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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #18
                            The Adventures of           
          ######   #######  #######   ##########   #######  ######
         ##   ##  ##   ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##   ##  ##  ##
        ##   ##  ##   ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##   ##  ##  ## 
       ######   #######     ##     ##  ##  ##   #######  ##  ##
      ##   ##  ##   ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##   ##  ##  ##
     ##   ##  ##   ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##   ##  ##  ## 
    ######   ##   ##     ##     ##  ##  ##   ##   ##  ##  ##
        ######    ######   #######    #######   ####### 
         ##   ##   ##  ##   ##    ##     ##      ##   ##
          ##   ##   ##  ##   ##    ##     ##      ##   ##
           ######    ##  ##   #######      ##      ##   ##
            ##   ##   ##  ##   ##    ##     ##      ##   ##
             ##   ##   ##  ##   ##    ##     ##      ##   ##
              ##   ##   ######   ######    ########   ##   ##
                             For the Genesis
                     Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (The Jiggyman)
                      E-mail address: Cedric60914@yahoo.com
    Since there are no walkthroughs for this game, I better start one.  
    However, it doesn't follow the cartoon that good (Both me and my older 
    brother knew this) and we both agreed that the SNES version was better, 
    and for good reason.  Regardless, I hope you make good use of this 
    guide-you'll need it.
    Table of contents
    1. Controls
    2. Items
    3. Weapons
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Credits
    6. Disclaimer
    1. Controls
    Control Pad- Move
    A or C-Attack.  If you're away from an ememy, you'll throw projectiles.  
    Up close, you'll punch, kick, or headbutt (Random).
    B-Jump.  Press B again to jump kick.  Pressing down before pressing B in 
    midair allows you to do a downward jump kick.
    And that's all there is to it.  Keep in mind that when you throw 
    projectiles, you always stand still when firing.
    2. Items
    Weapon Icon- My name for the circles with the bat logos on them.  Many 
    change color after about a second, indicating which projectile you'll 
    get when picked up.  Some always stay the same color.  Red is the 
    batarang, blue is the bat star, and green is the bat bolo.  To level up 
    your weapon, you'll have to pick it up while it's flashing the same 
    color of the one you currently have (Ex. To level up your batarang, pick 
    up the icon when it's red.).  Later, you'll come across icons that 
    occasionally have nothing on it.  Pick it up while it's like that and 
    nothing will happen.
    Quick charge- Again, I made up the name.  Here, you'll see that as you 
    stop throwing projectiles for a while, the charge meter at the top will 
    fill up in a few seconds, making your projectile more powerful and can 
    go through enemies to the other side of the screen (Unless it doesn't 
    kill a tough enemy yet, in which case it'll stop).  Picking this up will 
    charge it almost instantly.
    Hearts- Self explanitory, here, you'll recover health from them.  The 
    small ones restore one piece of your life, while the big ones recover 
    Wipeout icon- The typical pickup icon that "Instantly destroys all 
    enemies on screen", no matter how tough they are.  Perfect for when 
    enemies flood in a lot.
    1-up- I don't need to explain this, do I?  Of course not.  
    3. Weapons
    Batarang- When the weapon icon is red, you can pick this up.  This is 
    the weapon you start out with at the beginning.  When fully leveled up, 
    it goes in a 3-way spread.  No, it doesn't come back to you after you 
    throw it.  It's just as powerful as the Batarang, especially if all 
    three hit.  It's also good for when dealing with many enemies at once.
    Level 1: 1 batarang
    Level 2: 2 batarangs thrown in a 2-way spread
    Level 3: 3 batarangs thrown in a 3 way-spread
    Level 4: 1 batarang, but bigger and more powerful
    Level 5: 3 batrangs, two small and one big, thrown in a 3-way spread
    Level 6: 2 big batarangs thrown in a 2-way spread
    Level 7: 3 big batarangs thrown in a 3-way spread
    Bat star- When the weapon icon is blue, you can get this weapon.  I find 
    it the weakest of the three weapons, as it does squat for damage, and 
    the projectiles don't get bigger when leveled up.  It goes in a 3-way 
    spread like the batarang, but the previous weapon does it better.  Avoid 
    this if possible, and if you still want a spread weapon, get the 
    Level 1 and 2: 1 bat star 
    Level 3 and 4: 2 bat stars
    Level 5 and onward: 3 bat stars  
    Bat bolo- The best and most powerful of the three projectile weapons.  
    Believe me, you need this baby.  While it doesn't go in a 3-way spread 
    like the other two weapons, it's thrown more of in a wavy pattern.  But 
    the damage it does is wonderful.  Try to keep it throughout the whole 
    game, it'll do you justice.  Great for bosses.
    As it levels up, the projectile gets bigger and more powerful, so I 
    don't need to provide a detailed description.
    Level 4: Walkthrough
    Because enemies continually pour in, the best idea is to keep moving and 
    take out the ones that get in your way.  Don't forget to take care of 
    any enemies behind you!  
    And now, the main question arises: 1 or 2 players?
    Well, 2 players takes a lot of skills to beat, but in some cases, it 
    makes the game easier in certain parts, and harder in others.  The same 
    applies to if you're playing alone, of course.    
    Here, this walkthrough will assume you go at it alone, but throughout 
    certain areas of the guide, I mention when one two players can be either 
    a help or a nuisance, especially during bosses.
    Level 1: Happy Birthday to Me!
    Enemies you'll encounter:
    Clowns: Your main resistance for this stage.  They run around after you, 
    trying you hit you with their clubs (Or whatever they carry).  Keep in 
    mind that the green-clothed ones take more damage and have a slide 
    Clowns with guns: Self-explanitory.  They run around and fire some shots 
    at you.  They can fire only when standing still, and can fire in 8 
    directions.  They don't have a stronger green-clothed counterpart like 
    everyone else, so there.  
    Big clowns: They are very annoying to contend with.  They try to ram 
    into you, and if they do, about 1/4 of your health will be gone.  The 
    green-clothed ones will take more damage and throw firecrackers.  The 
    firecrackers can be hit by your projectiles.
    Smiley-copters: They fly around and try to hit you.  Some have a 
    tendency to leave behind prizes when destroyed, usually hearts.  One hit 
    from anything will kill them and they appear in groups.  The green ones 
    are quicker. 
    Section 1
    Go forward and hit the trash cans for the first weapon icon.  You start 
    with the batarang, and now wouldn't be a bad to keep it.  Make sure it's 
    flashing the appropriate color before you pick it up (I'll no longer 
    mention this).  Your batarang should be at level two right now.  Go 
    forward, killing any clowns you come across.  Hit the next set of trash 
    cans of a wipeout icon and continue until the screen stops.  Five clowns 
    will drop on the top floor, one at a time, from left to right.  Then 
    after they're done, 5 more will do the same thing, but in the opposite 
    Hint: Need an extra 1-up?  When the second set of clowns drop, take them 
    all down before they even move.  If you're quick enough, you'll get a 1-
    up.  The best way to do this is to hang on the railing and stay in the 
    center.  Not only will you hit the clowns easier with the batarang's 2-
    way spread (You should have it, right?), but you'll take care of any 
    troublesome clowns below you.  
    Go forward once more and you'll meet the clowns with guns for the first 
    time.  The next sets of trash cans have another weapon icon and a quick 
    charge.  Pick those up (Remember to stick with the batarang) proceed on.  
    After you pick up the wipeout icon and head to the bank, the place will 
    violently explode.
    You'll ecounter those big clowns that'll try to ram you.  Use close 
    range (Punch or kick) if they are too close, and throw projectiles like 
    mad.  You'll also encounter a small wave of regular clowns and shooting 
    clowns as well.  Once it's all over, go on.  Knock over the trash cans 
    for a big heart if you took damage (Most definitely) and go forward, 
    looking out for any big clowns that come through the windows.  Keep 
    going, picking up the weapon icon until the screen stops.  Just kill a 
    majority of the enemies that followed you to go.  
    Press onward, and pick up the wipeout icon on the way.  Once the screen 
    stops, you'll deal with four regular clowns, two green ones, four of the 
    clowns with guns, and two more green clowns with a big one thrown in.  
    Once you're ready to move again, you'll get one more weapon icon, 
    several sets of small hearts for any damage and a quick charge icon by 
    searching the trash cans.  Eventually, you'll see a boss roll in...
    Boss: Birthday Tank
    Note: For every boss you encounter, you'll see a counter at the top, 
    with the numbers 99 on it.  As it takes damage, the number will go down.  
    Eventually, once it hits zero, it's finished.  However, it may change 
    attack plans by dwindling it down to a certain number, and depending on 
    how you've leveled up your weapon, it'll either take forever to make the 
    counter go down, or it won't take long.  Make sure your weapons are 
    being leveled up.
    It'll start by coming in from the right side of the screen while firing 
    shots at you.  Hit the bottom part of the tank (Where the wheels are) to 
    do damage to it.  Stay at the top, because you lose a good portion of 
    health if you touch it.  Be sure to avoid it's shots while you're at it.  
    It'll then go to the other side doing the same thing.  Keep in mind that 
    the cannon tracks your movements during the fight (Unless stated 
    After it stops, it'll point the cannon upward, and fire an insane amount 
    of shots while it shakes up and down wildly.  Stay close to the tank 
    (Don't touch it though) and the shots should miss you.  It'll do the 
    same thing when the cannon is pointed down, so get to the top and go 
    above the tank so it'll miss.  Then, it'll do one of two things: It'll 
    either quickly go to the other side of the screen, or go slowly when 
    firing shots.  Stay at the top at all times.  
    From here on out, it's all random.  If you know how to dodge, it 
    shouldn't be hard.  Once the counter hits 59 or below, it'll go to the 
    center of the screen.  The center of the tank is the target now, so feel 
    free to use some close range attacks and fire your projectiles.  First 
    off, it'll fire three sets of shots at you, one at a time.  During the 
    this time, the cannon, as before, tracks your movements until I say so 
    otherwise.  Jump over the first shot, then duck under the second one, 
    and finally, jump over the third one.  It'll do this three more times 
    too, so be ready.
    Now, it'll change attack patterns again.  Here, it'll fire shots 
    everytime it rotates 90 degrees.  The direction it goes in is clockwise, 
    so go to the right side of the screen.  That way, you'll be able to 
    dodge the shots each time the cannon faces to the right, since it's 
    going down.  Keep throwing projectiles at the center, until the counter 
    reaches 19.
    The top of the tank will explode and the turret will be blown off.  
    Here, Harley Quinn will pop out and throw some bombs, then make the tank 
    go somewhere else.  Obviously, it's her you should hit.  For avoiding 
    the bombs, it's usually in the spot where you currently stand in.  Stay 
    at the top, because apart from not getting in the tank's way, you'll hit 
    Harley even when she's at the bottom, allowing for free hits.  Once it's 
    down to zip, she takes off.
    Section 2
    You're now inside the jewelry store.  Go forward, taking care of the 
    usual people, and get the weapon icon (You should still have batarangs, 
    I hope).  Go forward and smash the the pot next to the big clown for a 
    wipeout icon.  You'll soon encounter seveal small waves of those smiley-
    copters.  Every time you destroy a wave before it reaches the other side 
    of the screen, you'll get a prize.  I haven't destroyed the them all, 
    but here's several of the prizes you'll get:
    2 weapon icons (1 for each indvidual wave)
    1 quick charge
    1 big heart (I think)
    a 1-up (Woohoo!)
    A spread weapon like a batrang is a good choice here.  Two people have 
    (Somewhat) and easier chance, escpecially with spread weapons.  
    Go forward once more, and do battle with more clowns (Batman Retunrs 
    this isn't) and when you come across another weapon icon, go for the bat 
    bolo (Make sure it's green).  Smiley-copters occasionally appear for 
    some health when destroyed.  Once the screen stops, you'll deal with 
    several clowns and big clowns...in green clothing!  Keep your distance 
    and you should be all right.
    Go forward some more, killing clowns, and remmber to kill the smiley-
    copters for health.  In one pot, you'll wind a wipeout icon, the second 
    one has a 1-up (Yay!) and the last one has a weapon icon (Though you're 
    leveled up on the bat bolo, so don't bother).  At the end, you'll 
    encounter several clowns of different types, with the occasionall 
    smiley-copters to deal with.  If you know how they work, you're preety 
    much in the clear.  Go forward...
    Section 3
    (Your health doesn't recharge to full on this part)
    You'll encounter wave after wave of those darn smiley-copters again, but 
    only the ones that come close to you (Usually the green ones) can give 
    you some health.  After getting over some boxes, you'll meet Harley, who 
    again, will throw bombs.  It's not a boss fight yet, but you still need 
    to hit her several times to make her go.    Continue on, going through 
    more of the same, until you get to see Harley again.  Do the same as 
    before, and she'll fly off.  Now the crane will rise, and rubble from 
    the ceiling will fall.  Go the left side of the screen, the rubble from 
    the ceiling won't fall on you, in fact, it doesn't appear there 95% of 
    the time (Not for me, at least)  If it does, move away.
    Boss: Harley Quinn
    Now you must dodge the bombs and the crane (Which does good damage) 
    while hitting her.  While it's not as hard to dodge the crane as it 
    looks, you should still move away when it comes toward you.  Harley's 
    preety weak as far as defense goes, so numbers may go down by two or 
    three as the fight goes on.  Once it's down to 0, she's gone for good.
    Section 4
    You're now on a truck, and throughout this stage you'll encounter Big 
    clowns who throw firecrackers, those clowns with guns, and smiley-
    copters.  The regular clowns are rare, but they are green, so remember 
    they take more damage.  The package to your left has a weapon icon.  Go 
    forward, jumping across trucks and killing any clowns and smiley-copters 
    you encounter.  Keep in mind if you fall, you'll "Jump" back up with 
    some health loss.  Try not to fall off!  Eventually, you'll get to a 
    spot where a huge amount of balloons with spikes will keep coming toward 
    you.  Occasionally, a smiley-copter will appear, kill for what's inside.  
    Here are the prizes they offer to you in this order: 
    1. Quick charge
    2. Several hearts
    3. Wipeout icon
    4. See #2
    5. Weapon icon 
    Keep throwing projectiles at those balloons until it stops.  After it 
    calms down, continue.  You'll encounter waves of smiley-copters in two.  
    Keep going until you reach another wave of those ballons with spikes 
    again, and you'll get the same prizes from destroying the smiley-
    copters.  Go on, hitting the box for LOTS of hearts, and go to the right 
    (Take care of any smiley-copters following you!
    Boss: The Joker
    He'll appear in his hot air balloon and will try to ram you with it.  
    First, he'll go the left and try to ram you as he goes to the right.  
    He'll do the same thing on the other side.  The balloon will go back to 
    the left again, and he'll land it and slide it all the way to the right, 
    get in the far right corner to avoid.  He'll do the same thing on the 
    right side, so be sure to head all the way over to the left.  He'll then 
    swing to the left, then to the right.  Then he'll go to left, and bounce 
    up and down across the screen back and forth.  
    Usually, with the bat bolos at full power, I defeat him at this point, 
    so feel free to inform me if his goes back into his pattern or if he 
    does something else.  I did see him release some smiley-copters on me at 
    one point after the pattern described above.
    The cockpit of the balloon is your main target.  Dodging his attacks are 
    basic, since he signals which way the ballon will go by swinging his 
    arms in either one direction or another.  If both of his arms are out 
    and he waves his hands in a "come here" motion, that means he's sending 
    out smiley-copters.  When he bounces up and down, run under him, of 
    course.  Once the counter hits 0, the balloon will explode and Stage 1 
    is finished.
    Level 2: A Two-Sided Story   
    NOTE: This stage's two parts are entirely different.  Part one is your 
    basic action sequence.  The Second part has you flying in the air 
    chasing after Two-Face.
    Part 1 Enemies
    Thugs: They slide down the ropes in part 1 of the level, firing machine 
    guns.  The bullet's distance goes preety far, so watch yourself.
    Big Thugs: They drop from above and try to hit you, and they'll throw a 
    punch which hurts you really badly when they're on the ground.  They 
    later drop barrels which can be destroyed for hearts.  
    Part 2 Enemies
    Helicopters: In part 2, these are your main resistance.  Thankfully, 
    they're not much to worry about.  The black one fire shots while the red 
    ones fire missiles (Which can be destroyed).
    Mini Bi-planes: Flying in typical flight patterns, they don't do 
    anything.  Destroy them all and you'll get a weapon icon (Occasionally a 
    quick charge).
    Bi-Planes: Much bigger, they fire shots at you and launch homing drones 
    (They can be destroyed, BTW) when you're behind them.  
    Missiles: They come in two types:  The first type is a basic big 
    missile, they have a tendency to leave behind various power-ups.  The 
    second type splits into four smaller missiles that track you down (Yes, 
    they can be destroyed).
    Jet Planes: They fly around and fire missiles at you.  
    Small turrets: At the part where you reach the zepplein, you'll 
    encounter these small nuisances, and they fire shots.  Not too much to 
    worry about, IMO.
    Large turrets: Simliar to the small enemies, but they fire largershots 
    that dish out more damage and take more damage.
    Missile Turrets: They open up, fire missiles, then close.  
    Section 1
    You're on an elevator in this part of the level.  Here, as the elevator 
    goes up, it'll eventually stop at certain points.  This first part is 
    easy.  Take care off the thugs with machine guns as they come down the 
    ropes.  You're alone, stand on one side, and if two people are playing, 
    have your partner take one side and you take the other one, and aim at 
    the guys as they drop down the ropes.
    It'll continue to go up until it stops.  Next, destroy the light in the 
    center for a weapon icon.  Take care of the big thugs that drop down on 
    you after the elevator temporarly stops and you'll get some hearts.  
    It'll go up again, destroy the the light in the center for a big heart.  
    The next ones contain a weapon icon and a wipeout icon.  The elevator 
    will stop, and some thugs will slide down the ropes and fire.  Two big 
    thugs will drop in as well.  Then Two-Face will appear down a ladder, 
    and throw some dynamite at you.  The way he throws the dynamite is 
    random, but it's easy to dodge if you know how.  Here are the Dynamite 
    patterns, keeping in mind that there are always 6 sticks of dynamite 
    1. If he throws the dynamite from left to right, run all the way to the 
    right side of the screen.  That's the only spot where there's no 
    dynamite. If he throws it from right to left, do it the other way around 
    by heading all the way to the left side of the screen.
    2. If he throws 3 sticks on the left side, and 3 sticks on the right, 
    then go to the right side first to avoid the first three, and quickly to 
    the left to avoid the other three.  If they're thrown the opposite way, 
    reverse the directions, as before.
    3. If 3 sticks are thrown on the left side and three sticks are thrown 
    on the right side at the same time, stay in the middle.
    4. If 2 sticks are thrown to the left, two sticks are thrown to the 
    right, and two sticks are thrown in the center, the ones on both sides 
    will explode first, so stay in the middle until then, then move to 
    either side for the last two.
    He'll do it in any of the patterns, so watch carefully and you'll come 
    out unharmed.  Afterwards, more guys will slide down the ropes, and Two-
    Face will come back with more dynamite.  After it's thrown, more thugs 
    will appear, along with the big ones.  After they're gone Two-Face comes 
    back to throw more dynamite.  Then the elevator starts after it 
    After the elevator starts again, destroy the light in the center for a 
    big heart.  Those big thugs will start to throw barrels at you, so 
    destroy them before they hurt you.  The next light can be destroyed for 
    a wipeout icon.  The elevator will stop and several Big thugs will drop 
    down on you, sometimes dropping barrels on you first.  Keep throwing 
    upward and they shouldn't harm you.  
    The elevator starts up again, and the light will contain a wipeout icon 
    after it's the destroyed.  The one after that has a big heart, the final 
    one before the elevator stops again has a weapon icon.  Stay on the 
    sides (Whether you are alone or with a friend) to safely take care of 
    the thugs that pour in.  Two-Face is back with more dynamite, so be 
    ready.  After that, a small wave of thugs comes in, and Two-Face will 
    throw more dynamite before the elevator starts up.
    It's nothing but big thugs now, but they're easy.  The first light has a 
    big heart, the second one has a 1-up, the third a weapon icon, and the 
    last one has another big heart.  The elevator will reach the top and 
    you'll face the boss.  
    Boss: Zeppelin Cannons
    This is only part of the zeppelin's defenses that Two Face has access 
    to.  First off, get on the far left side of the screen and throw upward 
    at the four cannons.  If two people are playing, they can either start 
    at opposite ends and work their way to the center, or stay together and 
    destroy the cannons from left to right.  The shots are weak, so I 
    wouldn't worry.  Eventually, Two-Face will come and throw more dynamite.  
    If you haven't destroyed all of the cannons yet, then it'll be thrown in  
    a bundle and explode on that side, but wait...see that explosion 
    trailing at the bottom?  It'll hit you.  It'll also cause the elevator 
    platform to lean to one side.  Once all cannons are destroyed (The 
    counter should read 25), take out the bottom of the zepplein.  Also, any 
    dynamite thrown at you will cause the elevator platform to rock back and 
    forth and cause it to collapse downward.  Don't panic, and just keeping 
    hitting the body.
    I almost forgot during this time, the dynamite will be thrown in any of 
    the patterns I mentioned above.  It'll be tricky to dodge, as the 
    platform constantly wobbles back and forth.  Once it's down to zip, the 
    pursuit will continue in the air...but be warned, when you do destroy 
    the bottom section, he may try to throw one last set of dynamite first.
    Section 2
    At the start, you'll encounter three small waves of black helicopters.  
    Interestingly, they can be destoryed early on for some health through 
    the first part of the stage. Shortly, a sqaud of mini bi-planes will 
    come out.  Destroy them for a weapon icon.  Now more black copter will 
    come in with red ones.  Another small wave of those mini-planes will 
    kick in, and you'll get a quick charge icon to your credit for 
    destroying them all.  After this, you'll encounter some red choppers, 
    followed by a series of big missiles.  Keep in mind that the prizes they 
    leave are random, and the that any weapon icons they leave behind when 
    will NOT change color, so be careful about picking up one you don't 
    want.  Use the bat bolo to the destroy them quickly, the other weapons 
    can't do it as fast, and you're forced to do some fancy dodging because 
    of this. You'll then encounter more black choppers, and then those small 
    planes again for a weapon icon. 
    Numerous black helicopters will come in, along with a small wave of mini 
    planes that can be destroyed for a quick charge, and eventually, you'll 
    encounter a bi-plane.  It's not too hard too defeat, and you'll get some 
    health.  Wipe out the small planes for a weapon icon, take care of the 
    black and red helicopters.  More missiles will come, but this time they 
    split into four smaller ones that track you down, so take care of them 
    ASAP.  A Bi-plane will come from behind, so watch out.  Kill it and get 
    rid of those annoying homing drones (Those disc-shaped objects it leaves 
    behind.  Destroy the small planes that come at you for a weapon icon, 
    and face the mini-boss...
    Boss: Big Helicopter
    This looks like a transport helicopter, but what the heck?  You'll have 
    three targets-the missile turret in the middle, and the two guns on the 
    sides.  They can be taken out in any order, it doesn't matter.  If the 
    heilcopter is going up, move up as well.  Do the same thing when it's 
    going down.  The shots are easy to avoid if you do this, and you'll 
    easily destroy the missile turret this way. You'll also easily destroy 
    the two side cannons, as well.  When the counter hits 34, it'll fly 
    around and try to hit you, but the entire ship is the target.  Keep 
    moving and firing, and don't let it touch you (BIG DAMAGE.).  
    Eventually, it'll pour our hearts, so grab them AT ONCE.  After that, 
    the storm will kick in...
    You'll encounter those red choppers, but they're easy now.  Destroy all 
    of the small planes for a weapon icon.  I will no longer mention when 
    the small planes appear, so watch for them.  Red copters will come in, 
    followed by missiles that split apart, and then black heilcopters will 
    come in.  More missiles will come, but a a five way spread shot will be 
    fired if you don't destroy them quick enough.  Then it's a series of re 
    and black copters.  Unless it's a weapon icon you don't want (They don't 
    change color, as before), pick up any items and health they leave 
    Eventually, you'll fight a jet plane.  So no mercy, and follow it's 
    movements and destroy the missiles it fires, after it's destroyed, 
    you'll get a small portion of health.  Missiles will be fired at you 
    next.  The first wave spilts into four, so the quicker you destroy them, 
    the better.  The second does nothing but try to hit you.  They behind 
    health, and lots of it, so be sure to stock up.  
    More black and red choppers will come, but as I said, they're easy now.  
    You'll fight another jet plane, and more missiles will come out to play.  
    The first wave splits into four, and the second does nothing special, 
    just like the last time.  After a small wave of copters, more missiles 
    that split into four arrive, followed by some regular ones (Once 
    Now you'll encounter three jet planes, one at a time.  Get rid of it 
    RIGHT AWAY or you'll be forced to have a second one jump in.  Disregard 
    the small wave of mini planes, they are there for distraction (Though 
    you still get an item for killing them all).  Afterwards, you're 
    fighting the remainder of the zeppelin's defenses.
    Now, it's time to take out that zeppelin.  Here, your first line of 
    defense will be the turrets, which are big and small.  Neddless to say, 
    they fire shots and should be eliminated ASAP.  You'll encounter a lot 
    of them along the way, so move up and down to take out as many as you 
    Then some missile turrets will open up, fire at you, and close again.  
    With maxed out bat bolos, they'll be gone before you know it.  A moving 
    turret that fires a spread shot will move up and down, and that has a 
    weapon icon when destroyed.  Try to avoid it, because it changes color, 
    and it's hard to see what it is under the bar.  You'll reach a mini 
    Boss: Wave Cannon
    Here, it'll fire waves of energy at you and two missile turrets will 
    back it up.  The missile turrets can be destroyed for health if you wish 
    to stay alive.  The first one tries to aim at you, and it can fire up to 
    3-4 times in succession.  It's tricky to dodge the shots, so take care.  
    Thankfully, it'll leave behind a worthwhile amount of health when 
    You'll go through more of the same here, and the next moving turret will 
    leave behind a Quick Charge icon.  You'll encounter another wave Cannon. 
    Boss: Wave Cannon 2
    Similar to the previous encounter, but it has two big turrets and two 
    missile turrets.  Use the same tactics as before.
    Once more, going through the same junk as always.  The final turret will 
    have a 1-up.  Face the final wave cannon...
    Boss: Wave cannon 3
    Four missile turrets backing it up makes this LOADS harder.  Remember 
    that the turrets can be destroyed for health, but they sometimes don't 
    bother to open.  
    After all that, you'll finally go face to face with Two-face (/Stupid 
    Boss: Two Face   
    Yep.  That's his escape plane.  It'll have a spotlight on you, so it's 
    nearly impossible to escape it.  It'll follow you for a while, so keep 
    away from it.  Then it'll fire shots at you.  from it's twin cannons.  
    The spotlight will then change from white to blue, and it'll send out 
    homing drones while following you.  It's usually near dead by this 
    point, so show no mercy and keep moving at all times.  It should be 
    destroyed by then.  
    His searchlight does go red to you at one point, but I'm uncertain as to 
    what it does.
    Level 3: Tea Time!
    Shock Dolls: THE.  MOST.  ANNOYING.  ENEMY.  EVER!!!  They appear in 
    groups, whether by themselves, or joined together (Usually in circles or 
    arches).  They try to shock you, and do damage especially when several 
    of these are together, so getting rid of them is important.  
    Rabbit bombs: When close, they explode next to you.  As before, get rid 
    of them ASAP.  They're not as common as the Shock dolls, but just as 
    Flying Tweedles (Dee or Dum): They usually carry shock dolls joined 
    together or go by themselves.  Not too much to worry about.
    Teacups: They follow you around and try to bump into you.  They are big 
    and can take damage, so get rid of them quickly.
    Sugar pots: Same as the teapots, but they also toss out sugar cubes in 
    the process.
    Section 1
    You'll now start in the studio.  To make life easier, hang on the poles 
    with the lights on top so you won't have to deal with any of those 
    annoyances you'll encounter here.  Just beware of the ceiling lights 
    that drop bombs on you (Which can be destroyed for items by the way, but 
    only after the bomb is dropped.).  Oh, and don't be nearby them when you 
    destroy them, either.  Soon, a present will drop on the left side, 
    sending out those cursed shock dolls.  Destroy that, and the dolls, 
    keeping in mind that you'll have three more to deal with. 
    Soon, you'll deal with those dolls and presents, and more ceiling 
    lights.  The shock dolls that are connected like a wheel can be 
    destroyed for health, so take advantage whenever possible.  Soon, you'll 
    deal several more shock puppets like this.  Keep going and you'll 
    encounter those rabbit bombs, and moving presents with shock dolls. Take 
    note that only the dolls hurt you, not the presents.  Keep moving...  
    It's lengthy, but linear.
    Once you stop, you'll see shock dolls connected in an arc pattern, and 
    will try to come toward you.  The number gets bigger everytime, which 
    means they'll take longer to destroy the longer that chain is, so be 
    quick about it.
    After a little more progress, you'll encounter even bigger arc chains of 
    shock puppets.  Destroying them quickly isn't an option.
    Section 2 
    (Your health doesn't recover to full here!)
    Boss: Robo Cheshire Cat 
    Time for the curtains to rise... and display an annoying mini boss. This 
    consists of a robotic cat.  You only see it's face, and two paws.
    The nose is it's weak point.  It's attacks include slamming his paws and 
    having junk fall to the ground, but once it hits the ground, you can 
    safely pass through it with no damage. At first it'll be from one side 
    of the screen to the other, but it'll be random after a couple of times.  
    Also, if you stand under one of it's paws for too long, it'll hit you 
    with it.  You can tell when it'll do it when you see the claw vibirate.
    It'll also get to a point where it'll fire shots from it's eyes, but you 
    can stay in the middle to easily avoid it.  Stand under it, throwing 
    your bat bolos, moving only when junk is going to fall on you.  If it's 
    about to swat you with it's paw, move and jump kick away.
    Once defeated, get to the side.  It'll pull a nasty trick here...the 
    face will fall on you for damage, so move to either side when the 
    curtains rise up.
    Section 3 
    You're now on another set, like a forest from Alice in wonderland.  Hop 
    along the mushrooms, avoiding the shock dolls and rabbit bombs.  Flying 
    Tweedles will give you items, but they'll also carry in those darn shock 
    dolls.  In fact, after a short trip, you'll be overwhelmed!  Try not to 
    fall!  Two presents will drop, sending them out, and then another four 
    with rabbit bombs.
    Now you see flowers that fire a spray of bullets.  Study their patterns 
    and jump when they stop firing.  You'll then get to four mushrooms and 
    those stupid chains of shock puppets will fall.  They'll eventually jump 
    off and try to knock you off.  Not cool.  A second player can be helpful 
    here...  After fighting more chains of shock dolls, flying tweedles will 
    carry them lineked to each other.  ARGH!  Again, a second player is 
    helpful here.
    You'll now see more flowers.  As before, study their patterns and jump 
    when you're ready.  An annoying present or two may drop down, though...  
    Made it in one piece?  Prepare for more of those stupid shock dolls 
    carried by the flying tweedles!  AAAAHHHH!!!  That last one carrying two 
    sets will give you a 1-up, though...
    Now, the screen will break apart to reveal a rainbow background.  Be 
    sure to dodge the pieces when they come at you, and then...
    This mini boss is...
    Boss: Robo Pinnochio 
    This just hops around after you.  The best to move is when it hops 
    really high, but it still does good damage.  Try to avoid getting hurt 
    too badly...
    Section 4 
    This is just you flying down some weird looking tunnel.  All you'll 
    encounter are flying tweedles with those shock dolls.  They can be 
    destroyed for weapons and health.  Whee!  Just remember that you can 
    only throw the weapons in one direction, but you can still move around 
    Section 5
    (Your health doesn't recover to full!)
    You're now on a lengthy tea table.  Two presents will drop down and 
    release shock dolls.  After destorying those, keep moving, destroying 
    those shock puppets connected like wheels (Certain ones stil give you 
    health).  Tea cups may pass by, stay in the center and destroy them or 
    jump kick over them.  Some may stick around and even throw out enemies.  
    The sugar bowls won't hurt you, but the sugar cubes will.  Destroy them 
    Section 6
    (You health doesn't recover to full!)
    Boss: Mad Hatter 
    Man, I hate this boss.  Easy with two people, hard with one.  Make sure 
    you have the bat bolos, you'll obviously need them.
    He's only vulernable when he pops out of his hat.  He'll throw some 
    rabbit bombs, and shock dolls which can't be destroyed. then pop out, 
    filp the switch and start the looooooooooooong path you're on.
    With two people, you can stand under the hat, fire your bat bolos away 
    and basically defeat him before you're forced to go through that 
    obstable course.  Since he takes a while to flip the switch, you can 
    score HUGE damage on him this way, saving you loads of trouble.
    Otherwise, if you're playing alone, you're in trouble already.  Even 
    though it'll be awhile before he goes off screen and eventually come 
    back, you're already having a hard time trying to hit him, mainly 
    because of his obstable course.  This road you're on will have you 
    dodging pillars with his face on it every so often, and as the path gets 
    faster, it gets harder with more pillars to dodge.  Try to defeat him 
    before he goes off screen and really give you a workout. 
    When he's down to 9 hit points, he'll start the path in reverse.  Don't 
    stop now, you've almost got him!  And finally, once he's once, this 
    nightmarish stage is finally over!  Whoopee! 
    According to Kenneth Benge, if you destroy his hat when he dies, you'll 
    get a 1up.  Make use of it!
    Stage 4 
    Snow in July?
    Patrol Bots: When they get close to you, they'll explode.  They 
    frequently drop health and weapons. 
    Scanner bots: The color of their searchlight depends on the shots 
    they'll fire, plus they're in midair. They also drop health and weapons. 
    Scientists: They'll pull out a flask of chemicals and toss it at you.   
    Tanks: They fire a spread of shots which are hard to avoid.  They 
    frequently give out weapons.   
    Freeze Machines: They blow snow everywhere.  They also give out weapons.
    Jet-pack Guards: These men in jet-packs fire shots at you.  Some of them 
    give away weapons. 
    Freeze Spheres: Fire bursts of snow at you.  They give away health when 
    Section 1
    Not much to say, destroy the partol and scanner bots you see around 
    here.  They're not much of a problem unless you have a weak weapon.  
    Then again, I prefer to just run for the hills instead of staying and 
    Section 2 
    Another linear section.  Scientists and tanks will appear, but the 
    occasional patrol bot will appear with health when you defeat it.  In 
    the second half, you're dealing with freeze machines, so don't jump over 
    Section 3
    Another flying level with jetpack guards and freeze spheres.  Try not to 
    be overwhelmed here.  On the plus side, the only weapon they drop is the 
    bat bolo-YES!  Of other note, these levels have gotten wayyyy to linear 
    for me to write...  If you need the Batrang's spread, hang onto it.
    Section 4: 
    Boss: Mr. Freeze 
    He's easy.  First, break the glass dome he's in.  At first, he'll call 
    on a freeze sphere or two to back him up.  Once the class dome is 
    destroyed, you'll need to hit him.  He'll fire his gun (He only does 
    this when there are no freeze spheres), but don't be fooled by the huge 
    spread-it can easily be dodged by those gaps.  He'll call for a freeze 
    sphere, than repeat the pattern.  After hits hit points are at 15 of 
    less, he'll hang from his hovercraft and try to get above you and freeze 
    you from below.  Keep hitting him and he'll go down before he calls for 
    those scanner bots. 
    This game is now beaten.  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! 
    5. Credits 
    Myself - For writing this guide
    Kenneth Benge- 
    Clockwork Tortoise - They made it...
    6. Disclaimer
    This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing 
    to do with Nintendo, Konami, or any other parties involved in the making 
    of this game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make 
    sure you give me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you 
    say this is yours you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the 
    CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster) will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  
    The latest verison of the guide is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd 
    appreciate it if you update it when I update it, unless you like the 
    previous one better.
    FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people) 
    So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my 
    permission, and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as 
    the thing it's intended to be-a guide.  Either that, or out of 
    entertainment (Reading it just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, 
    send me informative E-mail, which includes hints, secrets, and thank 
    oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic E-mail, which includes job 
    applications for the site, complaints, insults, stuff already mentioned 
    in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it. 
    Both of you people must follow these rules.  If breaking the rules are 
    your intentions, do not read the guide whatsoever.
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2004-2005 Cedric Cooks/Oda 
    All rights reserved
                  -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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