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"Just leave the Saturday morning cartoons to shows and action figures only, okay?"

Wow, what a disgrace. I loved Mighty Max as kid. However, Ocean (the makers) shames this adventurous hero in the Adventures of Mighty Max.

If you don’t know this kid yet, he travels around parts of the world with his magic cap. Since he has the power to do this, he saves people in other dimensions from time to time in the episodes. In the game comes along the evil antagonist of the story, SkullMaster. He doesn’t like this method of transportation, so he has gone and destroyed all the secret portals. He has left some of his own open though, where he keeps his arsenal of massive weapons. Mighty Max has to venture through five strange levels (even though it says fifty “Worlds” on the box.) as you try to find them and get SkullMaster captured. The story isn’t that great, but it doesn’t fall far from the standards.

The gameplay is awful and tough. Even though the levels are gloomy and tedious, you think you would receive just the slightest amount of fun in this. You have to zoom through the levels since they are timed, and throw pieces of the weapon into a portal, to beat the stages. Of course, there will be some foes and other adversaries to try to make your mission fail, and they are rather difficult to beat. Racing across the level trying to execute enemies like “Troopers” and “Sandmen” is quite odd. I would definitely be embarrassed if somebody put me into a video game and I was doing this. Even worse, you have to finish them off, with a PING PONG gun. Yeah I like unique weapons in games, but this just does not mix at all. The game also would be nothing if didn’t star Felix & Bea and Norman & Vigil; they will help you out on your quest for a limited time. However, they don’t make much of difference in the gameplay. I will give them brownie points but nothing else. You can also compete against a friend in 2-player split-screen, but this is nothing to be electrified about. It’s the same thing as 1 player mode, except for you race to see who can finish the level first. If there is nothing to like about one player mode then, what is there to enjoy about two-player mode? The Adventures of Mighty Max clearly demonstrates that this game has poor quality in the gameplay area.

Sound and Graphics in this game are also far from perfection. The sound is very eerie, which goes with its peculiar sound effects. Graphic Wise, the game needs to put a little bit of light into this game. Mighty Max will exploit through five levels, a dim Volcano, a bizarre Space Station, and some Uncanny Inca Ruins as well as others, but I will leave the other two for you to find out. (Perhaps not, since you won’t want to buy this game.) The graphics aren’t the best, but at least I can tell the difference between Mighty Max and Norman. Only the meticulous gamers will think the graphics and sound are low quality, but Ocean could definitely put a little more effort into this area as well.

So many blemishes and oddities in this game just force me to give this a dreadful score. I hate the idea and plot of this game, but I guess the makers were being somewhat creative. However, when it comes to my final score, I rate this game 2/10. It lacks so much in the gameplay area, and that is what video games are all about. Of course, I recommend you not to buy it, no matter for what price. The only thing that you will like is the comic included in the instruction manual, for it is much better than the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/18/03

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