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Reviewed: 09/24/03

6 pak’s are good for the ladies, and not bad for games either…

Now you can play six original games all in one cartridge.

The 6- Pak, certainly has original games, but original is not always the best. It includes the classic Sonic game, which is fun but nowhere near the enjoyment you would receive from the next games in the series. Super Hang-On is not bad, it has a unique method that lets you customize your bike, but when it comes to racing, it can be a little bit frustrating. The revenge of Shinobi is really a nice game, but a little bit slow paced. Golden Axe has good quality; for you can slash, your way threw eight broad levels in this mystic epic. Columns are a fair puzzle game, but it is not much better than Tetris. Lastly, there is Streets of Rage, an exciting game, but you play at a pretty slow tempo again.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dr. Robotnik has captured animals, and has made them into accomplices, in his schemes of taking over the world! It is up to speedy Sonic to save them and crush the malicious Robotnik. You play as the spike-haired hedgehog in 6 (3 “acts” each) fantastic levels, as you rush through spine-tingling loops, collect tons of rings, bash Robotnik’s assistants, and dash with your super sneakers in your chase to surmount Dr. Robotnik!

The overall gameplay is good, and you will get plenty of excitement in the levels that you play in. There are ample enemies to run over, innumerable rings to collect, and enough bonus levels to earn you the powers, you have the chance to morph into “Super Sonic.” Yeah it can be fun, but definitely not as good as the sequel. It is too repetitive and it can be very simple at times. There is only one mode, and saddest of all, you cannot play as Tails. Sonic also does not have the ability to rev up and does his super spin attack, thus making the game slower. And watching Sonic zoom through the levels is what Sonic games are all about right? Sure, you can still spin and saw your enemies, but this Sonic game is just not as fun as could be.

Having fewer abilities, less levels makes this game not as fun as it could be, but it’s so-so, and I give it a 6/10.

Super- Hang On

Now you can pursuit in thrilling races, just like you always wanted too. This arcade game is included in the Sega Six Pak. Compete in four countries in your customizable bike and gain money to get better mechanics to sup up your bike real good. Because when it comes to Super Hang On, you will be racing till' you…. Well I don’t know.

I think this game has come to waste. It has such an excellent setup, being able to have your bike actually be damaged and all. In addition, you will hire mechanics and they will give you advice. Nevertheless, when it comes to racing, it can be very frustrating. You lose control of your bike so easily, and the opponents will zoom right past you, leaving you in big trouble. The levels are also WAY to long. Geesh, I cannot finish any of them. However, there is the original mode that I find better. I also find the soundtrack is very relaxing. It is just a shame that this game only has good layers, but once you get below the layer, it isn’t that great.

Having a bland racing system and hard controls put this game at a 5/10.

The Revenge of Shinobi

You play as Shinobi, a ninja, who gets rid of his enemies by busting insane kung fu moves, convening fire and other insane “ninjitsus”, and throwing shurikens as fast as Randy Johnson. One day, Neo Zeed captures the lovely Naoko. It is your job to save her from the wicked Neo Zeed.

Finish off enemies by throwing shurikens, kicking, and using your sword once you collect the powerups. Once you are in profound danger, you can select from using your ninjitsus, either Ikazuvchi-protect yourself with lighting, or Kariu, singe your foes by using mighty fires, Fushin, jump to great heights, or Mijin, cause a great damage but you will have to loose a life while in the process of exploding yourself. An okay game really, but a bit too slow. This game is also a bit to challenging, but it can be a good thing. I prefer the other one much more. You will even encounter Spider Man!

Fun game to amuse yourself, but Shinobi being a bit too challenging and the gameplay being too slow makes me give it a 7/10.

Golden Axe

Death Adder has invaded the lands. He has taken the king and princess both hostages. The protagonist best friend Alex had also been killed in battle, so you will not rest until Death Adder is defeated and the hostages are returned! You can play as three characters in this magical adventure.

In Golden Axe, you can play as three characters, a sword wielding barbarian, a sword wielding woman, and an axe-brandishing dwarf. You can play in beginner, arcade and duel mode. The duel mode is pretty challenging and features a short bit of fun. The arcade mode is hard also and has many things to explore. The beginner is a great method of building experience, but it is a bit too short. In the arcade mode, you fight off monsters, trolls, and evil wizards and witches, as long as giants. You can ride dragons that blow fire and can sweep you off your feet with their tail. Only drawbacks, is that this game is slow too. I get bored of the battle system too. And the music gets on my nerves also, but I can always turn the volume down.

Many features make this game great, but the style makes it land at a 7/10.


(Well, there really is no story behind a Tetris like game)

Ooooh….I like shiny things…Maybe that’s the only good thing about this game. It basically is just a Tetris like game for Sega. Not bad, it can be fun trying to get three jewels in a row, but it doesn’t belong here on the six pak. This game includes three types of ways to play, the arcade version, flash columns, and the original. All this game requires is you to have very good concentration, and to get three jewels in a row. Like I said, it can be fun, it is better with two people, but it will get tedious in a few minutes. You will fall asleep from this game, if not from playing, then it will be from the intensely soothing music in the background. I recommend just sticking with Tetris, for Columns has “free Internet” quality.

The “free Internet” quality just about places it at a 4/10.

Streets of Rage

Fight as Blaze, Axel, or Adam as you destroy the madness of the crime syndicate in what once was a peaceful city. Whether you destroy the punks by fist, bottle, or even a pepper shaker, you must turn this city at once, into what it used to be.

This game is quite amusing but falls short from the continuation of the series. You can play as three characters, each having there own stats and moves. You can use a bottle, knife, pipe, baseball bat, and pepper shaker to bash your enemies. It is truly a classic beat em’ up game. There are a few drawbacks though. The gameplay is slow, it hard to move the characters around some time, and the play is just a little bit too sluggish for me and should be sped up. Streets of Rage is challenging, but I could go through the first few levels finishing off my enemies with a baseball bat. And we don’t want that right?

All right game, but the slowness and the tricks you can use makes it land at a 7/10.

Overall, though, the games here are neat, and you should at least try this out. If you add the games score up, it lands closest to a 7/10.

So if you stop by an E3 store or whatever, and if the game is less than 10 bucks, I recommend picking it up. For the 6 Pak is something you should acquire if you are an avid Genesis game collector.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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