships can 
    simply cruise over any difficult terrain and thus are able to move up 
    to their maximum range each turn. But, we shall get to that later.
    Anyways, while youre still on the move screen, take a look at the very 
    bottom of the screen. Youll see a blank window at the left corner, a 
    long window in the center (telling you that youre on turn 1 of Scene 1) 
    and finally, a little picture of the land in the right corner. Whatever 
    panel the movement cursor (the metal boots) is on, its terrain type 
    will show up in that little picture in the bottom right corner. A 
    mountain will show up if youre thinking of moving to a mountain, a tree 
    if youre moving to a forest, etc. etc. etc. Now, below that, youll see 
    a number with a little percent sign next to it. Im not quite sure what 
    this means, but I believe it affects combat capability-the chance to 
    evade attacks, specifically. Positive numbers increase your evasive 
    ability, and negative numbers decrease it. Move your boots over a green 
    square, and youll see 10%, indicating a boost of 10 percent to your 
    evade. Move them over a road, and youll see 0%, meaning no boost. Move 
    them over a mountain, and youll see 30%, which means that keeping your 
    guys in mountains helps them dodge attacks better. Now, not all terrain 
    has these positive effects-move your boots waaaay to the left, well 
    into the dark area outside your move range, and you should come to a 
    river with flowing blue water. Keep your boots over it, and youll see 
    that :20% appears below the terrain window, indicating that combat 
    capability is REDUCED for that unit if it is placed in water. Like I 
    said, though, youll get machines later on that are different-aerial 
    units are unaffected by terrain (positively or negatively) and the 
    aquatic Vector gets +20% in water.
    Now, you can press A or C to move to the selected panel your little 
    metal boots are on (so long as its within the lighted field) but for 
    now, lets forget about that and explore the other options. Press B to 
    go back to the previous menu. Now, go one down and select the second 
    option with either C or A (as usual). This means "Attack." Two new 
    options will pop up. Select the first one, and the screen will darken 
    while still leaving lighted panels, similar to the move option. 
    However, rather than a pair of boots, a beam rifle serves as the cursor 
    here. This is for your ranged attacks-you can attack any enemy unit 
    that shows up in the lighted areas, just move the little gun over them 
    and press A or C. Notice that friendly units are darkened (you cant 
    attack your allies in this game) as well as a small area directly 
    surrounding your mech, due to the fact that the ranged weapons you 
    currently have equipped cannot be used in close combat-they have a 
    minimum range. Some ranged weapons dont have this, however, and can be 
    used close up, but well get to them later. Anyways, press B and go back 
    to the previous menu, now select the second option. Youll see the exact 
    same screen pop up, with a beam rifle cursor and everything, but this 
    time, the range of lighted squares you can attack in should look 
    somewhat different. This is because youve selected your machines close 
    combat attack. Obviously, it has much less range than your long:range 
    attack (in the case of two of your units, its just one square, but in 
    the case of your leading mech, its exactly the same) but its made for 
    melee battles, making it useful for when your enemys managed to get up 
    close and personal with you.
    Please see these pictures if youre still confused-they ought to explain 
    dsscreen.jpg - explanation of the basic screen
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/Gunlord/MovementScreen.jpg - 
    Movement Screen
    Now, cancel this and go back to the very first menu, and select the 
    third, bottommost option. This is the status screen, and requires a 
    healthy bit of explaining! A pictures worth a thousand words (in this 
    case quite literally!) so please see this image for some clarification: 
    Let me explain all of this.
    Close:ranged combat skill is how good the pilot is in close combat. As 
    you can see, Takuya here has 4 points in HR and 3 points in ER. HR is 
    hit rate (his chance of hitting an enemy in close combat) and ER is 
    evade rate (his chance of evading an enemys attacks). The HR and ER 
    below that are for ranged weapons, and work exactly the same. The 
    number below that is the mechs movement range, which in this case is 8.
    The big window to the right  is for the Vectors special abilities, if 
    it has any, which this one doesnt.
    The big window to the left is the weapons loadout for the mech. The 
    right column is for ranged weaponry and the left column is for melee 
    weaponry. The names of both weapons are given, as is their attack 
    power, the maximum number of shots they will launch in each attack (the 
    Laser Saber will slash a maximum of 3 times whereas the Vulcan shoots 8 
    bullets), their range, and their ammo-when this runs out, the weapon 
    can no longer attack! In this case, the Nelson can attack with its 
    laser saber a maximum of 30 times while it can shoot its Vulcan a 
    maximum of 20 times. This sounds kind of small, but dont worry, by the 
    3rd stage youll be able to replenish your ammunition. Finally, the 
    numbers at the bottom indicate the total combat capabilities of the 
    mech. AP is its total attack power, which is the weapons attack power 
    modified by the strength of the Vector itself. DP is the Vectors 
    defense against attacks, and can be different against ranged and melee 
    attacks-some vectors are almost invulnerable to close:combat strikes 
    while others perform well against projectile attacks. HR and ER are the 
    total Hit Rate and Evade Rate, modified by the pilots skill and the 
    mechs targeting and evasive abilities.
    Now that Ive explained the status screen, theres one more thing to 
    explain-the options menu! Exit from the unit menu and just press start. 
    A list of options will be brought up. Look at these picture for English 
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/Gunlord/Options.png - the 
    options screen.
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/Gunlord/Conditions.png - The 
    Conditions screen.
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/Gunlord/Configuration.png - the 
    Configuration screen.
    I dont know much about the configuration screen, only that you can turn 
    the battle animations on and off. I dont know what the other two 
    options do D:
    Now that you know what to look at, Ill introduce you to your units! Of 
    the 3 mechs you see, 2 look exactly alike while the 3rd looks a little 
    different. That third mech, whose portrait looks kind of like a 
    Patlabor mech with a sharp chest, is named the "Nelson" and is piloted 
    by our hero, Takuya Murasawa. He is a relatively skilled pilot, only 
    lv.1 but with 4 levels of Hit Rate and 3 levels of Evade in both Melee 
    and Ranged combat. The Nelson is the best Vector available to you at 
    the moment, with 1300 HP, 45 defense points at both long and short 
    range, and armed with a Laser Saber with 30 ammo that can attack a 
    maximum of 3 times, and a Vulcan with 20 ammo that fires 8 bullets with 
    every attack, giving it a total of 126 AP at close range and 59 AP at 
    short range, both of which consist of 1 to 3 panels. It can also move 8 
    panels per turn, and has no special abilities. For now, youre best off 
    using it in close combat, since the laser saber is so much more 
    powerful than the Vulcan.
    The other two men in your army both pilot Swifts). These machines, 
    which look like brown GMs from Gundam with shoulder cannons, are 
    significantly outclassed by the Nelson, but are still much better than 
    anything your allies and your enemies have in this stage. They have 
    only 1150 HP each and are both absolutely terrible at close:range 
    combat, equipped with nothing but a Punch with a range of 1 and total 
    attack of 36 (virtually negligible), and a close:range Defense of 30. 
    However, they make up for it with their superior ranged capabilities-
    they are equipped with a nice Beam Rifle) that has a range of 3 to 6 
    panels, a total attack power of 109, fires three shots with each 
    attack, and has 20 attacks worth of ammo in its cartridge. They can 
    both move 6 panels per turn, and have no special abilities.
    They are piloted by Harry Gibson, the older:looking, brown:haired 
    fellow, who starts off just as good as Takuya, but at lv.3 with 4 
    levels of CHR (Close:ranged Hit Rate), 3 CER (Close:ranged Evade Rate), 
    4 LHR (Long:ranged Hit Rate), and 3 LER (Long:Ranged Evade Rate), and 
    Mack Ryan, the younger guy with blond slicked:back hair, who is lv.2 
    and has a pathetic 1 in both close:ranged combat abilities, but a very 
    impressive 5 LHR and 4 LER, the best in your forces at the moment. 
    Obviously, hes made for long:range combat! However, due to the mechs 
    theyre in and what theyre equipped with, both Harry and Mack should be 
    your ranged attackers.
    Now, lets look over the rest of the map! Move your cursor around to get 
    a good look at things. All the other mechs colored blue are your 
    allies, the Vectors in red and green are the invading enemy. The big 
    building colored blue is your base-dont let it be destroyed, or its 
    game over! Here are its statistics:
    Name: HerpBase 
    Pilot: Operator lv.3: 2CHR (0max), 2CER(24max), 2LHR(170max), 
    Weaponry: Nothing at close range, Scan Rockets at long range (REALLY 
    unsure of this, the kana is SuKiaN RoKeuTo)-28 attack power, 3 shots, 
    5:10 range, 20 ammo, 88 total AP. No special abilities.
    Defenses: 20 DP at short range, 20 DP at long range.
    On your side are exactly 9 other blue mechs. These are Ilzards, they 
    look kind of like blue Swifts, and they are the absolute worst mechs in 
    the game. They have only 400 HP, 15 defense at close range, and 15 
    defense at long range. They are armed with a Punch that has 3 attacks 
    and a total of 41 AP, and a Beam Rifle with a range of 3:6 and 3 
    attacks for a total of 79 AP-so yeah, theyre essentially much weaker 
    versions of your Swifts. No special abilities. They are piloted by 
    Pilots (I cant read the hiragana, so thats just the name Ive guessed 
    at) at lv.1 with 2 CHR(110), 1 CER(35), 2LHR(90) and 2 LER(35). Theyre 
    the friendly:looking guys in white helmets. They are led by a single 
    Commander (again, just guessing his name) who pilots the exact same 
    mech but has 3CHR(123), 2CER(42), 3LHR(103) and 3LER(42). Hes the guy 
    with a cool white helmet with golden wings on it covering his eyes.
    Now, lets look at the forces your enemy has arrayed against you! They 
    have deployed a total of 9 mechs-6 blue ones, 2 green ones, and one 
    more green mech that is the boss of the scene. Lets look them over:
    Degler: Red, boxy:looking mechs with 800 HP (twice that of the 
    Pilot: Enemy Pilots (again, cant read the hiragana, just made it up), 
    they have nappy brown hair and headsets. Level 1, 1CHR, 1CER, 1LHR, 
    Close:range capabilities: Hard Claw: 68 AP, 22DP, 135HR, 40ER, range 
    1:2, 3 hits max.
    Long:range: Vulcan: 20 AP, 18 DP, 65HR, 30 ER, range: 1:3, 8 shots max, 
    25 ammo.
    Move: 8
    Special: None
    Valser:V8: Green, boxy mechs with shoulder cannons, 600HP.
    Pilot: Enemy Commander (cant read), they have grey headsets. Lv.2, 2/1 
    2/1. (CHR/CER LHR/LER)
    Close:range: Punch: 22 AP, 18 DP, 110 HR, 35ER, range 1:1.
    Long:range: Machinegun: range 1:4, 8 shots, 20 ammo, 56AP, 22DP, 95HR, 
    Move: 6
    Special: None
    Name: Valser:V10: Green mech with head and yellow eye, 850 HP. Boss of 
    Pilot: Karry Gott, fat guy with poofy hair: Lv.3, 3/3 3/3 (almost as 
    good as Harry and Takuya!)
    Close:range: Punch: 34 AP, 20 DP, 134 HR, 54 ER, range 1:1.
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 66 AP, 25 DP, 134 
    HR, 67 ER
    Move: 6
    Special: None
    Whew! Now thats a mouthful. Lets FINALLY begin this walkthrough! Now, 
    Scene 1 is so pathetically easy that you probably wont need a 
    walkthrough, but here it is for the sake of completion. Okay, on Turn 
    1, your units start right above the base youre supposed to defend, 
    behind a small mountain range on the left side of the battlefield. Your 
    9 allies are in a staggered formation facing off against the enemy 
    forces deployed on the right side of the battlefield, with a Y:sherped 
    river between them. I would recommend moving your 3 mechs down the road 
    to the base on the first turn, since the mountain range is thinnest in 
    front of it and your guys can traverse it easily. Theres not much else 
    you can do. End your turn.
    Now, your allies will begin to attack. They will all move forward and 
    shoot at the Deglers with their beam rifles. Each individual attack 
    wont inflict much damage, but there are nine of them and they can wear 
    down your enemies a bit. When they choose a target, youll be treated to 
    a brief, cool attack animation of the allied mech taking its shots. 
    Youll notice that the Deglers dont do anything in retaliation. This is 
    because ranged weapons cannot be countered. Even if one mech attacks 
    another with a machinegun from melee range, the target will not 
    retaliate. Only close combat attacks can be countered in this game. 
    Anyways, after your allies have moved (only 2 of them will manage to 
    get in range to attack) its the enemys turn. Karry will have a 
    conversation with his underlings and they will then attack. The Deglers 
    will move forward and strike at the Ilzards with their Hard Claws, and 
    unfortunately, they will do MUCH more damage-the Ilzards will usually 
    manage to take about 12 percent of a Deglers HP off, but the Deglers 
    can easily take a 3rd of an Ilzards HP with a successful melee if they 
    attack three times. Take careful note of the attack animations. The one 
    Ilzard pilot that manages to get himself caught on an open plain in the 
    first round will almost certainly be severely damaged (and probably 
    destroyed) by the attacks of the first three Deglers-watch as they land 
    3 successful blows each round, taking off more than a third of the 
    Ilzards HP. On the other hand, the Ilzard that finds itself in a forest 
    will probably do a bit better-the Degler that attacks it will usually 
    only land 2 blows in close combat. This is why I believe the percentage 
    that appears below the terrain window indicates improvement in evasion.
    Also note that the Deglers Hard Claw has a range of 1:2 spaces, while 
    the Ilzards can only weakly punch 1 space ahead of them. Thus, even in 
    close combat, the Deglers can evade the Ilzards counterattack if they 
    attack from 2 spaces away. Fortunately, they usually dont choose to do 
    so and attack as close as possible-the AI isnt too bright. Not that it 
    makes much difference, of course, since their punches do almost no 
    damage. Also, note the disparity between the Deglers close:ranged Hard 
    Claw and its long:range Vulcan, which they will use if theyre 3 spaces 
    away from an Ilzard and unable to attack with their claws. Most of the 
    Vulcans shots will miss (it has a lower HR) and the bullets that do get 
    it will do negligible damage.
    Anyways, now for turn 2:
    Continue moving your mechs to the thinnest part of the mountain. Keep 
    Takuya in front-he has greater movement anyways, and you want him to 
    get his laser saber in range as quickly as possible while keeping the 
    long:range beam rifles of the Swifts safely behind him, where they wont 
    have to worry about close combat. Theres not much else you can do 
    otherwise, so just end your turn.
    The Ilzards will once again attack the Deglers, will little effect. On 
    the enemys second turn, the Deglers will probably destroy yet another 
    Ilzard, and if they dont, one of the Valser:V8s will finish it off-
    their machineguns are even more powerful than the Hard Claws, and will 
    decimate an Ilzards HP, taking off more than 80% of its HP if its 
    By this point, watching the crappy Ilzards get thoroughly pwned by the 
    enemy forces, youre probably feeling a bit discouraged. Well, dont take 
    it too hard-for the rest of the game, any stalwart allies that you 
    yourself dont control will almost invariably end up as cannon fodder-
    all theyre good for, essentially, is stalling the enemy and keeping 
    them occupied. Your unfortunate friends will probably be almost 
    entirely annihilated by the time your team crosses the mountain and 
    enters battle, but its no big deal.
    Anyways, on turn 3, start crossing the mountain. At least one of your 
    mechs should be able to get past it. End your turn. Now, if youre 
    lucky, the Ilzards might manage to destroy one of the Deglers and deal 
    some damage to another. Lamentably, the enemy will likely pay them back 
    and destroy another Ilzard or two. Once 4 Ilzards are lost, one of your 
    friendly troops will say something to his commander, who contacts 
    Takuya and the Slash team, and sad music will play. The Deglers will 
    continue to attack, and once theyre done, the V8s will devastate 
    another Ilzard or two.
    On turn 4, move your mechs as far forward as possible, if you want to 
    be a hero and at least try to save some of your allies (though I dont 
    think it makes any difference). The only units capable of attacking a 
    Degler at this point will probably be a Swift, so after moving, have 
    Mack or Harry (whoevers closer) select Attack and see if a Deglers in 
    range. Now, note that whoever moved and attacked no longer has an A or 
    M above their mech. You can only move once per turn and attack once per 
    turn, and once you carry out the action, the corresponding letter will 
    disappear, indicating youve used it up for that turn. You can move and 
    attack again only on the next turn. This is probably all you can do for 
    the turn, so end it. Depending on how they moved, an enemy may not be 
    in range this turn, but if theyre not, dont sweat it.The Ilzards will 
    attack again, doing little damage, and the Deglers and Valsers will 
    probably destroy most of them, with one or two remaining alive at this 
    point. If the allied commander dies, youll see his bloody portrait as 
    his mech explodes, and hell say something about Slash. At this point, 
    the Ilzards will have managed to destroy a Degler and severely damage 
    another if theyre lucky.
    However, on turn 5, your units can finally enter the fray in earnest 
    and avenge the deaths of your comrades! Move Takuyas mech forward on 
    dry land as much as you can, but be sure to keep him out of water. 
    Attack with the Laser Saber if an enemy is in range-concentrate on a 
    Valser if you can. If a heavily damaged Degler is in range, attack it 
    with any unit of your choosing-youll see that Mack and Harry deal much 
    more damage with their beam rifles than the Ilzards did, and Takuyas 
    laser saber can also devastate them, while evading their counterattacks 
    if he attacks from 3 spaces away. This stage really isnt as hard as the 
    destruction of your allies would make it seem :) If you manage to 
    destroy a Degler, Karry will talk with his underlings about something 
    and mention Vectors. Hell also open up communications with his 
    commanding officer, Frannel Maus, whom youll meet in the next chapter. 
    End your turn if theres nothing else you can do, and your allies will 
    continue to attack (if any of them are alive). Its possible to do all 
    this by Turn 4 if youre lucky.
    Now, the enemies will attack...and youll see why your mechs are many 
    times better than the crappy Ilzards. The Deglers will attack Takuya 
    with their Hard Claws multiple times, but will do very little damage, 
    while he will retaliate with his Laser Saber and shave off  anywhere 
    from 40 to 70% of their HP if hes lucky! The V8s will attack him with 
    their machineguns and probably do a bit more damage, with the boss V10 
    doing the most. The Nelson should have a big 7 over it, though-70% of 
    its HP remaining. For the next turn, Id have Mack and Harry clean up 
    the Deglers that Takuya probably nearly destroyed, and if you manage to 
    kill all but one, Commander Karry will make an exclamation of dismay. 
    Have Takuya attack a damaged V8. If any of your allies are still alive, 
    theyll help in the mopup, and when the last Degler is destroyed, youll 
    see its bleeding pilot getting blown up.
    As an aside, its possible to attack before moving, unlike in Fire 
    Emblem or Langrisser. At the beginning of a turn, if you attack a mech 
    closeby, only the A will disappear from the attacker-the M will still 
    be there, meaning you can move to wherever you wish. This comes in 
    very, very handy in later chapters.
    Anyways, by this point, you should be doing well-most of the Deglers 
    ought to be destroyed, leaving only the 2 V8s and the V10. Concentrate 
    on destroying the Deglers, then the V8s. The chapter will actually end 
    when you destroy the V10, but its advantageous to exterminate the enemy 
    entirely-look at the blue bar next to your pilots level. See how its 
    filling up? When it fills up entirely, they will "Level Up" and their 
    stats will improve accordingly.
    If any enemies are left alive at this point, theyll probably attack the 
    Nelson, which should have a good 60% of its HP remaining. Continue to 
    attack your foes at your leisure, although you should concentrate on 
    destroying the V8s, since theyre the most dangerous. After all the 
    enemies have been destroyed, attack Karrys Valser:V10. It shouldnt be 
    difficult at all to destroy, and once it does, youll see Karrys 
    surprised portrait as his mech explodes around him, and the stage will 
    end in victory!
    As an aside, the only way to lose this stage (which is nearly 
    impossible) is if the Nelson is destroyed (taking Takuya along with it) 
    or if the base with the operator girl is destroyed. If you followed 
    this walkthrough, the enemies shouldnt have gotten anywhere near the 
    base, though. After destroying Karry and his Valser:V10, a herppy 
    Takuya will chat with the operator and then receive a message from his 
    commanding officer, an older man with slicked:back white hair, whose 
    name is given in indecipherable hiragana I cant read. You will then 
    have an opportunity to save-move your cursor over the file you wish to 
    save to, or choose the topmost option to not save at all. On to Scene 
    Scene 2
    In this map, Takuya and Harry start off at the far left, behind a 
    mountain range, with Mack in front of them, well clear of it. There are 
    no enemies on the map, but for some reason, Mack isnt under your 
    control, and hes just doing his own thing. The most prominent feature 
    of this map is the large castle in the center the lake in its middle, 
    connected by a long road:bridge. For Turn 1, just move Harry and Takuya 
    as far to the right as you can, with an eye to getting them to that 
    castle (and following Mack) ASAP. End your turn. Mack will move 
    forward, and since there are no enemies, its turn 2 again. Again move 
    Takuya and Harry as far forward as they can go, dont let Mack get too 
    far ahead of his friends! He again moves for the castle, and no enemies 
    Unfortunately, once turn 3 rolls around, the enemy forces appear. A 
    squadron of 8 Deglers, 4 Valser:V8s, and one Arc:craft appears! The 
    stats for the Deglers and Valsers are EXACTLY the same as they were in 
    the previous stage. The only difference is the Arc:Craft, a large 
    flying airship, piloted by Frannel Maus. Here are its stats:
    Mech Name: Arc:Craft: Bulky:looking flying thing, 2000 HP
    Pilot: Frannel Maus, old guy with grey moustache, lv. 4, 2/2/3/3.
    Close:range: No weapons, 0 DP (Flying craft cannot attack or be 
    attacked with close:ranged weapons), 26 ER.
    Long:range: ShiyuHoU (No idea how to romanise this): 2 shots, 4:10 
    range, 50 ammo, 112 AP, 20 DP, 179HR, 49 ER.
    Move: 4
    Special: None
    Notes: Aerial, cannot be attacked with close:combat weaponry, no 
    terrain benefits or penalties.
    The enemy forces will move forward, but theyll still be far away from 
    you. By turn 4, youll hopefully close the gap to Mack a little bit. End 
    the turn. By turn 5, Mack should be almost to the castle and Takuya 
    should be right behind him, with Harrys slower Swift trailing. Mack 
    will attack one Degler after you end the turn, and theyll probably move 
    into range afterwards, with one of them taking on Mack in close combat. 
    Fortunately, the castle provides a 50% terrain bonus, so they probably 
    wont get more than one hit in. Deglers that attack him with their 
    vulcans wont hit at all, due to the fact that theyll probably still be 
    in the lake (:20% terrain penalty) and he has a very high ER of 4 for 
    ranged attacks.
    Still, Mack wont be able to hold out forever, so put Harry on the 
    bridge and have him shoot at the Degler Mack shot at, then have Takuya 
    move behind Mack (unfortunately, castles and urban areas hamper 
    movement as well as provide terrain benefits) and laser saber the now 
    severely:weakened Degler, probably killing it. End the turn. Mack will 
    stay right where he is, like a retard, and shoot at another Degler. 
    Fortunately, theyre not much smarter than he is, and will only attack 
    Mack if they cant attack Takuya, which means that many of them will eat 
    hot laser saber death.
    From this point onwards, just try to protect Mack and consolidate your 
    position on the castle. Keep Harry on the bridge, where he can snipe at 
    the Deglers, and have him finish off the ones with low HP. Move Takuya 
    as far on the castle as possible, preferably right next to the lake and 
    in front of Mack. The Deglers should kill themselves on Takuyas laser 
    blade, while inflicting comparatively little damage, but once the V8s 
    enter the fray, he may begin to suffer. After another turn or two, you 
    should have managed to destroy most of the Deglers, with only the V8s 
    and the Arc:craft remaining, but once that enters the fray...ouch. Itll 
    do a good deal of damage to Takuyas Nelson with its heavy laser cannon 
    (whatever its name is supposed to be). However, when things look bleak 
    (usually around turn 10), help arrives! A mighty allied warship enters 
    the battlefield with a complement of 9 Ilzards (whose stats are the 
    same as they were in the previous scene). This airship is commanded by 
    the elderly Ben Bask (whom I described earlier in the FAQ), and it is 
    very important-if it goes down, its game over, as this is essentially 
    Slashs mobile base. Here are its starting stats:
    Mech Name: Dread (DoRe??Do)-big blue airship that looks like a cargo 
    plane, 4500HP
    Pilot: Ben Bask, old guy with cap and moustache, lv.3, 1/1/4/4.
    Close:range: Nothing, DP 0, 12ER
    Long:range: Shyuhou: 2 shots, 4:10 range, 50 ammo, 128 AP, 50DP, 150HR, 
    Move: 4
    Special: 10 MP max, Personal Repair, costs 2 MP
    The great airship and its Ilzards will advance upon the enemy, likely 
    doing severe damage if your forces have already weakened them. The V8s 
    will probably still be operational and continue to attack the damaged 
    Nelson, but fortunately, the Arc Craft will concentrate upon the Dread, 
    which means that as long as the Nelson has more than 20% of its HP 
    remaining, it should remain in the fray. At this point, the battle is 
    essentially won. Clean up the V8s as quickly as possible (the Ilzards 
    will help you a lot in this endeavor) and once theyre dead, attack 
    Frannels Arc:Craft with all of your ranged weaponry (remember, the 
    Nelsons laser saber cant be used, it has to attack with its Vulcan). 
    Even better, Mack Ryan will enter the Dread and return to your control! 
    Now, this leads into one of the more important and interesting aspects 
    of Vixen 357, unit deployment, which I will describe in the next 
    chapter, when all of your units are full under your control. One turn 
    after hes entered the Dread, select it, select the top option, select 
    Macks portrait, select the Swifts portrait, select Punch, choose 
    between Machinegun and Beam Rifle (Id go with Machine Gun) and move him 
    out! Continue to attack the enemy. After reducing the Arc:Crafts HP to 
    below half, Frannel will receive a transmission from Schtohl Weimar, 
    the main antagonist of the game and the imposing looking guy with the 
    tattoo on his forehead we saw in the beginning intro movie. He is 
    apparently displeased with Frannel, since the Arc:craft promptly blows 
    up after this transmission, regardless of its HP. Congratulations, 
    youve beaten Scene 2!
    Scene 3
    This scene starts off with a pretty young Operator calling for an SOS. 
    Apparently, the HerpPlants are under attack!
    First off, take a look around this stage. There are 3 Herp Plants you 
    have to defend-one at the north coast, one at the middle coast (the one 
    with the unique operator girl) and one at the south coast. Threatening 
    them are exactly 10 Miranda (MiRaNDa) mechs-4 at the north sea attack 
    the north base, 4 threatening the south base, and only 2 threatening 
    the middle base. Here are their stats:
    Mech Name: Herp Plant x3, look like big blue spheres, 1500HP.
    Pilot: Operator lv. 2, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: No weapon, 15 DP, 32 ER.
    Long:range: No weapon, 15 DP, 32 ER.
    Move: 0, cant move
    Special: None
    Mech Name: Miranda x9-maroon with a sloped head, antenna in the back, 
    and yellowish cameras, 900 HP.
    Pilot: Goon, Lv.2, 2/1/2/1.
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 52 AP, 21 DP, 
    146HR, 41 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 76 AP, 21 DP, 
    126 HR, 41ER.
    Move: 7
    Special: None
    Notes: Effective in water:+20% in shallow water, +40% in deep water, no 
    movement penalties.
    Theyre led by 5 commanders who are exactly the same except their stats 
    are 2/2/2/2 and they have 152/46/132/46 for total HR and ER in close 
    range/long range. 
    Unfortunately, the Dread starts out waaaaay over at the left of the 
    map, in a straight line from the middle base, while the other 2 bases 
    have to worry about 4 attacks rather than just three. This is the stage 
    where people start getting discouraged about Vixen 357, because it 
    seems very difficult! In truth, though, its not so much so, because you 
    only need to save TWO herp:plants-if one gets destroyed, the stage isnt 
    over. Pay particular attention to the middle plant, the one with the 
    unique girl-its most important to keep her alive, if she dies, you fail 
    the mission.
    Anyways, with that in mind, heres what Id do. Do not deploy your mechs 
    yet-even though the Dread has a slow movement rate of 4, the forests 
    hamper your Vectors movement enough that the Dread is actually faster 
    than all of them would be. Thus, keep them in the airships hanger until 
    it clears the forest, THEN deploy them. Now, heres a more in:depth 
    tutorial on the Dread and unit deployment, and remember to look at the 
    pictures for clarification:
    Select the Dread, and the third option down is Launch.
    Select the pilot you want to move out by moving the cursor over his (or 
    her, later on in the game) portrait and pressing A or C.
    Select the portrait of the mech you want the pilot to launch in.
    Now, select a close:range weapon for the mech. You dont have many 
    options now (Laser Saber for the Nelson and Punch for the Swifts) but 
    youll get more choices later on. Do the same for long:ranged weaponry-a 
    bit more variety here, as the Nelson can equip either a Vulcan or a 
    beam rifle and the Swifts can equip either beam rifles or machineguns-
    and then...
    Select yes to move out or no to go back and do things over. Also press 
    the B button to go back at any time. Once you select Yes, the movement 
    screen will appear and you can move your mech anywhere in its movement 
    range, starting from the Dread. Remember, terrain penalties apply, so 
    if the Dread is over thick forests, your mechs wont be able to get too 
    far away from it.
    Now, undeploying is even easier-just move one of your mechs on top of 
    the Dread and theyll re:embark. There are several reasons for doing 
    this-either to hitch a ride over difficult terrain the Dread can pass 
    over with ease, and also, most importantly, to get their mechs repaired 
    and refueled! Remember how you had to worry about limited ammo in the 
    past couple of chapters? Well, once your Vectors enter the Dread, their 
    ammo stocks will be refilled after they spend a turn in the hangar. 
    They will also be repaired, but the mechs will have to spend several 
    turns in the hanger if theyve been severely damaged. Its important to 
    note that once a pilot has returned to the Dread, he or she will NOT be 
    able to move out again until the next turn. If there are other pilots 
    in the ship, however, they can launch immediately in the very same 
    mech, ready to attack or use a special move! This isnt important at the 
    moment, but it becomes crucial in the later chapters.
    Speaking of special moves, while Im at it, I might as well explain 
    those as well. See this picture again:
    The second option down, right above Launch is Special Ability. Select 
    it. Youll get sent to this screen:
    I dont really know what it means-I think its "repair ability" or 
    something, as the text is different for the other units with special 
    abilities you get later on in the game. Select it. Youll get taken to 
    this screen:
    Select the bottom option to cancel, but the top option to carry it out. 
    A whirring noise will play and a little circle will surround the ship, 
    and it will regain some of its HP! Obviously, dont use this ability if 
    the ship is at full HP, its a waste. You can only use it 5 times per 
    battle-the Dread has 10 MP, and Personal Repair costs 2 MP. Other mechs 
    will have their MP replenished immediately when they enter the Dread, 
    but the Dread has nothing to harbor in, so you can only repair it 5 
    times per stage. Personal Repair heals a little over 20% of the Dreads 
    total HP, so dont use it unless the Dreads HP is at 70% or below.
    Now that you know how to deploy, move the Dread straight forward 4 
    spaces. Try launching Takuya in the Nelson either to the north or the 
    south-equip him with a newfound beam rifle instead of the Vulcan. He 
    should be able to move a far greater distance than he was able to at 
    the beginning of the first turn, because the Dread ought to be right 
    over a nice path through the forest for his Nelson to walk through with 
    less resistance. Keep the Swifts inside-youll see why later. The 
    Miranda will move, but they wont get in range for at least a little 
    while longer-until turn 3, specifically. Now, on Turn 2, continue to 
    move Takuya as close as possible to one of the bases, and continue to 
    move the Dread straight forward towards the middle base. By Turn 3, 
    Takuya should be able to get up right next to the Herp:Base hes going 
    for, while the Dread should be a couple of panels away from the middle 
    Now, on turn 3, the enemies will move in and begin their attack. Their 
    Scan Rockets will do an unpleasantly large amount of damage to the 
    bases, and the poor girls cant do anything to defend themselves! 
    However, thanks to moving Takuya and the Dread forward, the Mirandas 
    will concentrate *some* of their fire towards your forces, taking a bit 
    of pressure off of the bases. On Turn 4, Have Takuya move in front of 
    the base and fire with his Beam Rifle at one of the Mirandas, and move 
    the Dread forward again-it should be very close to one of the Mirandas 
    attacking the middle base. It may be too close for the Dread to attack 
    (but its friend isnt, the Dread should attack him), so deploy Harry and 
    Mack in their Swifts with machine guns.
    On their turn 4, the Mirandas will attack again, with one of them 
    hopefully attacking Takuya at close range (and receiving a devastating 
    counter) and do a bit of damage to the other bases. Now, on turn 5, 
    have Takuya stay on the nice machinery in front of the base (he gets a 
    50% terrain bonus) and attack with his laser saber. A somewhat 
    different strategy is called for the Dread and the Swifts at the middle 
    base. Move the Dread either down or up towards whatever base is 
    completely undefended. Attack the one Miranda which should be heavily 
    damaged and have the Swifts finish it off if its not dead. Then have 
    the Swifts move forward to attack the one Miranda which should be 
    sitting in deep water launching rockets at the base. With their machine 
    guns maximum range of 4, they should be able to stay in shallow water, 
    where theyll receive a less serious penalty than in deep water, 
    although unfortunately, the Miranda keeps its 40% terrain bonus in 
    On turn 6, have the Swifts kill the last Miranda attacking the middle 
    base, and continue to move the Dread towards the undefended base. If 
    that last Miranda is still alive, have the Dread spend an attack to 
    finish it off. Move the Swifts over to assist the Dread-if youre lucky, 
    a Miranda may waste some rockets attacking Mack or Harry. Takuya should 
    still be in front of the other base, slashing at the Mirandas who are 
    attacking it in close combat with his Laser Saber.
    At this point, Takuya and the Dread should still have most of their HP 
    remaining-the Mirandas shouldnt do much damage to them. One of the 
    bases will probably be almost destroyed at this point, though-dont 
    worry about that, its pretty unavoidable, so long as the middle base 
    has more than half its HP remaining. Keep things going on turns 7 and 
    8-continue to kill the close:ranged attackers with Takuya, and continue 
    to attack the other forces at the north or south base with the Dread 
    and the Swifts. Remember to attack from 3 spaces away with Takuya, 
    since his laser saber has greater range than the Mirandas hard claw and 
    can thus escape their counterattack. Unfortunately, its very hard to 
    damage those in deep water; youll just have to pray for luck.
    By turn 9, its probable that one of the bases will be destroyed. 
    However, the enemy forces ought to have suffered as well! Continue to 
    have Takuya attack the remaining Mirandas at his base, and while the 
    base the Dread and the Swifts are defending will probably be the one 
    that is destroyed; have them continue to attack the Mirandas. Id 
    recommend destroying the Mirandas in deep water, because they do more 
    damage with their Scan Rocket attacks. Fortunately, after they destroy 
    the base, the Mirandas will probably concentrate on the Swifts rather 
    than moving to destroy the middle base. The top or bottom base that 
    Takuya is defending will likely be very heavily damaged, so begin 
    moving the Swifts and the Dread towards him once theyve killed off 3 of 
    the 4 Mirandas at their base-have them attack it before they move. 
    Takuya should be doing heavy damage to the Mirandas at this point. By 
    Turn 13, you should have been able to kill almost all of them which 
    remain on the map, with only maybe one or 2 remaining. Both of the 
    other bases might have been destroyed, but the middle base you have to 
    protect should still be alright. Proceed to mop up the last few 
    Mirandas. Congratulations, youve beaten Scene 3!
    Scene 4
    This is yet another aquatic stage against even more Mirandas. However, 
    fortunately, you get a new mech to help even the odds! It is the 
    Namune, which is stocky and blue and has grey tanks on its back. Here 
    are its stats and possible weapons loadouts:
    Mech Name: Namune
    Pilot: You choose!
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 25 ammo, 1:2 range
    Long:range: Beam Rifle: 3 shots, 20 ammo, 3:6 range; Scan Rockets: 3 
    shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo.
    Move: 8
    Special: None
    Notes: Receives large benefits in water:+20% in shallow, +40% in deep, 
    but gets reduced benefits from trees, mountains, and cities/bases on 
    land. Can move in water unhindered.
    Now, take a look at the map. Fortunately, you have many allies this 
    time-8 Rayzards against 9 Mirandas, an Arc Base and one Judeis piloted 
    by the guy you saw firing at Takuya in space in the beginning of the 
    game, an expert pilot named Kiel Royard.
    Mech Name: Miranda x10, 900 HP each.
    Pilot: Goon, Lv.2, 2/1/2/1.
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 52 AP, 21 DP, 146 
    HR, 41 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 76 AP, 21 DP, 
    126 HR, 41 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: None
    Notes: Effective in water:+20% in shallow water, +40% in deep water, no 
    movement penalties.
    Mech Name: Judeis, looks like a Miranda with a pointier head, 1500 HP.
    Pilot: Kiel Royard, lv. 7, 6/4/6/4. An expert pilot!
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 56 AP, 55 DP, 228 
    HR, 101 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 80AP, 55DP, 208 
    HR, 101 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: none
    Mech Name: Arc Base, big maroonish building, 3000HP
    Pilot: Enemy Commander, Lv.4, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: No weapon, 18 DP, 49 ER.
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 76AP, 18DP, 166 
    HR, 49 ER
    Move: 0, immobile
    Special: none
    Notes: Destroy this to end the stage.
    Allied units:
    Mech Name: Rayzard x8, they look like Ilzards with scuba gear, 800 HP 
    Pilot: Pilot lv.2, 2/2/2/2.
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 60 AP, 20 DP, 117 
    HR, 41 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 hits, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 68 AP, 20 DP, 97 
    HR, 41 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: None 
    Notes: Perform well in water.
    This stage is much easier. You dont have to worry about protecting 
    anything (the Rayzards are expendable cannon fodder) and the enemies 
    arent too difficult. Comparatively, the Rayzards are MUCH better than 
    the Ilzards from the first stage, with better capabilities in the 
    scenes primary element of water, double the HP, and decent close:combat 
    weapons, but they will still be sadly outclassed by the Mirandas; their 
    comparatively worse HR will make it very difficult for them to hit 
    their targets and their Scan Rockets do less damage than those of the 
    Mirandas. They perform fairly well against their foes in close combat, 
    however. Unfortunately, rather than moving into a melee confrontation, 
    they will mainly concentrate their rocket attacks on the Arc Base 
    (which they will rarely be able to hit) and will get torn apart by the 
    Scan Missiles of the Miranda, Arc Base, and especially the Judeis. 
    Still, though, they can wear down the enemy a little bit for you. On 
    turn 1, move the Dread forward as far as it can go. The Rayzards and 
    Mirandas will attack each other with Scan Missles, with the Mirandas 
    doing more damage. On turn 2, move the Dread forward and see if it can 
    attack anything. If youve been moving straight forward you should be 
    almost over deep water, so launch either Harry or Takuya in your new 
    Namune. Id recommend Takuya equipped with the Hard Claw and a beam 
    rifle-unfortunately, though, the enemy will continue to pick on the 
    Rayzards, who are almost completely ineffective due to their lower HP, 
    DP, and terrible hit rate. On Turn 3, move the Dread forward again, 
    fire at the weakest Miranda, and continue to have Takuya blast away 
    with his beam rifle (BEFORE moving) at the weakest Miranda. If both 
    Takuya and Ben have attacked it and its not dead yet, youll want to 
    kill it ASAP, because it will return to its base to heal itself. If its 
    almost dead, have Takuya attack BEFORE moving and then spend his move 
    to return to the Dread. Immediately launch Harry in the Namune with the 
    beam rifle. Hell be able to shoot at the Miranda and kill it off. He 
    might miss, though, so if you want to be REALLY sure, send out Mack 
    with his higher ballistic skill. Anyways, after you end your turn, the 
    Rayzards will unfortunately waste their attacks on the Arc Base, which 
    they will barely be able to hit. Once the enemys turn rolls around, 
    Kiel will get a transmission from an old guy with white eyes-I think 
    his name is Geil. Unfortunately, most of the Rayzards will have moved 
    into shallow water, where they only get a 20% bonus instead of a 40% 
    bonus, and the Mirandas will tear them apart, and also begin to attack 
    the Namune. Continue to attack with the Namune and the Dread, and move 
    it forward. It might be close enough to make launching your other two 
    pilots in the Swift and the Nelson feasible-even though they can only 
    move 2 spaces in deep water, equip them with beam rifles and they 
    should be able to take shots at a Miranda.
    By turn 5, most of the Rayzards will be dead and the Mirandas will have 
    begun attacking your troops. If the Swifts and/or the Nelson are out, 
    have them attack any mirandas in range before moving back to the Dread. 
    Have the Namune and Dread attack the weakest Miranda. Move the Dread 
    forward. By this time, it should be nearing the Arc Base.
    Once the enemys turn 5 rolls around, they will receive reinforcements! 
    Well, more specifically, one reinforcement-a blue:haired guy named Neil 
    in a Valser:V10, the same mech the very first boss piloted. At this 
    point, the Mirandas may start attacking the Rayzards in close combat, 
    which is good-the Rayzards actually perform fairly well in that area, 
    and may do a decent bit of damage to the Mirandas. Unfortunately, by 
    this point theyll probably be almost dead-only three were alive for me 
    by this point. Anyways, heres Neils stats:
    Mech Name: Valser:V10
    Pilot: Neil something (cant read the hiragana), blue:haired kid, lv.5, 
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1 range, 30 ammo, 34 AP, 20 DP, 130 HR, 57 
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 66 AP, 25 DP, 130 
    HR, 70 ER
    Move: 6
    Special: None
    Anyways, continue to attack-if youre continuing to move towards the 
    base and dry land (which you should be), have the 2 Swifts attack 
    first, then move back into the Dread if theyre out, then move the Dread 
    itself. Also, by this point, Neil will begin moving forward and Kiel 
    will begin to retreat. By turn 8, you should be on dry land. Launch 
    Harry and Mack in the Swifts with Machineguns and Takuya in the Nelson 
    with a laser saber and beam rifle. Neils machinegun and the Arc Bases 
    missles will be able to do a bit of damage to the Dread, but not too 
    much. Concentrate your fire on Neil first-he should go down pretty 
    quickly, the Valser:V10 isnt as impressive as it was in the first 
    stage. The Swifts machineguns and the Dreads Shyuhou may have a tough 
    time hitting him, though, Neil in the V10 has a high ER against ranged 
    attacks. Takuya will likely be able to do some good damage up close 
    with the beam saber, though. Put Harry in the Namune with its Hard 
    Claws if hes not hitting Neil enough. Once Neil dies, the stage is 
    over. However...I would REALLY recommend killing all the other enemy 
    mechs on the stage except Neil, move the Dread and all your other units 
    right up close to the Arc Base (so it cant attack any of them), and 
    chip away at it with...the Swifts punches/the weakest weapons you have. 
    Why? XP Harvesting! You can get a good deal of extra XP this way. Put 
    Takuya in a Swift and Mack in the Nelson, their attacks will do minimum 
    damage to the base. Have all your units just punch at it ineffectively. 
    Theyll get XP. Ironically enough, if you do this enough the base may 
    level up. Anyways, you can kill the base and the stage wont end. Finish 
    off  Neil to end it in victory.
    Note: This is apparently a really bizarre bug, but if Neils machinegun 
    runs out of ammo, hell attack the Dread with his Valsers bare hands! 
    Save the game and move on to the next stage.
    Scene 5
    Again, this stage looks very difficult, but it really isnt. At first 
    glance, it seems like youre up against insurmountable odds. Your 4 
    units-the Dread and the 3 pilots it carries-are all alone in a big 
    city, facing off against exactly 21 foes-20 new Douwarl mechs and 
    Hoffkins in his powerful Deibis. Here  are there stats:
    Mech Name: Douwarlx20, look like dark maroon cyclopses with claws, 1000 
    Pilot: Goon, lv.2, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 attacks, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 80 AP, 25 DP, 
    141 HR, 41 ER
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 20 ammo, 22 AP, 20 DP, 81 HR, 
    36 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: None 
    Mech Name: Deibis, looks like an orange Douwarl, 1000 HP.
    Pilot: Hoffkins, has a monocle and crazy moustache, lv.6, 5/4/4/4
    Close:range: Linear Biyuto? (cant make it out, kana is RiNiA Biyu-to, 
    Ill just call it a whip since thats what it is): 3 attacks, 1:4 range, 
    30 ammo, 98 AP, 34 DP, 193 HR, 95 ER
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 20 ammo, 26 AP, 25 DP, 130 HR, 
    82 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: None 
    As you can see, these are the toughest opponents youve had to face yet, 
    with Hoffkins being the best pilot youve yet seen. Things arent as bad 
    as they look, though. Take a look at how the enemies are formed up. 
    Theres a group of 5 Douwarls in the north, a group of 5 Douwarls in the 
    south, and group of 5 Douwarls in the middle of the other 2 groups, a 
    group of 5 behind the middle group, and the boss behind that. Now, what 
    you want to do first off, is move north, towards the northern group of 
    Douwarls-those are the ones youll want to hit first. The Douwarls will 
    move towards you, but by turn 5, if you keep moving towards them, youll 
    have gotten pretty close and theyll begin to reform into their original 
    defensive line rather than continuing to pursue. Move in and attack 
    with the Dread. Launch Takuya in the Nelson and Harry and Mack in the 
    Swifts. Takuya should have a Beam Rifle and the other two should have 
    Machineguns. Try to keep all of them on buildings-they get a 50% 
    terrain bonus-but dont be afraid of putting them on the road if thats 
    where they have to be to attack. Star blasting away at the Douwarls. As 
    you can tell from their stats, they do NOT perform well against 
    projectile weapons, so your beam rifles and machineguns will come in 
    quite handy. End your turn. The Douwarls will probably come up to 
    Takuya and attack him in hand:to:hand combat, taking a good bit of 
    damage from his counterattacks. Others will waste their time shooting 
    at him or your other mechs with their puny Vulcans, which will do 
    almost no damage. The Douwarls from the other groups along with the 
    Deibis will move towards your men. Continue the battle during turn six, 
    shooting at the weakest Douwarl with the Swifts machine guns, the 
    Nelsons beam rifle, and the Dreads big cannon. The Douwarls will 
    continue to attack. At this point, the Nelson might be hurting pretty 
    bad, and your other troops may have been damaged as well. Move them 
    into the Dread to be repaired. Continue with this pattern until turn 
    OH YEAH! Reinforcements, baby! On this turn, friendly forces teleport 
    in to assist you. They consist of a Herpcraft piloted by Boyd, a 
    handsome older man with spiffy:looking white hair and a goatee, along 
    with a complement of 8 Ilzards, one Zekzard  piloted by Zelb, a 
    hard:faced fellow with brown hair, and best of all, a new mech and 
    pilot wholl serve under you-the Kairass piloted by Eddie Ray from the 
    intro movie! Hes not controllable at the moment, but he will be in the 
    next scene. Heres everybodys stats:
    Ilzard x8: Same as in the other chapters except the pilots are all 
    level 3, 2/2/2/2, with correspondingly higher HR/ER.
    Mech Name: Zekzard, looks like a bulky Ilzard with a backpack, 1000 HP
    Pilot: Zelb lv. 4, 4/3/4/3
    Close:range: Laser Saber, 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 116 AP, 35 DP, 
    144 HR, 69 ER
    Long:range: Blaster: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 130 AP, 35 DP, 162 
    HR, 69 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: none
    Mech Name: Kairass, looks like a Swift with a big metal claw, 1400 HP
    Pilot: Eddie Ray, lv. 4, 6/5/1/1.
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 140 AP, 60 DP, 231 
    HR, 105 ER 
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 20 ammo, 24 AP, 35 DP, 53 HR, 
    33 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: None
    Mech Name: Herp Craft, a long airship with 3 spires sticking out of it, 
    Pilot: Boyd, lv.6, 1/1/3/3
    Close:range: No weapon, 0 hits, 0 range, 0 ammo, 0 AP, 0 DP, 0 HR, 15 
    Long:range: Shyuhou: 2 shots, 4:10 range, 50 ammo, 118 AP, 16 DP, 165 
    HR, 75 ER
    Move: 4
    Special: none 
    Pretty nice, huh? The crappy Ilzards wont be able to do much, of 
    course, but the Zekzard and Kairass will devastate the enemy. Blasters 
    are, overall, the best class of ranged weapon in the game, and Zelb is 
    reasonably good with them. Eddie is a close:combat monster, as you can 
    tell from his stats. Hes horrible at ranged combat, though, so 
    thankfully the Kairass can equip no ranged weapons other than the 
    Vulcan for the duration of the game. The Herp:craft is sadly very weak-
    its essentially a MUCH weaker version of the Dread, without the ability 
    to heal itself. If this ship goes down, its game over, so you have to 
    defend it! Fortunately though, the enemy can only attack it with their 
    crappy Vulcans. Anyways, continue to attack the Douwarls with your 
    ranged weapons. At this point, you should have a very strong and 
    obvious advantage. Remember to keep the Dread within movement range of 
    all your mechs, and move them inside whenever theyre damaged. With your 
    reinforcements fighting along with you, the battle should end in 
    victory soon enough.
    Scene 6
    You start off in a mountainous region with the Herp:Craft, the Zekzard, 
    and 8 Ilzards formed in a defensive line ahead of you. Their stats are 
    exactly the same as they were in the last stage. Your (initial) 
    opposition consists of 4 Douwarls, 6 Valser:v10s, and one Arc:Base led 
    by Kalshia (something in hiragana). Here are their stats:
    Mech Name: Douwarl x4
    Pilot: Goon, lv.3, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 80 AP, 25 DP, 143 
    HR, 42 ER
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 20 ammo, 22 AP, 20 DP, 83 HR, 
    37 ER
    Move: 8 
    Special: none 
    Mech Name: Valser:V10
    Pilot: Goon lv.3, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1 range, 30 ammo, 34 AP, 20 DP, 113 HR, 34 
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 66 AP, 25 DP, 113 
    HR, 47 ER
    Move: 6
    Special: none 
    Mech Name: Arc Base
    Pilot: Kalshia, lv.6: 3/3/3/3
    Close:range: None: 0 hits, 0 range, 0 ammo, 0 AP, 18 DP, 0 HR, 75 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 76 AP, 18 DP, 
    185 HR, 75 ER
    Move: 0
    Special: none 
    For the first 4 turns, move the Dread straight forward. Your allies and 
    enemies will advance towards each other, and the Douwarls and Valsers 
    will devastate the severely outclassed Ilzards. By turns 5 and 6, try 
    to move the Dread as close as possible to the bridge. 
    On turn 6, Zelb will betray you! He and the Ilzards under his command 
    turn red, and he destroys the Herp:Craft, killing Boyd! Several Ilzards 
    loyal to Boyd will remain alive, however. Now you have to deal with 
    about 3 or 4 enemy Ilzards (depending on how many the Douwarls and 
    Valsers destroyed) along with the considerably more dangerous Zekzard. 
    The Douwarls will probably destroy the last of the friendly Ilzards, 
    leaving you with no assistance. If the Dread is near the bridge, Zelb 
    should still be near the back of his forces. Try to kill off the 
    Ilzards surrounding him as quickly as possible during this turn (which 
    should not be at all difficult) by moving your mechs as close as 
    possible to Zelb (preferably surrounding him, if possible). Ignore his 
    Ilzard friends, they wont be able to touch your machines. The Kairass 
    will get a new weapon in this stage-the Linear Whip-with a range of 1:4 
    (equal to a machinegun!) so it only makes sense to put a master of 
    close:range combat in a machine with an excellent close:range weapon. 
    Move out Harry and Mack in the Swifts with Machineguns, and launch 
    Takuya in the Nelson with a Vulcan if you can surround Zelb, with a 
    Beam Rifle if you cant. You probably wont be able to surround him due 
    to the placement of his Ilzards, though. In that case, try your best to 
    attack him with ranged weapons, or in the case of Eddie, with the 
    Linear Whip from 4 spaces away from him-his counterattacks are very 
    damaging. Spend Turn 7 attacking him, and if possible, try to put a 
    unit in front of him and the bridge, to blockade it, so to speak. The 
    traitor and his allies will likely do a good deal of damage to one or 
    two of your mechs. You should be able to kill him in one turn, but if 
    not, you should be able to destroy him the next turn. After you destroy 
    him, enemy reinforcements arrive!  They consist of 6 new machines 
    called Zeiks. Here are their stats:
    Mech Name: Zeik, reddish:maroon with a pointed head, 1400 HP
    Pilot: Commander Goon lv. 4, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 111 AP, 25 DP, 
    128 HR, 59 ER
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 63 AP, 25 DP, 96 
    HR, 59 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: none 
    As you can tell, these are the most advanced mechs youve yet fought, 
    with armaments, defensive capabilities, and HP comparable to your own 
    Vectors. Itll take them a few turns to reach you, though, since theyll 
    have a tough time crossing the mountains. Thus, concentrate your 
    efforts on your other foes, which shouldnt be too difficult-set a pilot 
    with high evade against ranged attacks, preferably Mack, in front of 
    the bridge so that the enemies cant get through and have to line up. 
    The Douwarls will be able to lash out at him in close combat, but only 
    two of them will manage to get in hits, due to their Hard Claws having 
    a max range of two, and he should be able to dodge most of the Valsers 
    Continue to maintain your blockade (sending a unit in for repairs when 
    necessary and replacing it with Takuya, Harry, or preferably Mack 
    depending on whos available), and concentrate on destroying the 
    Douwarls and Valsers. By the time the Zeiks arrive (which should be 
    around turn 13) you will hopefully have destroyed all of the Valsers 
    and Douwarls (although one or two might have escaped back to their base 
    for repairs-for the enemy, the Arc Base is like your Dread). When 
    fighting the Zeiks, have Eddie in his Kairass with the Linear Whip 
    blockade the bridge. The Zeiks will typically choose to attack him with 
    their close:ranged laser sabers, which means 3 of them will receive 
    heavy counterattacks, while only one can shoot at him with its 
    machinegun, since its range is only 4 spaces. After a few turns, with 
    this strategy, they should all be dead by turn 16. Now, you can advance 
    on the enemy base with impunity. You can move all your units there on 
    their own power, but given the mountainous terrain, its probably easier 
    to just pack them into the Dread and fly them over. The Arc Base has 
    Scan Rockets, though, so expect the Dread to take a bit of damage when 
    it comes into range. Thus, Id advise moving it within 4 spaces of the 
    Arc Base and attacking it with impunity, since its minimum range is 5. 
    Also launch your other mechs and have them chip away at it. MAKE SURE 
    RIGHT NEXT TO IT-one above, one below, one to the left, one to the 
    right. This is very important for when you destroy it! You see, once 
    the base is destroyed, you will receive a very unpleasant surprise-
    Kalshia will not go down with it, but will return in an entirely new 
    and extremely annoying mech, the Vuitray! Here are its stats:
    Mech Name: Vuitray, a squat mech with maroon body and green head, 
    Pilot: Kalshia lv.6, 3/3/3/3
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 54 AP, 22 DP, 160 HR, 
    75 ER
    Long:range: Beam Rifle: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 92 AP, 22 DP, 140 
    HR, 75 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: Vaccum Whorl: 20 MP total, costs 2 MP to activate. What this 
    does is create a shield around every friendly mech (including the 
    caster) in a certain radius (5 panels). A little icon of a shield will 
    surround those mechs affected, and while this little icon is on top of 
    them, all of your attacks will do NO DAMAGE! The only way to defeat 
    this is to keep attacking and attacking. Eventually, after it has been 
    attacked enough, the shield will fail, and your units will once again 
    be able to damage the enemy normally. I think its based on damage 
    received, as it takes longer to wear the shield down with the Swifts 
    punches than it does with stronger attacks. Obviously, this is 
    extremely annoying, but fortunately you will gain the same skill later 
    on, one special attack can bypass this shield, and the Blaster weapon 
    can destroy it with one shot.
    Notes: An extremely annoying mech that, unfortunately, youll be seeing 
    a lot more of in later stages. Kill these as soon as possible wherever 
    you find them, as their Vacuum Whorl ability can prevent your mechs 
    from damaging many enemies, making battles very annoying.
    This mech is good for powering up, however. Equip all pilots with their 
    worst weapons (Takuya and Harry in Swifts with punches, Eddie in the 
    Kairass with a Vulcan, and Mack in the Namune with a Hard Claw), keep 
    the Dread outside the Vuitrays attack range, and have everybody attack 
    it with their worst weapons. It will take barely any damage at all, and 
    your pilots will get powered up quite a bit. Try to end the stage 
    before turn 100, however-its an automatic Game Over if you get to 100 
    turns. After you kill her, its victory for this scene.
    Scene 7
    This stage consists of a dense forest with a river running through it. 
    Your opposition consists of 10 Douwarls, 6 Valser:V10s, 4 Zeiks, and 
    one Vuitray piloted by a blond:haired guy named Yan. All of the 
    Douwarls, Valsers, and Zeiks are essentially the same as they were in 
    the last stage, with minor differences in pilots-theyre all level 4, 
    2/1/2/1, but still with HR and ERs about one point better than they 
    were last stage. Yan himself pilots the exact same mech as Kalshia did, 
    but hes a good deal better-level 6 with 5/4/5/4. Even though Yan has 
    the super:annoying Vacuum Whorl ability, this stage isnt as hard as it 
    would seem, thanks to the lovely reinforcements you get on the 
    beginning of turn 6. Ill get to them later, though. Heres what you 
    should do. On turn 1, move the Dread straight forward 4 spaces. The 
    enemy will advance, with the 2 groups of Douwarls moving the farthest 
    forward and the Valsers, Zeiks, and Yans Vuitray making slower progress 
    and being buffed by his Vacuum Whorl. Do the same on the second turn. 
    By turn 4, you should have reached the very edge of the forest. Now, 
    heres what you do. Deploy Eddie in the Kairass with a Hard Claw and 
    have him move towards the north group, keeping him as close as he can 
    get to the enemy without moving into water, where hell suffer a 
    disadvantage. He should be able to cross the river. Deploy Takuya in 
    the Nelson with the Laser Saber and Beam Rifle and move him as close to 
    the southern group as possible, while keeping him in the trees, where 
    hell have an advantage. He shouldnt cross the river. Keep your other 
    mechs in the Dread. If a Douwarl is in the Dreads range, have it attack 
    one. Have Takuya and Eddie attack if theyre able. Now, on turn 5, have 
    Takuya and Eddie move even closer to the enemy and attack if possible, 
    but then move the Dread across the river, have it shoot at a foe of 
    your choosing (preferably NOT the boss-youll see why) and have it 
    deploy Mack and Harry in the Swifts (or for fun, you could have one of 
    them in the Namune and place it in the river, where it has an 
    advantage), and have them attack whoever you want. End the turn. The 
    Douwarls will attack Nelson and Eddie, who will deal HEAVY damage to 
    them by counterattacking with their Laser Saber and Hard Claw, 
    respectively. You can leave them there and theyll take care of the 
    Douwarls on their own, although Takuya might suffer more damage than 
    Eddie. Anyways, once your turn 6 begins, you will get a VERY nice 
    surprise! Two friendly mechs appear, piloted by two friendly pilots, 
    Nina Laurel and Chay Won! Here are their stats:
    Mech Name: Fairy, looks like an Ilzard with wings, 1100 HP.
    Pilot: Nina Laurel, lv.6, 4/3/4/3.
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 36 AP, 40 DP, 162 HR, 
    67 ER
    Long:range: Beam Rifle: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 74 AP, 40 DP, 150 
    HR, 67 ER
    Move: 6
    Special: 10 MP, Marb Cramp (No idea how to Romanize this), 2 MP.
    Notes: VERY useful! The Marb Cramp does 375 damages to EVERY ENEMY 
    within a 5 panel radius. Remember to put it back in the Dread when its 
    HP starts getting low or it runs out of MP!
    Mech Name: Panacea, looks kind of like Zelbs Zekzard, 1000 HP.
    Pilot: Chay Won, lv.6, 4/3/4/3.
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 86 AP, 35 DP, 144 
    HR, 67 ER
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 20 ammo, 34 AP, 40 DP, 120 HR, 
    75 ER
    Move: 6
    Special: 10 MP, Vacuum Whorl: 2 MP
    Notes: Both her and Nina are pretty bad pilots, along with Harry, whose 
    stats always stayed at 4/3/4/3 throughout the length of the game, 
    regardless of their levels. Their mechs vary in usefulness, however. 
    The Fairy remains extremely useful up to the end of the game, whereas 
    the Panacea, while always helpful, becomes much less fun during later 
    stages, where the enemies can take out its Vacuum Whorl shields with 
    one shot.
    Now, things are looking a bit more even! With the Panaceas shielding 
    ability and, more importantly, the Fairys Marb Cramp ability, which can 
    absolutely decimate the enemy forces in a matter of turns, things are 
    looking up! Keep the Dread where it is, as Nina and Chay are computer 
    controlled and will make their way to you. Have all your mechs attack-
    the Douwarls should almost be dead, and will probably be when they 
    attack Eddie and Takuya again. If Harry and/or Macks mechs are damaged, 
    send them in-the Dread can withstand a lot of abuse from the enemy. End 
    the turn, and keep things going on turn 7. By turn 8, all the Douwarls 
    should have been destroyed, so move Eddie and Takuya back to the Dread 
    (while having them attack any enemies that may be in their range). If 
    either of your other two mechs are damaged, move them in as well, and 
    if you have to put in all of them, have the Dread attack a mech of its 
    choice and move forward as far as it can. The enemy will likely inflict 
    a good deal of damage on it if theres nothing else to attack, but it 
    should still have some HP left. On turn 9, heal it up-it recovers 960 
    HP! Launch all your mechs, particularly Takuya (the AI concentrates on 
    him and the Dread before any other allies, so thatll take some heat off 
    of the Dread) and have them attack. Nina will devastate your enemies 
    with her Marb Cramp, which ignores Yans Vacuum Whorl (although it 
    doesnt destroy it). Chay will also use the Vacuum Whorl to aid you! The 
    scene should end in victory soon enough (If the Dread is running out of 
    MP, concentrate your attacks on Yan) and youll be able to move on to 
    turn 8!
    Scene 8
    Oh boy, another aquatic stage. Youll notice a base on a small island 
    surrounded by 9 allies, it is your job to defend this base. Arrayed 
    against you (at the moment) are a squad of 10 Zeiks led by an Arc Craft 
    piloted by your interminable foe, Kiel Royard, right in front of the 
    base, and a squad of 8 Mirandas, led by a fellow named Jimmy Randolf 
    piloting Kiels Judeis from scene 4, who are nearer to the top of the 
    map. The bases defenders will get their asses kicked within a handful 
    of turns, so get over there quickly! Heres everyones stats:
    Mech Name: Herp Base, 1300 HP.
    Pilot: Operator, lv.5, 3/2/3/2
    Close:range: No weapon, 20 DP, 28 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 88 AP, 20 DP, 
    175 HR, 28 ER
    Move: 0
    Special: None 
    Mech Name: Rogzard, looks like a beefed:up Ilzard, 1000 HP.
    Pilot: Pilot, lv.3, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 56AP, 30 DP, 144 HR, 63 
    Long:range: Beam Rifle: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 94 AP, 30 DP, 124 
    HR, 63 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: none 
    Mech Name: Zeik, 1400 HP.
    Pilot: Goon, lv.4, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 111 AP, 25 DP, 
    121 HR, 53 ER
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 63 AP, 25 DP, 89 
    HR, 53 ER
    Move: 8
    Mech Name: Miranda
    Pilot: Goon, lv. 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 52 AP, 21 DP, 149 
    HR, 43 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 28 AP, 21 DP, 
    129 HR, 43 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: none
    Mech Name: Judeis, 1500HP.
    Pilot: Jerry Randolf, lv. 6, 5/4/5/4
    Close:range: Hard Claw: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 25 ammo, 56 AP, 55 DP, 215 
    HR, 105 ER
    Long:range: Scan Rockets: 3 shots, 5:10 range, 20 ammo, 80 AP, 55 DP, 
    195 HR, 105 ER
    Move: 7
    Special: None
    Mech Name: Arc Craft, 2000 HP.
    Pilot: Kiel Royard, lv.7, 6/4/6/4
    Close:range: No weapon, 0 DP, 56 ER.
    Long:range: Shyuhou: 2 shots, 4:10 range, 50 ammo, 112 AP, 20 DP, 228 
    HR, 66 ER
    Move: 4, flying
    Special: None.
    As you can see, your allied pilots are *slightly* better than the 
    enemys, although Kiel Royard is far better than all of them (and his 
    Arc Craft will devastate your allies). However, unfortunately, your 
    foes outnumber the allied forces, your friends picked horrible mechs-
    although the Rogzards are fairly decent, with 1000HP and 30 DP apiece, 
    they are very poorly equipped (with nothing but a punch, the Zeiks will 
    tear them apart with their Laser Sabers) and they are NOT built for 
    aquatic combat, suffering penalties in the water. Fortunately, the 
    Zeiks are subject to the same penalties, but theyll still ravage the 
    Rogzards, all in all, and the Mirandas perform best in water. And, once 
    again, your ship starts off in the far left side of the map :( On the 
    first turn, move it 4 spaces forward, and end your turn. Instead of 
    consolidating on the island and near the base, like they should, your 
    retarded allies will move straight into the water, where theyre even 
    more vulnerable. On turn 2 and 3, continue moving the Dread forward, 
    and the enemy will continue to devastate your allies, likely dealing 
    severe damage to the base as well. Fortunately, the Arc Craft will 
    stick in the back and the Mirandas wont concentrate on the base. On 
    turn 3, you probably will have moved the Dread forward enough that the 
    Mirandas and Judeis will have started launching Scan Missiles at you. 
    On turn 4, you should have moved the Dread over open water. Deploy 
    someone in the Panacea and protect the Dread with the Vacuum Whorl. 
    Just a note-unfortunately, the Panacea will only have access to a 
    Vulcan and Beam Saber for the rest of the game. The Mirandas will 
    attack the Dread, and the Zeiks will continue to attack the Rogzards. 
    With any luck, the dying Rogzard forces will be able to take one or two 
    Zeiks down with them by this point. On turn 5, return the Panacea to 
    ship and move the Dread over to the island. Launch as many pilots as 
    you can onto the island, with the exception of the Panaceas pilot who 
    just embarked (he or she cant disembark immediately after embarking) 
    and one other, preferably Nina, Harry, or Chay. Equip Takuya with his 
    usual beam rifle and laser saber, Mack in a Swift with a beam rifle, 
    and Eddie in the Kairass with the Linear Whip. The Mirandas will 
    continue to blast the Dread (probably doing heavy damage), and the 
    Zeiks will continue to devastate the Rogzards. Now, heres what to do on 
    turn 6. Keep the Dread EXACTLY where it is-dont move it a space. Launch 
    one of the 2 pilots you should have in the hangar in the Fairy as far 
    up as it can go (fortunately, shallow water is easier for it to move 
    in). Select its special attack. See the lighted area? Youll do 400 
    damage to EVERY mech in that lighted area, and most of the Mirandas 
    should be within its range! Activate it and watch the sparks fly. 
    Attack any Zeiks within range of the Dread and your other mechs. Making 
    things even better, Jerry will retreat back to Kiels Arc Craft-you cant 
    kill him (or Kiel) in this stage, so thats a bit of pressure off of 
    you. End the turn, and the Mirandas will continue to attack the Dread, 
    and the Zeiks will continue to attack the Rogzards. 
    Now, on turn 7, here is what you do. Heal the Dread, first off, but do 
    NOT move it.  You see how the Fairy is still out and has A,S,and M over 
    it? Use its special move to damage the Mirandas. Now move it back into 
    SAME SPOT WITH THE FAIRY! You see why this move is so advantageous? Now 
    you can do double damage with the Fairys Marb Cramp! Thats 800 damage 
    total! Thus, you should always keep 2 of these 3 pilots on standby for 
    use in the Fairy: Nina, Harry, and Chay. Their piloting skills are too 
    weak to be of much else use. After this, one Miranda should still be 
    left alive, which can essentially be ignored. Have your other mechs 
    attack the Zeiks, which should be under some very heavy damage by now-
    the battle is almost won! Kiel will start leaving for the edge of the 
    map, and by turn 8, the Arc Craft will have soared off into the 
    distance. Kill the remaining Miranda with whoever you want. After Kiel 
    leaves, you only have to kill 1 or 2 more Zeiks at this point-the rest 
    will surrender. Congratulations! On to scene 9.
    Scene 9
    Youll meet some VERY nasty enemies on this stage. However, when it 
    starts, there dont seem to be any around. Instead, you get a cute 
    looking transport ship, the Illuminant, piloted by the lovely Reiko 
    Machida! She is a very defensive pilot-shes level 6 and her stats are 
    3/4/4/5, meaning she cant hit well in close combat but can dodge, can 
    hit foes at long range better, and can dodge foes at long range very 
    well. The Illuminant is a unique ship-its a fast carrier. Its very 
    poorly armed and armored, as its only equipped with a crappy Vulcan and 
    can only take 1400 points of damage (and its DP is 25). However, it 
    flies and it has 10 movement. It can also carry a single mech and fits 
    into the Dreads hangar. Thus, you see what its purpose is-whenever you 
    need to deploy a mech a lot farther than the Dreads crappy movement 
    rate of 4 would be able to, use the Illuminant. 
    Now, the objective at the moment is to get Reiko (who is not under your 
    control) into the Dread. Unfortunately, you are VERY far away from each 
    other, you at the bottom left and she at the top right. Move it up 2 
    spaces and right 2 spaces. She will move straight down. Unfortunately, 
    once your turn ends, you will see why this level is so difficult. 3 
    Wilders will teleport in, piloted by enemy aces! They will be contacted 
    by an ugly looking guy named Bowman, who youll see later on in the 
    game. There are only 3 of them, but thats all they need to take down 
    all of your troops! Look at their statistics, as these are the most 
    powerful enemy mechs, all in all, you will face in the game, with the 
    exception of the last boss.
    Mech Name: Wilder, 2000HP.
    Pilot: Zem (green haired guy) and Ward (Blue haired guy), lv. 5, 
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 106 AP, 30 DP, 
    168 HR, 101 ER
    Long:range: Bazooka: 2 shots, 5:8 range, 20 ammo, 110 AP, 30 DP, 156 
    HR, 101 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: 20 MP, Vacuum Whorl, Marb Cramp, AND Personal Repair for 2 MP 
    Notes: With 20 MP and all 3 Special Abilities the game has to offer, 
    you can see why I call these the most powerful mechs in the enemys 
    They are led by Lagu, who is level 6, has stats of 5/5/5/5, but is 
    otherwise exactly the same.
    Your foes will quickly move towards the Illuminant. One of them will 
    use Vacuum Whorl and shield the others, while the other two will use 
    Marb Cramp to reduce the Illuminants HP from 1400 to about 675. Things 
    are looking grim for Reiko, but fortunately, her airships movement 
    range of 10 combined with the fact that the enemies movement is 
    hampered by the mountains means she will be able to escape them. 
    Continue moving the Dread towards her. Reiko will move her Illuminant 
    down as fast as she can. Fortunately, when the enemys turn comes 
    around, they will be hampered by the mountains, but they can still hit 
    her with their Bazookas range of 8. Continue moving the dread towards 
    her by turn 3, and shell move 10 spaces to the right, which should 
    bring her out of the attack range of the Wilders. By turn 5, move the 
    Dread forward and she should be able to get in. Once she does, youll 
    find shes brought an EXCELLENT present! The Illuminant was carrying the 
    Pastoral, one of the 2 best Vectors youll have available to you in the 
    game. It has 1550 HP, 10 movement, 55 DP against melee and projectile 
    weaponry, and best of all, 20 MP with Personal Repair! Shell also bring 
    new weaponry in for some of your mechs. The Swifts and the Pastoral can 
    equip a new ranged weapon, the Cannon, which fires 2 shots from a range 
    of 5:8 spaces away. The Nelson gets a Bazooka, which is essentially the 
    same thing, but with slightly worse hit rates and damage. Finally, the 
    Kairass will get a nice Hand Axe, which is its strongest close:range 
    weapon but only has a range of 1:2.
    Anyways, now you should take a look at your enemies. They will probably 
    have broken formation due to the terrain for a few turns, but now they 
    should be reforming. There are big mountain ranges on the east and west 
    sides of the map, separated by a great forest in the middle. Move the 
    Dread close to the edge of the mountain range, and try to deploy all 
    your units onto the mountains, so they get terrain bonuses. Put Takuya 
    in the new Pastoral (hes your most well:balanced pilot overall at this 
    point) and Reiko in the Nelson, both with their Cannon and Bazooka, 
    respectively. Launch Eddie in the Kairass with the Linear Whip (hell be 
    able to avoid the Laser Saber counterattacks of the Wilders by staying 
    out of their range) and Mack in a Swift with a Cannon. Launch Chay in 
    the Swift and Vacuum Whorl your units, then launch Nina in the Fairy 
    and have her wait. End the turn, and your foes will move forward. 
    On Turn 4, Ward will likely be closest to you. Move the Fairy forward, 
    the Panacea should Vacuum Whorl any units that didnt receive it, and 
    the Dread should move back just a little bit, maybe a panel or two. 
    Wade will want to attack it, so make sure hes lured within range of the 
    Fairys Marb Cramp. It will attack the Dread and Marb Cramp the Fairy. 
    On Turn 5, start attacking. Use the Fairys Marb Cramp and move it back 
    to the Dread. Launch Harry in the Fairy and Marb Cramp it again. Make 
    sure to move the Fairy where the Marb Cramp can reach both of the other 
    Wilders instead of just one! Now, attack it with your WEAKEST UNITS 
    FIRST! Have the Dread attack it, then the Fairys Beam Rifle, then have 
    the Panacea use its Vacuum Whorl to re:shield the Dread and move 
    forward to attack the Wilder with its Laser Saber. Theres no point 
    wasting your strongest attacks, like the Kairass Linear Whip or the 
    Cannons, on the enemys Vacuum shield. After its been destroyed, attack 
    with your remaining units. Move the Dread and Takuya back to encourage 
    Wilder to move forward. End the turn. 
    The other two Wilders will move forward and attack, one of them perhaps 
    Marb Cramping one of your units, but the other one piloted by Wade will 
    move forward and attack the Dread or Takuya with his laser saber 
    (receiving a nasty counterattack), but will not Marb Cramp, instead 
    choosing to Personal Repair itself. On turn 9, kill it. Marb Cramp with 
    Harry, move the Dread forward, have Harry shoot at any Wilders in 
    range, move Harry into the Dread, then launch Nina and have her do the 
    same. By this point, Wades Wilder should be virtually destroyed. Have 
    one unit finish off its HP, preferably Takuya. Then, attack the shields 
    of Zems Wilder (which should be nearby) with the Panacea and Dread. It 
    should go down, so proceed to attack it with your other units. End the 
    On turn 10, the Wilders will attack again. Zem will choose to personal 
    repair himself but Lagu will choose to Marb Cramp, which will do a good 
    deal of damage to all your mechs, but none of them should be dead. Heal 
    up the Pastoral and Dread with Personal Repair, and if any mech is 
    heavily damaged (less than 380 HP), move it back into the Dread for 
    repairs (after attacking, of course)! Continue to attack the weakest 
    Wilder-Zem or Lagu. Move damaged mechs back into the Dread as 
    necessary. Within a few turns, Zems mech should go down, and after 
    that, Lagu ought to be destroyed soon after. Congrats, victory is 
    Scene 10
    This scene starts off with you at the very northwest of what seems to 
    be a mountainous battlefield. Theres one big landmass on the east side 
    of the battlefield, separated by a river, and two smaller landmasses on 
    the other side of that river, themselves separated by another river. 
    There are two bridges connecting the northwest landmass and the 
    southwest landmass to the great eastern landmass, but the bridge 
    connecting the two western lands has been destroyed. The Dread starts 
    out just north of the big top bridge. Far to the south, at the other 
    bridge, a Herp Craft with 15 Rogzards will be facing off against 6 
    Deibises, which youll remember from scene 5, a Vuitray piloted by Jimmy 
    Randolph (from Scene 8), a very powerful Velwezer piloted by Kiel 
    Royard (the same mech you saw in the introduction), and a Nerk Craft 
    (no idea how to Romanize this) piloted by Geil, who is the old guy with 
    white eyes from scene 5. Most of these stats are irrelevant except for 
    Kiels and Geils-youll see why in a few turns. Here they are:
    Mech Name: Velwezer, green mech with pointy head you saw in the intro, 
    1550 HP.
    Pilot: Kiel Royard, lv. 7, 6/4/6/4.
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 116 AP, 55 DP, 
    200 HR, 106 ER
    Long:range: Machinegun: 8 shots, 1:4 range, 20 ammo, 68 AP, 55 DP, 168 
    HR, 106 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: 20 MP, Personal Repair
    Mech Name: Nerk Craft, big green winged aircraft, 3000 HP.
    Pilot: Geil something (cant read hiragana), lv. 6, 5/5/5/5
    Close:range: No weapon, 28 DP, 75 ER
    Long:range: Shyuhou: 2 shots, 4:10 range, 50 ammo, 112 AP, 28 DP, 245 
    HR, 85 ER
    Move: 5
    Special: 99 MP, Nerk Wave: costs 99 MP
    Notes: Do NOT send any unit in front of it until it uses Nerk Wave.
    Anyways, now to start the battle! Move the Dread down 4 spaces. 
    However, do NOT deploy any mechs, I repeat, do NOT deploy anything! End 
    the turn. The Rogzards and Deibises will go at it.
    On turn 2, move the Dread onto the bridge. Deploy all your units-Takuya 
    in the Pastoral with a Laser Saber and Machinegun, Mack in a Swift with 
    a Machinegun, Reiko in the Nelson with a Laser Saber and Beam Rifle, 
    Eddie in the Kairass with a Hand Axe, Nina in the Fairy, and Chay in 
    the Panacea-Vacuum Whorl your mechs. Send them out as far across the 
    bridge as they can go-dont worry about it if the Dread is out of range 
    of the Panaceas Vacuum Whorl. Once your turn ends, enemy reinforcements 
    will arrive-a platoon of 10 Winkers, powerful ranged units. Theyre 
    green machines with shoulder cannons. Here are their stats:
    Mech Name: Winker, 1500 HP
    Pilot: Goon, lv. 4, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 36 AP, 20 DP, 129 HR, 
    43 ER
    Long:range: Bazooka: 2 shots, 5:8 range, 20 ammo, 115 AP, 25 DP, 139 
    HR, 53 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: none 
    Since Takuya is probably in front with the Pastoral, theyll all attack 
    him. He shouldnt take too much damage (not more than 1 or 2 hundred) 
    but if he did, Personal Repair him on turn 3. The opposing forces on 
    the bottom of the map will continue to go at it. On turn 3, move the 
    Fairy forward and have it Marb Cramp as many Winkers as it can 
    (probably no more than 3). Move forward the rest of your units 
    (including the Dread) and have them attack. You should be able to kill 
    one. End the turn. The bottom forces will attack each other again, and 
    the Winkers will do the same, probably not doing much damage due to the 
    fact that theyll attack pilots whose ERs are high enough to allow them 
    to dodge most projectile shots. However, after everyone else has 
    attacked, Geil will unleash the Nerk Wave! This uber:powerful attack is 
    why I told you not to deploy any of your units to the southern bridge. 
    Twin beams of energy will shoot out from the Nerk Craft, destroying 
    everything in a straight line in front of it. This includes your 
    unfortunate allied Herp Craft and Rogzards, but ALSO destroys the 
    remaining Deibises as well as Jimmys Vuitray! The game may freeze up 
    when this happens, press the B button to make it go forward. This is 
    also why I didnt bother giving you stats for any of those units, since 
    they were all going to die anyways. Kiel apparently had something to do 
    with Jimmy, because hell start crying and scream, "JIMMY!" That will 
    end the enemys turn.
    On turn 4, move the Fairy to wherever it can hit the most Winkers and 
    activate its Marb Cramp. Continue to attack the Winkers. End the turn, 
    and Kiel will say something to Geil, and the Winklers will continue to 
    attack your men while moving south. On turn 5, move south along with 
    them and continue to attack them. End the turn. Once the enemys turn 
    Yes, thats right, hell join your side! His mech will turn from the 
    enemys green to your nice brown. You cant control him in this stage, 
    but you will get him next stage! Apparently, he didnt take too kindly 
    to Geils betrayal of Jimmy. He is the turncoat I referred to at the 
    very beginning of this guide. Unfortunately, the Winkers who were 
    moving south will also begin to attack him, and concentrate on him 
    exclusively. Fortunately, though, you should have killed off a few of 
    them, and Kiel is an excellent pilot who can dodge most of their 
    attacks, and the Velwezer can heal itself, so theres not much to worry 
    Once your turn begins, move your forces southwards. Most of your units 
    will have a tough time moving on the sand and mountains, so if your 
    slower:moving Vectors like the Swift, Fairy, and Panacea are closer to 
    the Dread, have them board it-the Fairy could probably use an MP refill 
    anyways. End your turn. Kiel will begin attacking the Nerk Craft, and 
    the Winkers will continue attacking Kiel. On the next turn, continue to 
    attack the Winkers, move the Dread forward and attack with it, and 
    deploy any and all pilots available-no need to keep one in reserve for 
    the Fairy, the Winkers should probably be nearly dead, so you can go 
    all out. After you kill all the Winkers, start attacking Geils Nerk 
    Craft. It should go down in a few turns. On to Scene 11!
    One note, though-from this point on, Kiel is an integral character. If 
    he dies, its game over. Still, though, you should always reset if ANY 
    of your characters dies, right?
    Scene 11
    This stage involves assaulting a heavily defended base. The Dread 
    starts out at the far west of the map, in a big forest, and the enemies 
    are entrenched in the mountains to the east. They consist of 8 Winkers 
    (whose stats are exactly the same as they were in the last stage, 
    except level 5 and HR and ER improved by 2), 12 of a new brand of mech 
    called Lairds, 6 massive turrets called Aproxes, and the main enemy 
    base piloted by a guy named Mihail called Velhir. Heres everythings 
    Mech Name: Laird, orange mechs with wings, 1450 HP
    Pilot: Goon, lv. 5, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 120 AP, 27 DP, 
    143 HR, 54 ER
    Long:range: Beam Rifle: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 108 AP, 27 DP, 141 
    HR, 54 ER
    Move:  9
    Special: None
    Mech Name: Aprox, big double:barreled turret, 2000 HP
    Pilot: Goon, lv. 5, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: No weapon, 37 DP, 34 ER
    Long:range: Shyuhou: 2 shots, 4:10 range, 50 ammo, 178 AP, 37 DP, 171 
    HR, 34 ER
    Move: 0 (immobile)
    Special: None
    Notes: Very damaging.
    Mech Name: Velhir, thing that looks like a radar tower, 3500 HP
    Pilot: Mihail, lv. 6, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: No weapon, 20 DP, 45 ER
    Long:range: No weapon, 20 DP, 45 ER
    Move: 0
    Special: None 
    Notes: Completely helpless. You should milk it for XP after killing 
    everything else on the stage.
    Now, on turn 1, note how powerful the Aproxes are-178 AP and 2 shots! 
    Fortunately, though, they have absolutely no close:combat capability 
    whatsoever, so get some units close up and you will be in the clear. 
    Move the Dread forward. End your turn. The Aproxes will do nothing 
    (they cant), the Winkers will just sit there, but the Lairds will begin 
    to move forward. On Turn 2, continue moving the Dread forward as far as 
    possible. The enemy will do the same thing, except that 4 of the 12 
    Lairds will stay behind to defend the Velhir while the other 8 will 
    move forward. Do the same on Turn 3. By turn 4, the other groups of 
    Lairds will have formed a defensive formation around 2 of the Aproxes. 
    Start moving south or north, towards one of the last Aproxes at the end 
    of the defensive line (Ill use the south one for this walkthrough). It 
    should NOT be defended by  any Lairds. Do the same on turn 5 and 6, and 
    on turn 7, you should be getting close. Check to see if the Dread can 
    fire upon the Aprox-do NOT move to fire upon the Aprox, as that means 
    it can fire back upon the Dread! You should try to move just one panel 
    out of its firing range, i.e 11 panels away from it. Once youve 
    achieved that, launch an assault! To evade its attack, launch a crappy 
    pilot in the Illuminant, such as Harry, and have him carry Eddie Ray in 
    the Kairass with a Battle Axe 10 spaces forward, right near the Aprox. 
    End your turn. The Aprox close to the Illuminant and Kairass cannot 
    attack, but Lairds defending the Aprox directly above and the Aprox 
    itself can. They will concentrate on the Illuminant, likely severely 
    damaging it, but not destroying it. 
    On turn 8, move the blasted Illuminant back to the Dread, and have the 
    Kairass continue to attack the Aprox. Now, pick at the Lairds who moved 
    to attack. You can freely attack them in the Dread without moving an 
    inch, and launch the Swifts and Nelsons with whomever you choose with 
    cannons, the Nelson with a Bazooka, someone in the Namune with scan 
    rockets, and the Pastoral and Velzer with cannons, put them all behind 
    the Dread, and have them attack the Lairds. End the turn. The Aprox 
    immediately north of the one were attacking will shoot at the Kairass 
    (damaging it a bit), the other Aprox will probably attack at any unit 
    you let into its range while attacking, the Lairds near the Kairass 
    will attack it with their beam rifles (likely severely damaging it), 
    and the rest of your enemies will do nothing. On Turn 10, have the 
    Kairass attack the Aprox and begin moving it back to the Dread. Have 
    all your other units attempt to kill another Laird (launch Harry to 
    help). End the turn. The Lairds will continue to attack your troops. On 
    turn 11, use Personal Repair if the Velwezer or Pastoral have been 
    damaged, continue moving Eddie back to the Dread (attacking any Lairds 
    in the way if he can), and have your other troops continue to shoot at 
    the Lairds, moving them back into the Dread if theyre too damaged. If 
    theres only one Laird left, spare some time to attack the Aprox with 
    your long:ranged weaponry. End the turn, and the enemy will continue to 
    harass you. Next turn, kill the last Laird (hopefully this is turn 12), 
    return any damaged units to the Dread, keep it out of the Aproxs range, 
    and concentrate your firepower on the Aprox. It should go down. Move 
    any damaged units back into the Dread for repairs. End the turn, and 
    the enemy will do nothing. On turn 13, relaunch all your longest ranged 
    fighters with cannons, Scan Rockets, and the like and have them attack 
    the next Aprox up. Even though theyre in its range, it wont attract the 
    attention of the other 4 Lairds. You can also launch Eddie in the 
    repaired Kairass with the Linear Whip if the Dread is close enough. 
    Once youre done with that Aprox, move your units up and have them start 
    picking at the next Aprox up and the Lairds defending it. They shouldnt 
    be too difficult-continue picking away at them at a range, moving any 
    damaged Vectors attacked by the Lairds or Aprox back to the Dread for 
    repairs. You should destroy it by turn 18. Move all your units up to 
    destroy the last Aprox on the front line, and by turn 20, you should 
    destroy that too. Now, in the process, some of your mechs may be 
    attacked by the Winkers defending the last two Aproxes. Move them all 
    back into the Dread for repairs. The Dread should be outside the range 
    of the other two Aproxes, so youll have a bit of time to rest and 
    repair your Vectors. After theyve all been repaired, at this point, you 
    may want just want to blitz the enemy instead of wearing them down 
    through attrition. Move the Dread straight towards the main enemy base, 
    inbetween the Aproxes. Just keep it there. EVERY ENEMY, BOTH APROXES, 8 
    WINKERS, AND 4 LAIRDS, will attack the Dread!! Depending on how lucky 
    you are and if it hasnt taken any hits so far, itll likely go down to 
    10 or 20% hp. Devastating, right? Well, notice where all the enemies 
    are located. Every last one of them can be hit with a Marb Cramp! 
    Launch the Fairy and take advantage of that, dealing out massive damage 
    to all foes present. Launch all other units (except one, preferably 
    Harry) and begin to attack-you should take out one or two of the 
    opposing forces. Keep the Dread where it is-the enemy will hopefully be 
    distracted by your other mechs and slightly weakened enough to allow 
    the Dread some leeway. The next turn, have the Fairy Marb Cramp again 
    (most enemies should still be in range), move it back to the Dread, 
    launch Harry, and have it Marb Cramp again. Kill even more enemies than 
    before, and move the dread back, out of the range of the Aproxes, to 
    allow it to Personal Repair. Keep attacking the enemies. By turn 26, 
    you should have exterminated them. Now move all your units forward to 
    destroy the remaining Aproxes (remember to keep the Dread out of their 
    range). Move any damaged unit back to the Dread for repairs if its 
    getting hit by the Aproxes. By turn 29, you should hopefully have 
    destroyed all of them.
    Now, just relax, and attack the Velhir. Id recommend spending a couple 
    of turns to reorganize your mechs. Heres the loadout Id recommend to do 
    MINIMUM damage:
    Eddie: Illuminant
    Kiel: Kairass
    Mack and Takuya: Swifts
    Nina: Nelson
    Reiko: Fairy
    Chay: Namune
    Harry: Panacea
    Attack with your very weakest weapons-Vulcans or Punches. In the 
    Namunes case, attack with Hard Claws. Eventually, you should manage to 
    kill him at around turn 44. Congratulations! On to Scene 12.
    Scene 12
    At the beginning of this map you start off near a forest, separated 
    from the east side of the map by a lake with mountain ranges at the 
    north and south of the map. Your foes consist of 4 Winkers at the top 
    and bottom of the map and 8 Deibises moving forward from the middle, 
    Behind them are the real troublemakers of this map-two Ramildas and one 
    Parkard piloted by the boss of this map, Shara, who is the best pilot 
    youve yet fought. The Deibises and the Winkers are essentially the same 
    as they were in the previous map, so here are the stats for the 
    Ramildas and the Parkard.
    Mech Name: Ramilda, looks like a Vuitray with shoulder spikes, 1500 HP.
    Pilot: Commander Goon, lv. 5, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 54 AP, 18 DP, 178 HR, 
    61 ER
    Long:range: Beam Rifile: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 92 AP, 18 DP, 158 
    HR, 61 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: 20 MP, Marb Cramp
    Notes: These are some of the most annoying enemies youll face in the 
    Mech Name: Parkard, has a green spike in its head, 2500 HP
    Pilot: Shara, lv. 7, 6/6/7/6
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 54 AP, 50 DP, 200 HR, 
    125 ER
    Long:range: Blaster: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 190 AP, 50 DP, 266 
    HR, 140 ER
    Move: 9
    Special: None 
    Now, as you can see, its the Ramildas who are this stages real 
    annoyance. Their Marb Cramp is damaging enough on its own, and two of 
    them means theyll be able to do nearly 800 damage to many of your 
    troops in one turn! Fortunately, youll have a chance to take out the 
    Deibises and Winkers before the Ramildas get into range, because theyll 
    start off far ahead of their commanding officers. On the first 2 turns, 
    move the Dread straight forward. The enemy will do the same. On turn 3, 
    move the Dread forward and down, towards the lower group of enemies 
    that should be close to you. Launch the Fairy as far forward as it can 
    go and try to catch as many enemies as possible in range of the Marb 
    Cramp. Launch all units-youll find youve gotten some new equipment, as 
    the Pastoral and Velwezer can now equip Hand Axes and BLASTERS, the 
    best long:ranged weapon you can get overall! Send out Takuya in the 
    Pastoral with a hand axe and blaster, Kiel in the Velwezer with the 
    same, Mack in Swift with a machine gun, Reiko in a Nelson with a beam 
    rifle, Eddie in the Kairass with a battle axe, and Chay in the Panacea. 
    Keep Harry inside, and Shield all of your units with Vacuum Whorl. End 
    the turn. Your foes will attack you, but they shouldnt be able to do 
    much damage. On turn 4, do the same. By turn 5, the Ramildas and the 
    Parkard will have entered the fray, but the Ramildas shouldnt be in 
    range to use their Marb Cramp. Concentrate on them first! Ignore the 
    Winkers and Deibises and move all units forward to shoot at a Ramilda. 
    You MAY be able to kill both of them in one turn! If not, you should 
    destroy one and severely damage another. Breath a sigh of relief, 
    although you still have Shara to deal with-her blaster is absolutely 
    devastating! It can also blow through your shields in one shot. You may 
    want to keep her alive, though, for XP harvesting purposes. After 
    killing the Ramildas, the rest of the stage isnt so hard. Dont 
    concentrate on Shara, kill the rest of the enemies onstage first. 
    Remember to move any units that are heavily damaged back into the Dread 
    for repairs. You ought to be able to kill them all by turn 8. After 
    that, I would actually recommend moving all your units back into the 
    Dread when Shara is the only enemy left onscreen. After the Velwezer is 
    fully repaired, I would actually recommend putting Kiel outside in it, 
    as Shara will attack him to the exclusion of all else. After that, send 
    out the units you want to power up and have them surround her. Keep all 
    of your units except Kiel within 3 spaces of her, so she cant attack 
    them with her blaster. Shell keep attacking Kiel, wasting her ammo if 
    you heal him each turn (after 10 turns, put him back into the Dread to 
    regain his MP). After that, just surround her and have all your units 
    wail on her consistently. Theyll get tons of XP, shell take barely any 
    damage, and you will profit greatly from this stage. By turn 23 or 24, 
    she should be completely out of ammo, rendering her an utterly harmless 
    XP font. Now, just wail on her with all your units. They should barely 
    be able to hit her, doing no more than 1 or 2 damage per turn. Remember 
    to move all your units back to the Dread when their ammo runs out! You 
    can also use the Reload command. Once a pilot gets up to level 9, put 
    him or her back into the Dread-9 is the maximum level you can reach in 
    this game.
    Thus, once you kill Shara on turn 99, your units will be MUCH stronger 
    and you can move on to the next stage! On to stage 13!
    Scene 13
    NOW things start to get difficult. Your mission here is to assault one 
    of your enemys bases, which is situated behind a big thick wall whose 
    only entrance is guarded by 12 Lairds and two Vuitrays. Inside the base 
    are two Ramildas and the boss, the vicious Muua piloting the powerful 
    Dorab. Worst of all, though, are the two Arc Plants. These annoying 
    things can pop out one Laird per turn for 25 turns, meaning you could 
    conceivably have to fight 50 extra Lairds! Well, first off, here are 
    the enemy stats-the Vuitrays, Lairds, and Ramildas are essentially the 
    same as every other time youve fought them, with slightly 
    better/higher:leveled pilots.
    Mech Name: Arc Plant x2, looks like a maroon sphere, 3500 HP.
    Pilot: Goon Commander, lv.6, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: No Weapon, 40 DP, 32 ER
    Long:range: No Weapon, 40 DP, 32 ER
    Move: 0 (immobile)
    Special: 25 MP, Increase: 1 MP
    Notes: Increase produces 1 extra Laird for 1 MP. Obviously, with 2 
    plants, this leads to 50 extra Lairds.
    Mech Name: Dorab, looks like a much tougher Douwarl, 2800 HP.
    Pilot: Muua, lv. 7, 7/6/6/6
    Close:range: Linear Whip: 3 hits, 1:4 range, 30 ammo, 128 AP, 65 DP, 
    272 HR, 130 ER
    Long:range: Vulcan: 8 shots, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 52 AP, 50 DP, 150 HR, 
    120 ER
    Move: 12
    Special: None
    Pretty tough, huh? Well, lets get started. On Turn 1, move the Dread 
    down 3 spaces and right 1 space, towards the double bridges that lead 
    into the base. All the Lairds guarding the entrance will stay put, but 
    the Vuitrays will move forward and shield all of them while the 
    Ramildas will also move forward. On turn 2, move the Dread 2 down and 2 
    right. Launch Reiko in the Pastoral with a Hand Axe and Blaster, and 
    have her shoot at the Vuitray that should be in range. She wont do any 
    damage, but she should destroy its shield. After that, launch all units 
    with their typical weapons loadout-Takuya in the Nelson with a Beam 
    Rifle and Laser Saber, Kiel in the Velwezer with an axe and blaster, 
    Eddie in the Kairass with an axe, Nina in the Fairy, Chay in the 
    Panacea, and Mack and Harry in the Swifts with machine guns. Have all 
    of them attack the Vuitray. They should be able to destroy it in one 
    turn. If any units can still attack after its destroyed, have them 
    target a Ramilda. End the turn. The Lairds will not move, but those who 
    can will attack Takuya and do little damage, but the Ramildas will move 
    up and likely damage your troops severely. On turn 3, have all units 
    who can attack a Ramilda do so (youll hopefully be able to destroy one) 
    then have them all retreat back into the Dread. Kepp the Panacea out to 
    Shield the Dread, though, and have it move forward. All the enemies 
    will attack it with beam rifles, but it should be shielded and out of 
    the Ramildas Marb Cramp range, so it should suffer little damage if any 
    at all. The Arc Plants will begin sending out their Lairds. On turn 4, 
    move the Dread forward again and re:launch your repaired mechs. Launch 
    Nina as far away as possible from the Ramilda so she can still hit it 
    with her Marb Cramp (if she gets too close the Lairds will attack and 
    destroy the Fairy) Try to kill the Ramilda first, then fire upon the 
    Vuitray. The Lairds will fire upon your mechs, and the Vuitray might 
    try to retreat if its been too heavily damaged. On turn 5, begin 
    attacking the Lairds (remember to shoot at them with Blasters first to 
    destroy their shields) and then return any damaged mechs to the Dread, 
    especially the Fairy and Nelson. After attacking, have Harry return as 
    well. Move your remaining mechs up as close as possible to the enemy as 
    they can get. On Turn 6, the two Lairds blocking entry into the base 
    might have been destroyed or moved away from their posts. Return any 
    damaged mech to the Dread, move it into the base (moving the Panacea 
    along with it to keep it shielded) and launch your repaired mechs, 
    particularly the repaired Fairy. Its Marb Cramp will absolutely 
    devastate the packed Lairds. Keep Harry inside the Dread, and move up 
    the Panacea to shield all exposed mechs. Deploy Takuya to draw the 
    enemy to him. After you end your turn, the Lairds will all attack the 
    Dread, Muua will probably move forward to attack Takuyas Nelson, and 
    thats about it. On Turn 7, repair the Dread, use the Marb Cramp, have 
    the Fairy return to the Dread, launch Harry in the Fairy, and have him 
    Marb Cramp again. The Lairds should almost all be dead. Attack the 
    weakest ones with Blasters to destroy their shields, then launch some 
    of your units to mop them up. The enemy will attack you again, but this 
    time to little effect. Now, on turn 8, have Harry Marb Cramp again-he 
    should kill a bunch of Lairds, annihiliating most of your opposition. 
    Muuas Dorab should be heavily damaged as well. Now, all that remains is 
    to mop up the lairds and destroy the factories! Although the stage will 
    end when you kill Muua, you can still harvest a good deal more XP from 
    this scene. Move Harry back into the Dread, move the Dread 4 spaces 
    forward, and launch Nina right where she can Marb Cramp both Arc 
    Plants. Move all your units close to the Arc Plants and attack them. 
    Keep your guys close together so the Panacea can Vacuum Whorl all of 
    them. End the turn, and your enemies will attack again, probably not 
    doing much damage. On the next turn, have Nina Marb Cramp, move her 
    back to the Dread, deploy Harry, and have him do the same. Move any 
    units who need repairs or are out of ammo or MP (such as the Panacea) 
    back into the Dread. You may want to equip Eddie with a Linear Whip, to 
    evade the counterattacks of the Lairds, but it doesnt really matter. By 
    turn 12, if you keep doing this, you ought to destroy one or two of the 
    bases. After that, the battle is almost won! After youve killed all the 
    Lairds, move all your units back into the Dread except Reiko in the 
    Pastoral. Keep her on the mechanical area surrounding the base. At this 
    point, just sit for 30 turns. Muua will keep attacking Reiko and waste 
    his Linear Whips ammunition. Heal her as necessary with Personal 
    Repair. After shes reached level 9, you might want to place another 
    character in the Pastoral and send him or her out for XP. After 30 
    turns hell run out of ammo for his Linear Whip. At this point, move 
    whoevers in the Pastoral back. Its XP harvesting time! Move the Dread 
    as close as possible to Muua, then launch your mechs and surround him. 
    Attack him with everyones weakest weaponry-punches, Vulcans, whatever. 
    Hell keep attacking you with his Vulcan, but that wont do much damage 
    and hell run out of ammo soon enough. After youve powered up all your 
    pilots to level 9, or Turn 99 rolls around, whichever comes first, kill 
    him and end the stage.
    Scene 14
    This is undoubtedly the hardest stage in Vixen 357, and one of the 
    hardest challenges of any SRPG I have beaten (and this includes Fire 
    Emblem 5!). At first blush, it seems very easy-there are 2 mountain 
    ranges at the east and west ends of the map, separated by a lake with 
    an island with an Arc Base on it, defended by 4 Deibises. It is 
    extremely important that you destroy this base by turn 5! The Arc base 
    and its defenders are essentially the same as every other time youve 
    faced them, again with slightly better pilots and correspondingly 
    higher HR and ER by a couple of points or so. On the first turn, move 
    the Dread 4 spaces forward. Shoot at the base. Launch Mack in the 
    Illuminant, and have it carry Reiko in the Fairy. Move the Illuminant 
    as far forward as it can go, then have it drop Reikos Fairy right next 
    to the Arc Base. Launch the Panacea and have it shield the Dread. 
    Attack the Arc Base with the units you have out, then end the turn 
    (dont bother deploying any other forces). The Deibises will attack the 
    Fairy and likely do little damage, thanks to Reikos excellent ER and 
    the terrain bonus from the machinery shes standing on. The Arc Base 
    will attack the Dread, but hopefully do no damage thanks to its 
    shielding. On Turn 2, have Reiko Marb Cramp again and have Mack shoot 
    at the Arc Base with his Illuminant. Move him back to the Dread. Have 
    the Panacea re:shield the Dread, move it back, then move the Dread 4 
    spaces forward and have it attack the Arc Base. End the turn. On Turn 
    3, Marb Cramp with Reiko again to destroy the Deibises. Have the Dread 
    attack the Arc Base and move it forward. Reiko should be able to enter 
    it. Have her embark, then immediately launch Nina in the Fairy and Marb 
    Cramp the Arc Base again. The Arc Base should be almost dead, so launch 
    all your units and kill it. The unfortunate commander will call for 
    someone named "Todorof" and die. End your turn. 
    Now, on turn 4, nothing will happen-its just you alone on this map. 
    Move all your men back into the Dread and move it 4 spaces forward. End 
    your turn. On Turn 5, first off, deploy Mack and Reiko in the Pastoral 
    and Velwezer with Cannons and Battle Axes and set them both atop the 
    wrecked base so they get a performance boost from terrain. Move the 
    Dread 4 spaces forward so its on a mountain. DEPLOY ALL YOUR UNITS 
    (except Harry)! Have the Panacea shield your units. End the turn
    OH SHIT! Massive amounts of enemy forces will teleport in! 8 of a new 
    model of Vector called a Lanzen, the most powerful ranged mass:produced 
    mech youll fight in the game, will teleport in on each side of the map, 
    along with 2 Ramildas, making a total of 16 Lanzens and 4 Ramildas 
    altogether! Todorof, the boss of this stage, will also make an 
    appearance, in his powerful mech, the Remiyu. Here are their stats (the 
    Ramildas are just as they were in the previous stage with minor pilot 
    Mech Name: Lanzen, green mech with shoulder cannon, 1850 HP.
    Pilot: Goon, lv.5, 2/1/2/1
    Close:range: Punch: 3 hits, 1:1 range, 30 ammo, 44 AP, 28 DP, 141 HR, 
    49 ER
    Long:range: Cannon: 2 shots, 5:8 range, 20 ammo, 150 AP, 28 DP, 166 HR, 
    54 ER
    Move: 8
    Special: None 
    Notes: Best enemy mech of its class in the game.
    Mech Name: Remiyu, a squat green mech with a shoulder cannon, 2800 HP.
    Pilot: Todorof, lv.8, 6/6/6/6
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 156 AP, 40 DP, 
    227 HR, 130 ER
    Long:range: Cannon: 2 shots, 5:8 range, 20 ammo, 180 AP, 40 DP, 235 HR, 
    130 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: 20 MP, Personal Repair:2 MP.
    Damn, things are looking grim. On their turn, the enemy will viciously 
    attack your forces-fortunately, if you Shielded all your mechs, the 
    enemys Cannon attacks should be blunted somewhat. However, both of the 
    Ramildas will still assault your troops, and two Marb Cramps will 
    severely damage them! On the other side of the map, Mack and Reiko 
    should take a bit of damage, but not too much-they both have the best 
    evade against ranged attacks of all your pilots. On Turn 6, you should 
    find your forces to be severely damaged. Still, all isnt lost yet. Marb 
    Cramp with the Fairy, and have all your mechs who can attack a Ramilda. 
    Hopefully they should destroy one. Have all your mechs return to the 
    Dread, have it repair itself, and have it move forward. Launch Harry in 
    the Fairy and have it Marb Cramp the remaining Ramilda. Do not do this 
    if the Fairy is too heavily damaged, however. If Mack or Reiko can 
    shoot at it with their cannon while remaining on the island, and if he 
    can hit it with the beam rifle, you could kill it! If not, keep the 
    Fairy in the hanger and wait till next turn to kill it. End the turn, 
    and the enemy will attack you again. Youll notice that the enemies on 
    the other side of the map will concentrate on Mack and Reiko while 
    refusing to move forward. This is why I told you to put them on the 
    base, so that the enemy forces on the west side of the map get tied 
    down and cant advance to attack the Dread, which would mean its doom. 
    However, they will likely be severely damaged by the attacks of the 
    Ramildas. The mechs on the east side will still heavily damage it, 
    though. On Turn 7, heal the Dread, move any damaged units back into it 
    for repairs (The Fairy might almost be destroyed at this point if you 
    kept it out), and end the turn. The enemies will attack again, likely 
    damaging all your troops. The Dread, Pastoral, and Velwzer might be 
    nearly destroyed at this point. Begin moving them back to the Dread if 
    theyre too heavily damaged. Now, its time for the Dread to strike back! 
    Remember, the stage ends when Todorof is destroyed, so concentrate on 
    him! Launch the Fairy and have it Marb Cramp him. Launch Eddie in the 
    Kairass, Takuya in the Nelson, and Kiel in a Swift and attack Todorof. 
    Launch Chay in the Panacea to shield your units, keep Harry inside, and 
    end the turn. Your enemies will attack again, almost destroying the 
    Dread and the Pastoral and Velwezer, but worst of all, Todorof will 
    heal himself! Things arent as grim as they look, though. Have Nina Marb 
    Cramp Todorof. The move the Dread up, move Nina into it, and relaunch 
    Harry in the Fairy! Marb Cramp him again. Now, launch all your 
    remaining units, especially Eddy, and have them attack the aching 
    Ramiyu. Hope they destroy it in this turn, because if not, youre dead. 
    This isnt among the hardest, most intense stages Ive played for 
    nothing! But if you do manage to kill him with a lucky shot, 
    congratulations! Youre almost done with the game! Move on to Scene 15.
    Scene 15
    Youre almost done with the game! This stage involves you assaulting the 
    entrance to a base. Your allies consist of 12 Terazards, the best 
    allied troops that will assist you in the entire game. These guys would 
    have been useful in pretty much every other stage your friends helped 
    you out on, but unfortunately, they are now severely outclassed by the 
    8 Lanzens and 6 Aproxes youll find arrayed against you initially-and 
    thats not even mentioning the reinforcements that will arrive later on! 
    The Lanzens and the Aproxes are essentially just like they were on 
    every other stage you fought them on, so here are the stats for the 
    Mech Name: Terazard, looks like an Ilzard with shoulder cannon and 
    shield, 1200HP
    Pilot: Friendly Pilot, lv. 5, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 126 AP, 45 DP, 
    140 HR, 71 ER
    Long:range: Blaster: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 140 AP, 45 DP, 158 
    HR, 71 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: None
    You dont actually have to worry that much about the Aproxes, since 
    theyre immobile and you can just retreat into the forest. However, the 
    Lanzens will become very annoying later in the stage. Thus, move the 
    Dread 4 spaces forward and end the turn. The Terazards will move 
    forward but wont be able to attack anything, and then the Aproxes will 
    shoot at them (doing very heavy damage) and the Lanzens will also 
    attack, severely damaging many of your allies and outrightly destroying 
    one if theyre unlucky. On the second turn, move the Dread 4 spaces 
    forward again, and keep it there-thats about as far as it can go 
    without being attacked by the Aproxes. Have it attack a Lanzen if one 
    is in range. Then launch all your mechs with whatever weaponry you deem 
    fit. Try to kill one of the Lanzens. A very good idea is to send out 
    Chay with her Vacuum Whorl, since that will benefit the Terazards as 
    well as your own troops. End the turn. The Terazards will attack one of 
    the Aproxes, while the Lanzens and Aproxes will counterattack, likely 
    destroying several Terazards. On the next turn, re:shield your units 
    and attempt to destroy another Lanzen. End the turn. Unfortunately, 
    enemy reinforcements teleport in! They consist of 8 of a new model of 
    Vector called Jensens and they are led by the boss of this stage, 
    Douglas, in the very powerful Clese. The Jensen is the best all:around 
    mech the enemy can throw at you, fitting for the end of the game. Heres 
    everybodys stats:
    Mech Name: Jensen, maroon mech with an oddly:shaped head, 2200HP
    Pilot: Enemy Pilot, lv. 7, 2/2/2/2
    Close:range: Hand Axe: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 30 ammo, 137 AP, 30 DP, 160 
    HR, 66 ER
    Long:range: Cannon: 2 shots, 5:8 range, 20 ammo, 145 AP, 30 DP, 174 HR, 
    66 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: none
    Mech Name: Clese, looks like a very powerful Douwarl,
    Pilot: Douglas, lv. 8, 7/6/7/6
    Close:range: Hand Axe: 3 hits, 1:2 range, 30 ammo, 177 AP, 50 DP, 248 
    HR, 140 ER
    Long:range: Blaster: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 175 AP, 50 DP, 248 
    HR, 140 ER
    Move: 10
    Special: None
    The Jensens and the Lanzens will attack your forces, destroying a 
    couple more of the unfortunate Terazards and probably severely damaging 
    your troops as well. Now, on turn 4, Id recommend fully retreating all 
    your Vectors (attacking another Lanzen if you can) to the Dread for 
    repairs. Move it forward to allow them to embark into it immediately, 
    especially if one of their mechs is heavily damaged. End the turn. The 
    Jensens and Lanzens will continue to attack your friendly troops, 
    probably killing some more. By this point they should be almost dead, 
    although theyll likely have done some good damage to your foes as they 
    go down. On turn 5, move the Dread back 4 spaces-the Terazards are as 
    good as dead, theres nothing you can do for them. The enemies will 
    attack them again. Move the Dread 4 spaces to the west on turn 6 as 
    well. By turn 7, only one or two Terazards will be left alive. Keep the 
    Dread where it is. Your enemy will finish them off, then begin moving 
    towards your craft. Several of your foes should have gotten closer to 
    the Dread. On turn 8, its time to make them pay! Move the Dread 4 
    spaces forward towards them. Launch the Fairy and have it Marb Cramp, 
    then launch all your mechs (keep Harry inside, though) and have them 
    attack! Remember to shield your mechs with the Panacea. End the turn. 
    The enemy mechs will concentrate almost exclusively on the Dread. Next 
    turn, have Nina Marb Cramp, attack an enemy in her range, then move 
    back to the Dread. Launch Harry in the Fairy and have him do the same. 
    The enemy forces should be looking pretty broken up! End the turn. They 
    will attack the Dread again, but do less damage than last time. Now, on 
    this turn, have Harry Marb Cramp again, and if any enemies close by are 
    almost dead, kill them. Move her back into the Dread, and then 
    re:launch Nina closer to another group of enemies if she can, and Marb 
    Cramp them. If any units can attack, have them attack the remaining 
    goons. Dont even bother with Douglas-youll barely be able to hit him, 
    his ER is so high. Keep the Dread where it is, and end the turn. On 
    Turn 10, even MORE reinforcements will teleport in-2 Vuitrays and 2 
    Ramildas. Now, this is really bizarre, because the Ramildas have map 
    sprites that look like Vuitrays, and the Vuitrays have map sprites that 
    look like Ramildas! Be VERY wary of this. Concentrate on destroying the 
    remaining Lanzens and Jensens and that shouldnt seem too intimidating. 
    You should be able to destroy them. Move the Dread back so that the 
    Ramildas will have a harder time reaching it. End the turn-the enemy 
    reinforcements will move forward and the Clese and remaining 
    Jensens/Lanzens will attack the Dread. 
    On the next turn, you should have almost beaten the stage! Even though 
    the reinforcements are fast approaching, you only need to destroy the 
    Clese to end the scene. Destroy any remaining Lanzens or Jensens, then 
    concentrate on the Clese. Attack it with projectile weapons or laser 
    sabers/linear whips to avoid its devastating counterattacks. End the 
    turn. The Clese will attack, and the Ramildas (which look like Vuitrays 
    from a distance) will probably be able to get up close and severely 
    damage a couple of your mechs. By this point though, the Clese should 
    almost be destroyed! Marb Cramp it (twice if necessary) and finish it 
    off to kill Douglas and end the stage. Congrats! On to the endgame
    Final Scene
    This is it, the very last stage! As you can tell by the destroyed Aprox 
    towers behind you, this is the base whose entrance you broke into in 
    the last stage. Your foe here is Schtol Weimar, piloting the absolute 
    most powerful Vector in the game, the Gorgas! Defending him are 10 
    Lanzens, 10 Jensens, 2 Arc Bases, and 2 Aproxes. Also, 3 Wilders (!) 
    will teleport in after you destroy all the other enemies. You cannot 
    traverse the walls of this base or shoot over them-theyre total 
    barriers. Your allies here are 12 of the same Terazards who helped you 
    out in the last stage. Heres the Gorgas stats:
    Mech Name: Gorgas, massive mech with wings, 5000 HP!!
    Pilot: Schtol Weimar, lv. 9, 8/6/8/6
    Close:range: Laser Saber: 3 hits, 1:3 range, 30 ammo, 156 AP, 30 DP, 
    268 HR, 140 ER
    Long:range: Blaster: 3 shots, 3:6 range, 20 ammo, 170 AP, 30 DP, 286 
    HR, 140 ER
    Move: 15
    Special: 99 MP, Personal Repair, Vaccum Whorl, Marb Cramp, 2 MP each.
    Notes: Those 3 skills are NOT the only ones the Gorgas has at its 
    disposal! It also has one super:powerful attack. I dont know what the 
    name of it is, but it drains HP from all your units and adds it to the 
    Gorgas own! This deals a MASSIVE amount of damage to all friendly units 
    in a set radius, about 720 HP. Ill tell you how to deal with it when 
    you actually get to your foe.
    First off, lets take care of Schtols army first! Move the Dread 2 
    spaces to the right and 2 spaces down-thats the farthest you can go. 
    End the turn. Your friends will divide up into 2 groups of 6, with one 
    group moving to attack the southern Arc Base and another moving to 
    attack the northern one. The enemy will do the same, dividing up into 2 
    groups of 5 Lanzens and 5 Jensens, attacking each of your allies 
    groups. They will likely kill one or two Terazards. On Turn 2, move the 
    Dread down 3 spaces and right 1 space. Launch Mack Ryan in the 
    Illuminant, and have it carry Reiko Machida in the Fairy. Have Mack 
    attack one of the Jensens or Lanzens, but launch Reiko and have her 
    Marb Cramp the tightly:packed group of enemies-she should do some 
    severe damage to all of them. On Turn 3, have Reiko Marb Cramp again, 
    move her back into the Illuminant, move the Dread 3 spaces down and 1 
    to the right, move the Illuminant back into the Dread, then launch 
    Takuya in the Illuminant and Kiel in the Fairy. Move the Illuminant 
    forward as far as possible, launch the Fairy, and have it Marb Cramp 
    again. End the turn. The enemies will attack, dealing out severe damage 
    to your friends, but by this point, the foes in the southern group 
    should be so heavily damaged that theyll begin retreating back to their 
    Arc Base for repairs, giving your southern friends a reprieve. On Turn 
    4, move the Fairy forward as far as it can go and have it Marb Cramp 
    again, which should kill a few enemies. Move the Dread forward 4 spaces 
    and move the Illuminant back into the Dread. You may want to begin 
    launching your other mechs, preferably the ones with movement rates 10 
    or above like the Kairass, Pastoral, and Nelson, to finish off some of 
    the fleeing enemies before they get a chance to return to base to 
    repair. End the turn. The foes up north will probably destroy the 
    northern group, but your friends in the south ought to be doing better. 
    On Turn 5, move up the fairy to Marb Cramp the south Arc Base, and also 
    have your deployed units move up to attack it. Move the Dread forward, 
    of course. End the turn. The Lanzens and Jensens will probably attack 
    your troops instead of the Terazards, but they shouldnt be able to do 
    much damage, and by this point, the southern Arc Base should be almost 
    totaled. On Turn 6, Marb Cramp it and destroy it, and continue to move 
    the Dread up. The enemies will continue to attack your guys. On Turn 7, 
    Marb Cramp and destroy any weakened enemies that are near you, then 
    move the Dread up and move back any damaged unit for repairs. There 
    should still be a few Terazards to cover you. End the turn. The 
    Terazards and the other enemies will attack each other. On Turn 8, move 
    the Dread up 4 spaces, and launch the Fairy and all other mechs and 
    begin attacking in earnest. Try to destroy that last base if its 
    heavily damaged with fast:moving mechs like the Kairass and the 
    Pastoral. If not, thats okay, just concentrate on destroying the 
    remaining Lanzens and Jensens and get it next turn. Launch the Panacea 
    and shield your units and allies. The enemys attack should be fairly 
    ineffective at this point. Mop up the remaining foes on turns 9 and 10. 
    Once theyre all destroyed (and you should still have a few Terazards 
    left to assist you) move all your units back into the Dread. By Turn 
    11, you should be done, and the Terazards will move forward to attack 
    the Aproxes in front of Schtols Gorgas. If youd like, launch a couple 
    of fighters to assist up close. Keep them one space in front of the 
    Aproxes, just out of range of the Gorgas blaster (if you can attack it 
    with a Beam Rifle or Blaster, itll be able to attack you!). 
    Unfortunately, once turn 11 ends, 3 Wilders will teleport in. They will 
    Marb Cramp and attack your troops, likely destroying the Terazards and 
    severely damaging any mechs you had attacking the Aproxes. Retreat and 
    repair them in the Dread (which hopefully has taken little or no damage 
    so far). 
    From this point on, its a battle of attrition. Launch all mechs with 
    Cannons or other long:range weaponry and have them take out the 
    Aproxes. Even though theyll be in range of the big guns, its better 
    than being annihilated by the Marb Cramps of the Wilders. You should be 
    able to destroy them by turn 13 or 14. At that point, have all your 
    mechs concentrate on the foremost Wilder. Launch the Fairy and put it 
    exactly 4 spaces away from the Wilder youre concentrating on. If you 
    Marb Cramp it, youll probably be able to kill it in one turn. Do the 
    same with the other two Wilders, putting the Fairy 4 spaces away from 
    them and having it Marb Cramp. If you put it any closer or try to Marb 
    Cramp all the Wilders, the Gorgas will attack it and destroy it. Put 
    any heavily damaged mech into the Dread for repairs. You should be able 
    to kill all 3 Wilders by turn 18. If any of your units gets in range of 
    the Gorgas blaster during this period, just look at how much damage it 
    will do!
    Now, the only thing left to do is take out the Gorgas itself. Theres 
    one way of doing this, and its attrition. Do NOT attack it with laser 
    sabers or hand axes-you will not be able to hit it, you will do very 
    little damage, and it will devastate you with its counterattacks. 
    Instead, put the Fairy 4 spaces in front of and have it Marb Cramp. The 
    Gorgas will probably Marb Cramp and shoot at the Fairy, almost 
    destroying it. The blaster does about 400 damage. On the next turn, 
    have the Fairy retreat back to the Dread. The Fairys Marb Cramp does 
    450 damage, and is just the only effective way of damaging the Gorgas I 
    know of-it will simply dodge most of your attacks. I would put Kiel in 
    the Velwezer and Mack in the Pastoral on the ruins of the Aproxes to 
    attack the Gorgas with their Blasters to do a bit of extra damage. Keep 
    doing this, but PUT THE FAIRY BACK IN THE DREAD when the Gorgas goes to 
    around 50% (when a big 5 shows up over it) or below 3000 HP. It will 
    use this bizarre Vampire Attack" (I dont know what to call it) and 
    drain 720HP from each of your units, healing the Gorgas for a few 
    thousand HP! This can easily destroy any one of your units if you let 
    its HP get too low. EVERY UNIT ON THE MAP will get hit, so if you see 
    the Gorgas HP getting low, move every unit back into the Dread so that 
    only the Dread gets it. On the plus side, however...you know how the 
    Gorgas has 99 MP? Well, this Vampire Attack costs 20 MP, meaning that 
    after Schtol uses it 3 or 4 times, hell be almost out of MP! Heal the 
    Dread after this happens. Keep doing this over and over again-be sure 
    to have the Fairy retreat when Schtols HP looks to be below 3000, as 
    hell attack the Fairy with his Blaster, doing about 390 damage, then 
    use the Vampire Attack, doing 720 damage and bringing it down to 
    (literally) :10 HP, destroying it. Chip away at his HP with the 
    Pastoral and Velwezer blasting away at him with their Blasters (they 
    can repair themselves, so even if he attacks them its no big deal) and 
    all other units attacking him with Cannons if possible. Remember to put 
    back any unit that has below 1000 HP, as Schtol will attack it 
    (probably doing around 300 damage) and then finish it off with the 
    Vampire Attack. 
    Anyways, youll have to do this for very many turns, as hell probably 
    take up to turn 50 to use up all his MP on the Vampire Attack. Once hes 
    done that, though, the battle is essentially won. Once he goes below 20 
    MP, now that he no longer has the Vampire Attack to throw against you, 
    you can use the Fairys Marb Cramp with impunity. Move it near the 
    Gorgas, Marb Cramp, watch him attack it and Marb Cramp it himself, Marb 
    Cramp him on the next turn, and move it back to the Dread for repairs. 
    Launch it again, and repeat. Keep doing this and hell eventually run 
    out of MP entirely, which leaves him entirely at your mercy. Remember, 
    Marb Cramp and his blaster attack combined will do about 1000 damage to 
    the Fairy, so make sure its at maximum HP every round its out. By turn 
    50:60, he should have run out of MP entirely, and by the same time, his 
    blaster should be running out of ammo as well. Now, you have nothing to 
    worry about. Keep the Fairy 4 spaces away from him to avoid his Laser 
    Saber and Marb Cramp him to oblivion.
    At 450 damage per Cramp, it should take about 11 turns more or less to 
    beat him. If you keep the Dread 10 spaces in front of him, its more 
    like 6 turns, as you can Marb Cramp once, move the Fairy back into the 
    Dread, re:launch it with another pilot, and Marb Cramp again, thus 
    doing a total of 900 damage per turn! So long as hes out of MP and ammo 
    before turn 88 (which he certainly will be) congratulations! Hes as 
    good as dead. Just bring the Fairy back into the Dread for a couple of 
    turns to restore its MP as necessary. Once you deliver the final Marb 
    Whats this? The Gorgas will reappear, at FULL HP, this time piloted by 
    a funny looking guy in an alien headdress named Bowman, who youll 
    remember from Scene 9. After some conversation with him, your mechs 
    will glow multiple colors, the screen will flash, and the Gorgas will 
    glow red...and blow up, taking Bowman with it! Now, the battle is truly 
    Watch the cool ending sequence (the Dread is blasting off from the 
    exploding enemy base, but Kiel and the Velwezer will stay behind to 
    watch the destruction) and then the credits! You may want to stick 
    around after the credits if you understand Japanese, since theres a 
    little sequence after that. But yeah...youve beaten the game!
    Final Pilot stats:
    These are the stats for all pilots at level 9, the maximum level.
    Takuya Murasawa (22 years old)
    CHR: 6
    CER: 4
    LHR: 6
    LER: 4
    Harry Gibson (31 years old)
    CHR: 5
    CER: 4
    LHR: 5
    LER: 4
    Mack Ryan (23 years old)
    CHR: 2
    CER: 2
    LHR: 8
    LER: 6
    Ben Bask (62 years old)
    CHR: 2
    CER: 2
    LHR: 6
    LER: 5
    Eddie Ray (27 years old)
    CHR: 8
    CER: 6
    LHR: 2
    LER: 2
    Reiko Machida (24 years old)
    CHR: 4
    CER: 5
    LHR: 5
    LER: 6
    Nina Laurel (20 years old)
    CHR: 4
    CER: 3
    LHR: 5
    LER: 3
    Chay Won (20 years old)
    CHR: 4
    CER: 3
    LHR: 5
    LER: 4
    Kiel Royard (28 years old)
    CHR: 7
    CER: 4
    LHR: 7
    LER: 4
    I hope this guide was useful for you. Please contact me at 
    bio_armor2026@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions! Thank you very 
    much for your time.
    Thank You to:
    ArmorDragon, for suggesting I start this FAQ in the first place.
    The residents of 4chans /m/, for encouraging me. 
    Trimurti, for a *little* bit of advice on writing a FAQ.
    Silverspoon, for translating some plot for me.
    God, since its largely thanks to Him Im still alive to write this 
    Finally, you for reading this!

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