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    Game Genie Codes by Dark Goku

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                           ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN
      Game Genie Codes 
      For Genesis System
      Written by: Dark Goku
      E-mail: darkgoku2001@ig.com.br
      August 1, 2001
       This FAQ contains the Game Genie codes for Adventures of Batman & Robin on Genesis.
       To put these codes you'll need the Game Genie device. All the codes listed have been
       taken from gamegenie.com and full credit goes to them for their great job!
       If you wish to post this FAQ on your site, e-mail me first. Comments or
       anything as such should also be sent to darkgoku2001@ig.com.br.
       1       ACSA-AADL       Start with 1 life
       2       BGSA-AADL       Start with 10 lives
       3       AGSA-AADT       Start with 1 credit
       4       BGSA-AADT       Start with 9 credits
       5       C2CA-CA5C       Infinite life points
       6       AJCA-CA6W       Infinite lives
       7       AJFA-CA8C       Weapon does not discharge
       8       A28T-DE2N       Weapon gets full power on first power up
       9       A4SA-AAD6       Start with weapon at level 6 firepower
       10      AGSA-AAD0       Start with Shuriken instead of Batarang
       11      ALSA-AAD0       Start with Bolo instead of Batarang
      To GameFAQs and CJayC --> For his excellent site.
      To GameGenie.com --> All the codes have been taken from their site.
                        Full credit goes to them in the making of this list.
      To Capcom --> For made this game.
      And To You --> For reading this FAQ.
      Copyright 2001, Dark Goku. All rights reserved.

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