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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RMcGregor

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 #    #         #    ######    #          #    ###
                ##    #         #    #         ##         #      # 
               # #    #         #    #         # #        #     #
              #  #    #         #    #         #  #       #    #
             #   #    #         #    #         #   #      #    ###
            #    #    #         #    ######    #    #     #      #
           #     #    #         #    #         #     #    #      #
          #      #    #         #    #         #      #   #    ###
         #       #    #         #    #         #       #  #    
        #        #    #         #    #         #        # #
       #         #    #         #    #         #         ##
      #          #    ######    #    ######    #          #
      Written by Rob McGregor               (mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz)
      Version: 1.0                                10:12pm 14/01/02
      No portion of this walkthrough may be reproduced without 
      written or e-mail permission from me. You may contact me at 
      mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz for any authorizations, comments, or 
      corrections or additions. 
      If you wish to put this walkthrough on a web site, you 
      may do so at your own choice, only as long as this document
      stays as it is, with full credit. If you do wish to use this 
      on a page in HTML please make sure you tell me through 
      e-mail before doing so with information on how and where it 
      will be used. This document may not be sold or used for 
      This walkthrough is not authorized by, endorsed, or 
      associated in any way with Arena, Acclaim, Probe or any
      associated or affiliated company(ies). This walkthrough 
      should not be confused with any publication that is
      distributed or authorized by Arena, Acclaim or Probe or any
      associated or affiliated company(ies). Alien, all 
      characters, locations, etc. (c) & TM 1979-2002 by 20th 
      Century Fox. 
                                           1.0 - Table of Contents
      1.0 - Table of Contents
      2.0 - Introduction/Updates
      3.0 - The Basics
      4.0 - Weapons and Items
      5.0 - Enemies
      6.0 - The Walkthrough
      7.0 - Cheats and Secrets
      8.0 - Legal Stuff/Credits
                                        2.0 - Introduction/Updates
      I'll keep this one short :)
      I first played Alien 3 for the Genesis back in 1992 I 
      believe and enjoyed every moment of it. While the system   
      itself used for the game wasn't the best (I didn't always
      have fun having to rescue prisoners with a clock counting 
      down) I enjoyed the action and the game was the closest to
      the Konami arcade Aliens title at open for me at the time.
      I later played the Super Nintendo version of the game, and
      found it to be far better than even the Genesis version
      however. Still the Genesis version was a game I played over
      many times. 
      Now 10 years on since I first played the game, I've pulled
      the old cart and notes I had out and decided to make this
       |                                                        |
       | Version 1.0: Fixed and ready to post, finished on the  |
       |              14th of Jan at 10pm. Ready to go.         |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.9: Went back and finished of some minor      |
       |              changes, then wrote up the final Guardian |
       |              level. Finished the remaining missing     |
       |              sections, a final tidy up will mark       |
       |              Version 1.0 and be ready for a full       |
       |              release (Private Release)                 |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.6: Finished the guide to the levels, final   |
       |              Guardian level left. Need to remember the |
       |              pattern required. Played the game through |
       |              again using my guide and fixed errors.    |
       |              (Private Release)                         |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.5: Finished .4 until Mission 10. Again went  |
       |              back and fixed errors. Also worked on     |
       |              the enemy section. (Private Release)      |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.3: Finished .2 guide until Mission 08. Went  |
       |              back and fixed up various errors (Private |
       |              Release)                                  |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.1: First version, everything is new.... but  |
       |              old :) Guide completed to Mission 04      |
       |              (Private Release)                         |
       |                                                        |
       | Version 0.0: Rough notes found, text guide begun on    |
       |              the 5th of Jan 2002. I'll have to take    |
       |              this in steps because writing a guide for | 
       |              these levels are tedious work.            |
      Let's continue shall we. :)
                                                  3.0 - The Basics
      Alien 3 is a side-scrolling action title. The game focus is
      to rescue prisoners from a location within a certain length
      of time. After so many completed levels you will be faced 
      with a boss err... "guardian" battle. In short a very 
      uncomplicated film license game. 
      The controls are as follows:
      D-Pad    - Controls movement. Used with B fires weapon in
                 a selected direction while on ladders. 
      A        - Select Weapon
      B        - Fire
      C        - Jump
      Start    - Pause
      Please note you can adjust the use of the buttons in the
      options menu.
      Before you start I also suggest you adjust the number of
      retries to 9 (the maximum) to make the most out of your game
      (and also feel free to change the difficulty if you're not
      happy with normal).   
      You will gain points for just about everything you do, as
      well as when you finish a level. When you do you will be
      given points for each of the prisoners, your remaining time,
      remaining ammo and if you're on normal or hard, a difficulty
                                               4.0 - Weapons/Items
      --== Weapons ==--
      - M41A Pulse Rifle
      A nice little rifle that, by it's name, fires pulsed shots
      from the pull of the trigger. It's your default weapon and
      holds 99 bullets. 
      - M240 Flamethrower
      A lightweight flamethrower which uses a pressurized fuel
      load. It shoots a large stream of flame at long distance
      and will ignite anything which is touched.
      - M40 Grenade Launcher
      From your Pulse Rifle. It also doubles as a grenade 
      launcher, firing M40 Grenade Rounds from a tube under the
      barrel of the rifle. 
      - Hand Grenades
      These charges explode on contact with any surface. If your
      being surrounded by a large group of aliens also, one of 
      these can't go wrong. Just don't allow them to be set off 
      too close or else you'll feel the explosion also.
      --== Ammo ==--
      - Pulse Rifle Ammo
      Looks like a grey clip with bullets sitting beside it.
      Refills 50 pulse rifle bullets.
      - Flamethrower Fuel
      Looks like a blue gas can with a flame beside it. Refills 
      30 bursts of flame. 
      - Grenade Rounds
      Looks like fuel tanks, but is actually rounds standing up, 
      adds 10 rounds to your total.
      - Hand Grenades
      Looks like black and red canisters in a group, adds XX 
      grenades to your total.
      --== Health & Misc. ==--
      - Medic Packs
      Square pack with a white cross on a red background, health 
      increases by half a bar. 
      - Battery Pack
      Runs your motion tracker for a limited amount of time. Helps
      you locate both enemies (white dots) and prisoners (bright 
      red dots) around you. Fairly pointless because when they
      appear on your motion tracker, usually they are within your
      screen too. 
                                                     5.0 - Enemies
      - Soldiers
      Your run of the mill Aliens, you can find them everywhere.
      They run, jump, and crawl... hide in the ground, run through
      airducts, run around in circles. They can be blown up, shot
      at, crushed by doors.
      - Eggs
      Eggs will sit there by themselves at distance and allow 
      themselves to be blown up, however if you approach them a
      Face Hugger will burst outwards and try to latch on to you.
      Once a face hugger has jumped out, the egg is harmless, but
      it is best you blow it up anyway to make sure it doesn't
      come back to haunt you.
      - Face Huggers
      Once a Face Hugger has jumped out, it's best to crouch down
      to avoid it from latching on. A quick burst from any weapon
      will kill them easily. If one manages to latch onto Ripley,
      toggle the D-Pad left-right or up-down and she'll shake it
      of. The quicker you do this the quicker you'll remove it 
      and the more health you'll save. 
      - Guardians
      After every three levels you'll come into a boss battle with
      this hulking mass of an alien. Not quite a mutant, not quite
      a queen, the "Guardian" bosses require a bit of ammo to beat
      within a certain amount of time to get to the next section
      of the game. 
                                             6.0 - The Walkthrough
      Here's the walkthrough for Alien 3. Spanning numerous 
      levels, countless Aliens, dark tunnels, lifts and switches,
      I've tried my best to bring as many details about the game
      as I can. 
      For each level I will detail your prisoner locations, items, 
      ammo and health pick ups, and aliens you'll run into. 
      However, this is just an overall guideline and you shouldn't 
      go searching for something if you don't have the time to do
                                                  6.1 - Mission 01
      Time To Complete: 4 minutes / Prisoners: 8
      From the start head right, and shoot the alien which runs at
      you. Grab the items and continue to the first ladder you 
      find. Climb down watching out for the aliens in the area and
      rescue the prisoner. Go back up to ground level, and run
      back to the first ladder you passed. Climb down and grab the 
      battery pack and ammo, then drop off onto the platform at
      the left.
      Walk off the left of the platform and kill the aliens, on
      the right wall you'll find your second prisoner. Go back to 
      the left wall and climb up the ladder behind the door. At
      the top here you will find prisoner #3.
      Take the middle platform back up to the top, and jump to and 
      follow the path at the right. Here is prisoner #4. Continue, 
      pressing up at the switch to get the door open, and then
      jump over the fan shafts to get to the other side. Climb
      into the air ducts at the end, and watch out for the aliens
      in shafts.
      While on the ladders, and in the shafts you can still fire 
      your weapons. If you want to shoot at an alien above or
      below you press that direction and the fire button. Also
      grenades will bounce around making them good use in this
      area. The tricks on the ladder will also work with all other
      normal ladders in the game. 
      Follow the shaft through, past the first ladder (it just
      leads back to the surface) and onto the second. Climb up it
      and exit. At the top you'll find a prisoner in front of you
      as well as an alien on the roof across the other side. Kill
      it then jump off the platform while running to the right.
      You'll find the sixth prisoner here.
      Slide down the ramp, and climb down the ladder at the
      bottom. Kill the aliens in the area, and rescue the two
      remaining prisoners at the left end of the hallway. Return
      to the right end and exit through the door to finish the
                                                  6.2 - Mission 02
      Time To Complete: 4 minutes / Prisoners: 5
      Shoot the alien at the start, then jump at the wall on the
      left. You'll find an extra room with an alien and some
      Go back to the start and continue forward to the first 
      ladder and go down. Kill the alien and get the prisoner,
      then return up a level. Climb up the ladder at the end,
      killing the aliens in your path, and getting the two next
      prisoners as you climb up.
      Kill the alien at the top, then follow the path across
      to the left, and climb up the next ladder along. Go along
      to the left again, opening doors and killing any aliens
      until you find the prisoner. 
      Return to the right and follow along, jumping across the
      gap and killing the alien beyond. Climb down the first
      ladder you come to and follow this hallway. Shoot the 
      aliens and climb the ladder at the end. Jump up onto the 
      platform and you'll find the last prisoner at the top.
      Return to the area where you found two prisoners one above
      the other, and continue on to the ladder leading to the
      air shafts. 
      Once inside go straight ahead and grab the items in the 
      small room gap. Return and go down the ladder, then crawl
      left and go down again (killing the alien in your way). 
      Exit at the end there, and follow the hallway killing 
      aliens in your way, until you reach the exit.
                                                  6.3 - Mission 03
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes / Prisoners: 5
      This one is fairly simple because one area always leads back
      to another, instead of being a constantly largening level.
      Grab the ammo and shoot the alien, then head down the ladder
      right in front of you. Head to the left, jumping over each 
      of the open fan pits to reach the first prisoner. Return 
      back along the right, and continue following the fan pit 
      path to the left by timing your jumps. 
      At the mid of the ladder, there will be a path to the right. 
      Follow the right path to find another prisoner, then return 
      and climb down the rest of the ladder. Enter the air ducts.
      Follow the ducts forward, down, left, down (killing the 
      alien first), then to the right (again killing another 
      alien) before exiting into a large chamber. Kill the alien 
      which charges at you then climb the ladder right where you 
      Follow it to the top, get onto the next ladder, go up two
      levels, go onto the ladder at the right, and up to the next
      level. Kill the alien here, and rescue the prisoner to the 
      left. Take the last ladder up to the ground level and go 
      to the right, killing any aliens who jump at you. 
      Climb down the ladder, and go down the ladder on the left.
      Kill the alien quickly and rescue the 4th prisoner. Go back
      up and climb down the right ladder. Jump over the long pits
      until you find the last prisoner. Return to the large 
      chamber you were in when you came out of the air ducts.
      Kill the aliens, then get on the right platform and ride it
      up. Stay to the right side of it and crouch so you don't get
      hit by the jumping alien. Kill the croucher and climb into
      the air ducts.
      Follow them through down to the bottom, where there is two
      exits (and one alien). Kill the alien, then follow the left
      path for some items, then go back and follow the right to
      get to the exit. 
                                                 6.4 - Guardian 01
      Time To Complete: 1 minute, 30 seconds
      A simple fight. Arm yourself with the Grenade Launcher and
      move to the middle of the room. Fire away with the Grenades
      as the Guardian walks towards you. It will then jump over 
      you, allowing you to repeat the process.
      It's only attacks are to either walk/jump into you or spit
      at you. Being in the middle and occasionally moving around 
      should remove #1 as a problem and getting hit by the spit 
      isn't too bad as most times by moving it misses. After a so 
      many Grenade hits (I think it's around 20-30) it'll blow up.
      Don't forget to grab any remaining items before going 
      through the exit.
                                                  6.5 - Mission 04
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes / Prisoners: 9
      One of the first tough levels, there are a few pitfalls in
      here that require you to get it right to continue. Most of
      them have to do with distance jumps. 
      Prisoner #1 is right beside where you start. Move to the 
      right (jump over one of the health packs, you may need to
      come back and get it) and climb down the ladder one level.
      Kill the alien that jumps out and then climb up the ladder 
      at the end.
      To avoid loosing a lot of health here, jump out over the 
      sliding ramps here (you'll still land before their end, but
      won't get hurt doing so). At the end, jump over the spikes, 
      and jump up onto the moving platform and follow it up to 
      the top. Following the path along, rescue the prisoner then
      return to the top platform, killing the alien that appeared.
      Now the fun part, you need to get on the moving platform 
      then jump onto the black platform to the left. From there
      you need to do a running jump to the left to land on one 
      of the mid platforms between ramps. 
      Here will be another moving platform, so get onto it and 
      again get onto one of the black platforms to the left. Run
      and jump off this to the left again to land where there is
      a ladder. Climb down the ladder all the way to the bottom
      and enter the airshaft.
      Follow it to it's exit, killing the alien, then climb down 
      the ladder to the next level down. Follow the two ladders
      to the right to find prisoner #3, then climb back up and
      jump down into the room to the left side. Kill all the 
      aliens, then use the moving platform at the end to jump
      over to the exit, and climb into the next airshaft.
      Kill the alien and climb up to the top of the shaft. In the
      room at the top will be an alien egg and your next prisoner.
      Re-enter the shaft and climb down to the bottom. Open the 
      door in the hallway, get the prisoner, and continue 
      following along until you reach the ladder at the end.
      Climb up, killing the aliens around, then hop on the moving
      platform to the left. At the top jump off to the right, and
      follow the hall along. Here you will find two more
      prisoners. Return back onto the platform, and ride it down.
      When you see a platform moving from left to right, jump over
      to it.
      Ride it until you see a platform with another prisoner on
      it, and rescue him. Jump off to the right and continue to 
      the right end wall. Climb up the long ladder to find the
      last prisoner, and the exit door. 
                                                   6.6 - Mayhem 01
      Time To Complete: 4 minutes
      Welcome to your first Mayhem level. In these levels you just
      need to make your way through killing aliens in your path to
      reach the exit. There are zero prisoners you need to save to
      exit, it's already open for you.
      To make this short I'll just give directions to the exit 
      from the start, aliens are a constant threat so be ready for
      From the start go right to the end, then use the lift to go
      down twice. You'll be in a brick area. Grab the health, kill
      the aliens, and go down one level using the ladder at the 
      end. Head to the right and use the lift down. Climb down the
      ladder, and follow the hall to the airshaft.
      Climb through the shaft and out to the next hall. Kill the 
      aliens in your path and go through the exit. 
                                                  6.7 - Mission 05
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes / Prisoners: 12
      Lots of prisoners, lots of ways to loose health, normal 
      amount of time. This is one hellish level. 
      Grab the health, then go up the ladder. Move along to the
      end, killing the alien, and go up the ladder. Move left,
      killing the aliens in the path, and grab the prisoner.
      Move back along to the right, and when you reach the end
      jump to the first black platform. Drop back off the left
      side and you'll land below, while not being hit by the
      alien. Climb down the nearby ladder and grab the prisoner.
      Climb back up and drop off to the level to the right.
      Kill the aliens while moving right and get the next 
      prisoner. Continue to the right end, and climb up the 
      ladder into blackness. When the screen no longer moves, 
      press right to find some hidden extras, then left to come
      out on the area to the side. Shoot the egg, rescue the 
      prisoner, then follow the steps up to return to the large
      room. Grab the health if you need it.
      Once back down on the bottom, go back along the right
      to the previous ladder you climbed up, but instead go down
      the ladder two levels until the ladder stop. Follow the 
      path to the right, and go down the next ladder. Use the
      door on the right (watch out for the face huggers) and
      rescue the prisoner. You can follow the path to the left
      if you wish, but only if you need the ammo (there is 
      hidden rooms you need to "jump" into). 
      Go back up a level, and along to the left, over the spikes
      and grab the prisoner. Climb up the ladder and go along the
      hallway getting the two prisoners and killing the aliens.
      Go down the ladder and kill the next alien, and get the 
      next prisoner. Watch out for the alien which jumps across,
      and ride the platform to the bottom.
      You need to jump over to the left side and explore the
      area to find yet another prisoner amongst the aliens. Get
      back to the platform and ride it to the top. Jump to the
      right side and kill the alien. Rescue the prisoner then
      shoot at the alien who should have dropped on the other
      side. Jump across and rescue the final prisoner there.
      Now to make it to the exit you need to return to the large 
      ladder that lead between this section and the large room
      at the start. Halfway up the ladder will be an area you
      went past with a pit of spikes. Jump this and the next one
      and exit through the door. 
                                                 6.8 - Guardian 03
      Time To Complete: 2 minutes
      Next Guardian level... it's not too different from the 
      last except that the Guardian now has two small platforms 
      to jump to. This time you need a strategy to occasionally
      run from one side to the other when the Guardian gets in
      a pattern of jumping down from a platform and then right 
      back up to the one on the opposite side.
      Running across makes it change tactics and allows you to 
      shoot at it. 
                                                  6.9 - Mission 06
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes, 30 seconds / Prisoners: 12
      From the start run forward and blow up the barrels, doing so 
      will kill an alien beyond them. Go back and climb up the
      first ladder. A alien will drop down for you to shoot, then
      get up to the top to kill the other alien and collect the
      Go back down the ladder all the way to it's bottom, then go
      down the lift. Shoot the alien then go all the way down to
      the bottom of the next ladder. You'll find a prisoner at the
      left end of this level. Continue to the right past the door,
      kill the alien, and jump onto the moving platform to the 
      At the top jump off to the right and climb up the ladder to 
      the top and kill the alien. Go right and up the next ladder.
      In this room you'll find an alien and the next prisoner. Go
      back down right to the bottom for a room with ammo, then go
      back to the level where you landed after jumping off the
      moving platform.
      Kill the alien here and rescue the prisoner at the right end
      before going down the ladder. Kill the aliens and collect 
      the next prisoner on the right, and continue downwards. Kill
      the aliens again, and get the prisoner to the left. Follow
      the hall to the right and ride the lift down.
      Shoot the alien as you arrive and run to the far left end
      being careful about another alien along here. You'll find
      two prisoners to rescue. Return back a bit to a ladder you
      just passed and head down it. 
      The mid level here has three medic packs if you need to  
      heal, regardless in the end go right to the bottom of the
      ladder. Shoot the barrels to clear the path (and kill an
      alien) then climb up the ladder you come to. The first stop
      has a prisoner to save, and the top stop has two more. Go
      back down the ladder to the bottom and continue to the
      Go down the ladder killing the alien and rescuing the 11th
      prisoner. Follow the path killing the aliens and blowing up
      the barrels in the way, and climb the ladder at the end... 
      stopping off to get the last prisoner on the way of course.
      Go up the elevator shaft and through the exit to finish the
                                                  6.10 - Rescue 01
      Time To Complete: 6 minutes, 30 seconds / Prisoners: 19
      The opposite to the Mayhem level, the rescue level is where
      you have a lot of prisoners to rescue but no enemies to 
      worry about. Again, this will be just a directional thing,
      but seeing as there is no enemies this is the only way to 
      do it anyway :)
      From the start head right, down the ladder, right again, at
      the next ladder head up, then right. The ladder here has
      some hidden items at the top (you need to go to the left
      and right to pick them up). At the right even of this level
      is a prisoner, and the exit door you will need to return to.
      Head back to the last ladder and go down, get the prisoner,
      go down to the next level, left, and down. On this level 
      there are prisoners to both the left and right, then 
      continue down the ladder and to the left. Hop onto the 
      moving platform.
      Here is where we have multiple stop points, so I'll start 
      with the top left and work my way down.
      The first left platform leads to a large room. There is a
      prisoner here at the left wall. Go down the ladder and
      get the prisoner below, then go up the ladder. Get the 
      prisoner at the left of the first level you come to, then
      go up to the next and use the lift. Get the prisoner at
      the top then return to the moving platform.
      On the first right platform you'll find a prisoner sitting
      there, and a lift at the end leading to a room with another
      prisoner. Return to the moving platform and go to the 
      bottom level.
      At this level you'll find another moving platform to the 
      right with plenty of it's own levels, leading to the 
      remaining prisoners. 
      The first right platform is right across from you, and has
      one prisoner on it. 
      The first left platform leads to a hall with a prisoner, 
      and a ladder. Going down the ladder leads to a room with a
      single prisoner, going up leads to another.
      The second right platform across from the first left has
      a ladder at its end. Going up leads to two different levels
      each with a prisoner. Going down leads to a room with one
      The final two prisoners are located at the bottom of the 
      main room, one at the left and one at the right. Once you
      have them you need to use all the moving platforms and
      ladders to make your way all the way back up to the exit I
      pointed out earlier to finish the level.
                                                 6.11 - Mission 07
      Time To Complete: 6 minutes / Prisoners: 8
      You can't get the items above you, so don't bother trying.
      Instead there is a secret area with the exact same items
      later in the level.
      Run left and you'll drop and land on the left side where a
      prisoner is. Run over to the ladder at the right and go 
      down. Go down the next ladder and the one after that. Take
      out the alien and go down another level. Kill the next
      alien and remove the barrels from your path. Go down the
      next ladder and down the lift to a room with a prisoner.
      Go back up to where you cleared the barrels and continue 
      down the ladder taking out the aliens in your way. Follow
      the path taking out aliens and barrels and go up the ladder
      at the end. Kill the aliens and head left, go up the ladder.
      At the top switch to your grenade launcher and fire a 
      grenade or two at the alien on the other platform. Do it 
      again for the next one and head up the ladder.
      Jump onto the moving platform in this room, then jump over
      to rescue the prisoner. Drop back down and go up the ladder
      then the lift. Run along the hallway at the top then take 
      the ladder down. Rescue the prisoner to the left, then
      run left and drop down the gap (we don't want to take the 
      ladder past the gap-it leads to a later area, but it's the 
      bad way to go).
      You'll land on a platform with a prisoner on it. Rescue him
      then jump at the wall... you'll find there is a gap. The 
      alien on the other side will block your way though. Drop 
      back down onto the left side and throw a hand grenade 
      though the gap to blow him up. Jump through and rescue the
      prisoner then jump back into the left side.
      Jump across and go down the ladder, watching out for the
      alien. Continue down to the next level, and after killing 
      the alien there, go up the other short ladder to the right
      and rescue the prisoner behind the square grid thing.
      Go back to the long ladder and continue down to the bottom.
      Jump at the left hand wall to find the hidden room I 
      mentioned earlier (you also have to jump twice to get back
      out) and continue following the hallway to the right.
      When you reach the lift at the end of the hallway jump at
      the rightwall for another hidden room, this time containing
      the final prisoner. Return back to the lift and take it up
      to the next level.
      Here, using the moving platform, go up to the top. You need 
      to remove the alien running around at the very top right
      pathway. Fire a couple of grenade launcher shots in the 
      aliens direction, if they are well timed you should head 
      it's death.
      Jump across and follow the hall to the ladder, take that 
      down, then head down the lift, and walk through the exit to
      finish the level. 
                                                6.12 - Guardian 04
      Time To Complete: 2 minutes
      Again, same as usual. Grenades. This time there are multiple
      platforms which the Guardian can jump around on, although
      you can stay at the bottom and beat it just fine. You also
      won't have to move as much, you'll find it walks a little 
      more often than earlier ones when it's using the bottom 
      platform and the ground level.
                                                 6.13 - Mission 08
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes / Prisoners: 9
      Welcome to the first of the alien hive levels. This is where
      things become a little more interesting as the hives are in 
      short, very hole filled... and finding items and sometimes
      the prisoners is a task. Aliens come out of everywhere and
      you have the added annoyance of the acid drips in various 
      places (10 years on and I'd still love to smack whoever 
      thought they were a good idea).
      Head to the left, shooting the alien that pops out, and head
      up the ladder. Grab the items while shooting the alien which
      jumps out and rescue the prisoner. Head up the next ladder
      being careful to watch out for the alien which jumps at you
      at the top. Continue on up another level, killing the next
      alien and get the prisoner. 
      Head back down a level, grab the items and head along to the
      right. Kill the next alien, then run straight forward to the
      wall. Here jump up and you'll find a gap leading to a room
      with an egg and a prisoner. Jump back out and head down the
      ladder beside the exit.
      Shoot the egg and grab the prisoner, then head down again
      and do the same. Head back up both ladders, and go right up
      to the top. Head along to the right and enter into the air
      shaft. Follow forward past the first ladder down, shoot the
      alien in the way then go down the second ladder, right, down
      (killing the alien), and exit. Shoot the egg, grab the
      health, and go down the ladder.
      Kill any aliens or eggs around and get the prisoner to the 
      right. Head all the way left, killing the aliens, and you'll
      find another prisoner. Head down the ladder you previously
      passed and get the final two prisoners, one to the right,
      and one along to the left. Kill any aliens or eggs in the 
      way and head all the way left to find the exit. You'll need
      to keep jumping up along some "steps" hidden behind part of
      the wall though. 
                                                 6.14 - Mission 09
      Time To Complete: 7 minutes / Prisoners: 11
      A lot of prisoners, but this level is rather straightforward
      in it's approach. 
      Head left and down a level, killing the face hugger and egg,
      and grabbing the first prisoner. Head down two levels and
      do the same. Head down yet another level, and go to the left
      though before reaching the prisoner jump left, as there is a
      gap in the platform. Rescue the prisoner and then drop down
      the gap to the level below. Rescue the next prisoner and 
      then climb up ladder back to the level above.
      Head to the right and climb down the long ladder. Watch out
      for the alien that drops down and shoot it before you get 
      off the ladder. Shoot to the right to blow up a hidden alien
      egg and then move left, killing aliens, and rescue the 
      prisoner here. Return up the long ladder to the level above.
      From here head to the right, shoot the alien egg, and rescue
      the prisoner at the end. Head down the ladder and head to 
      all the way to the right, to get another prisoner. Go back
      towards the left and drop down, killing the aliens, while
      heading back along to the right.
      Rescue the prisoner and keep heading along, dropping down
      to the next part, and getting the prisoner at the far right
      end. Climb up the ladder, being careful of the aliens around
      Climb up the next ladder and rescue the prisoner here as 
      well. Climb up again to the next level, and you'll find two
      prisoners here, one at the far left end and one at the right
      Climb up the ladder closest to the right end (where you 
      first came to this section-the ladder at the left only leads
      back to the start of the level) and rescue the prisoner to
      the left. Climb up yet again, and rescue the prisoner by the
      exit door. Climb up AGAIN (last time I promise) and get the 
      prisoner here, before heading left and getting the prisoner
      at the end. Climb down one level and head left, to get the
      final prisoner.
      Jump back up the little gap you dropped down, and head all 
      the way to the right and out the exit.
                                                 6.15 - Mission 10
      Time To Complete: 5 minutes / Prisoners: 9
      Head left and kill the aliens, and rescue the first 
      prisoner. Head up one level, and save the second to the 
      left. Go up again and wait at the top of the ladder for an
      alien to drop and scuttle away. Once up on the level head to
      the right, while watching out for an alien hiding behind one
      of the walls in front of the level. You'll see a ladder in 
      one of the gaps for you to climb down.
      Go down two levels, and head left to kill some aliens and
      get your third prisoner. Go all the way back up and head all
      the way to the left, killing aliens in the way, and get the 
      prisoner at the end.
      Climb down the nearby ladder and rescue the prisoner here as
      well, watching out for the aliens lurking around. Head back
      up the ladder, but go up two levels, being careful of 
      another alien which drops down onto the ladder exit. To the
      right you'll find another prisoner to rescue past an alien
      Head left, dropping down the small step, kill the aliens and 
      rescue the next prisoner. Climb up the near by ladder you 
      just passed, kill the alien, and grab the next prisoner.
      Head to the right, up the next ladder, kill the aliens, grab
      the health, and rescue the final prisoner.
      Head back down the ladder, and head right into the airduct
      and go all the way right, killing the two aliens in the way.
      Once out of the duct, blow up the two eggs, and run all the
      way through the exit.
                                                6.16 - Guardian 05
      Time To Complete: 3 minutes 30 seconds
      Climb up the small steps and start firing away as the
      Guardian with your grenade launcher. Same patterns as before
      apply, and the exit is found at the top 
                                                  6.17 - Rescue 02
      Time To Complete: 4 minutes / Prisoners: 10
      The first of the lead smelt levels, these sections are a
      pain in the ass. The gaps that happen from falling floors, 
      mechanical conveyor belts, the shafts, multiple smelting
      pits. Ugh... what a nightmare. Not to mention some of the 
      locations of the prisoners are trick locations, requiring 
      you to find the one and only way to get them. And you'll 
      probably find yourself falling down things a lot. Anyway,
      I'll try my best to guide you around, but if you get lost
      you're basically on your own.
      From the start head to the first ladder, and go down. Go
      down the next one and get the prisoner here. DO NOT slide 
      down the ramp to the right. Go back up to the top level
      and head all the way right, waiting for the moving
      platforms, and get the first prisoner at the end. 
      Head back to the left and go down the ladder, then head down
      one level. To the left is only health so jump on the moving
      platform going down. To the right is a platform w/ladder
      leading to another prisoner. Return to the moving platform
      and head down to the bottom where there is a platform to
      the left. Head along it, grabbing the prisoner on it, and
      jump onto the next moving platform.  
      At the top there will be another prisoner. Now you need to
      return to the platform between the moving platforms, and 
      jump outwards at the right end. Here you will land on
      another platform suspended against the wall with a prisoner
      on it, this is they only way to reach this platform, and if
      you've fallen down to the bottom, there is no way to get
      back up to reach this prisoner (and any you've missed from
      those I've already mentioned). Drop down onto the ramp once
      you've rescued this one.
      As you slide, hold left. As you fall into a tube you'll land
      on a platform to the left. Head across the moving platform
      to find the next prisoner. Head left still and go up the
      next moving platform all the way to the top. Head left again
      and jump when you go through the tube or else you'll fall
      down it. You'll find the next prisoner here. Continue left
      and ride down the moving platform at the end.
      Head right and go down the ladder you come to, then down the
      next to reach the floor. Follow the floor level along
      (you'll have to do quite a bit of jumping) until you reach 
      some lead pools with a prisoner you can save. Return all the
      way back along to the ladders and go back up them both to
      the platform. 
      Head all the way to the right and drop down the tube at the
      end while holding right, you'll land on another platform.
      Head all the way to the end and go up the ladder to another
      platform. Here you will find the final prisoner.
      Go back down the ladder and backtrack just to the nearby 
      ladder which leads to the floor. However watch out for the
      alien which jumps out. Kill it then ride the elevator all
      the way up to the top and climb into the airduct. Follow the
      airduct through (you can only end up going to one other
      place regardless of the way you take) and climb out. Run
      through to the exit to finish the level.
                                                 6.18 - Mission 11
      Time To Complete: 4 minutes / Prisoners: 6
      If you wait about a second before heading back to get the
      batter pack, the door will close and crush an approaching
      alien. Run forward to the ladder and head up. Stop before 
      the top and shoot at the two aliens that run past until 
      they were both dead. 
      Climb up and head left, at the end you'll find a prisoner 
      to save. Head all the way to the right until a section of 
      the floor drops out. Drop down this gap while holding right.
      You should land on a moving platform at the end, ride it
      down until it stops. Ride the moving conveyor belt across
      and jump onto the platform. Grab the items and jump across
      onto the stack... you have to land on the far side of it.
      From there jump across to the next platform and from there
      to another one with a prisoner on it. Rescue him then drop 
      off the right end. 
      Head to the left and kill the alien and rescue the next 
      prisoner here, then return to the right and drop down the
      first shaft holding left to land on the left side. Jump
      across the moving platform (or ride it down if you really
      want to) and then climb down the ladder. Kill the alien,
      rescue the prisoner and hop on the moving platform.
      Ride it down and kill the alien at the platform you'll want
      to get on to. Run across and jump past each of the tubes and
      ride the platform down. Get off and wait for it to go back
      up then drop off the right side. You'll land on a platform
      below and be ready to jump across to rescue another
      Drop off the side and get ready to do a lot of running and
      jumping towards the right. Jump between the platforms and
      then jump onto the on with the final prisoner. From there 
      jump onto the moving platform and then jump into the exit to
      finish the level.
                                                 6.19 - Mission 12
      Time To Complete: 7 minutes / Prisoners: 7
      The end is near, here is the final mission level of the
      game, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. This
      level has the most annoying prisoner setup in the entire
      game... numerous times had I worked my way to this point
      only to waste all my lives left trying to beat it.
      Ride the lift down and shoot the alien which comes along as
      you head towards the right. Ride the moving platform up,
      head left shooting the alien, and go up the ladder. Head
      right again, killing the alien, and move to the end.
      Now here is the tricky part, you need to jump to the
      platform instead of sliding down the ramp... once you manage
      it, continue jumping the various ones until you can drop
      down onto a platform with a prisoner on it. Once the
      prisoner is saved, jump onto the ramp and slide down. You'll
      drop down a pipe and land on a platform.
      Head left and ride the moving platform down (don't bother 
      about the moving conveyor belt). Head right at the bottom
      and you'll find a prisoner. Head down the ladder and then
      head left until you reach other moving platform which you 
      can ride on. 
      Follow it half way down, ignoring the level with the lead
      poring, down one more and head onto the right platform. Here
      you will find another prisoner. Now you need to jump onto
      the platforms on the left side and follow them until you 
      reach the far end. Climb down the ladder and rescue the next
      Ride the moving platform down, and head to the right until
      you find the next prisoner. Head back to the left and down
      the ladder you just passed. Head left and climb down the
      ladder here. Head to the right and you'll find the final
      Head back up to the platform above and head to the right
      until the next ladder along, climb down and it'll take you
      far down to the ground level. Head to the left, killing the 
      aliens which jump out, until you reach the exit of the
                                                6.20 - Guardian 06
      Time To Complete: 3 minutes
      The final battle is here. This time you have two Guardians
      to beat in 3 minutes. You can try to develop your own 
      strategy, but this is the one I personally use.
      Run out of the door onto the platform below and run to the
      near end. At 2:54 jump outwards as far as you can go to land
      on the platform moving upwards, then run across to the far
      one and grab the two lots of Grenades. Drop down the side
      one level to the flamethrower fuel, then again to the ground
      Arm the Grenade Launcher then fire anytime the guardians are
      in range. The first time you'll always get hit by some acid
      but afterwards, the guardian will come close, then turn and
      run off. When it turns to run off, start moving forward... 
      the acid it spits will miss you. Repeat this pattern until
      the 1st Guardian is dead.
      Ride the moving platform up and jump off to the first
      platform to the left. You can grab the health here (you'll
      probably be needing it) then you'll either find the
      Guardian up there or it will arrive. Keep shooting at it
      with the Grenade Launcher (there is 10 more at the end of
      this platform if you need them). If you run out of ammo, use
      the pulse rifle. 
      Hopefully if you've managed to keep enough health and ammo
      you'll kill the second with enough time to spare to hop on
      the moving platform and get out the exit at the top right
      of the room.
      Congratulations you've finished Alien 3. 
                                          7.0 - Cheats and Secrets
      There is only one code for Alien 3, a Level Skip code.
      On the options screen, use Controller Two and press C, Up, 
      Right, Down, Left, A, Right, Down. 
      To activate, pause the game while playing and press C, A, B 
      to skip to the next level.
                                         8.0 - Legal Stuff/Credits
      Umm, I'm not much for end legal disclaimers, so I'm just 
      going to say this guide is (C) 1992, 2002 Rob McGregor and
      this document may be used freely as long as credit is 
      Ah, thanks to my parents who gave me the cash for the game
      over 10 years ago... I should actually repay them like I 
      said I would at the time. Thanks to my friend for talking 
      me into buying the console in the first place. And my desire 
      to clean up a messy area which lead me to finding my notes 
      and making me pull out the old console to play for a while.
      I hope you enjoyed the guide.

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