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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A.K.A

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          !$    !$$              '$$       '$$
                         !$    !$!                '$$       '$$      ,!!
                         $$    $$'                 $$'       $$'   $$$$
                        '$$   !$$                  !$!       !$!   !$'
                      ,!'$$!  $$'                  $$        $$
                     ,$' $$$  $$    ,$$$$$.   ,'$$$$!   ,'$$$$$   $$' !$$!  ,$$$!
                   ,!$    $$  $$  ,$$'   `$  $$    `$  $$   `$$  $$$  $$$,!!$  $$$
                 ,$$''!$$$$$$ $$ !$$'   ,$$ $$     $$ !$    !$$  $$  ,$$!$     '$!
     ,$.       ,$$         '! !$ $$$  ,$$$' $$   ,$$! $$   ,$$! $$   $$!      !$!
     !  `   ,!!$$..''$!.     $ $ `$$$$! `$$.`$$$$$`!$!`$$$$!`!$!$   $!       $'
      '$$!$! ''         '     $'
                              (Thanks to scurty for this ASCII)
                 Complete Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough for Aladdin
                                  Game: Aladdin
                                Platform: Genesis
                                  Genre: Action
                                 Creator: Disney
                                Developer: Capcom
                           Author of this FAQ: A.K.A
                      E-mail: arminjewell [at] yahoo [dot] com
                            Version of this FAQ: 1.0
                            TABLE OF CONTENTS – SHORT VERSION
    1.0 Version History
    2.0 Copyright Information                     
    3.0 Introduction
    4.0 Contact Information
    5.0 Controls
    6.0 Story                
    7.0 Items                
    8.0 Enemies               
    9.0 Bosses                                    
    10.0 Main Level Walkthrough                    
    11.0 Cheats
    12.0 Credits                                  
                            TABLE OF CONTENTS – LONG VERSION
    1.0 Version History
    2.0 Copyright Information                     
    3.0 Introduction
    4.0 Contact Information
    5.0 Controls 
    6.0 Story                
    7.0 Items                
    8.0 Enemies              
      8.1 Sword Guard        
      8.2 Staff Guard        
      8.3 Knife Guard        
      8.4 Knife Juggler  
      8.5 Apple Thief    
      8.6 Pot Dropper    
      8.7 Snake          
      8.8 Flying Iago    
      8.9 Biting Snake   
      8.10 Annoying Bat            
      8.11 Kamikaze Skeleton       
      8.12 Apple-Throwing Shiva
      8.13 Ghosts with Turbans    
    9.0 Bosses                                    
      9.1 Gazeem                                  
      9.2 Rahoul                                  
      9.3 Shiva Monkey                            
      9.4 Iago                                    
      9.5 Jafar 
    10.0 Main Level Walkthrough                    
      10.1 Agrabah Market                          
         10.1.1 Abu in Agrabah I                   
      10.2 The Desert                              
      10.3 Agrabah Rooftops                        
      10.4 Sultan's Dungeon                       
      10.5 Cave of Wonders                         
         10.5.1 Abu in the Cave                    
      10.6 The Escape                              
      10.7 Rug Ride                                
      10.8 Inside the Lamp                         
      10.9 Sultan's Palace                         
      10.10 Jafar's Palace                         
    11.0 Cheats
    12.0 Credits                                  
    This table of contents was made so you can search quickly and easily for each 
    of the enemies and bosses in the game.  If your example you wanted strategies 
    on how to defeat Jafar, press Ctrl + F and type in the code next to it, in this 
    case it is 7.5, and it will bring you to the right part of the FAQ.
                                    1.0 Version History
    Version 1.1 – June 28, 2004 – Updated the ASCII at the top to a much better 
    one.  I also added the Gameshark cheats.  Enjoy.
    Version 1.0 - February 2, 2004 – The initial release, I finished all the 
                                2.0 Copyright Information                   
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be 
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written 
    or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of 
    commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This 
    FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, 
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This 
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot) 
    com>.  This FAQ is exclusively permitted to be hosted by www.GameFAQs.com.  All 
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
    specifically mentioned herein.  This document is copyrighted 2004 by Armin 
                                   3.0 Introduction                         
    This is one of my all-time favorite movies.  Aladdin when I was a kid was one 
    of the best movies ever created.  I would never think a game for a movie such 
    as this would be any fun at all, but since I was such a big fan I picked it up 
    and I was amazingly surprised.  This game was a lot of fun and it was for many 
    different age groups as well.  I love this game, and since I thought the 
    FAQ/Walkthrough posted was very well done, I decided to make another FAQ to 
    complement it for the game that I love.  I hope you, the reader, enjoy this FAQ 
    and that it helps you with this terrific game.
                              4.0 Contact Information
    You can e-mail me at that address listed at the top of the FAQ, with questions 
    or contributions to the game, and you can do this at any time.  I would ask for 
    no spam, but any threats or negative comments I welcome so that I have 
    something extra to delete in my inbox.
    One more thing, if you want my FAQ, I won't give it to you.  It is only to be 
    used for private use, and if you want it I probably will just reply with a no.  
    I want to keep this FAQ fairly exclusive.  Thanks for your cooperation and 
                                     5.0 Controls 
    Basic Controls
    A – Throw an Apple
    B – Slash the Sword
    C – Jump
    Left/Right – Move left/right respectively
    Up – Look up, climb up, purchase items
    Down – Look down, climb down, crouch
    Start – Pause/Resume Game
    Select – None
    By the way, these settings are default and can be rearranged anyway you like.
    Advanced Controls
    These controls are done by pressing more than one button or are not laid out 
    Down + B – A crouching sword poke.  It is very useful against several enemies.
    Up + B – Slashes upwards to his left and right.  Not very useful in my opinion 
    because his normal sword slash reaches higher up.
    Up + (A + B + C) – Quadruple slash, a very nice technique if you are 
    High Jump – This is a jump that is used mainly to get items.  It is used when 
    jumping onto a bouncing object, like a spring or something.  When you are in 
    the air about to land on it, press and hold the jump button _before_ you land 
    on the spring and you will jump up higher.
                                       6.0 Story
    (Credit goes to the official manual for this)
    Look for adventure, and you'll find Aladdin. He's always where the action is, 
    leaping across rooftops and running through the hustle and bustle of Agrabah. 
    The streets are chock - full of knife jugglers, snake charmers, basket thieves 
    and, oh yes, a sultan - size squad of Palace Guards, part of Royal Deceiver... 
    er, make that Advisor... Jafar's ever - present troops.
    There's trouble afoot in the Sultan's palace, with Princess Jasmine trapped in 
    the middle. Greedy Jafar is about to pull some very evil tricks out of his 
    turban. And Aladdin's about to be caught up in a high - speed chase full of 
    magic, action and untold hazards. Only the quickest of street rats will be able 
    to escape them! 
    It's no ordinary escapade that Aladdin's about to face. He's got to fight 
    through Agrabah, escape the Sultan's dungeon, survive the fiery Cave of 
    Wonders, and snatch the Genie's lamp and battle Jafar in his own secret 
    sanctum.  Aladdin's got a few streetwise tricks of his own, plus a shining 
    scimitar to make sure he trades slash for slash. And maybe...just maybe... 
    he'll get a wish or two. But even for the world's smartest street rat, there's 
    danger ahead! 
                                       7.0 Items
    There are many items in the game, and they all have a special purpose.  I will 
    give you an explanation of each.  They are in alphabetical order.
    Abu Token
    These appear in three levels in the game to take you to a bonus round where you 
    become Abu.  There are only two different types of bonus rounds, and they are 
    not easy.  These are usually hard to get and out of place, and look in the 
    walkthrough for their location.
    These are your basic projectile weapons.  I personally don't know how an apple 
    is so useful in this game; it is the only way to kill Jafar, which is amazing.  
    Keep getting these and they are useful for many bosses and for general enemies 
    in the game.  There is a maximum of 99.
    Apple Slices
    These only appear in the Rug Ride, and they are apple slices that appear 
    throughout the entire level.  I don't know why there would be apple slices at a 
    time like that, but whatever works.  Four of those apple slices will gain you 
    one apple.
    Black Lamp
    These only appear in the beginning of the game, and a couple times right at the 
    end, because they are so cheap.  The black lamp is basically a bomb, which once 
    you touch it will eliminate all enemies in the screen at the time.  
    Blue Vase
    A blue vase is the same thing as a checkpoint, and these are very important.  
    When you die, whatever checkpoint you last activated is where you will start 
    from when you start again.
    Extra Life
    These are usually very tough to get and are way out of the way of everything.  
    They are extra lives of course, but they are still tough to get.  Once you run 
    out of extra lives, it is a game over unless you have a wish.  These not only 
    can be found in the levels, but also can be purchased from the peddler for 5 
    These are located in Agrabah Rooftops, and they are Flutes that you get so that 
    a rope will appear out of a basket to take you to the next part of the level.  
    The snake might bite you also, so watch out.
    This is your basic money source in this game.  They are usually out of the way 
    and not too easy to get, but not to bad nonetheless.  You can use these when 
    you want to purchase something from the peddler who appears in various levels.  
    Here are his prices.
    Extra Life – 5 Rubies
    Wish – 10 Rubies
    I will get into both of those later, but that is what these are used for.  They 
    appear in practically every level.
    Genie Heart
    This is your only way to restore your health.  The amount of health gained back 
    is always set, but it isn't the same for each heart.  The only pattern I've 
    seen is that the harder to get the heart is the more health is gotten from it.  
    Other than that there aren't any indicators.
    Genie's Lamp
    This is the goal of going to the level, Cave of Wonders.  You will get this at 
    the very end of the level and it isn't used directly in the game.  It is 
    basically just to keep the story moving along.
    Genie Token
    These are found all over the place and they are used to get tokens for the 
    Genie's Bonus Machine.  These are very helpful and you really want to get these 
    tokens if you are good at the machine.
    Scarab Halves
    These are found mostly in the Desert and once very quickly in the Agrabah 
    Rooftops.  These are they Key to the Cave of Wonders, and is a goal for you to 
    find many times.  
    These are the exact same thing as continues.  You get these from the Peddler, 
    and they are 10 Rubies apiece.  You can get as many as you want.  Once you lose 
    all your lives and you have a wish, you will asked whether you want to continue 
    or not.
                                  8.0 Enemies
    I will try to make this section as good as possible on different ways to defeat 
    each enemy.  The enemies listed in this section are ones that can be killed; 
    invincible enemies are kind of pointless to write about.  The format for each 
    enemy will be as follows.
    Name: The name of the enemy (Chosen by me)
    Location: What levels they are in
    Health: How many slashes/apples it takes to kill them
    Strategies: How to kill them
    Now here we go!  They are ordered pretty much in the order found in the game.
    ______/SWORD GUARD (8.1)\______________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market, The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops, Sultan's Dungeon, 
              Sultan's Palace, and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash, Two Apples
    Strategies: The easiest way to kill this guy is to take him by surprise.  If 
                you can just charge up to him and slash him up, but if he is 
                expecting you, I found the best way is to do a ducking sword poke, 
                and he will be killed very, very easily.
    ______/STAFF GUARD (8.2)\______________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market, The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops, Sultan's Dungeon, 
              Sultan's Palace and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash, Two Apples
    Strategies: This is probably the easiest of all guards.  There isn't really an 
                easy way to beat him, they are all really good.  Run up and slash, 
                stand and slash, duck and slash, throw apples, whatever you like.  
                Just go and kill him.
    ______/KNIFE GUARD (8.3)\______________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market, The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops, Sultan's Dungeon, 
              Sultan's Palace and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash, One/Two Apples
    Strategies: This guard has several ways to beat him.  He throws knives at you 
                in general, but many times throughout the game he won't even see 
                you.  He will either be stuffing his face or waddling.  In those 
                cases just slash him up, otherwise there is another good way to 
                beat him.  Once he throws knives at you slash from a distance.  If 
                you are the right distance away, you can bounce one of his knives 
                of your sword and kill him.
    ______/KNIFE JUGGLER (8.4)\____________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market, The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops, and Sultan's Dungeon
    Health: One Slash, Two Apples
    Strategies: This guy is used very well by the creators of this game.  He is 
                located in spots that are highly useful for them to hurt you, 
                mostly in unsuspecting places or easy places to get thrown at.  The 
                best way is to be aware of him as soon as you seem him, then you 
                can deal with him.  You can pretty much deal with him in the same 
                way as the knife guard, he has the same attack.
    ______/APPLE THIEF (8.5)\______________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market and Agrabah Rooftops 
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: This guy is very easy, and the only way you will get apples stolen 
                by him is if you don't pay attention and totally miss that he is 
                there.  Otherwise, you can just slash him as soon as you see him, 
                you can't hurt him when he isn't moving.
    ______/POT DROPPER (8.6)\______________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Market and Agrabah Rooftops 
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These guys are actually killable, but usually it's against your 
                best interest to do so.  Usually you can just time it right and run 
                right past the pot that they drop, instead of waiting and killing 
                them.  If you are really intent on it however, you can jump right 
                next to the window the come out from and slash them.  Also, make 
                sure you jump on the side that they don't drop the pot, because 
                otherwise you will get a big pot right in the face.
    ______/SNAKE (8.7)\____________________________________________________________
    Location: The Desert
    Health: One Slash, Two Apples
    Strategies: This enemy is one of the more annoying ones.  It likes to just 
                slither around; it has no attacks, but is very tough to kill.  The 
                easiest way is to move up inch-by-inch and duck slash him, 
                otherwise he will hit you and it gets very annoying.  If you really 
                feel like it though, apples are a good way to beat him because he 
                is so annoying to kill with a sword.
    ______/FLYING IAGO (8.8)\______________________________________________________
    Location: The Desert, Agrabah Rooftops, Sultan's Palace, and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These aren't really an enemy in my eyes, more like an obstacle.  
                Iago will fly around usually in places where you can hang and where 
                a magic carpet will take you.  He doesn't try to hit you, he just 
                flies back and forth in the same direction, making him really easy 
                to kill.  Just slash him when he gets close.
    ______/BITING SNAKE (8.9)\_____________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Rooftops 
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These enemies aren't really a factor in your journey.  They seldom 
                appear next to the flying ropes, and they rarely if ever hit you.  
                If you are intent on killing them, however, the easiest way is to 
                jump over them when they jump out to hit you and then slash them on 
                the other side when it comes out.
    ______/ANNOYING BAT (8.10)\____________________________________________________
    Location: Sultan's Dungeon, Cave of Wonders, and The Escape
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These are definitely the most annoying enemy in the entire game.  
                There are several situations in which you will find them.  The 
                first one is when they are straight above you.  The best way is not 
                to hold Up and Slash, but to just hold slash and move backwards a 
                tiny bit, so they will go right into your sword.  If you stay under 
                them, you can use Up and Slash.  
                Another situation is where they are at the same level as you.  The 
                best way is to charge on them if you can see them and hit them 
                right away.  If not, you just have to guess as to where he will 
                circle around you.  Do your best and slash him when you can.
                The final situation is the most common as well.  This is when the 
                bat is above you and out in front of you.  This is the hardest 
                because you don't know where they are going to fly.  The easiest 
                way to kill them is to stand still and slash in the direction they 
                are on of you.  You should kill them easily that way.
    ______/KAMIZAKE SKELETON (8.11)\_______________________________________________
    Location: Sultan's Dungeon
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These guys are only in the Dungeons, and thankfully too.  Their 
                only attack is to kill themselves, and the explosion scatters their 
                bones.  If a bone hits you it hurts you.  Luckily they aren't that 
                hard to dodge and you can slash them away with your sword.  The 
                trick to beating these guys is to anticipate them.  As soon as you 
                see one, do your best to kill it.  If you can't kill it in time, 
                RUN away so you don't get hit.
    ______/APPLE-THROWING SHIVA (8.12)\____________________________________________
    Location: Cave of Wonders and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These are not very hard, but again the game puts them in places 
                that are tough to kill them.  The trick to killing these guys is 
                that you can only hit them once you are facing away from them.  
                Tricky you say?  Not too much, as they can apparently see only out 
                of one side, usually the side that you are coming from.  Run past 
                them and then stand right on them.  Face the way you came and slash 
                it to kill them.
    ______/GHOSTS WITH TURBANS (8.13)\_____________________________________________
    Location: Cave of Wonders and Jafar's Palace
    Health: One Slash
    Strategies: These are very easily beaten, they are always drawn right to you 
                and they do not have any attacks, but they hurt you when you touch 
                them.  They are kind of annoying, but funny looking with their 
                turbans.  Anyway, just slash them when you see them, the key is to 
                recognize them and wait for them to come to you.
    I hope you enjoyed this section and found it helpful.
                                    9.0 Bosses
    This is where I will put a big emphasis on how to defeat the bosses, without 
    completely wasting all of your ammo.  For most bosses you don't have to worry 
    about health because it is the end of the level once you beat them.  Anyway, 
    here is the format for each of the bosses.
    Name: Who they are
    Location: What level they are on
    Health: How many apples, or slashes it takes to kill them
    Attacks: The attacks that they have
    Strategies: How to beat them
    Here they are, in order of appearance.
    _________/Name: GAZEEM (9.1)\__________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Rooftops
    Health: 10 Sword Slashes
    Attacks: "Apple" Throw – The only thing he knows how to do is throw these 
                             things that look like apples from far away.  
    Strategies: This is really just a mini-boss, and it is very, very easy to kill 
    him.  Once the battle commences, run right up to him before he gets to throw 
    and slash him once.  He will then retreat to the corner.  Follow him and then 
    just unload on him with sword slashes and he will just take them all until he 
    dies.  Simple as that.
    _________/RAHOUL (9.2)\________________________________________________________
    Location: Agrabah Rooftops
    Health: 10 Apples
    Attacks: Barrel Roll – This is his main attack, and his counterattack.  You 
                           want him to be using this one, because it is very easy 
                           to dodge.  When you hit him once, he will strike back 
                           with a barrel roll, and all you have to do is jump to  
                           dodge it.
             Knife Throw – This is his attack that he uses in conjunction with his 
                           barrel roll.  If you wait too long without attacking him 
                           he will attack you with this at the same time as a 
                           barrel roll.  The idea behind it is that if you jump to 
                           dodge the barrel roll you will hit the knife, but most 
                           of the time he doesn't aim very well.  To dodge this, 
                           just follow the barrel and wait for the knife to fall 
                           before jumping over it.
    _________/SHIVA MONKEY (9.3)\__________________________________________________
    Location: Cave of Wonders
    Health: 10 Sword Slashes
    Attacks: Apple Spit – After a teleportation, he spits an apple out of his mouth 
                          every single time, whether you are there or not.  You can 
                          dodge this by slicing the sword or just avoiding it.
             Sword Shake – If you are close enough to the boss, he can slash you 
                           with his tail that has become a sword.  It very easily 
                           hurts you and reminds you to stay back away from the 
                           boss and hit him from farther away.
    Strategies: Here is practically another mini-boss, as it takes very few hits to 
                kill it.  The only thing it does besides attack you is teleport.  I 
                decided not to include this as an attack because technically it 
                can't hurt you, but it can be regarded as an attack.  However, the 
                monkey is not smart enough to change it up at all, he just 
                teleports back and forth.  
                The main way to kill him is to follow him around, and slash him.  
                Where you stand is very important.  If you are right on top of him, 
                you might not even get a hit in while he does.  Stand as far away 
                as you think you can without getting hit, and slash him up to kill 
    _________/IAGO (9.4)\__________________________________________________________
    Location: Sultan's Palace
    Health: 11 Apples
    Attacks: Summon Ghost – This is sadly Iago's only "attack."  He doesn't really 
                            summon the ghosts but the ghosts happen to appear when 
                            you attack him.  Again, the way to kill the ghosts is 
                            just to slash in place and they will come to you so you 
                            can slash them up.
             Barrel Roll – This doesn't really apply to your fight with Iago, but 
                           it is there so I must mention it.  On the ground floor 
                           of this place, which you never need to be on, barrels 
                           will be rolling in steady intervals, so really all you 
                           do is jump over them to get to the top level.
    Strategies: This boss isn't that hard if you know what you are doing.  In fact, 
                a good thing to do is to try and save your apples for Jafar because 
                you will need several for him.  
                Anyway, to kill Iago, the best way is to make sure you get to the 
                top level right to the right of Iago.  Here, you can just jump and 
                throw an apple right at Iago, then land and start slashing as a 
                Ghost will appear.  Once you slash him, jump and throw another 
                apple.  Repeat the process until he is dead.
    _________/JAFAR (9.5)\_________________________________________________________
    Location: Jafar's Palace
    Health: 21 Apples
    Attacks: First Form: Staff Vacuum – During his first form this is all he does.  
                                        He uses his staff's magical powers to suck 
                                        you in, this is an attempt to make you 
                                        touch him and therefore hurt yourself.  Try 
                                        your very best not to get hurt by this, as 
                                        you need to save all of your health for the 
                                        second form.  To dodge it, just run the 
                                        opposite way and it will eventually stop.
             Second Form: Flame Wave – During his second form he will constantly be 
                                       shooting these out, and this is pretty much 
                                       his only real attack.  Seeing as it is a 
                                       good attack, it is something to worry about.
                                       Whatever side of Jafar you end up on, he 
                                       will spit flame waves at you in a constant 
                                       interval until you hit him.  To dodge it, 
                                       all you can do is jump at the right time.
    Strategies: First Form: The first form comes upon you very fast and isn't much 
                            fun to do.  It is very, very easy to get careless and 
                            not try to hurt him without him hurting you.  The best 
                            way to hurt him is to throw apples at him when you are 
                            NOT getting sucked in.  This way it is safe, and you 
                            can save your health for the second form.  BTW, only 
                            apples will hurt this man.  After about 8 apples or so, 
                            he will transform...
                Second Form: ...into a snake!  The second form is where the real 
                             party starts.  He will start spitting out flame waves 
                             at you and it will begin.  A word of caution, he does 
                             have another attack that I didn't feel needed to be 
                             mentioned in the attacks.  Whenever you step on one of 
                             the raised platforms, a flame will rise up from the 
                             floor where you are standing to hurt you.  Be aware of 
                             this and don't jump by them or on them much less.
                             Now I will tell you the easiest way in my opinion to 
                             defeat the second form.  The main idea with all the 
                             bosses, and this is no exception, is to get into a 
                             rhythm.  You need to jump in-between the flame waves 
                             and throw an apple while in the air to hit him.  This 
                             might go on for a while, and it is very easy to go out 
                             of rhythm because when you hit him he pauses for just 
                             a second so that you get messed up.  Continue this for 
                             about 12-14 apples, and he will eventually die.  
                             Congratulations you beat Jafar! 
    I hope you enjoyed this section.
                              10.0 Main Level Walkthrough                    
    The bulk of the FAQ is right here, and I hope you enjoy it!
                             -= 10.1 Agrabah Market =-                      
    When you start out, head to the right and jump over the first pit of coals, and 
    kill off the first staff guard.  Keep heading right and jump over the next pit 
    and you can ignore the guard being stupid enough to walk across the coals.  
    Jump quickly after the first pit over the second pit and you will get to a 
    knife juggler.  My advice is to just stand there after you make it to the 
    platforms and keep on slashing your sword while moving forward so you can block 
    all of his knifes.  Continue on.
    Jump down off of the ledge getting the apples and landing on to the camel.  It 
    will spit stuff out, seemingly at no one, but think again.  Keep bouncing on 
    the camel, but head to the right side of the camel so the game will trigger the 
    knife throwing guard.  Have the camel's spit wads hit the guard until he 
    disappears.  Continue and jump up to get to the apples, but watch out for the 
    pot droppers coming out of the second and third windows.  Time it right and 
    continue on.
    After the pot droppers you will get to a rope surrounded by apples on each side 
    and underneath the rope is a coal pit.  You don't necessarily need to jump down 
    and get all of the apples, but you can if you want to.  Once you get both sides 
    of apples or not, jump up to the edge on the left and touch the black lamp.  It 
    will destroy all enemies in sight.  If you happened to have touched it before 
    the knife guard appeared, you will have to kill him too.  Also, watch out for 
    the pot droppers on both windows.  
    When you get to the edge you will see a Genie Token sitting on a very small 
    platform.  Very small platforms mean they will fall right after you land on 
    them so jump onto the platform and quickly jump off to the other side.  You 
    need some momentum on this jump to do it right.  You should land by a rope 
    going up with 4 apples on the left of it.  Grab some easy apples and climb back 
    up.  Jump from the rope and slash in the air so you land next to the guard 
    swinging.  Beat the guard and move on.
    Run and jump to get the apples and both times you do it you should miss the pot 
    droppers barely, but it is on purpose.  When you get to the last pot dropper 
    wait before going because a knife guard will waddle along so that you can hit 
    him very easily.  Then continue on and jump down collecting all the apples in 
    the straight line and fall down to the bottom.  There you will find many 
    goodies, a Genie Token, a Ruby, and a blue heart giving you full life.  In case 
    you are ever wondering, you will never get hurt no matter how far down you 
    fall.  Also, after getting the initial goodies, go all the way to the right for 
    two more Rubies.
    From there head up the stairs to the left but be aware.  There is a knife 
    juggler that is ready to hit you with his knives.  Wait or keep on slashing and 
    moving forward so his knives don't hit you.  Once you get close enough you can 
    hit the black lamp and be rid of him.  Continue on, and you will reach your 
    first continuation point.
    From the checkpoint you won't be able to see him but a staff guard is hiding 
    behind the pillar, so swing while you are jumping down so you don't get hurt.  
    From there you can jump and slide down on the pole getting some apples along 
    with it.  Continue and you will find a huge pit of coals for you to jump over.  
    Get the apples and you will land in the last part of the coals, but if you keep 
    moving it won't hurt you.  Again, avoid the dumb guard and keep moving.
    Move on and slash up the knife guard, then the sword guard.  Keep moving and 
    you will go inbetween three pot droppers, one to the left and two to the right, 
    so keep moving and you will avoid them.  Ahead there is another sword guard 
    along with more apples.  Keep moving and up the steps to get to a knife guard.  
    Slash your way up to him to avoid his knives.  
    Once he is gone, climb up the rope, and jump up to the pole.  Climb along it 
    getting all of the apples, and you will come upon a knife juggler right in your 
    landing spot.  Jump down and slash at the same time to hope for no damage to 
    you.  Either you will end up slashing him or you will bounce one of his knives 
    back at him.
    Once he is gone, you will be in another spot where you have to jump quickly.  
    In this situation, you have two tiny platforms which you quickly have to jump 
    onto the first one, jump right away onto the second, and again right away onto 
    the platform.  When doing this, if you jump full, you will miss it, so you must 
    make sure you land on it before you try and jump again.
    Once you jump to the first one, getting the apple, jump across to the second 
    one, getting the Genie token and the other apple, and across to the platform.  
    Start swinging as a knife guard while appear and waddle up towards you.  Then 
    jump up to get the three apples and you will land next to a sword guard, so 
    defeat him as well.  Continue on and you will get to the next checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump up and get the six apples that are in the area.  The 
    window right after the six apples houses a pot dropper so watch out.  Also 
    there will be a knife guard there as well after a couple windows.  The best 
    thing to do is to go underneath the pot dropper then start swinging so you can 
    hit the knife guard's knife back at him to kill him.  Get the floating heart 
    for some health and move on.
    Keep moving forward and you will see a black lamp.  If you move all the way 
    forward on the current platform, you can kill up to two guys if you do it 
    right.  But most of the time you will only kill the knife guard waiting there.  
    Continue on getting the apples in the air and kill the apple thief.  Continue 
    and you will fight a staff guard.
    In the next part you will see a rope.  Climbing up the rope you will see some 
    jewels on the left, so jump down and get those, and try to time it so you don't 
    get hit by the knife juggler.  This part can get kind of frustrating, to get to 
    the knife juggler and kill him.  After you get the jewels, go back up the rope 
    and begin.
    Start by going far up enough where the knives will start to hit you, but have 
    your sword slashing so it won't.  Once you feel brave enough, move up a little 
    bit at a time, stopping after each time to slash away some of the knives.  Once 
    you are far up enough on the rope, you can jump over, and you will probably get 
    hit once, but you can manage.  Start slashing and charging to kill him and get 
    the Genie Token.
    From that platform, jump to the rope, then over to the other side.  From here 
    if you look, you will see three apples in a bunch and a platform on the other 
    side of the screen.  You can jump to that platform if you really hold down the 
    jump button and jump at the best time.  There you will find a knife juggler, so 
    kill him, but you will also find a Genie Token, two rubies, and a full health 
    From there, jump down to get the apples and kill the knife guard.  Get the 
    supposedly hidden Genie Token behind the wall, and then move forward enough so 
    you can slash up the knife guard sitting there.  From here move until you get 
    to some spring jumps.  Jump on them to get a nice spring up.  No matter what 
    you do you will go the same height.  By now you should have seen the Abu token 
    floating in midair, so jump on the springs and on the second one, spring left 
    to get the token.  Go back up onto the springs and spring off to the right.  
    You will then get to another checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, continue on and you will get to your first seller.  If you 
    need anything pick it up, but I usually don't since it is the first level.  
    Remember the numbers are rubies, and you can purchase them by standing next to 
    the item and pressing up.  Anyway, continue on from the seller and you will get 
    to a spring jump, so spring up and to the right over the wall.
    You will either land on the wall or right onto the pole, either way get on the 
    pole and hang from it.  Get close enough to the sword guard where you can slash 
    him, then you can drop down.  Charge the knife guard that is stuffing his face 
    and you can kill him before he throws his knife, and run ahead to complete the 
                             -= 10.1.1 Abu in Agrabah I =-                 
    Here is the first of three mini-levels in which you are Abu.  Here you are just 
    in a common area in the market, and it will warn you to watch out Abu!  So, the 
    only real strategy is to follow where the jewels drop, because that is where 
    nothing else will hit you.  I will give you a step-by-step sequence though, to 
    help you out, and BTW the droppings in this level are the pots.
    At the very beginning there are just two random pot drops, you can almost just 
    stay in the middle.  From there, the pots will start dropping from left to 
    right, so move all the way right.  As soon as that is done, move all the way 
    back left, as they will come back the same way.  
    Now the jewels start.  A jewel will fall in the middle, go and get it and you 
    will avoid the next set of droppings.  For the next jewel, it is kind of 
    deceiving.  If you stand right where you got the jewel you will get hit, so 
    once you get the jewel, move ever so slightly to the right and you will dodge 
    it.  It is also the same thing for the next one.  This time, move a little bit 
    to the right to dodge the end one that would normally hit you.
    Now, a final jewel will drop down in the middle, and the pots will drop around 
    you but also, after the first wave comes, two pots will drop in the middle.  So 
    as soon as you get the jewel, the first wave drops, head left to avoid the 
    pots.  From here on out you are on your own.  The pots will randomly drop for a 
    Once you wait it out long enough, a knife guard will appear and you will have 
    to be ready for that and kill him.  As soon as a whole bunch drop at once, head 
    right so you can be ready to slash him.  For some reason, you cannot hit the 
    knife back at him, so only slashing him will count.
    Once he is dead, another one will appear out of the right side of the level, 
    and now barrels will start rolling along the ground.  As you should probably 
    guess, the barrels will end the level rather quickly.  So time it right, and 
    kill the guard while avoiding the barrels.
    Now just barrels will come.  First one from the right, then one from the left.  
    By now, you should be able to get the extra life.  Anyway, then another one 
    from the left and then quickly two will come from the right.  Now three will 
    come from the left, and four will come from the right.  To get over the four, 
    you must have a running start and jump right to get over them all.  I would 
    recommend it also for the three, but it isn't necessary.  
    This will continue to increase by one barrel until you get to seven barrels and 
    they will continue to come from opposite directions.  Once you jump over the 
    seventh one, go right away back to the middle.  Now barrels will come from both 
    sides, and if you stand in the middle you can make one jump to avoid both of 
    them.  This will happen five times.
    After five times of increasingly quick alternating barrels, you will get four 
    from the left side in a row, followed by a quick two in a row.  Now the hardest 
    part is that the barrels are now going to be thrown at you from one side of the 
    screen.  It will start out from the right, and the best way to dodge it is to 
    wait for it to die down a little, so stay to the left side and jump over it as 
    it calms down.  As soon as you jump overhead to the other side to get ready for 
    the next one.  
    This will happen five times, so jump over it five times.  After the fifth time, 
    Abu will talk and a bunch of pots will drop from left to the right, so right 
    after you dodge the last pot, head all the way to the right, and dodge the 
    pots.  Abu will start to dance, and you should guess that it means that you 
    have completed the first Abu stage!  Congratulations.
    If you can wait it out, you will have completed the mission once you get the 
    extra life.  My only tip is to only move when you have to move.  One good 
    strategy is to sit on one of the sides until you get it.
                                 -= 10.2 The Desert =-                   
    A whole new world!  (anyone get the joke?)  From where you start, head forward 
    until you see the snake, then head all the way back to the left, and you will 
    find an extra life token.  From there continue on to the actual level.   Head 
    forward past the palm tree and you will see a snake slithering around.  The way 
    to hit him without getting hurt is to stand on the highest part of the sand, 
    and crouch and slash, eventually you will hit him.
    From there jump over the first spike, and then jump over the second one as 
    well.  From there you will see a camel, so jump on it so you can kill the knife 
    guard.  Then jump off and continue to see a staff guard for you to dispose of.  
    Another camel will come up eventually and jump on it once again to defeat, this 
    time, a sword guard.  
    Go forward a little ways to see a knife guard that you can charge, and a snake 
    that you can crouch and hit until it finally dies.  Head past the pretty oasis 
    and be prepared to kill a knife guard, so start swinging.  After you kill him, 
    continue and you will reach another snake.
    The snake was in front of some steps to a platform and if you move close enough 
    you can see the knife guard eating constantly.  You can have fun and throw 
    apples, or you can just skip it and charge him as usual.  Head up the platform 
    until you see another, which you are supposed to jump to but a guy is in the 
    way.  Stand on the edge and knock his knives back at him until he dies.  
    From there continue on and jump over the next space and get to the other side.  
    A note on this, the sideways blocks will crumble and fall if you stand on them, 
    so don't stand too long.  Once you are on the other side, jump down and kill 
    the guard.  Head back left and you will get your first checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, head as far right as possible, jumping up to where the 
    backbone is.  Jump on top of the backbone, and then jump from tree to tree.  
    This takes a bit of practice, and since the game got a little realistic on you, 
    it will be tough.  The palm leaves are oily, so you can't stand on them too 
    long or you will slip all the way off.  Jump from tree to tree until you get to 
    the last one.  Jump up enough times so you are comfortable with getting up to 
    the vine hanging above.  Jump up to the vine to get out of that part.
    From the vine, go right and you will land on a platform.  Look over the edge 
    and you will see two apples leading into a sword guard.  The best tactic for me 
    is to jump over the apples and land behind the guard to get a quick kill in.  
    You can then jump for one of the apples, but one is sadly going to be left 
    Anyway, drop down after you kill the sword guard and continue right through the 
    tunnel.  Going through, you will get a Genie Token, a Blue Heart, and a Ruby.  
    Right on the other side is a sword guard for you to take care of, so do that.  
    Head all the way right to get to some steps to jump up on.
    Jump all the way up to see your next challenge.  First of all, jump and get the 
    ruby and climb back up.  Then, jump right on top of the black lamp, if you 
    don't, then the sword guy will get a hit on you before he dies.  Another way is 
    to jump short, then stab the lamp with your sword so you won't get hit by him.  
    Move on and jump up the two palm trees and eventually plan to jump right, but 
    there is a knife guard waiting.  Either stay up on the second tree and knock 
    back his knives, or jump, get hurt once and then kill him.  Either way, 
    continue on and get the free ruby.  From the sand dune with the ruby, jump onto 
    the vine with spikes over it, and continue forward.  You will get your first 
    encounter with Iago, but just flying at this time.  Knock him with your sword 
    and move on.
    Drop down to the right and then drop down again to the bottom.  You will land 
    on a vine, or should land to the right of the vine, and pick up the Genie 
    Token.  Continue on and head up to the knife guard and slash him from 
    underneath the pillar.  Then, take care of the sword guard who is slashing you.
    Jump up the four steps to get the first half of the scarab.
    From there head back right.  Stay on the sand and you can pass through where 
    you couldn't before.  Pass by some pillars, kill the snake until you get to 
    another step with a black lamp and a knife guard above it.  You know what to 
    do.  You should also see a cave with the scarab in it, but that will come a 
    little bit later.
    Hit the black lamp, then start climbing up the steps.  Pick up the ruby on the 
    way and once you get close to the top, you will see a sword guard.  While he is 
    still saying come on, jump and slash him.  You will probably fall, but you 
    won't get hurt.  Jump back up, jump over to where the guard was, then off to 
    the right.  Get the Genie Token as you jump down and you will land right next 
    to the final checkpoint.
    Once you get the checkpoint, head left through the wall seemingly into the cave 
    to get the scarab.  Now you sent both halves of the scarabs together in a final 
    place nearby.  Continue right from the cave, and up the slope, but beware there 
    is a guard sitting there waiting for you, a knife guard to be exact.  Dispose 
    of him and continue on. 
    From the guard, you will see a snake slithering between some spikes.  The only 
    way I have found to do this without getting hurt is to throw apples at it, but 
    if you can afford to get hurt, then jump on the snake and attack it right away 
    so you only get hit once.  From there, tenderly jump over both sets of spikes 
    and continue.  
    You will see that Abu has...taken care of...the last guard, so jump up the rock 
    structure, get the Genie Token that is hidden before the final jump up, and 
    then you can jump up and get the scarab.  Congratulations, level 2 is finally 
                              -= 10.3 Agrabah Rooftops =-                   
    This level is a long level, so get ready for some formidable opponents, as well 
    as two bosses before you can complete the level.  Hope you have your sword 
    slash ready and here we go.
    From the start go forward and slash up the staff guard, then the knife juggler, 
    and then the knife guard.  Here you will see a spring jump, so use that to jump 
    up to the left and get to the first flute.  Jump down and continue until you 
    see your first biting snake, and you can pretty much just avoid him, and jump 
    on to the rope sitting there, and you will get carried up.
    From the rope, jump on to the platform and smash the pot sitting there open 
    with your sword, and you will get a Ruby.  Continue on, and you will see it's 
    the return of the pot droppers.  Avoid it and drop down using the pole.  Kill 
    the apple thief and grab the second flute.
    Here head right and kill the knife guard waddling along.  Jump onto the first 
    rope and start slashing right away.  Right as soon as you can jump off, because 
    a sword fight here with the sword guard will never kill him, so get hurt and 
    kill him.  Jump up and over to get the third flute, and jump up from the 
    divider to get the Ruby.  Jump all the down again.
    Here, take the second rope.  Here again you can't win here, so just jump and 
    slash the sword guard to defeat him.  Oh and by the way make sure you pick up 
    the next magical flute, it should be your fourth one by now.  Jump down, get on 
    the third rope, and jump onto the piece of wood.  Head forward, collect the 
    genie token, and kill the sword guard.
    From the guard, move forward and drop down while slashing, so you can get the 
    staff guard unnoticed.  Move forward and jump down.  Avoid the pot dropper 
    while jumping up, and go to the next biting snake.  Again avoid it and just 
    jump on the rope. 
    When you get to the top, you will get an apple with a full health heart.  Slash 
    the pot again to get another ruby.  From here you have a predicament.  You can 
    either jump up on the rope, and go up and jump left and completely ignore the 
    knife juggler, or you can kill him and get a Genie Token.  Either way, move on 
    to the left on the rooftop.
    On the rooftop, dispose of the sword guard, then continue forward and kill the 
    knife guard however you please.  Before you slide down on the rope, jump up and 
    break the pot sitting on the suspended log, and jump up again to get the ruby.  
    Then jump onto the rope and slide down it.  When you land, move around so you 
    activate the black lamp and the knife guard sitting there doesn't hurt you.
    From here drop down and slash up the waddling knife guard.  Jump onto the first 
    rope, and go to the top.  Jump to the right to get the ruby.  Then go onto the 
    second rope and jump left to get a checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump up and get the flute and drop down and move right 
    away.  The game is programmed where you will land on the knife guard, making 
    you lose a lot of health.  Move and kill it.  Then jump down and kill the other 
    knife guard to get the Genie Token.  Then use the flying rope to get to the 
    hanging rope.  Jump over the spokes onto the second rope, then jump onto the 
    Once you are on the platform, you can kill the sword guard.  Then go over and 
    bust open the pot for another ruby.  Jump onto the long pole and slide down it, 
    and get ready to slash as soon as you land so you can kill the knife juggler.  
    Make sure to get the Genie Token as well for your work.  Then, use the spring 
    jumps to get back up to the flying rope.
    From the rope, if you time it exactly right before the flight of it ends, you 
    can jump right and get the extra life sitting there.  If not, it's not that big 
    of a deal.  Jump up onto the wood platform and jump to the side of the guard 
    above you to slash him.  Continue up and do the same thing for the knife 
    juggler.  On the final jump, jump up onto the spring jump so it will launch you 
    into the clothesline.  If you do a super jump, you can also get the Abu Token 
    sitting high above the last jump over the clothesline.
    From the clothesline, move right, drop down and get the pot for another ruby.  
    Move right and you will see another ruby in midair.  Jump to get that, then you 
    will land on a wooden platform.  From there, jump to the next platform to get 
    the next checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, drop down to kill the guard.  Head left for the extra 
    life, and then continue on left.  You can completely ignore the next guard, 
    jump up on the clothesline and move across to the other side and use the flying 
    rope.  Jump and get the blue heart for some health, then jump down to kill both 
    the sword and knife guard, picking up the ruby along the way.
    Head back to the rope, and jump to the top level of the roof, and then jump 
    onto the clothesline.  Here you will find Iago waiting for you to slash him 
    again.  Head down to the small clothesline and kill the knife guard so you can 
    get the ruby.  You can then move forward and get the checkpoint.
    The reason for the checkpoint so quick is that there is a mini-boss coming up 
    right now, and it's Gazeem.  Jump over the wall and get the ruby next the pot 
    and continue right.  You will then get some boss music and he will appear.  The 
    easiest way to beat him is to hit him once, then he will retreat.  Then go back 
    and slash him up and he won't even move, and you will have won.  Take the 
    Scarab piece and move on.
    Once you kill him, move all the way left again and you will see the rope isn't 
    working.  So now, head back to where Gazeem was and a flute will appear.  
    Tricky, tricky.  Anyway, jump onto the rope and onto the wooden platform.  From 
    the roof, jump down to the next platform and now get ready for Rahoul, your 
    first real boss.
    This guy really isn't that hard, as long as you know what to do.  Make sure you 
    are on the closest platform to him and closest to the edge as possible.  Jump 
    up and throw an apple at him.  He will then respond with throwing a barrel at 
    you.  Jump over that and hit him with another apple.  He will continue this 
    pattern until he dies, so just keep doing that and he will perish.  Level 
    complete!  By the way, if you got the Abu token, the bonus round is exactly the 
    same as the first one.
                              -= 10.4 Sultan's Dungeon =-                   
    From the start, get the four apples sitting there, and then move forward.  When 
    you get to the next four apples start slashing.  On the open pipe you will see 
    an annoying bat, and they are very annoying.  So eventually they will run into 
    your sword so that you kill them.  Then get the apples and move on.
    At the next point, there are two spikes that come out.  Time it right so you go 
    through, then start slashing your sword to get rid of the next bat sitting 
    there.  Next time it right so you can pass by the swinging balls, and then kill 
    the sword guard.  Again move forward, kill the annoying bat, and then you will 
    have to climb.
    To climb the moving bricks, you must time it exactly right.  When you jump onto 
    the first brick, you need to jump as soon as that one goes in and the brick 
    above you comes out.  It will take some practice to get used to it, but once 
    you do it will be easy.  Jump up to the second brick, then jump to the ledge 
    with the Kamikaze Skeleton, and slash him before he explodes.  Then use the 
    other random brick to jump up and get the Genie Token.
    After you get the Token, jump to the bottom, climb up the three bricks and to 
    the side, and climb up the wooden planks.  From there, jump up to the metal 
    platform and go all the way against it to the left.  You will then see the 
    Kamikaze Skeleton, and if you stay there, he will explode.  As soon as he 
    explodes get out of the way so you don't get hit by the bones that fly.  Once 
    that's done, jump on the brick, wait for the spikes to go back in and as soon 
    as they do jump up to the ledge so you don't fall down.
    Once you get up to the ledge, time your jumps right, and get the apples along 
    the way and jump up to the next ledge.  By now you might be kind of hurt, but 
    have no fear!  Right up on the ledge is your very first checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, look up and you will see a Kamikaze Skeleton.  It should 
    explode and the bones will stay on the level that the skeleton was on.  Then 
    you can continue on, get the three apples, then get the three apples by jumping 
    down again.  Here you will have to dodge single swinging balls, and then you 
    can jump down.  Do the same thing on the next part and continue on.
    When you get to a ledge with spikes blocking the way, jump up to the chain 
    hanging there, and you can jump around the spikes.  Once you land, quickly go 
    and slash up the skeleton so it doesn't hurt you.  Once you do that, you can 
    continue on.  Jump to the bottom ledge, and kill the sword guard and quickly 
    move forward to kill the skeleton.  Once you do that, you can jump up on to the 
    brick and on to the ledge to get your next checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, head left and get the Genie Token.  Then, jump up onto the 
    bricks one by one until you get to the top.  The top, beware, has a bat waiting 
    for you, so keep slashing at the top.  It is very difficult at this point not 
    to get hit, so if you are low on health, take it easy, and fall if you have to 
    so that you can save a life.  Be wary and take it slow and you should be able 
    to do it without getting hurt.
    Once you kill both of them, jump on the ledge.  This next part has many, many 
    annoying bats, so be careful and aware of the bats.  Going down only leads to a 
    dead end with a sword guard and four apples, so just head up.  When you jump to 
    the platform, be aware of the bat on the same platform.  Climb up the chain, 
    and jump to the next platform.  
    On the next platform on the left, a bat will attack you so be ready for that.  
    Next, jump up to the final ledge, and move forward.  Jump down right away and 
    you will first and foremost get your next checkpoint.
    Lots of checkpoints for a tough level, thankfully.  When you get the 
    checkpoint, kill the bat that will circle around you, then get the well-
    deserved health heart sitting there.  Then jump up and get the ruby, but beware 
    of the sword guard, so as soon as you get the ruby, slash up the guard.  If you 
    want to, you can climb up the multi-brick thing, but it will only lead to 
    From the sword guard, jump up and get the six apples in the air, and then you 
    will get to a Kamikaze Skeleton sitting there along with a sword guard above 
    him.  I think its easier to let the skeleton do his dirty work, and its pretty 
    easy to dodge them since most are already blocked.  Then, jump up and hit the 
    sword guard, jump down and get the Genie Token, and get the annoying sword 
    guard sitting there.  By the way, make sure you grab the ruby as well as the 
    From the sword guard, move forward to the next brick challenge.  Here you must 
    jump up on the brick and quickly jump across before the spike shows up.  It 
    must be before because the brick will go back in before you can jump if you try 
    to wait.  So jump over and get the ruby and you will end up on a checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump up the seven-brick complex, getting the Genie Token, 
    and jump on the ledge.  Get the ruby and apple in the air, then get the ruby 
    along with about 7 or 8 other apples and you will land next to a Kamikaze 
    Skeleton, which you should slash promptly. 
    From the skeleton, drop down and get the apples, and on the bottom floor kill 
    the other skeleton.  Also by the skeleton is an annoying bat, which you should 
    kill.  From there jump right over the ledge and you will land on yet another 
    From the checkpoint, jump down and wait for the spikes to go in.  You whsould 
    see on the other side a staff guard sitting there waiting for you.  So when you 
    travel through the spike area, start slashing so you kill the guard.  If you 
    need to, you can jump up and get the health icon as well, that is on the left 
    side of the spikes.
    From the other side of the spikes jump down and you will once again be on the 
    complete bottom floor of the level.  Kill the sword guard and then head left to 
    get some easy apples.  Then head back all the way right to get some more easy 
    apples.  Then you will begin you're a big ascent to the getting close to the 
    When jumping up, just get into a rhythm and stay with it.  This next part could 
    mess up your rhythm and if you think you can't do it, just continue on.  After 
    five bricks you can jump onto a ledge to take a break, and jump while slashing 
    to kill the staff guard and get the four apples.  Continue on from there to 
    A couple more bricks up and you will get to the chain, which you can climb.  
    Jump to the right on the metal platform and kill the sword guard.  Jump to the 
    left and quickly slash and kill the Kamikaze Skeleton.  Then, jump onto the 
    next chain and climb up so you can jump on to the little two-brick combo.  Jump 
    onto the wooden platform and you will get 4 rubies!  A little reward for all 
    the climbing... anyway, jump onto the next small chain, and time your jump and 
    jump right off afterwards to get another checkpoint.
    This is probably the most unnecessary checkpoint ever, but it doesn't matter.  
    From the checkpoint, jump up and kill the sword guard, get the single apple 
    floating in midair, and move forward into the finish.  Congratulations on 
    completing a very frustrating level!  Level Complete!
                               -= 10.5 Cave of Wonders =-                   
    Welcome to my second favorite level in the game.  This place is full of fun new 
    enemies and lots of cool things to do, as well as in Abu bonus round, and to 
    top it off, a very exciting boss.  Here we go!
    From the start, jump onto the rising platform, and kill the bat that will 
    attack you.  Then, jump onto the stalagmites and move right, and kill the 
    second bat that is waiting for you there.  When you are directly above a statue 
    with a gem, drop down and slash it to get your first statue.  Jump back left 
    and back up to the stalagmites and all the way to the right this time.  
    You will land next to some water, so jump onto the platform and get the blue 
    heart along with it, and then quickly jump off to the other side, as the 
    platform will sink.  Move forward and you will find your first Apple-Throwing 
    Shiva.  The only way you can hit her or when she won't be a statue is when you 
    aren't looking at it, so basically go up to it and stand right on it and walk 
    back and forth slashing and she will die.
    From the Shiva, jump and get the ruby in the air, and go onto the rising 
    platform.  You will reach another platform and many, many bats will be 
    released.  You can't kill them now, so just wait.  Get onto the second rising 
    platform, jump up to the treasure and finally onto the stalagmites, getting the 
    ruby along the way.  Go along the stalagmites, killing all three bats that are 
    in the way, and then you can jump off.
    When you jump off, the platform will crumble after a while, so what you want to 
    do is jump on it and then quickly jump left again to the rope hanging there.  
    From the rope, jump left to the ledge with the nice, shiny checkpoint, along 
    with the nice blue heart along with it obviously.
    From the checkpoint, jump left onto the crumbling platform, then quickly jump 
    left again, not necessarily to the platform, but to the ground.  Once you are 
    on the ground, go onto the rising platform and jump right off of it, kill the 
    bat, and get the goodies there which include another blue heart and some 
    Jump back down from there, and get back on the rising platform again.  This 
    time, jump left to get on the stalagmites.  If there is a bat there, you need 
    to waste a jump by just jumping and slashing the bat in the way.  Then jump 
    back up and get on the stalagmites.  Here, get the two hearts and the ruby, and 
    then jump to the rope.
    From the rope, climb up to the next platform, kill the Shiva, and get the ruby 
    in the air.  From there, jump back on the rope and go across to the other side.
    By now you should have been hearing the big crashes or at least seeing the 
    screen vibrate from them.  That is what is next, so get ready for that.  
    Anyway, climb up the platform you are on and you will get yet another blue 
    heart.  Also, a Ghost will visit you for the first time, so just slash it.
    Jump to the other side where the puny rocks are falling, and climb all the way 
    up avoiding the rocks as well as possible, to get the Abu token.  Then, jump 
    onto the rope and get the Genie Token hidden on the left side of the rope.  
    Jump down from the rope to the right side and kill the Ghost.  Then jump over 
    and get the ruby along with it.
    From that platform, jump down as far right as possible to avoid the spikes.  
    Kill the Ghosts and then get the heart.  Climb up the rope and jump to kill the 
    bat right on the right at the top of the rope.  Also, to kill the Shiva without 
    having to get hurt a lot, jump up there as soon as possible so you don't get 
    hit often.  Go to the top of the rope and jump left to the stalagmites to get 
    another health if you need it.  Finally, jump from the rope right and kill the 
    second Shiva.
    From the Shiva, jump to the first Ruby, but make sure you are slashing so you 
    can kill some of the bats that fly away.  From there, jump to the other ruby 
    and kill the other bat.  Jump down and slash the second statue on your list.  
    Keep going and you will get to your next checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump across to the rope and head right to get a blue 
    heart.  Then, climb up the rope, and kill the two bats that will be unleashes 
    upon you.  Then, jump left to the next rope and climb up that.  Use the 
    previous strategies to kill the Shiva, then climb up to the top of the rope.  
    Jump and slash and you will hit your third statue, and you will most likely 
    fall down again.
    Once you get to the bottom, climb up the rope once more.  Except when you get 
    to the top of this one, you can jump to the right to the now opened area.  You 
    will get two hearts and you will now start on a boss fight!  The easiest way to 
    kill this boss is to move around with him.  He isn't that sly of a teleporter, 
    so just go to where he would be going and hit him then.  Stay a little bit away 
    from him so that it is easier to hit him without him hitting you.  Hit him 7 
    times and he will be done for.
    Once you finish the boss, jump onto the magic carpet.  If you don't see it, 
    move back and forth on the boss level, and eventually it will show up.  On your 
    magic carpet ride you will get a Genie Token, and you will land next to three 
    hearts and your next checkpoint.
    This checkpoint is a highly needed one, because the next section is very easy 
    to mess up, so be careful and make every jump count.  When you jump across, you 
    don't have to jump right away.  Center yourself and then you can jump to the 
    next one.  The second and third jumps are pretty far jumps, but they are 
    Once you cross this jumping section you will get to a steep incline.  Right 
    above the first sliding platform is a secret to some goodies.  It will look 
    like you are going through the wall.  Falling down you will get a Ruby and land 
    next to a Genie Token.  Get the blue heart as well, and then jump onto the 
    hidden rising platform.  It is right to the left of the rope.  Jump on it and 
    you will get an Extra Life if you jump.  Climb up the rope and jump left at the 
    top and then go up the rising platform to get the heart.  Then from the rising 
    platform, jump all the way right, and you will appear out on the other side.
    Once you are finished with all of the goodies, climb up the incline left this 
    way.  Jump on the rising platform to jump up, and then climb all the way up, 
    get the nice shiny lamp, and your done!  Level Complete!
                             -= 10.5.1 Abu in the Cave =-                 
    Here is the second of the two bonus levels, and although it looks very 
    intimidating, it really isn't that hard.  Of course the margin of error is a 
    little bit slimmer, but you can manage.  Again I will give you a full 
    walkthrough of it.  The best strategy again is to just go where the gems are.
    From the start, it will say Watch Out Abu! Once again, so once again watch out.
    When the first gem drops go to it and follow that direction into the cave, to 
    avoid the first set of rock droppings.  Go quickly to the right to get the 
    second gem, and make sure you are all the way to the right.  Then go back again 
    to get the third gem, and you will avoid all the rocks there as well if you 
    stay on the left side.  
    As soon as this is over, jump up onto the moving platform and onto one of the 
    side parts.  A huge rock will come through the bottom and if you need to avoid 
    it.  After that, bats will come at you.  The best way to kill them is to stand 
    in one place and slash away, and they will hit your blade, all three of them.   
    After you do that, once again jump on the rising platform right away to avoid 
    another huge rock.
    Once you avoid that rock, you will get attack by four more bats.  Once you 
    finish attacking them a ruby will drop to your left, follow that ruby all the 
    way to the left to avoid the big rock drop.  Then you will have finished the 
    very short and easy bonus level.
                                 -= 10.6 The Escape =-                   
    This is the second most annoying level in the game.  The jumps and everything 
    have to be timed perfectly, and if you don't do that you die.  It is 
    frustrating, but not that long of a level so that's a good thing.  Anyway, here 
    we go.
    From the start head down the incline and get a good jump on to the sinking 
    platform and then onto the rising incline.  Jump up and you will see a huge 
    hole in the ceiling.  That is your cue to know that a huge boulder will come 
    out of there.  Run forward and keep running, and jump off the edge to land on 
    the platform with the heart, hopefully getting the Genie Token on the way.  You 
    can go back and get anything you missed from the tunnel or after it.
    From the platform with the heart, jump right, right onto the rising incline.  
    Go forward, and all the way down to the bottom of the decline.  You can only 
    jump to the one on the bottom, you cannot make it to the one on top.  From 
    there, jump right twice onto the platforms and try to avoid the rocks.  
    On the last platform before the incline, don't jump to the incline, jump upward 
    to the platform in the air and you will hang on to the stalagmites on the 
    bottom of the platform.  Climb up and jump left to get two hearts.  Jump back 
    right and then take a nice big jump from there to the incline.  
    When you get in the tunnel, you will start the most annoying part of the level.
    You will go through a series of boulders going after you, which will eventually 
    fall and you have to jump over them.  Once you do that twice and are on the 
    third boulder, the jump out of the tunnels is very, very difficult.  You must 
    wait as long as you can in your running, you need to even go down a little bit 
    right to the edge, to get the jump.  It will take some practice, but keep at it 
    and eventually it will work.
    If you got the jump, congratulations.  Moving on, jump right twice and try to 
    avoid the rocks, and make a big jump right to get to the platform.  Get the 
    heart and then jump and aim for the ruby and land on the next incline.  Get the 
    heart also and then move on.  
    When you get into the tunnels, head to the lower fork, kill the bat, and you 
    will come upon a series of sinking platforms.  Again, like the Cave of Wonders, 
    take your time and center yourself after each jump.  On the second and third, 
    jump, wait a second for the lava burst to go away before jumping.  You will get 
    really close to getting in the lava, but you won't, so just move on, and after 
    5 jumps you are done with that part.
    From the incline that you jump off onto, climb into the tunnels, kill the bat, 
    and make your final run for it.  At the jumping spot jump as far as you can 
    picking up the rubies, only to fall in the lava.  Wait, a carpet comes and 
    saves you!  Now you have finished this level.
                                 -= 10.7 Rug Ride =-                   
    This is the most annoying level.  If you don't know where you are going or how 
    you can do it, it gets very frustrating.  The basic idea is that you are on the 
    carpet, and you have to dodge rocks that are everywhere.  Eventually it will go 
    faster and faster until then end.  I will give you a list, courtesy of Wlau's 
    | Direction                            |         Item                         |
    | Up                                   |         1 Up                         | 
    | Down                                 |         Genie Token, 1 Up (after rck)|
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Up                                   |         Gem                          |
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Up/Down                              |         Genie Token                  |
    | Up                                   |         1 Up                         |
    | Up/Down                              |         None                         |
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Up                                   |         1 Up                         |
    | Up/Down                              |         None                         |
    | Down                                 |         Gem (after rck)              |
    | Up/Down                              |         None                         |
    | Up                                   |         1 Up (after)                 |
    | Up                                   |         None                         |
    | Down                                 |         Gem                          |
    | Up                                   |         Gem (up)                     |
    | Up/Down                              |         Genie Token (down)           | 
    | Down                                 |         Gem                          |
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Up/Down                              |         None                         |
    | Down                                 |         1 Up                         |
    | Up/Down                              |         None                         |
    | Up                                   |         1 Up                         |
    | Down                                 |         None                         |
    | Up                                   |         Genie Token                  |
    | Down                                 |         1 Up                         |
    | Down                                 |         1 Up                         |
    Once you pass through all of the rocks and avoid them all, you will complete 
    the level.  Congratulations!
                              -= 10.8 Inside the Lamp =-                   
    This is my favorite level in the game.  Not only do I love the catchy tune in 
    the background, but also the level itself is just fun.  It isn't too hard, but 
    does challenge you because it is a later level.  There are actually only three 
    more levels (not including the Iago level) including this one, so we are 
    getting close.  
    BTW, for this level, there are some basic things you should know.  One thing is 
    that the blue magic trail that you walk on you can sink through, but you can 
    also use to jump up.  You can't just stand on it.  Without further ado, here we 
    From the start, head right along the blue magic trail and sink down when it 
    does to get a ruby.  Then jump back up to the beginning of the level, and use 
    the Genie head to jump up to the cushions.  Then jump onto the balloon rope and 
    go along it.  Jump onto the floating hand and then time your jump onto the 
    moving hand of the moon.
    From the moving hand, jump when you get to the top of the circle to get on the 
    floating hand.  Then jump from there up so you get stuck in the blue trail.  
    Head right through the blue trail, then follow the arrows down to the cushion 
    to collect yourself.  Then, you can head right and when you see an arrow up, 
    right to the left of it is a Genie head, so jump on it.  
    Keep bouncing up and down on the head and you will eventually see Genie hands 
    floating down.  When you can, jump to one of them and climb your way up by 
    jumping up them.  Jump up and go the resting point, then jump across to the 
    balloon rope.  Jump all the way right to the vertical blue trail and follow it 
    from the top to get a ruby.  Go all the way down and you will land on a cushion 
    with an arrow pointing angled right and up.
    Here is kind of an annoying part.  You have to jump from balloon to balloon all 
    the way across the pit.  It is really easy to miss the balloon and then you 
    have to start over.  It is very frustrating so just be patient and it will 
    eventually work.  Once you land you will get a well-deserved checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump to the next cushion, and you can use the fingers to 
    jump all the way up.  From there slide down the blue trail and this time there 
    is no cushion to land on.  Keep following the trail to a Genie head, so jump on 
    all three to land on a cushion.
    From the cushion, jump to the right using any of the Genie heads as long as you 
    feel you can get across to the next one, and eventually you will make it over 
    to the next cushion.  Surprisingly, here is another very quick checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, jump into the blue, get the ruby and follow it down to the 
    hand.  From the floating hand jump right getting the ruby and make it onto the 
    gold clamp.  From the clamp, jump onto the hand, and jump onto the two fingers 
    to go onto the balloon rope.  Climb it and jump onto the revolving hand around 
    the moon.  Remember that you cannot jump very far from the rope, so make sure 
    you can make it.
    From the revolving hand, jump right onto the hand.  Then keep jumping down onto 
    the smaller and smaller hands.  Make sure you can make it to these hands and 
    that you are securely on top of the hands.  Keep jumping on the hands, follow 
    them up and then follow the blue trail.  Follow the blue trail until you get to 
    yet another cushion, one of the last as a matter of fact.
    From the cushion, make two nice long forward jumps to get to the two hands, and 
    then jump up to the two fingers and land on the small hand.  This shouldn't be 
    too hard to land it, it pretty much does the work for you.  Next, keep jumping 
    from hand to hand, andwhen you get to the really tiny hand, you can't do much 
    else but make your best educated guess. If you land it great, if not, try 
    From the tiny hand jump onto the two fingers.  It will flick you forward to 
    column B, and you shouldn't have too much trouble landing it, just make sure 
    you don't over shoot it.  Once you are there, jump onto the tongue and exit the 
    level.  Congratulations, level complete!
                               -= 10.9 Sultan's Palace =-                   
    Welcome to the second to last level in the game.  This is really very 
    straightforward and has no shortcuts or secrets at all.  One thing to mention 
    is that if you fall in the water you will lose a life, so be cautious.  Here we 
    From the start, head left and jump onto the bird.  Jump onto the platform and 
    when you jump on the second bird you should see a knife guard.  When you land 
    on the bird, slash right away to knock back his knife and hence kill him.  Move 
    along and when you get to a double bird jump, you will see a sword guard.  Make 
    sure you land on the second one, then do a duck slash to kill him.
    From the platform with the sword guard, keep jumping along until you get to two 
    platform side by side.  When you are on one, a sword guard will be on the 
    other.  Get as close to the edge as possible and duck slash to kill him.  Keep 
    jumping, and from the sword guard platform to the next might be Iago, so be 
    aware of him.  Keep moving along, kill the last sword guard, jump onto the 
    pebbles, and jump to kill the knife guard.  Then jump onto the magic carpet.
    When you are on a magic carpet from now on, the rule of thumb is to keep on 
    slashing.  In this case especially, you will go really fast by Iago, so keep 
    slashing and you won't get hurt.  You will get dropped off shortly after, and 
    you will see some spikes.  Jump over them and slash so you kill the knife 
    Hop onto the gold platform then onto the gold rope and climb up.  Jump to the 
    other rope and you can now climb all the way up.  When you jump up to the 
    floor, slash right away to kill the sword guard.  From the floor level, head 
    left to kill the knife guard and get your first checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, hop on the second carpet.  This one is quite a bit longer, 
    and if you keep slashing you will rack up three Iago kills, and you will get 
    dropped off an edge where you will get a Genie Token, a Ruby, and a sword 
    guard.  As soon as you land start attacking so you don't get hit too much.
    From there, go forward to kill both the knife and staff guard charging you.  
    Then you can use the bomb to kill both the sword and knife guard, and move on 
    to kill two more knife guards and a staff guard until you get to another 
    carpet.  From the carpet, start slashing again, and you will end up killing all 
    of the rest of the knife guard stationed up high as well as some Iagos.  
    You will end up on a small platform surrounded by two knife guards.  Hit knives 
    back at both of them, and here is a decision.  You can head right to get a 
    heart and genie token if you need them, but you will fall and need to take the 
    carpet again.  Anyway, in the end head left, kill the last knife guard and jump 
    up to the ceiling where you can climb.  Climb right, killing both Iagos, and 
    jump down to get a checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint, head forward and kill one of each kind of guard, and then 
    jump up underneath Abu's cage to free him., while killing the knife guard of 
    course.  Head forward, deal with the peddler if necessary, and climb down the 
    rope.  Jump over the pit to get the ruby, and then go down the pit to get your 
    heart and a Genie Token.  Hit the knives back at the knife guard, and head 
    right to complete the level, but wait...
    You will get no breaks and head right into Jafar's Quarters.  Head forward 
    killing both the barrels and the ghosts (with turbans!) and head up to the top 
    level.  From there, throw apples at Iago while you slash at the ghosts and he 
    will eventually perish.  Level Complete...finally...!
                             -= 10.10 Jafar's Palace =-                   
    Welcome to the last level of the game!  It isn't very long but it is very tough 
    and it houses the final boss of the entire game!  Good luck and here we go!
    From the start, I would recommend jumping to the upper level for a couple 
    reasons.  Number one you get to avoid the flame waves, and secondly you get to 
    avoid a sword guard.  Anyway, jump up, and jump along, killing both Shivas and 
    getting the two rubies.  Jump down and kill the knife guard as well as the 
    sword guard, avoiding the flames of course, and finally kill the Shiva.
    From the Shiva, jump right and kill both knife guards, and take two giant leaps 
    right to get to your designated area.  You will land next to a sword guard, so 
    take him out.  Again I would recommend jumping to the upper level to avoid many 
    guys.  Jump across and you will avoid a guard of each kind, kill the Shivas and 
    jump down.  Jump and get the ruby and then stay all the way to the right on 
    your jump.  
    When you land jump over the spikes and time it so you don't hit the ball and 
    jump down again, and this time jump all the way left.  Do this twice more and 
    then you will land next to a sword guard which you should kill.  If you jump 
    right over the spikes you can get some health which you may need dearly.  
    Anyway, head back left and kill the knife guard.  Then jump across each 
    platform avoiding the chain ball and you will get to a three chain ball 
    sequence.  Time it right and go through but beware right on the other side is a 
    knife guard, a staff guard, and Iago.  Kill all of them, then move on to the 
    When you get to the next three chain ball sequence this time the knife guard is 
    right after it on a ledge, so kill it and stop right away.  Then move forward 
    through many chain ball sequences.  The trick here is that usually the chain 
    ball is swinging on one side of the platform, and you can safely stand on the 
    other, making this very easy.  Eventually you will get to a checkpoint and a 
    magic carpet as well.
    From the checkpoint hop onto the magic carpet.  When you are traveling up you 
    can jump off at any part including to get a health or to the peddler.  Anyhow, 
    you will be let off right by a knife guard and a sword guard will join you.  
    Kill them both, get the ruby and move on.  Slash the first Shiva and then jump 
    over and slash the second.  Kill the staff guard that also appears.  
    Take care of another two Shiva combination and then kill Iago floating over the 
    next spikes.  Jump and slash so you kill the knife guard sitting there, and 
    then continue to kill a Shiva, another knife guard and another Iago.  Jump over 
    the spikes and continue.  Kill the Shiva, jump over and kill the next Shiva.  
    Then kill the Iago and jump over the spikes once again.  Jump over the last 
    three sets of spikes until you get to a golden rope.
    Jump and climb down the golden rope.  When you get to the bottom slash up the 
    knife guard.  Climb up the second rope if you need health, then continue and 
    kill both sword guards waiving aimlessly at you.  At that same column, you can 
    jump up the column and you will eventually get to another health.  Jump down 
    and kill the Iago, and move left until you get to a checkpoint, the final one.
    From the checkpoint, stay on the top once again, and then hop on the magic 
    carpet.  Keep slashing on the carpet to kill all of those Iagos and you will 
    eventually be dropped right next to...Jafar!  Here you will start your final 
    battle with him.  For his first form, throw apples at him enough times to show 
    his second form, a snake.  From there, keep throwing apples at him and avoiding 
    his attacks until he is gone.  For more in-depth information look at the bosses 
    section.  After about 30 apples, you will be victorious!  Congratulations you 
    have just completed the game!  Dare to try it on a harder mode?...or maybe just 
    without cheats...
                                       11.0 Cheats
    This game is very enjoyable, but cheats make it that much more fun, especially 
    if you get frustrated.  Here are the push-button cheats courtesy of 
    Level Skip
    Pause the game and press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A
    You can also press A, B, B, A, B, B, A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A, B, B
    You can finally also press A, A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A
    Cheat Mode
    While in the options menu, press A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, B, B, B, B.  You will 
    then get a cheat menu with options like invincibility and level select.
    Game Genie Cheats
    These were all found and gamegenie.com
    Unlimited lives:
    Start at Sultan's Dungeon:
    Start at Cave of Wonders:
    Start at Abu in the Cave:
    Start at The Escape:
    Start at Rug Ride:
    Start at Inside the Lamp:
    Start at Sultan's Palace:
    Start at Jafar's Quarters:
    Start at Jafar's Palace:
    Start with 5 gems:
    Start with 10 gems:
    Start with 20 gems:
    Start with 50 gems:
    Start with 99 gems:
    Start with no apples:
    Start with 5 apples:
    Start with 20 apples:
    Start with 50 apples:
    Start with 99 apples:
    Start with 1 health unit:
    Start with 2 health units:
    Start with 4 health units:
    Start with 12 health units:
    Start with 16 health units:
    Start with 32 health units:
    Apple thief will not steal:
    Genie hearts restore health to maximum: 
    Genie hearts do not increase health:
    Each genie token found worth 8:
    Each genie token found worth 2:
    Each genie token found worth 4:
    Each genie token found worth nothing:
    Tries are free at peddler's stall:
    Tries are 1 gem at peddler's stall:
    Tries are 3 gems at peddler's stall:
    Wishes are free at peddler's stall:
    Wishes are 1 gem at peddler's stall:
    Wishes are 3 gems at peddler's stall:
    Wishes are 5 gems at peddler's stall:
    Wishes are 7 gems at peddler's stall:
    Start with 1 life:
    Start with 7 lives:
    Start with 9 lives:
    Unlimited continues:
    Each apple found worth nothing:
    Each apple found worth 10:
    Unlimited apples:
    Throwing an apple uses all apples:
    Each gem found worth nothing:
    Each gem found worth 10 gems:
    Genie tokens never decrease in genie bonus round:
    "Lose!" does not count in genie bonus round:
                                     12.0 Credits
    Wlau – For his item information on the Rug Ride.
    Masamune3 – For ideas on formatting from his FAQ for the monsters/bosses 
    sections of my FAQ.  Thanks a bunch.
    Manual – The manual for providing the story.
    Game Winners – For providing the codes.
    Game Genie - For providing the Game Genie codes.
    Sega – For creating a great system in the Genesis.
    CJayC - For hosting my FAQs.
    Scurty – For his very nice ASCII.
    Copyright Armin Jewell 2004

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