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"Passes the time"

Aerobiz is an air management sim from Koei. A company famous for its unusual and original games. It also isn't that bad I mean who doesn't want to fly planes? Not that it matters if you do want to be a pilot, because in Aerobiz you are instead the manager of an airline, trying to expand to global; proportions.

The visuals are really just bog standard genesis graphics with average sprites, looks more like master system, though the faces aren't bad to look at. The icons on buttons can be confusing since there is no text help for them. Some tooltips to decipher the cryptic icons would have helped. The map looks ok and there are little movies like planes taking off etc its not too bad.

There are hardly any sound effects, not even a beep for clicking on something. There are rare sound effects like jet engines but they are nothing special.

The music is just supremely average midi tracks played over and over Three is just one tune and it plays again and again and again until your ready to cram live gerbils in your ears. I'm sure nobody wants that sop be sure to mute this sucker.

The gameplay was very unique at the time.

You are in change of an airline. You pick your head office city, negotiate with other cities to open flight routes, buy planes, balance the books for things like maintenance schedules passenger service and advertising campaigns. As you expand by building company braches in other cites you can start basing planes there. The early cheap planes have a short flight range be fore needed to refuel so you cant fly from for example Sydney to London non stop therefore you set up a branch at Singapore or Honolulu then you can stop over on the way to refuel.

Random events can happen such as the Olympics in Tokyo, you'd want to have lots of flights going there to handle the surge of passengers headed to the games. There could also be an attempt to overthrow a government or a war somewhere and so you'd want less flights going there since it's a war zone not many tourists would be heading there.

Other pluses to the game include that its one of the few games that bothers to include Sydney and that it has battery backup which is a real boon since you don't have to worry about awful passwords.

All together Aerobiz is an interesting but repetitive game. Rather than being a game you'll spend hours on you'll likely just come back to it now and then.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/26/09

Game Release: Aerobiz (US, 12/31/92)

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