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Reviewed: 10/22/00 | Updated: 08/14/02

A very weird but fun game!!!

This has got to be one of the weirdest games ever. You get to go around places and play paper, rocks, and siscors trying to money. The game is fairly easy and there isn't much to it. Theres quite a few enemies on each level but all very easy to beat. The game looks nice and the graphics are really nice looking. The music seams to repeat over and over and the sounds in the game are pretty good sounding. The game is full of things to use ranging from Helicopters to Pogo Sticks. Theres all kinds of things to use in the game. The levels are full of ways to get money. There also packed full of secret sots to get even more money. The game is pretty long and should take some time to beat. The control is pretty nice and responsive controling Alex may take a little while to learn because he slides and sometimes you may misjudge something and get killed. The game is fairly easy depending on what you pick on the options screen.


Hi! I'm Alex Kidd I live on the planet Aries my borther, Igul is king. Frankly, my life was ueventful, but then I heard a rumor! My lost father King, Thor. Was alive on the plant Paperock why is it named Paperock? Because bveryone ther is and expert at the game called paper, rock sicissors! If a visitor is not good at that game, he won't last long. My family didn't want me to go. But I have to find out. If my father still alive?!?


The game is fairly easy to control and theres not really much for problesm with it. I really like the way the control is cause when you go to stop you kind of slide. A 3 button control pad works just fine and theres no need for a 6 button controller. You use one button for jumping/kicking, punching, and another one for jumping/kicking. The sega controller works well for this game and theres no problems with it. The game is very responsive and quick. Although the jump and kick button seesm to get confusing sometimes because as Alex jumps he also kicks so you can misjudge stuff and get killed.


The sounds in this good are pretty good although there aren't very many of them. The game has hardly and sounds; a few short music notes but its not really a sound. Theres so many things on a level that could be making a sound but they aren't. The music sounds good and is pretty good. Its a really soft tune and theres a great variety of different music. Theres cars, helicopters, enemies that could make sounds but they don't. You don't hear anything from them.


The graphics in this game are really good looking. For the game being made and 89 they look good. Everythings sharp for the genesis's power and look great. Everything is really detailed especially the levels, enemies, and Alex. The levels are fairly short but are full of stuff. Theres plenty of places to play paper, rocks, sicissors. Theres also other ways to get money by killing/breaking stuff open. The game is really nice looking and everything shows great design and detail.


The game is very long and fun. The game has many things to find. It has hidden areas, lots of areas to play paper, rock, and sicssors. The game lacks a 2-player mode but is still fun to play by yourself. The levels are full of stuff to do and plenty of stuff to do. The game is weird though who makes a game where you play paper, rock, sicssors? It’s kind of a weird game but its fun.


The game has a difficulty setting so it makes playing paper, rock, and sicssors easier although most of your enemies are pretty easy to beat. The game is packed full of enemies on the ground, air, and underwater. The game has lots of secret areas also packed full with different enemies and sometimes some real weird ones.


It' s a really nice looking game. Although the concept of the game is weird the game still provides fun and hours of play by yourself. The game is semi-rare so it’s worth more than a plain old Genesis game. I'd say with it being rare and all its probably worth around $10 but if your not into collecting games I wouldn't pay anything over that.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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