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    Walkthrough by kessinger

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Adventures of Batman & Robin
    Sega Genesis
    Copyright 2007 Kessinger (J. Jook) (kessinger at nym.hush dot com)
    Version 1.0  (November 17, 2007)
    Table of Contents
    1.0   Introduction
    2.0   General Info
     2.1  Controls
     2.2  Items
    3.0   Walkthrough
     3.1  Stage 1-1: Happy Birthday to Me
      3.11  Stage 1-2
      3.12  Stage 1-3
      3.13  Stage 1-4
     3.2  Stage 2-1: Two-Sided Story
      3.21  Stage 2-2
     3.3  Stage 3-1: Tea Time
      3.31  Stage 3-2
      3.32  Stage 3-3
      3.33  Stage 3-4
      3.34  Stage 3-5
      3.35  Stage 3-6
     3.4  Stage 4: Snow in July?
      3.41  Stage 4-2
      3.42  Stage 4-3
    4.0   FAQ
    5.0   Credits (of the game)
    6.0   Thanks
    1.    Introduction
    As soon as I layed my eyes on this game and witnessed the love the programmers
    had for their job and the beauty of the coding that is the result
    of this, the amazing ideas, not to mention the awesome music and one of the
    best introductions in a Mega Drive (Genesis) game (although so simple) I vowed
    to finish it.
    It is clear from the programming, graphics and music that these people came
    straight from the demo scene (PC or Amiga) as no school educated programmer
    can pull of things like that (or can dream about it even). It is one of the
    best showcases of proper coding on the Mega Drive together with
    Alien Soldier, Contra: Hard Corps and Red Zone, to name a few.
    It didn't take me long to find a copy as the game doesn't seem to be in high
    After my purchase I would play it every now and then in a casual manner and it
    would best me over and over. In the beginning I didn't even know what the first
    mid-boss looked like. Yet, at some point the idea of finishing the game matured
    into the idea of 1cc (credit clear(ing)) the game as I consider this the only
    real way; the only real proof of mastery.
    At this point I started to work seriously to reach this goal and then it
    became clear that it was not so much the difficulty of the game as my lack of
    perception as to how to play it properly.
    The only gripe one can have with this game is the length of the levels. This
    is a thing apparent and aggravated right in the beginning due to the
    of the game. This becomes so bad after level 2-2, that one might put
    down the game and leave it at that.
    For me this too was very apparent in the beginning, yet for some reason or
    another this has grown on me and I don't notice anymore, at all. Nay, I relish
    it even. Should the great music and coding be absent I am sure I would have
    sold it long ago and never would have looked
    Another point which some people seem to take fault with is that it has nothing
    to do with the Adventures of Batman & Robin cartoon and yet uses the
    This is merely a problem of perception. See, this is not a game made from
    to fit an already known fictional world. In this case a great game (or the
    existent idea) was simply clothed in the imagery of an already known cartoon;
    most likely to boost sales. Don't think I denigrate the use of the Batman
    characters too much by this as it is clear to anyone who plays the game,
    prejudice, that the game has turned out so much more "cool" than it ever could
    have been if unknown characters would have been used.
    If you are interested in "Run And Gun" games and are not taken aback by high
    learning curves, admire great coding and like electronic music of this
    time period this is a game not to be missed.
    2.    General Info
    1. The bar in the top left of the screen shows the charge status of your
    When fully charged you can fire a much more powerful projectile than usual.
    2. You have 17 hitpoints, 16 of which are shown as "petals" of the heart and
    the last one as the heart itself.
    3. Enemies can only hit you when they are attacking you. This means
    that with good timing one can walk through an enemy indefinitely.
    4. Even when you are fully powered up you may still want to pick up a powerup
    when it has the appropriate colour due to the cyclic nature of these items.
    When you don't you may be pushed or forced into it when it is the wrong
    colour; leaving you perhaps with a worse chance of passing the level.
    7. Having the wrong weapon or wrong level of power can be a nuisance at the
    very least and certain
    death at worst.
    8. At more than one point in the game the game forces you to keep your eyes on
    different attacks occurring at the same time. It comes highly recommended to
    focus on the playing character; keeping it instead in your peripheral vision.
    Keep the least threating of the attacks (i.e. the most predictable one) also in
    your peripheral vision.
    9. Many enemies release small hearts upon destruction. These bring about a
    balance in the game, but it will not allow you to play carelessly (although it
    may seem so at first glance).
    10. Batman's hitbox is at places a big bigger than the actual sprite (his lower
    neck area). This is barely noticeable however.
    11. Before you start the game you have the possibility to choose between Batman
    or Robin. The only difference between the two is that his melee attacks are
    different, but only in looks.
    2.1    Controls
    - Start the game
    - Skip intro screens
    - Pause/resume
    - Move Batman or Robin right or left.
    - Aim weapons, punches and kicks.
    - Look up.
    - Crouch down.
    Button A and C
    - Throw weapon
    - Punch/kick/head butt.
    Button B
    - Jump
    - Perform jump kicks.
    High jump kick
    - Jump (Button B), then press Button B again any time while airborne.
    Jumping angle kick
    - Jump (Button B), then press D-Pad down + button B any time while airborne.
    Hand-over-hand Swing
    - Press D-Pad up + Button B to grab onto an overhead ledge, railing or pipe.
    - Use D-Pad to swing right or left.
    - Throw weapons, punch and kick by pressing Button A or C while hanging from
    one hand.
    - Jump again (Button B) to reach a higher platform
    - Press D-Pad down + Button B to let go of the platform.
    -=- Crouching and firing forward can not be achieved by pressing down and A or
    C due to the nature of the controls. One has to press down and left or right
    on the d-pad.
    -=- One cannot walk and fire at the same time. Compare it to "shot II" mode in
    Contra: Hard Corps.
    -=- If one takes a certain position, say crouching to the left, and keeps the
    button pressed down, releasing the d-pad will keep Batman in the same position.
    Releasing fire will cancel the position.
    -=- The flying jump kick can be used (and must be used) to cover a larger
    distance than a
    simple jump would cover as Batman seems to have power over the laws of physics.
    In other words the flying kick will give you a boost while already in the air.
    It is essential for certain jumps in level 3.
    2.2    Items
    All weapons start at level 1 firepower. Pick up more disks of the same colour
    to increase your firepower; up to 6 times. Picking up a disk of a different
    colour changes your weapon.
    Next to your hitpoints you will find a charge bar. When filled it will blink
    and you will be able to shoot an extra powerful shot.
    If such a charge shot destroys a target it will pass through it and will do
    damage to, or destroy, sequential targets. Should a target be able to take a
    charge shot without being destroyed then the charge shot disappears.
    Weapon selection in a game such as this is highly personal and depending on
    your own difficulty preference. One weapon may
    require a wholly
    different method of play than the other as well as a different degree of skill.
    The weapon system can be compared very well to character selection in for
    example Contra: Hard Corps. Browie is for beginners and Fang being for experts.
    My method of play does not exclude any other method and should be taken as
    (The item names were taken from the manual, except for the hearts. Those where
    not mentioned in the manual (!))
    -=- Batarang power-up (Red disk) -=-
    Level 1: One    small batarang.
    Level 2: Two    small batarang.
    Level 3: Three  small batarang.
    Level 4: One    batarang.
    Level 5: One    batarang and two small batarang.
    Level 6: Two    batarang.
    Level 7: Three  batarang.
    Strength: Medium.
    Recharge time: Medium.
    Speed: Fast.
    Spread: At some levels only.
    (It is important to take note of this as in some levels (e.g. level 3) it is
    better to have a lower level and a spreadshot than a high level and just one
    projectile stream.
    At level 1 the projectiles are thrown on slight alternating courses at random.
    This weapon has a tendency to fan out vertically on some levels as would be
    expected from a batarang/boomerang. Obviously this requires special attention
    to compensate for and/or exploit.)
    Comment: Weapon of choice from level 2-2 till the end. It combines strength,
    which is much needed from level 2-2 onward, with a spread covering lots of
    When using this weapon it may be profitable not to pick up a powerup to keep
    a spread and avoid upgrading to a non spread even though it is more powerful.
    -=- Shuriken power-up (Blue disk) -=-
    Level 1: One    shuriken.
    Level 2: One    shuriken.
    Level 3: Two    shuriken.
    Level 4: Two    shuriken.
    Level 5: Three  shuriken.
    Level 6: Three  shuriken.
    Level 7: Three  shuriken.
    Strength: Weakest.
    Recharge time: Fastest.
    Spread: Yes (see list).
    Speed: Fast.
    Comment: The weapon itself may be weak, but when charged (which takes very
    little time)
    it will take out
    regular enemies in the first few levels in one shot. This makes for extremely
    fast clean (i.e. not getting hit) and aesthetic play. Because of this it is my
    favorite until level 2-2. After this point its use diminishes severely.
    -=- Bolo power-up (Green disk) -=-
    Strength: Strongest.
    Recharge time: Slowest.
    Spread: No.
    Speed: Slowest.
    Comment: Since this weapon has no spread and simply grows in size no list is
    deemed necessary. When fully powered up the projectile is very big compared to
    the other weapons.
    Personally I do not use this weapon, even though it is the strongest, as I find
    it detracts from the beauty of the game using such a sledgehammer as is this
    Moreover the long recharge time coupled with the fact that it doesn't take out
    enemies in one normal shot deters me from using it in the first few levels.
    Later on (with exceptions) a spread shot becomes more desirable than brute
    strength; making it again a lesser choice.
    On the other hand the strength of this weapon is so great that bosses go down
    very fast (too fast in my eyes).
    Also if you are the kind of person who prefers the powerful non spreadshot
    ship over the less powerful ship with a spread shot in a shoot 'em up then
    you'll want to pick this weapon in level 2-2.
    -=- Destruction (Black globe with skull emblem) -=-
    Smart bomb that destroys all enemies on screen with one explosive blast.
    -=- Life-up (Red ovoid bearing the face of Batman) -=-
    Extra life
    -=- Super Charger (Globe with red lines moving around it) -=-
    Charges the charge bar for a brief time in a much quicker interval.
    -=- Small heart -=-
    Replenish one hit point. Small hearts will always float up and out of the
    taking up speed as they go; making them useful only when you are close enough
    to collect them in time.
    -=- Big heart -=-
    Replenish x hit points.
    3.    Walkthrough
    I find it difficult to find a balance between what I experienced and how I play
    and what you will experience, what I have not seen and other methods of play.
    In other words I will suggest things and methods which may not be the best
    way for you or which you may not need at all and use certain words
    (i.e. do, use, &c) which should be taken loosely.
    If you want to share your methods please get into contact with me, so this FAQ
    can be improved.
    I've divided all levels into scenes as the game itself uses this method. A new
    scene starts at the appearance of "Go!".
    All information (i.e. mode(s) of attack, behaviour and points given for
    destruction) on the enemies (as well as destructible objects) you encounter
    can be found in the enemy list.
    The levels I've divided into "scenes" as the game seems to follow this method.
    At the end of a scene "Go!" appears.
    The enemy patterns the game throws at you are always the same. Clearing such
    a pattern and waiting, however, will cause the game to throw more enemies at
    When the pattern cleared was the end of a scene no more enemies will appear.
    Only enemy formations of interest are noted. Much like in a beat 'em up noting
    these would be possible, but of use to no one.
    3.1    Stage 1-1: Happy Birthday to Me
    Enemy list:
    Clown: This enemy will first look for you with his flashlight. Even when he is
    vertically on a different level simply looking in your direction will make
    him find you. After seeing you he will run towards you, wait and then hit you
    with what appears to be a crowbar. If you are standing on a ledge he will
    attempt to hit you while jumping.
    100 points.
    Thief: Attacks by pushing you (he is not dropping that loot for anyone). Takes
    four melee attacks to dispatch.
    150 points.
    3-Shot Clown: Will shoot three bullets in a distinct pattern. The material
    of these bullets has a very short half time as they disappear after traveling
    about a quarter of the screen.
    bullets travel half the screen.
    250 points.
    Slide clown: Tougher than the other enemies in the first level. Attacks by
    sliding; most likely under your attack. Take him out by crouching and shooting
    100 points
    Trashcan (item container of this level): 20 points.
    Scene 1:
    In this level the trashcans are the item carriers. The following list shows
    their content. They are grouped together in the list as they are in the game.
    01: Nothing.
    02: Power-up.
    03: Nothing.
    04: Nothing.
    05: Nothing.
    06: Nothing.
    07: Nothing.
    08: Skull.
    At this point the screen stops scrolling and clowns start dropping on the
    ledge from the left
    to the right. You can take out three in one shot if you use a charge shot
    when the first three lump together. The next wave drops in the same way, but
    from the right to the
    left. If you take out this wave quickly (you can only allow them to move a bit)
    a 1-up will appear.
    Scene 2:
    First 3-shot clown appears.
    01 (09): Power-up.
    02 (10): Super charger.
    03 (11): Skull.
    The screen stops in front of a bank.
    When one group of enemies enters the screen the game will wait with introducing
    the next group (or part of the next group) until you destroy one enemy of the
    current group.
    One thief
    One thief (wait)
    Four clowns. Two on the ledge, two below. (wait)
    Two 3-shot clowns top left, bottom left.
    two 3-shot clowns top right, bottom right
    thief (not wait)
    3-shot clowns drop in clockwise from top left to bottom left.
    Scene 3:
    01 (12): Big heart.
    02 (13): Nothing.
    03 (14): Nothing.
    04 (15): Power-up.
    Scene 4:
    01 (16): Nothing.
    02 (17): Skull.
    The screen stops scrolling.
    Four clowns. Two on ledge, two below.
    Two slide clowns on ledge.
    Four 3-shot clowns. First two on ledge, two more come in below after a delay.
    Two slide clowns on ledge (spaced out quite a bit) and thief comes in with a
    Scene 5:
    01 (18): Nothing
    02 (19): Power-up
    03 (20): Nothing.
    04 (21): Small hearts.
    05 (22): Nothing.
    06 (23): Super charger.
    07 (24): Nothing.
    08 (25): Small hearts.
    Scene 6:
    Boss time.
    Mid-Boss description: Harley Quinn controlling a big red/blue striped robot.
    -=-Before she fires there will always be a sputter from the turret.
    Take note of the interval between this and her firing.
    -=-I hope it is clear that during boss fights one shoots whenever one has the
    opportunity. I make no mention of when to shoot at all, as it would be tedious
    and useless.
    -=-Even though the dome sticks out through the ledge you do not take damage
    through it.
    Phase one.
    Hit area: The lower part.
    When the battle starts she will slowly roll towards you, after she reaches the
    left side she will start her attacks.
    Attack 1: She will fire short aimed bursts in groups of three while rolling
    -The first one can be dodged by jumping upwards. As you do this hang on to the
    ledge, jump
    upwards immediately and walk forward. Doing this you will avoid the second
    and the (by now) gaining robot.
    Attack 2: She will position the robot at the right or left side and aim the
    upwards or downwards. Then she will sweep it in a 90 degree angle in your
    direction and back again. After this she will do the same, but starting from
    opposite direction.
    -When she starts from the top it can be dodged by simply
    at the right distance. Don't crouch too close to her as you won't have enough
    room to dodge her next attack. Also don't crouch too much to the edge of the
    screen as the sweep will hit you (the sweep of the bullets is more than 90
    degrees even though the sweep of the cannon is not). A good indicator is to
    crouch at the first line
    in the pavement from the right or left of the screen.
    When she starts from the bottom simply hang unto the ledge, jump upwards and
    towards her. Afterwards jump down again and you can get in a few shots before
    her next attack.
    Attack 3: She will charge at you after a short delay.
    -Jump up quickly to avoid it.
    If you already had calculated in a good distance you can take your time and
    She may also repeat attack 1 instead.
    Phase two.
    Hit area: Lower part.
    She will roll to the middle of the screen at which point the lower part of the
    robot explodes.
    Attack 1: She will fire the turret in bursts of 90 degrees.
    -Stay at the right side of
    the screen to pass through unscathed. You'll only have to jump up when the
    turret is pointing in your direction and is about to fire.
    Attack 2: She will start rotating the turret freely without firing, stop it
    right or left, point the turret downward and start a firing sweep in a 180
    degree arc.
    -Stay crouched at the opposite side the turret points in at the last moment.
    Phase three.
    Hit area: Harley Quinn.
    The top of the robot blows open and Harley Quinn sitting in a mechanical chair
    pops out.
    Attack 1. She will throw bombs at you from the left, middle or right.
    -The timing is 1, 11, 1. Meaning
    there is a gap between the first and second, and the third and fourth. The gap
    between the second and third is very small. Dodge it by being as far away from
    her as possible (be cautious as to not fall of the ledge). Start firing and
    walking keeping mind of the bomb timing. Doing it right you will walk
    the first bomb, as well under the second and third. The last has to be dodged
    differently depending on the location of Quinn. When she is in the middle you
    may have to walk a bit back (taking the opportunity to land some punches),
    for walking forward there simply is no more space. When she is at the right or
    left of the screen you can simply keep walking forward.
    3.11    Stage 1-2: Happy Birthday to Me
    Scene 1:
    Power-up containers are vases in this level.
    01: Small hearts.
    02: Power-up.
    03: Nothing.
    04: Nothing.
    05: Small hearts released in an arc. Clever jumping will allow you to collect
    them all.
    06: Skull.
    First dynamite clown.
    Screen stops scrolling.
    At his point robot smiles will enter the screen in vertical formations either
    from the right, left or both.
    Destroying these in one go (much like the clowns in level 1-1) releases items.
    To do this position Batman in such a way his leg touches the damage in the
    display on the right.
    Using a weapon with a quick charging time will allow you to destroy every
    Robot smile waves:
    One: ?
    Two: ?
    Three: Power-up.
    Four: Nothing.
    Five: ?
    Six: Life-up.
    Seven: Big heart.
    Eight: Powerup.
    Nine: Super charge.
    Scene 2:
    01 (06): Nothing.
    02 (07): Nothing.
    03 (08): Super charger.
    04 (09): Nothing.
    05 (10): Nothing.
    06 (11): Power-up.
    Screen stops scrolling
    Robot smiles in groups of three releasing three small hearts each.
    Four clowns. Two on the right, two on the left.
    One thief together with a slide clown will appear twice.
    Scene 3:
    07 (12): Nothing.
    08 (13): Nothing.
    09 (14): Nothing.
    10 (15): Skull.
    11 (16): Life-up.
    12 (17): Power-up.
    Screen stops scrolling. The tougher robot smile appears.
    3.12    Stage 1-3: Happy Birthday to Me
    Scene 1:
    The only enemies here are robot smiles. The normal ones will fly over in
    a formation. The tougher ones will break from the formation to attack you.
    They will release small hearts upon destruction.
    After some waves Harley Quinn appears again.
    Not much a mid-boss as just a tough enemy. Quinn sitting in her chair will
    throw bombs at you while hovering around. She will only throw bombs at
    your current location. So a timed walking/jumping forward and backward will
    you unharmed.
    Scene 2:
    The same formations as scene 1.
    Boss time.
    First phase.
    This is the same Harley Quinn you fought a minute ago.
    Second phase.
    The wrecking apparatus in the distance, used by the Joker's people to cause
    some heavy damage, is being lifted and upon coming through the roof the boss
    fight begins.
    Hit area: None. Just stick it out.
    Attack 1. Because of the machine pieces of the ceiling are falling down.
    -Keep your
    eyes on the part of the ceiling right above you and move when necessary.
    Third phase.
    Hit area: Harley Quinn.
    Attack 1. Harley Quinn will appear in her flying chair and again throw bombs at
    Combined with this the wrecking machine will move in and out of the screen.
    -Combine the strategy used just a minute ago for Harley Quinn. For the wrecking
    machine keep in mind that someone is controlling it and it is aiming for you.
    3.13    Stage 1-4: Happy Birthday to Me
    -=-Falling on the road will reduce your health by 2 hitpoints. Batman will jump
    back up
    and will have his usual invincibility interval. If you fall on the road again
    during this interval you'll still lose hit points.
    -=-Take notice of the gaps between some parts of the vehicles in which you can
    -=-It is possible to knock more powerful enemies off the vehicles by using a
    melee attack.
    Scene 1:
    Item carries are "presents" here.
    01 (on the left): Power-up.
    02: Power-up.
    Screen stops scrolling.
    At this point balloons carrying bombs will emerge from the right side of the
    truck. A charge shot will take good care of the balloons.
    The robot smiles entering the screen during this fight will give items
    when destroyed.
    First: Super charge.
    Second: Five small hearts.
    Third: Skull.
    Fourth: Five small hearts.
    Sixth: Power-up.
    Scene 2:
    01 (03): Super charge.
    Robot smiles in small vertical formations will come towards you.
    Some above you and others on collision course.
    Use well timed charge shots (the quick charge icon was placed there
    to take them out.
    02 (04): Four small hears.
    At the end some robot smiles come at you in the same formation as in level 1-3.
    The ones breaking formation give also hearts when destroyed.
    03 (05): Big heart.
    Screen stops scrolling. You'll have to fight off balloons again as before.
    Again the robot smiles will help you.
    First: Super charge.
    Second: Five small hearts.
    Third: Skull.
    Fourth: Five small hearts.
    Fifth: Powerup.
    Scene 3:
    01 (06): A lot of small hearts.
    Boss time.
    The Joker enters the screen sitting in a basket hanging underneath a balloon.
    Hit area: Basket.
    -=-Touching the Joker takes off three hitpoints.
    -=-Look closely at the Joker himself. He will indicate the direction of his
    -=-These different attacks may be (and are) followed closely by one other.
    Attack 1: He will slide from one side of the screen to the other.
    -If you stand at the side he is sliding towards to there will be enough
    room between him and you.
    Attack 2: He will charge down back up. He may do this straight down or in an
    -This one is fast and can be
    unpredictable. Watch him closely; he points out the direction of the attack
    and observe the way he divides the screen in two by his balloon. If he is going
    to the right and thereby creating more room at the left he's probably going to
    dive to the left side, so stay at his right.
    Attack 3: He will cross the screen by the use of small jumps.
    -He really doesn't leave
    much room to walk underneath (ah, don't you just love those difficult
    touches in this game?), so stand very close to him. This way the distance he
    crosses by the jump itself will help you as you are walking in the opposite
    When he is done with this attack he will follow it immediately with attack
    one, so be prepared.
    Attack 4: The same as attack number three, but this time he also launches small
    hanging from parachutes in groups of four.
    -The bombs can be destroyed.
    Observe the timing between the groups and pass underneath.
    Attack 5: Like attack number four, but this time he will launch the bombs while
    in the
    -Simply destroy said bombs and avoid them hitting you.
    Attack 6: He will hover at the top and in the middle of the screen beckoning
    outstretched hands. From the right and left will appear two robot smiles.
    -The smiles don't enter the screen at exactly the same time, but one is always
    than the other. Stay near the middle of the screen to increase your chances.
    Dodging this one really depends on reflexes.
    3.2    Stage 2-1: Two-Sided Story
    Stay at the far left or far right side of the screen. This way the bullets
    will have disappeared by the time they reach you if the person firing is
    standing completely
    at the other end. Learn the distance they can cross and you'll know when to
    jump over them.
    Bullets of mafia men travel about 4/5 of the screen.
    The green henchmen may release one or two hearts upon destruction or none at
    The barrels they will drop in the latter part of the level always release small
    The item carriers are the lights in the middle of the screen
    01: Power-up.
    02: Nothing.
    03: Nothing.
    04: Big heart.
    05: Nothing.
    06: Power-up.
    07: Skull.
    Screen stops scrolling.
    Two Face will enter the screen hanging from a rope ladder. He will throw
    dynamite in anyone of the following patterns:
    1. Three on the left and three on the right. The ones on the left hit before
    ones on the right. Stand at the right as long as possible and then move to the
    2. The bars will fall down one after another from the left to right. There will
    be only room to stand at the far right.
    3. The same only vice versa. Stand at the left.
    4. Same as 2, but with much less time to dodge as they are thrown not so
    5. Like 4, but vice versa.
    6. Four bars will land at the same time. Two at the right and two at the left.
    In the gap left in the middle two bars fall shortly after the other four
    Stand in the middle and move as soon as the explosions are not damaging
    Illustration for clarity:       --
    			     - -  - -
    7. Six bars are thrown, a space being left in the middle. First the outer
    two hit, then the two more inward and then the final two. Simply stay in the
    When dynamite explodes it is only damaging for a certain amount of time.
    Experiment to learn when you can walk through it safely.
    Two Face will attack for a total of three times interspersed with enemy
    01 (08): Nothing.
    02 (09): Big heart.
    03 (10): Skull.
    04 (11): Nothing.
    05 (12): Power-up.
    Screen stops scrolling.
    01 (13): Skull.
    02 (14): Big heart.
    03 (15): Nothing.
    04 (16): Super charge.
    05 (17): Power-up.
    Scrolling stops and Two Face will attack twice with a dynamite pattern.
    01 (18): Skull.
    02 (19): Big heart.
    03 (20): 1-Up.
    04 (21): Power-up.
    05 (22): Big heart.
    Boss time.
    Description: Part of the zeppelin covers the top of the screen. It has four
    individual turrets. Two face joins in by throwing dynamite at the platform you
    are on.
    -=-These turrets keep aiming while firing even. This means that moving around
    will make the sweep bigger and thus harder to avoid.
    -=-One hitpoint for one bullet.
    -=-Dynamite hit 4 hitpoints.
    -=-You can make this fight as difficult as you want by taking out the turrets
    a troublesome order. For example taking out turret two and three will cause you
    lots of
    trouble taking out the remaining ones as they are so far apart.
    Phase one.
    Hit area: The turrets.
    From the very start you can stand below either turret one and two or three and
    four. I would not suggest standing below two and three as this will cause
    problems destroying one and four effectively due to the distance.
    If you get underneath them as much as possible while dodging the fire they will
    be gone before Two Face appears.
    Attack 1: The turrets will start out by firing sequentially from the left to
    right (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4).
    Attack 2: Next 1 and 3 (short delay for 3) fire in a short sweeping motion from
    left to right. This is not aimed. Then 2 and 4 (short delay again)
    in the same way. Followed by 1 and 3 again in a sweeping motion, but
    this time they shoot at the same time and they start where they left off.
    Then 2 and 4 also fire in the same way.
    -Be careful not to be pushed in a corner. Always try to keep near the middle
    of the screen. To do this you'll have to stand in between the two streams of
    Attack 3: The turrets will fire in the following order 4, 2, 3, 1.
    Attack 4: Like attack 2, but from right to left. Starting with 4 and 2 (2 has
    the delay
    now). Then 3 and 1. And again 4 and 2 this time at the same time. And 3 and 1.
    -Same method as attack 2.
    Attack 5: At this point Two Face enters the screen and throws a bundle of
    dynamite at the
    right side of the screen.
    -Do not be near the explosion and jump over the traveling fire.
    From now on the blimp and Two Face will alternate in attacking you.
    Attack 6: The remaining turrets will fire at you one after the other.
    -Giving a method for this part is really difficult as it really depends on
    turrets you left over.
    If only 1 and 2 are left (I can recommend this) then stand below them and
    fire even when they are still outside the screen to ensure lots of hits.
    When they fire (2, 1, 2) use the delay between them and any gaps that appear
    to dodge effectively.
    Attack 7: Two Face either throws a bundle of dynamite in the middle, right or
    left side of
    the screen or he attacks with any of the dynamite patterns mentioned earlier.
    -Before he throws anything be sure you are standing in the middle of the
    This way you can go to the right or left of the screen in minimal time.
    The dynamite patterns can be found above in the level walkthrough.
    For the bundle beware that when he throws it in the middle there will be
    two fire plumes; one going to the left and one to the right.
    Use the flying jump kick if you need more air time.
    Attack 8: After destruction of all the turrets Two Face will keep throwing
    dynamite patterns till destruction.
    -Dodge using the same method as before.
    Even if the hit points
    reach 00, if he is in the process of throwing dynamite you will still take
    damage if you get hit!
    3.21    Stage 2-2: Two-Sided Story
    -=-Since this is a shoot 'em up level the level descriptions are not so
    detailed as for the other levels.
    -=-This is the first and only level in which Batman will make use of a glider
    get around.
    The makers of the game went to special trouble to make it feel you are actually
    controlling a glider. This means the controls need some time getting used to as
    they are
    not the same as in most shoot 'em ups. You may think that this type of control
    will not allow for the same amount of precision as other games and you will be
    right. However, this degree of control is not necessary in this game.
    -=-Due to the nature of the way the glider moves it is faster to move (i.e.
    than horizontally and vertically. When moving to and fro there is a small delay
    between said movements.
    -=-As always in a shoot 'em up move only when necessary. Not doing so will
    the chance of flying into bullets.
    -=-In this level non cyclic power-ups appear for the first time.
    Biplanes when destroyed give off powerups, chargers.
    Some red planes also leave chargers, skulls, powerups.
    Blue planes shoot bullets. Red planes only small non heat rockets.
    After a while the first wave of rockets. Some shoot bullets in an arc. Some
    leave hearts, other powerups, skulls, chargers.
    Again blue plane waves.
    After a while a green plane shooting two short parallel streams of three
    bullets each. It leaves small hearts.
    Red and blue planes mixed this time.
    Next up rockets (some leave items, hearts) that split up into small heat
    seeking rockets. The heat seeking
    of these rockets only takes place for a short amount of time. After that
    period they behave mindlessly.
    It goes without saying that you'll have to maneuver intelligently to take
    them out easily, especially
    when there are a lot of them. If you are careless they will swarm you and
    they will kill you
    notwithstanding the hearts.
    small rockets 50 points.
    Again a green plane enters the screen, but this time from the left. He fires
    a big spread (maybe call it arc shot?) shooting in groups of two.
    When he reaches the right side of the screen he will start releasing
    flying mines.
    Mid boss.
    Elongated red craft bearing two cannons and one rocket launcher.
    Phase one.
    Hit area: The two turrets and the rocket launcher.
    Attack 1: Both the top and bottom cannons will fire two bullets connected to
    other in groups of three.
    -Be careful not to get caught between a stream and the screen edge as it moves
    vertically; it will not leave you any space.
    Attack 2: The rocket launcher fires small rockets.
    -Nothing to write home about.
    If you hover in front you'll most likely destroy the rockets before they
    get anywhere.
    Attack 3: Again he reverts to attack 1, but this
    time the stream
    consists of groups
    of four.
    -Same strategy as attack 1.
    Phase two.
    Attack 1: When all three weapons are destroyed it will try to crush you.
    -Be careful
    as it moves deceptively. You may think you have enough room, but it only seems
    so. Keep moving around even when it is far away.
    Clouds enter the screen.
    Vertically moving red planes enter.
    Small heat rockets.
    Blue planes.
    Big rockets. Some shooting in an arc.
    More mixed planes.
    First Area 51 plane. Shoots non heat small rockets. Leaves hearts. Keeping as
    much in front of him as possible when using a spread shot will take out most
    rockets before they can travel much.
    200 points.
    Big splitting rockets.
    Followed by the non splitting kind. These do not shoot arcs. Leave hearts and
    Mixed plane waves.
    Area 51 plane. Leaves hearts.
    Splitting rockets.
    Big rockets leaving hearts, items.
    Splitting rockets again.
    And big rockets leaving hearts, items.
    Again the green plane kind from the beginning of the level, but this time it
    shoots much
    longer streams (six bullets).
    200 points.
    Three Area 51 planes shooting small heat rockets enter the screen sequentially.
    These are the most dangerous enemies in the level if not taken out quickly.
    because of lack of skill or if your level of power is deficient or you have the
    wrong weapon. Because of the way the planes release the heat rockets you will
    not be able to take them out before they can cause mischief. If you do not take
    it out quickly it will move
    to the left (and drop mines) and another one will enter from the right. Should
    you allow this to happen it may create a serious problem (i.e. loss of one life
    and loss of your
    current weapon power) as the boss is up next.
    Description: Huge zeppelin two screens high and 13 (!) screens long bearing all
    kinds of cannons, rotating and sliding turrets, rocket
    launchers and futuristic weaponry.
    -Simply sweep vertically across the blimp taking about the turrets as you go.
    Some release items. Due to the nature of the boss (how to tell which turret is
    which easily?) only items of supreme interest are noted.
    Some of the smallest cannons on the ship release two small hearts when
    First Sonic Disruptor.
    This is the first of three SD's. All three have different attack patterns.
    The first its attacks can be dodged by simply moving vertically; staying at the
    left side. When the rocket launchers open note the order in which they do and
    take the rockets out in that order.
    The SD will release small hearts after destruction.
    This is the first of three SD's. All three have different attack patterns.
    The first its attacks can be dodged by simply moving vertically; staying at the
    left side. When the rocket launchers open note the order in which they do and
    take the rockets out in that order.
    The SD will release small hearts after destruction.
    One star turret releases a big heart after the two star turrets and the rocket
    Cannon at the bottom and the opposite one at the top before the sliding turret
    both give a powerup. Sliding turret gives charge shot.
    Second Sonic Disruptor
    In addition there are two star turrets and two rocket launchers.
    Take out the turrets as soon as possible.
    -=-When you are forced the move in circles around the sd take turns as tight
    straight) as
    possible. Due to the nature the glider moves moving in actual circles will not
    Starts out with a rotating sweep stopping at every 1/4.
    Then it seems to start on a second round, but it does so only deceptively.
    one shot it turns around and aims straight for you.
    Dodge by moving vertically. Due to the decrease in distance between you and the
    SD the sweep becomes more dangerous compared to the first one.
    Repeating the rotating attack again.
    Next very short aimed bursts of four rings.
    After this it repeats the long stream again.
    Releases hearts when destroyed.
    Two cannons opposite each other (one at the top another at the bottom) both
    give a charge shot.
    Sliding turret gives 1-up. This item can be obscured by the railing.
    Third Sonic Disruptor.
    And four rocket launchers.
    Combines non aimed sweeps with aimed bursts long and short. Even though the
    distance between you and the sd is very small here. All aimed bursts can be
    dodged by
    remaining on the left side of the screen, directly in front of the sd.
    It is the pattern of the second sd that is more difficult really. It is the
    four rocket
    launchers that cause problems here. Look closely at the opening order.
    If all four open at the same time, good luck!
    Releases hearts upon destruction.
    If you need more hearts after this fight you may want to hover in front of the
    rocket launchers on the right. If the timing of the destruction of the SD was
    right one of them may open before they move off screen giving you chance to
    destroy it. It will release small hearts.
    End boss
    Description: Two face piloting a helicopter with a whole range of attacks.
    -=-Two face will move around the screen at will. Consider this as dangerous as
    his weaponry.
    -=-The colour of the searchlight indicates the kind of attack.
    Hit area: The whole helicopter.
    1. He starts off with a white searchlight followed by two long streams of
    bullets. While moving vertically. Like with the mid-boss be careful not to get
    caught between a stream and the edge of the screen.
    2. Now a red searchlight after which he will drop mines which are seen before
    in the level.
    3. This time he will fire a spread shot consisting of big blue stars; not
    the ones shot at you by on of the turrets on the zeppelin. The first spread is
    small and only three stars. The next one five stars and the last one seven (?).
    4. A circle of round bullets which grows in size.
    5. A long stream of small rockets. The rockets are exactly the same as the
    small rockets in the level; meaning they can be destroyed.
    3.3    Stage 3-1: Tea Time
    The levels which make up level 3 are chaotic and depend largely on reflexes
    (much like level 2-2).
    Enemy formation descriptions are therefore not that detailed.
    Scene 1:
    Item pouches can only be opened after they have dropped a bomb. This will
    as you walk passed.
    Item holder list:
    1: Powerup
    2: Heart
    3: charge
    4: skull
    5: heart
    6: powerup
    7: powerup
    8: nothing
    9: powerup
    10: nothing
    11: heart
    12: powerup
    13: nothing
    14: powerup
    15: powerup
    16: heart
    17: charge
    If your weapon is under powered you
    will want to go for the powerups. The rest is not worth the trouble (i.e. you
    will get swarmed by the clowns).
    The current clowns will always jump in your direction (i.e. follow you). Their
    attack is the electricity making them quite harmless to walk through when this
    attack is not active. If you use a melee attack however you can even damage
    them when they are attacking.
    The round formations give two small hearts.
    If you use a melee attack while the clowns attack your attack will have
    precedence over theirs.
    Keep walking forward. The clowns will keep coming.
    Screen stops scrolling. The item pouch (nr. 5) on top contains a heart.
    Presents drop down. First right, left, left and right. Connected cc's come out
    as the present hops one or two will come loose and behave like loose cc's.
    Scene 2:
    Wheel formations (keep your health as high as possible) and presents. Only
    take notice of the ones in your way.
    Screen stops scrolling. Beautiful formations start hurling themselves in your
    A charge shot (batarang) will take them out in one shot.
    Scene 3:
    TNT bunnies. These are activated when you come close. Their belly starts
    to indicate their timer has started. The explosion is big, take note of the
    Again keep walking and only take out the ones in your way.
    Screen stops scrolling. Presents drop down.
    Now the cc's are connected together horizontally and move around not unlike a
    slinky. First a little formation and then larger ones, as well as faster ones.
    Remember that enemies can not hit you if they are not attacking, so walk
    them when possible.
    Scene 4:
    Two huge slinky formations one coming from each direction. Notice how they are
    so big you can actually crouch underneath them, even while they attack.
    One good way to tackle the clowns is to fire forward and upwards when you see
    some flying over you. This will work because their jump is not aimed
    at you, but only aimed in your direction. This will cause them to jump over
    you, in
    front of you and sometimes directly on you.
    3.31    Stage 3-2: Tea Time
    Description: Big grinning cat prop with claws causes studio equipment to fall
    -=-Due to the small hit area it takes extremely fine placing on the ground to
    land all three shots of a spreadshot weapon. It is not impossible however.
    -=-Never move to the far right or left. He will hit you with his claws.
    -=-Much like the dynamite in level 2-1 the studio equipment can only cause
    damage before it hits the ground. It is safe to walk through after you hear
    the sound of it hitting the ground.
    -=-Like the very first boss, this one also warns you by a sputter before he is
    about to fire.
    Hit area: Nose.
    1. He will start of by alternately hitting the floor with his paws. This will
    cause heavy equipment to fall down. Walk to the right or left to avoid, but not
    too far as he will hit you.
    2. The same as above, but the equipment will fall randomly. Simply move when
    3. He will fire some kind of energy beam from both of his eyes. Keep where you
    are and you will be fine.
    4. Same as above, but he will sweep from the right to left or vice versa. Keep
    in between and start moving back when all the energy residue is gone (as if
    is left it will damage you). Also beware of his claws.
    5. Hitting the floor again, but this time only four pieces of equipment fall
    he'll repeat this attack successively much faster than attack number one.
    Since it is so fast you might get under a claw, so it is better to dodge toward
    the direction of the claw he just used for safety.
    When his hitpoints are gone the curtain will drop. Move to the right or left
    of the screen to avoid getting hit by the prop.
    3.32    Stage 3-3: Tea Time
    Scene 1:
    First robot helper: powerup
    This one you may not want to release at all. Considering the bunnies (i.e. you
    may get pushed in the powerup by an explosion or pushed off a platform.
    Second: skull
    Screen stops scrolling. Presents drop down on the first and fourth mushroom.
    Next one drops on the third, then one on the fourth. Next first and fourth
    Third: small hearts.
    Scene 2:
    Fireflower. The bursts of these enemies will do lots of damage. Jump with care.
    Fourth: powerup
    Two fireflowers. This gap can only be crossed by a flying kick. Study the
    carefully. With some flowers the gap to jump between is very very tight.
    Screen stops scrolling. Four small mushrooms to stand on. Very long strips of
    cc's fall down.
    Robot help fifth at this point: charge
    CC's will break off and annoy you.
    Sixth: powerup
    Scene 3:
    Seventh: small hearts.
    Eight: small hearts.
    Screen stops scrolling. Two mushrooms in the middle. Robot helpers will enter
    the screen carrying lines of the cc's. Standing near the middle will give you
    time to act accordingly towards both sides.
    When one line is coming from each side it may be better to attack the one
    first. This because the clowns close to you may just be done attacking, and
    will be harmless,
    when they pass through you. The ones far away, while not attacking when
    the screen, may just be attacking when they reach
    you and will do so if not taken out. Take note of the timing and decide
    Scene 4:
    More Fireflowers.
    Some shoot only one stream. Others have a short pattern: short, short, short,
    long, delay, repeat.
    I am not listing the patterns here as even knowing them by heart before
    playing won't help a thing. You'll need to witness the timing first hand.
    Remember that the flying kick will give you an extra boost while already in the
    air. Even when it is not strictly needed using it will give you more
    Nine: powerup
    Ten: hearts.
    Eleven: charge.
    Presents and bunnies to make things even more complicated.
    Screen stops scrolling.
    Helpers come in with huge lines of cc's.
    The fourth and last one carries two lines. Destroy the helper (can only be done
    after the cc) for a 1-up.
    At this point the background starts to fly at you. Your guess is as good as
    as to what is happening here. The whole story and "realism" is dropped from
    point onward in exchange of free use of effects.
    Keep walking from the left to the right and back again and jump when necessary
    to dodge/trick them.
    Description: Dwarf jumping around. If you have any idea what this spring
    powered abomination is
    supposed to be sent me an email.
    You can walk even underneath the lowest jump. Just be very near to it.
    Watch out not to be pushed in a corner if you hesitate to walk under him
    for too long.
    3.33    Stage 3-4: Tea Time
    Batman uses some kind of jet pack to move around. You can compare it to level
    2-2, but here you can still move Batman around in the same way as in other
    levels. In other words you can aim the direction of the attack and moving
    around while firing will only change your position; keeping the direction
    The enemies of this level are only helps carrying cc's. Destroy the cc's first
    as the helpers invincible when they are carrying anything. Some helpers are
    very tough and do not disappear off the screen, but float back.
    The cc's in this level are always attacking.
    All kinds of items and small hearts are released.
    Using a spreadshot is much recommended.
    3.34    Stage 3-5: Tea Time
    Scene 1:
    Presents drop down. First right and left. Next in the middle.
    Scene 2:
    Helper one: charge
    Wheel formations
    Helper two: heart
    Screen stops scrolling. Some small wheel formations and a huge circle
    of cc's.
    Scene 3:
    Helper three: powerup.
    Next cup and saucer. Coming from left, right and right. Release three hearts
    when destroyed.
    Scene 4:
    More cup and saucers. One releases bunnies.
    Followed by sugar pot. The pot does not cause damage when hit, only the cubes.
    Consider the pot only a secondary enemy.
    Scene 5:
    Sugar pot releasing bunnies revealing big heart when destroyed.
    Second one has a powerup.
    Third charge.
    Presents, cup and saucers, cc wheel formations, sugar pots.
    3.35    Stage 3-6: Tea Time
    Description: Mad Hatter hovering in a black deep upside-down hat above a 3D
    obstacle track.
    This boss is definitely number 1 in the top 5 of "coolest bosses never to be
    seen by
    the average
    gamer" due to it being so far in a hard game. Too bad really.
    Hit area: The Mad Hatter himself.
    -=-Remember that using the flying jump will allow you to cross more distance
    the regular jump.
    -=-Note how the distance traveled by Batman when you press left and right is
    deceptive due to the 3D nature of the road.
    1. He will throw indestructible current clowns. Dodge them.
    2. He will release a TNT bunny. Shoot it or cleverly dodge it by activating it
    and not being near when it explodes.
    During this first phase get in as many shots as you can. Especially when he
    stops with his attacks to throw the switch.
    3. The obstacle track.
    The obstacles you get depend on how much damage you to to him before he throws
    the switch. The following descriptions are of a few possibilities.
    The first group of obstacles are after each other and next to each other. This
    means you can jump over one if it is on your path and can keep up firing.
    For the second group stay in the middle and use a flying kick to jump over the
    obstacles in your way.
    This is a generalization of what the third group looks like. The walls become
    longer (horizontally) as the track progresses. Keep as close to the edge of
    the wall as possible to minimize the time needed to move back and forth. You do
    not have the time to compensate for big distances.
    The fourth group consists of sequential walls of which some have a gap. Stay in
    such a position so you can move through the gap and jump (or flying jump when
    necessary) over the rest.
    When the Mad Hatter's hit point meter reaches 9 he reverses the track. During
    this time there are obstacles. He only drops TNT bunnies.
    When he is defeated his hat falls on the track. It can be attacked and this
    it not just a nice detail. Destroying it will reveal a 1-up. Now, isn't that
    just one of the coolest hidden 1-ups you've ever seen?
    3.4    Stage 4-1: Snow in July?
    The last few levels of this game aren't particularly interesting or innovative.
    Rather bland actually.
    The moving cans in this first level can not hit you when moving as all other
    enemies. The explosion is their attack. The timer
    is fast. It is better to try walking back and forth instead of jumping at the
    last moment.
    3.41    Stage 4-2: Snow in July?
    The tanks keep aiming while firing. Having the proper distance and doing
    a flying kick will evade it. Being close and doing the same will cause the
    tank to still be firing when you jump, hitting you.
    3.42    Stage 4-3: Snow in July?
    The scientists here are very tough and it takes a while to destroy them even
    with a fully powerup green weapon. In response the only powerups the game gives
    you here are the green ones.
    The globes blowing the cold air, though tough, can be avoided mostly by
    following their pattern and moving with them.
    3.43    Stage 4-4: Snow in July?
    Final boss.
    Description: Mr. Freeze inside a flying saucer like vehicle.
    First form.
    He is protected by the glass covering at this point. Destroy it to initiate his
    second form.
    Second form.
    While this form is active metal globes blowing a cold gas, the same as seen
    previously, will enter the screen.
    When these globes are destroyed he will shoot and the projectiles will break up
    into small bullets. As they
    move they spread out.
    He does this four times from each compass direction.
    This is the toughest boss form in this game as you'll need good control of the
    not so controllable flying machine Batman is in.
    Keep doing damage to Mr. Freeze while trying to avoid the globes. Destroying
    the globes will initiate his outlined shooting routine after which he will
    again hover in the top right of the screen and more globes will enter.
    If you (happen to) destroy the globes find the gaps in Mr. Freeze's pattern. It
    really comes down to controlling skill.
    4.0    Story
    The freeze is on!
    A chilling development! Mr. Freeze, whose favorite hobby is icing his floes,
    foes, has a scheme to make Gotham City a cooler place ... 30 below cool! He's
    building a massive ice cannon, and he's not about to let anything go wrong  ...
    like having Batman and Robin meddle where they're not wanted.
    So he's "arranged" the escape of three of Gotham City's evilest felons from
    Arkhum Asylum. Once on the loose, their diabolical duty is to keep Batman and
    Robin occupied ... while the Impresario of Ice completes the global glaciation!
    Stage 1: Happy Birthday to Me.
    The Gotham City Concention Center, site of the Gem Expo, is gripped in a power
    blackout. Widespread looting has been reported, and all morning The Joker has
    been calling the power company, singing "Happy Birthday to Me." It's time for
    Batman and Robin to deliver the punch line.
    Stage 2: Two-Sided Story.
    The Gotham City Blimp Tower has been commandeered for the refueling of the
    top-secret XR22 Battle Blimp. This airship is outfitted with a powerful
    experimental weapon, called the Sonic Disrupter. Two-Face and his gang of thugs
    are laying siege to the tower, aided by miniature remote-controlled helicopters
    that are armed to the teeth. Batman and Robin must double-time it to the site
    and save the blimp at all cost.
    Stage 3: Tea Time.
    Commissioner Gordon has been kidnapped by The Mad Hatter, who is holding him
    hostage at Wonderland Studios. The teatotalling kidnapper has demanded
    $1 million in ransom, to be delivered by Batman. Who knows what lurks on the
    other side of the looking glass?
    Stage 4: Snow in July?
    While Batman and Robin were attending to the rescue of Commissioner Gordon,
    someone broke into the University lab. Now AU13, the special alloy used to
    store super coolants, is missing. Super coolants? Sounds like the chilling
    work of ... Mr. Freeze!
    5.0    Credits
    Bert Schroeder
    Product Manager
    Jaime Wojick
    Tortoise Clockwork, Inc.
    Game designers
    John O'Brien
    James Maxwell
    Stephen Thomson
    John O'Brien
    Lead Artist
    Stephen Thomson
    Artwork by
    Stephen Thomson
    Chris George
    Additional artwork by
    Robert Hemphill
    Noel Hines
    clockwork Producer
    James Maxwell
    Level Layout & Triggering by
    James Maxwell
    Allen Fernandez
    Batman & Robin Line Art Animation by
    Tokyo Movie Shinsa
    Music & SFX Creator
    Music & SFX Composer
    Jesper Kyd
    Sound Programmer
    Jens Albretsen
    Lead Tester
    Chrisi Albertson
    Assistant Leads
    Mark Subotnick
    Don Carmichael
    Noah Mackenzie
    Rachael Bristol
    David Dodge
    Chris Lucich
    Phil Co
    Dana Green
    Aaron Loichinger
    Randy Norfleet
    Lloyd Kinoshita
    Aaron Bandur
    Steve Bourdet
    Maria Tuzzo
    Sam Saliba
    Joel Breton
    Special Thanks to
    Holly Stein
    Catherine Sollecito
    France Tantiado
    Clint Dyer
    Nemer Velasquez
    Sara Holihan
    Trish Dunne
    Christine Bertoglio
    Wayne Leonard
    Scott Compton
    Manual by
    Carol Ann & Neil Hanshaw

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