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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DHouston

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Alisia Dragoon
                                    v 1.4
                          author:  Dimetric Houston
                          e-mail:  dhousto6@bellsouth.net
      Screen Description
      Creature Companions
      Stage Strategies
      Tips, Tricks and Secrets
    Hello all.  This FAQ covers the game Alisia Dragoon for the Sega Genesis
    system.  It's a cool action game.
    I am not going to bother with the copyright stuff.  If you are low enough
    to try to bank a profit off of this, or you decide to plagiarize it, that's 
    your wretched morality.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
      v 0.5  3-25-01    
         -preliminary edition (not published)
      v 1.0  3-26-01
         -stage info for stages 1 and 2 present
      v 1.1  3-27-01
         -stage info for stage 3 through most of stage 7 present
      v 1.2  3-29-01
         -remaining stage strategies present
         -minor editing
      v 1.3  3-2-03
         -updated Walkthrough with secret in stage 2
         -updated Credits section
      v 1.4  3-8-06
         -added additional strategies for bosses 1, 2, and 4
         -added info on additional hidden powerups in Stages 5 and 6
         -updated Credits section
    The evil being Baldour is close to awakening from his long slumber with the
    help of his aide Ornah.  The world can not bear a second revival of Baldour.
    Alisia Dragoon is the daughter of the mage that once contained Baldour.  Her
    father was tortured and killed before her very eyes when she was young.
    Alisia is now of age and possesses power that rivals her father.  Fueled by
    anger over his death and the desire for revenge, Alisia treks out to battle
    D-pad:  Moves character (up and down are only used when choosing a creature
    A button:  pauses game to allow for choosing of creature companion
    B button:  thunder attack
    C button:  jump
    Note:  The button functions can be changed in the option screen
    Alisia Dragoon has two difficulty modes:  Normal and Hard.  This FAQ is
    written using Normal mode.
    The information at the top of the screen can be a bit perplexing (a lot of
    info in a small space).  This information is described below:
    In the upper right:  Alisia Dragoon's stats
    HP--this is your life meter.  As you get hit, this drops.  When it runs out
        it is Game Over unless you gained an extra life item.  This meter can be
        lengthened to max of 5 units by gaining a certain item.
    Thunder Power Level--this is the word LEVEL and the number beside it (under
        your life meter).  This indicates Alisia's thunder magic level.  It can
        be increased to a max of 8 by gaining a certain item.
    Thunder Power Gauge--the weird meter beside your level.  This shows the
        amount of power you have left for your thunder magic attack. As you use
        your thunder magic continuously, this meter drops.  When it is empty,
        you will NOT be able to attack.  It fills while you are not attacking.
    Note:  The Power Gauge fills quickly up to the final three segments (which
           are also a different color).  The final three segments fill slowly.  
           When they are filled, the entire meter flashes.  Attacking at this
           time makes you do a "rolling blast" (as the manual calls it) which
           attacks all foes on the screen.
    In the upper right:  Creature Companions stats
    HP--the life meter of the creature companion.  It is affected the same as
    Level--the number under the life meter.  Can be increased to a max of 3.  A
        higher level increases the attack ability and HP of the creature.
    Power Gauge--the meter beside the level number.  It drains when the creature
        does an attack and fills as the creature is idle.  The creature
        companion can NOT attack until this meter fills.
    Alisia is accompanied by four creature companions.  Each has different
    abilities and exploiting those abilities is the fun and challenge in Alisia
    Alisia can only have one companion on the screen at a time.  If that
    companion dies, they can not be used again until you get a Revival item.  To
    select a companion, press the A button, then press UP or DOWN to cycle
    through the available companions.  Press the A button again to select the
    companion and continue playing.
    Creature companions can have their abilities increased by you getting a
    Level Up item.  As their levels increase, the creatures change color, gain
    modified attacks, and get more HP.
    Below I am listing the creatures, their abilities at each level, and
    providing an evaluation of each so that you can see their merits/demerits.
    Companion names are from the manual.  I am making up the names of the
    Creature Companions:
    Dragon Frye
    Thunder Raven
    Ball o' Fire
    Boomerang Lizard
    Body Color:  Level 1--green
                 Level 2--yellow-green
                 Level 3--yellow
    Attack:  Fireball
      Level 1--one fireball
      Level 2--two fireballs
      Level 3--three fireballs
    -good attack power
    -high recharge rate
    -bad spread attack (even at level 3)
    -large target, gets hit easily
    Comments:  The attack power is really the only merit for this companion.
               That power is indeed a merit though, so only use the dragon when
               you need to pack the damage in and your foe is large enough to be
               hit easily.
    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
    Body Color:  Level 1--pink
                 Level 2--green
                 Level 3--yellow
    Attack:  Thunder Flash
             this attack has no visible changes.  As it attacks all opponents on
             the screen, increasing the level seems to make it more potent.
    -best attack!  Thunder Flash attacks ALL enemies!  Great screen clearer!
    -horribly long recharge time
    -large target, gets hit easily
    -time between full meter charge and actual attack is long
    The companion I use the most.  The Thunder Flash is a big help in clearing a
    screen full of foes.  The fact that it attacks all enemies means you can hit
    enemies on the other side of walls while staying protected from their fire.
    Due to the tremendously slow recharge time on the Power Gauge, when you use
    the Thunder Raven, stay where you are until the Power Gauge is full or very
    close to full.  Also, the time between when the power gauge maxes out and
    the actual execution of the attack is about three seconds, which is not good
    when a bunch of foes are around you.
    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
    Body Color:  Level 1--yellow
                 Level 2--yellow
                 Level 3--bright yellow
    Note:  The Ball o' Fire gets bigger in size as it gains levels.
    Attack:  none
            this creature IS its attack.  It attacks by touching foes.  Any foe
            that touches it is damaged
    -best companion in terms of ability to take damage (see Note)
    -small target, less chance of getting hit
    -terrible attack range (it has to use its body, which isn't large)
    -not very high attack power
    Note:  The Ball o' Fire is special because its power gauge works as an extra
           life meter.  When the Ball o' Fire touches an opponent or is hit by
           enemy fire, it shrinks in size and the power meter drops.  As the
           meter refills, the Ball o' Fire grows back to its original size.  The
           actual HP meter doesn't drop unless the creature is hit with no
           power remaining in the power gauge.
    Comments:  The next most used companion for me.  The fact that it can live
           longer than the others because of the "extra" life meter means you
           won't be losing it too soon.  Really, I usually use the Ball o' Fire
           when I just want something else with me, as Alisia is the one who
           will be doing all the work. The Ball o' Fire is just an extension
           for you.
    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
    Body Color:  Level 1--yellow
                 Level 2--green
                 Level 3--brighter yellow
    Attack:  Boomerang Attack
                 Level 1--one boomerangs
                 Level 2--two boomerangs
                 Level 3--three boomerangs
    -great spread range
    -fastest recharge rate of the companions
    -decent attack power
    -curvature of boomerang paths makes accuracy difficult.  You just have to
     hope you will hit whatever is troubling you.
    Comments:  A decent companion.  When enemies are all around you, but you
               want a faster attack than the Thunder Flash, this fellow is your
               choice.  The arc of the Boomerang covers good area, which helps
               when a bunch of foes come from all directions (which is often).
               At Level 3, you definitely will cover some screen.  The very fast
               recharge on the Power Gauge means good consecutive attacks.
    There are a few powerups to aid Alisia in her journey.  There are two types
    of powerups.  One type increases Alisia's abilities, the other type helps
    her companions.
    Powerups are located in the capsules with wings and a pink star inside.
    These powerups are described below.  Names are from the manual:
    Alisia powerups:
    Thunder Level Up:  looks like a small ball surrounded by two lightning
                       bolts.  This increases Alisia's Thunder Power level.
    Potion:  Fills one section of the HP meter.
    HP Up:  Gives an additional bar to the HP meter.
    1 UP:  Very precious!  Allows Alisia to continue if she loses all her HP.
           You will start at the beginning of the stage you died on (press Start
           at the Continue screen, which appears ONLY if you have gotten one of
    Invincible:  Fairy in Red.  Makes Alisia invincible for 16 seconds.  You
           will have stars around your body.  As it nears the end of its use,
           you will hear a series of beeps.
    Thunder Max Power:  Fairy in Blue.  Makes Alisia's Thunder Power Gauge max
           out after each attack.  Thus you can do multiple "rolling blasts."
    Platform:  Two fairies facing each other.  Getting this powerup will cause
           two fairies to appear when Alisia is at a point where she needs some
           help getting to higher ground.  Just jump to the area between the
           fairies and you will be on their "platform" (the stars between the
    Creature Companion Powerups:
    Level Up:  A blue ball in a star.  Increases the level of the currently
               selected companion.
    Beef:  Refills a portion of the Creatures HP meter.
    Revive:  This revives all dead companions.  Revived companions start at
             level 1.
    This section will help you through Alisia Dragoon.  I will tell of all
    hidden items (of which there are PLENTY) as well as which companion I
    believe will help you in pertinent situations.
    Stage 1-1
    Suggested companion:  Thunder Raven
    Once you are able to control yourself, switch to the Thunder Raven.  As you
    proceed right, you will face swarms of flying foes.  These are easily
    eliminated by your Thunder blasts.  Continue right, turning around to nail
    the flying foes behind you.  The occasional attack by the Thunder Raven will
    help here, but rely on your own attack the most (especially since this will
    protect the Thunder Raven as well).
    When you fall of the cliff, flying monkeys(?) will appear as well.  They are
    a little harder to destroy without your companion being hit.
    You will come across these objects in the ground that spit three things at
    you.  When they do this, mushrooms appear beside them as well.  The
    mushrooms stay a while, then shake.  Get away as when they explode, the
    explosion will hurt you if you are nearby.  Proceed slow here and let your
    Thunder Raven clear this up.  A rolling blast helps too.
    Once you start going up the hill, you will come across your first powerups.
    On the horizontal path, you will encounter bats and centipedes.  The
    centipedes curl into a ball and speedily come at you.  A rolling blast will
    destroy them, else jump over them as your normal attack won't kill them
    When you get to the building entrance, flying foe swarms will come at you
    again, so be on guard.  The game will take over and take you inside.
    Stage 1-2
    Lots of hidden pathways are here.  The Thunder Raven is the companion of
    choice, but due to the abundant Level Ups, be sure to switch out to level up
    your other companions as needed (switch companions, get the Level Up, then
    switch back to the Thunder Raven; max out the Raven first).
    When you are able to control yourself, jump over the hole you see and get to
    the ledge on the right.  Watch for the enemies that appear in mid-air here.
    They are abundant in this stage.  Get the three powerups and continue to the
    right until you can't go any further.  Let your power gauge fill up, then 
    jump straight up and do a rolling blast.  You will see a powerup (Level Up)
    high in the air.  The rolling blast will get it for you.
    Proceed back to the hole and drop down it.  The appear-in-midair enemies
    will appear every time you drop down a level, so be ready.  Jump across the
    hole and get to the ledge on the right.  Proceed right and you will find
    that something is stopping you when you go slightly behind the column.  Jump
    over this hump and continue right.  When you get to the right wall, jump up
    and get to the upper ledge.  Go to the left to get two powerups.  Continue
    left and you will fall back down to the horizontal level.  Proceed left and
    fall down the hole you previously jumped over.
    After dispatching more enemies and another drop, jump over the hole and get
    the powerup.  This is a 1-up, so be SURE you get this one.  Now drop down
    the hole you jumped over.
    At the next hole, jump over it (get the two powerups on the steps) and
    proceed right.  When you run into the column and can't go any further, jump
    up.  You will land on an invisible step.  Keep jumping up and you will
    eventually be in a small tunnel.  Go to the right and get a powerup.  Now
    jump up and at the peak of your jump push to your left.  You should land on
    another ledge behind the wall (ceiling).  This may take a while to get but
    keep trying.  When you do land on the ledge (you won't see yourself) keep
    jumping up until you are visible.  Go to the left to get two powerups.  Now
    go back the way you can until you get to the hole you jumped over (with the
    two powerups on the steps).
    Drop down the hole and proceed right.  You will see slimes on the ceiling.
    When attacked, they turn into fire and drop the ground.  Either rolling
    blast them or let the Thunder Raven get them.
    Continue right and the game will take over.
    Stage 1-3
    When you are able to control yourself, let your power gauge fill up (plus
    let the Thunder Raven's gauge fill as well), then proceed right.  Enemies
    appear out of the ground here.  Let the Thunder Raven kill them and back it
    up with your rolling blast.
    When you get to the steps, don't jump on them.  Continue past them, plus
    switch to the Ball o' Fire or the Boomerang Lizard (use the Lizard if it is
    lv. 2 or higher).  Keep going right until you see two powerups under a
    ledge.  Ok, now switch to "no companion"  and go toward those powerups
    slowly.  Two foes will appear on the ledge above you and drop rocks on you.
    Rolling blast them, get the two powerups, switch in a companion, and go back
    to the first stone steps I told you to go past.
    Now get on the steps and proceed right.  When you get to the point where
    some land appears above you, jump up onto that land and go to the left.
    Continue all the way left until you come to a lone powerup (Thunder Level
    Up).  Now go back to the right and continue on.  Continue on the horizontal
    path until you can drop down.  Jump across the hole to your left (watch for
    the rock-dropping foes) and get on the ledge.  Continue left until you can't
    go any further.  Now attack and you will destroy an invisible breakable
    wall.  Go left through the tunnel until you come to a powerup (hidden).  Now
    come back out of the tunnel and drop down the hole.  Keep going left, down
    the steps until you reach level ground.  Go left until a hidden powerup
    reveals itself.  Now go to the right, past the steps.  Switch to the dragon
    companion.  While on this trek, enemies with spears will appear and thrust
    their spears at you.  Don't attack when they first appear.  Wait for about 2
    seconds after they first appear, then attack.  The dragon's fireball will
    help too.  Continue to the right until you come to three powerups (rock
    droppers are here too, so be on guard).
    Now go back to the steps you went past, get on them and proceed right.  Now,
    don't get on the next set of steps you see.  Instead, continue on the first
    horizontal path you come to.  Rock droppers will appear on the ledges above
    you, while spear enemies appear on the path you are on.  Continue right
    until you come to three hidden powerups.  Now go back to the steps and get
    on the ones I told you to avoid (they lead to the ledges the rock droppers
    were on).  Get the centipede at your left as it will follow you if you
    don't.  The centipedes here roll at you too, but in addition they do a small
    jump into the air when they are near you, so don't jump over these
    centipedes.  Just stay where you are and duck down when you see them coming.
    Continue to the right on the ledges.  A spear foe is on the ledge across the
    first hole.  Continue jumping across the holes until you come to the land on
    the right.  Continue to the right to reach two powerups.  Now go back and
    drop down the hole you come to.  Proceed right.  You will eventually come to
    the boss.
    Boss:  2 ninjas
    This is not a difficult fight.  Use the dragon or boomerang lizard.  The two
    ninjas will appear on each side of you and toss long knives.  They will
    throw the knives straight across or up into the air, in which case the
    knives will spin for a bit, then come down at a random angle.  The ninjas
    will eventually jump into the air and disappear.  They will reappear in a
    different position and continue their attack.
    When the fight first starts, duck down in the center of the screen and blast
    the ninjas (a rolling blast is good).  Keep attacking one of them until they
    disappear.  When they disappear, go the left side of the screen, turn around
    and attack.  The ninjas will appear in the screen center, so this will keep
    them from landing on you.  The knives are not a big worry, just keep the 
    pressure on and you will win.
    NEW!!  Here is another strategy from Tamlyn K (quoted verbatim):
    "Stage 1's bosses can easily be beaten with a level 3 Ball o' Fire, which
    isn't hard to obtain within the first level. Simply turn around when
    fighting one of the ninjas; two hits should kill the one behind you. The
    one in front can be taken care of with regular attacks, and you can also
    get him to land on top of Ball o' Fire, as well, causing massive amounts of
    Stage 2
    You will have no companion selected when you start this stage.  Keep it like
    this until I tell you to change.  When you are able to control yourself, go
    to the left to get a hidden powerup.  This is an Invincible.  Get it and go
    to the right as fast as you can.  You can attack if you wish, but just keep
    moving.  By the time the powerup is close to running out, you should have
    fell off another ledge.  At the left is a hidden powerup (Potion).  Proceed
    right and the screen will darken.  You may wish to jump onto one of the
    platforms in the water as you will face a type of midboss.  The dragon
    or Ball o' Fire is the companion of choice here.
    Midboss:  Centipede
    The centipede starts in the water.  Look carefully to see where a water
    disturbance is forming, as this is where the centipede will emerge.  When
    you see the ripples, get next to it (but not right next to it).  When the
    centipede emerges, attack as much as you can before it goes back into the
    water.  The safe distance is about 1/2 character length.  The centipede only
    emerges and submerges, so you just have to attack it when it comes out of
    the water.  The threat is the speed it moves, as if you are positioned
    incorrectly, you will get hit when it emerges or submerges.  Continue
    attacking until it blows up in the air (you will hear some exploding sounds
    when you have almost killed it, but until the screen brightens again, it is
    not dead).
    When you kill it, a powerup will appear on the center platform.  This is a
    Platform powerup.  Get it (the fairies will fly away when you do) then go to
    the right as far as you can.  Also, don't stay in the water after killing
    the centipede.  You will notice these eddies appearing in the water.  These
    will hurt you (and they stay on you as long as you are in the water).
    Eventually, an arrow will point up and the two fairies will appear.  Jump
    into the space between them and you will see that you are in the air.  Now
    jump onto the high ground to the right.  You will see two powerups.  Let
    your power gauge fill up, jump up and do a rolling blast.  You will get a
    hidden 1-up that is high in the air.
    Quite a few enemies await you now, so have either the Thunder Raven, Ball o'
    Fire, or Boomerang Lizard (lv.2+) for a companion.  If you just want to bail
    through it all, don't use a companion and just rush through this.  Actually,
    even with a companion, rush through it anyway.
    The flat green platforms are female-eating plants (well, you ARE female, so
    why say man-eating?), so jump on them and quickly jump off while proceeding
    right.  Don't worry about the enemies here.  They are too numerous and the
    area too hazardous to try to avoid damage.  Just keep going to the right
    until you reach the brown land.
    Keep going right and you will go up a hill.  Flying foes on platforms will
    appear.  Destroy them as you go on.
    Thanks to Jonathan Hughson, it has been found that you CAN jump on the
    floating platforms of these enemies.  As I have seen it, you can jump on the
    third platform of the first group of enemies that appear.  Jumping on this
    platform will take you to a Thunder Level powerup.  If you miss the powerup
    and fall off the platform, the enemies will reappear, so just try again if
    you missed it.
    When you come to the ledge, jump over the hole and fall down the next one.
    Frog foes are here, so blast away (Thunder Raven and Boomerang Lizard are
    good here.  Ball o' Fire is ok too).  Go to the right to get two powerups
    (HP Up and Revive).  Now go to the left until you reach some platforms that
    let you get back up to high ground.  Continue to the right.
    Once you get to the water and the platform in the middle of it, get ready
    for a boss.
    Boss:  Green monster
    Ok, this boss has three attacks:
    1.  4 shots:  Shoots a group of 4 shots at you from its mouth.  To avoid
                  this, be on the platform in the water, and jump over the shots
                  when they come to you.
    2.  Frogs:  Releases frog foes at you (the same ones you fought when getting
                the HP Up and Revive a moment ago).
    3.  Charge:  The hardest attack to avoid.  Moves a long distance across the
                screen while coming out of the water.
    When the fight starts, get on the platform and face to the right.  You will
    see a large disturbance in the water and the boss will appear.  Attack while
    jumping up over the shots.  When it sinks into the water, get off the
    platform and go to the right until you can't go any further.  The boss will
    emerge on your left side, facing away from you.  It will release Frogs at
    you, so destroy them and get back to the platform.  When you see the next
    disturbance, the charge is about to happen, so get all the way to the left.
    The boss will still reach you, so jump up when it is close to you.  When the
    charge is about to happen, switch to no companion so your companion doesn't
    get hit (unless you have the Ball o' Fire).  When the boss prepares to
    appear again, it will do another charge the other way, so stay where you are
    if the water disturbance is not under you.  Then get back to the platform to
    repeat the pattern.
    NEW:  Here is a patterned fight.  I noticed in another playthrough that the
          boss appeared on the right at the start, then on the right again,
          then on the left, then on the right for a charge attack.  It repeated
          this pattern, so if it seems to use this pattern, it will repeat it
          for the battle.
    Here is additional help from Tamlyn K (quoted verbatim):
    "Stage 2's boss: His charging attack can be easily jumped over. I recommend
    Ball o' Fire, again, since he usually hits when you're jumping over its
    massive head. Thunder Raven tends to get hit during this attack, so either
    have him retreat to charge up his attack or take the damage." 
    Kill it and you go to the next stage.
    Stage 3
    Ok, at the start, switch in the Thunder Raven and do a rolling blast to nail
    the guns near you.  The guns will appear for this horizontal part, so keep
    the rolling blast and Thunder Flash ready for instant use.  Go to the right.
    Jump to the next level when you are able and continue right.  A flying enemy
    on a pod will appear.  Kill it and wait for the pod to get to the right side
    of the screen and stay in that area.  Now jump on the pod.  Jump again to
    land on the platform with the teeth (these do NOT hurt you, so don't worry).
    Go the right to reveal three powerups.  You may notice another powerup above
    you.  Go to the left until you are past the angled walkway.  Now go back to
    the right onto the angle walkway and go get the powerup.  Proceed to your
    left.  Switch in the Boomerang Lizard.
    As you go left, flying swarm foes will appear as well as purple foes that
    climb down the walls.  The purple foes explode in two horizontal directions
    when destroyed, so be sure that they are not on the same horizontal path as
    you.  If they are, try destroying them from a long distance away, or destroy
    them as you jump.  The Boomerang Lizard should help in this by destroying
    most of them in the air.
    Continue left until you come to a powerup.  Get it and go as far left as
    possible to reveal a hidden powerup.  Now jump up the platforms.  Get the
    powerup you see and keep as far left as possible to reveal more hidden
    powerups (I think there are two hidden ones).  Jump to the left off a
    platform to see if any more reveal themselves.  When you get to the topmost
    platform, go to the right.  Flying enemies on pods will appear.  Destroy
    them and get on their pods (there are three such foes).  On the third pod,
    jump to the right onto a platform, go right, get the powerups that appear,
    then destroy the next pod foe.  Get on this pod to face the boss.
    Boss:  Airship Defense System
    Called so for lack of a better name.  Lots of stuff is here and you would
    get utterly overwhelmed by what is coming at you if not for some guidance.
    Ok, your targets are the three white bird-looking objects.  You will notice
    two of them near the top of the screen.  The other is to your left and is
    not very visible.
    At the start, jump up to the topmost platform.  A reddish lump is here and
    you will notice one of the white targets appear right next to you on the
    left.  Destroy the red lump (which shoots) and get snug next to the right
    wall.  This is where you will be for the length of this fight.  Now attack
    the white target to your left when it appears.  Attack the white target at
    your far right when it appears.  Ducking down dodges the shots of the right
    target, but the left target will still hit you.  This is why you should 
    concentrate on the left target until it is destroyed.  With the left target
    destroyed, you will be completely safe from all other enemy fire.  When you
    destroy the far right target, you now need to go a bit to the left until you
    see the far left target.  Continue attacking to destroy the shooting red
    lumps all around you, as well as the eyes that continually form.  Destroy
    the last target to beat the stage.
    Stage 4
    I'm going to give you the straightest path through this stage.  You can go
    some different directions in the middle to get other powerups if needed.
    Take the Thunder Raven as a companion.
    Ok, at the start, if you go left and fall off the edge, two powerups are at
    the far left.  They are a Potion and a Level Up, so decide if they are worth
    getting.  I say this because you will face two large centipedes that come
    out of the ground (notice the thumping sound and rising dirt) if you go
    after the powerups.  I don't think you can destroy these centipedes, so go
    to the right as quickly as possible.
    Tamlyn K states that the centipedes ARE able to be destroyed, plus there is
    another powerup in the area with them.  Here is the strategy (quoted
    "The stone centipedes in Stage 4 are defeatable. When dropping to the
    easternmost area with the centipedes, head slightly south to find a hidden
    Thunder Max Power. This will clear out all the enemies until you get to the
    boss. Also, there is a hidden potion up on a western ledge, obtained by
    jumping up an almost vertical platform. You will have to defeat the
    'hedgehogs' along the way, but, if you're hurt, it's worth it." 
    If you choose not to go after the powerups, go to the right until you fall
    off the path.  A centipede should be forming behind you, so head to the
    right quickly.
    In both cases, you want to go to the right until you come to another piece
    of land above you that you can jump on.  Jump on this land and go to the
    left.  Watch for enemies that appear out of the ground.  Bats carrying rocks
    will also appear on this stage.  Follow the path to the left until you reach
    some platforms.  A few platforms over to the right is a platform containing
    two powerups.  You want to continue on the left path.  Keep going up and you
    will see a lone powerup.  Get this powerup and jump to your right.  Keep
    going right and you will face the boss.
    Boss:  Flying Monster
    This guy is annoying.  Switch to the Dragon or Boomerang Lizard.  It will
    start by firing these large fire blasts as it travels horizontally backward.
    Your Thunder Blast doesn't home in as well on this boss as it normally does.
    Get on the center platform to get more even with the boss head (which is 
    what you need to hit).  Jump the fire blasts and get to the ground level if
    you need to.  You want to mostly stay on the lower level to avoid charge and
    swoop attacks.  This doesn't help all the time, but more often than not it
    does help.  At times, the boss will start backing up and firing fireballs
    that arc down.  If the fireball hits the ground or is destroyed by your or
    your companion's attack, it splits into small fireballs that come your way.
    Destroy these small fireballs.  Keep attacking the boss until it dies.
    NEW!!  Additional strategy by Tamlyn K (quoted verbatim):
    "When first fighting the dragon, you will hear it call twice; during this
    time, jump onto the center platform, hugging the left side as much as
    possible while facing to the right. The dragon will descend, but will offer
    several seconds of free time; this is your time to kill him before any
    attacks will be launched. 
    Allow me to explain; while his head is just above the platform, use the
    Rolling Blast. By the time this is done, the dragon should be just in front
    of you. Simply hold the Thunder button, and I guarantee you that he'll die
    before he ever attacks you, provided that you were not hurt in the process.
    (Getting hurt makes you pause; this gives it enough health to launch its
    attacks. At this point, you should only get hurt by his arrival.) If you
    still are wary and untrusting of this tactic, have Dragon Frye out so that
    he can strike the dragon's maw several times with fireballs." 
    When you defeat the boss, go to the right (get the powerups).  Jump across
    the gap, proceed up the hill (watch for the falling rocks--use a rolling
    blast plus your companion attack to destroy them) and go to the right to
    exit the stage.  If you miss the jump, you will have to go all the way back
    to the left and jump on the land part near the start of the stage.
    Stage 5-1
    You can switch in the Thunder Raven now or wait until later.
    Ok, get onto the first hill on your right.  Let your power gauge fill up,
    then jump up until you see the bats and stalactites.  Do a rolling blast to
    destroy these foes.  Get to the second hill and do the same.
    You will see water falling in front of the ground here.  The ground behind
    the waterfall is safe to walk on, so don't think you have to jump yet, but
    keep a careful eye.  Go past the second waterfall, then jump over the gap
    (large waterfall in background here).  Watch for a bat on the other side of
    the gap.  Go to the right until you hit the wall.  Attack and you will hear
    the sound of destroyed rock.  Jump and push to your right to go into the
    rock.  Proceed right into the cave and go all the way to the cave end to
    get (and reveal) powerups.  Now go back to the gap and fall down it.  Switch
    in the Thunder Raven.
    Go to the left.  You will see a floating rock.  This is a rock enemy and is
    the main enemy of this stage.  It will have four rocks rotating around it.
    If you destroy the four rotating rocks, more will form.  Destroy the center
    rock and it releases a shot at you when it dies.  Stay your distance and
    let the Thunder Raven kill it (2 Thunder Flashes).  Avoid the shot (which
    may hit the Raven) then keep proceeding left.  Get the lone powerup and get
    next to the wall.  Attack (destroyed rock sound), then jump and push to the
    left to enter the rock.  Continue left and get the two visible powerups.  Go
    to the far left of this cave and an invisible powerup appears.  Get this
    (Invincible) then go to the right as fast as possible to make the most use
    of this powerup.
    You will come across these floating green objects.  When these objects have
    their eye visible, they release a shot at you.  Attack them and they will
    shrink.  You can go past them at this point.  Hurry, as they will soon grow
    back to their original size and attack again.
    Keep going right, over the hills, and onward.  Proceed slow and do
    occasional rolling blast to get the hard-to-see stalactites.  Let the
    Thunder Raven destroy rock foes from a distance while you stay behind walls
    or away from them.
    At one point you will see a part of the ceiling with a broken space in it.
    A part of it will be low enough for you to jump to.  Jump at it to reveal a
    powerup (Potion).  Get it if needed and continue right.  Continue right
    until you reach a point where you can only go to the left (you may have
    jumped up a hill into a crevice of a sort).  So go left.  Make sure you have
    the Thunder Raven here.  You will need to have a full power gauge constantly
    for both Alisia and the Raven.
    Ok, small humanoid enemies will burrow out of the ground here to attack you.
    If the Thunder Raven attacks first, proceed until you see more foes, then
    rolling blast them when they come at you.  Continue the step-rolling blast-
    step-Thunder Flash pattern as you go left.  When the hill slopes downward,
    prepare to jump over a gap.  Keep going left until you reach a Platform
    powerup.  Now go back to the right (the burrowing foes are still around)
    until you reach the area where you first had to go left.  Go right until the
    Platform fairies appear, jump on the platform, then continue right to the
    next stage (watch for burrowing foes still).
    Stage 5-2
    Ok, this is the requisite environmental hazard stage.  Switch to no
    companion for now.  Proceed right.  You will see smoke coming out of vents
    in the ground.  This smoke can hurt you, so avoid it.  You will also see
    these yellow pits of liquid.  Columns of fire erupt from these pits.
    Continue right and you will come across the green floating foes.  Attack
    them while going right to make them shrink.  At the top of the narrow
    crevice, you can go right or left.  Going right will lead to a Beef powerup.
    Left is where you want to go.  Go this way a bit and you will see that you
    can go to the upper right or continue to the left.  Going to the upper right
    leads to a potion.  Continue left, over more fire pits and green foes.
    Another choice of going left or going up is here.  Going left leads to a 
    powerup.  Up is where you want to go.  Watch for smoke geysers.  At the top
    here you will be in large open space.  Far up in the air are two powerups.
    You can try to jump and rolling blast them or go up the left wall to get
    closer before jumping and rolling blast.  However, you want to go to the
    right.  Large versions of the humanoid foes will appear.  These duck down
    and fire waves at you, so if you don't destroy them right away, get ready to
    jump over their fire.  Continue right, then up, and then to the left.
    Proceed slow here, as you will face the humanoid foes (large and small) as
    well as the fire pits.  Destroy all foes before proceeding.  Continue to the
    left until you reach a Platform powerup.  Now go back the way you came.  Oh,
    you may have noticed a powerup behind a wall when you got the Platform
    powerup.  You will reach this powerup later.
    Go back to where you first entered this large open area.  Go up the left
    wall now (watch for that smoke geyser) until you get to some land points you
    can get on.  You can now switch in a companion (Thunder Raven preferably).
    Go to the right to reach that powerup you may have seen earlier.  Keep going
    up.  Rock foes are in this area, so watch out.  Their shots can travel
    through the land parts here, so dodging them will be more tedious.  Stay
    close to the left side of the land as you proceed up, as at one point a
    bunch of rock foes drop down.  Staying to the left will prevent them from
    hitting you.  At the top of this area, go to the right until you reach the
    Tamlyn K found three hidden powerups before reaching the boss.  Here is the
    info (quoted verbatim):
    In Stage 5, before meeting the rocks that preceed the boss, you are forced
    to climb up a ledge. From said ledge, you can leap to the right; three
    invisible vials can be knocked down, replenishing health that you may have
    Boss:  Tank
    Switch to the Dragon.  Ok, there are two caves here, one on the right and
    the other on the left.  A group of platforms are in the middle.  The boss
    will come out of the caves.
    When it first appears, it will come from the right, so get onto the center
    platform.  The boss will fire a laser at you, so jump this.  You want to 
    attack the red part of the tank, which is at its upper rear.  Jump over the
    tank when it gets to you.  Attack the red part while the tank goes into the
    left cave.  If your Dragon is lv.2+, jump a bit so that the fireballs will
    also hit the red part.  Repeat this pattern when the tank comes from the
    left cave.
    When it emerges from the right cave again, it will be coming at you with the
    back facing you.  Don't try to attack here.  Instead, get to the left side
    of the screen.  In this position, the boss fires a bunch of shots at you as
    well as releasing harmful long-range smoke blasts at you.  Stay at the left
    until the tank gets to the screen middle, in which case it will speedily go
    back into the right cave.  Then the whole pattern repeats.  Continue
    attacking until you kill the boss.
    Stage 6-1
    This whole stage is an angle nightmare.  For this part, I am putting a map
    here.  The map is done as a straight horizontal map.  The actual game has
    this at an angle, so take the map and rotate it about 45 degrees, and you
    will have an exact replica of the stage.  Use the Thunder Raven here.
    X                    P
    ----------| |------------------|
    ----| |------| |-----------| |-|--------|-------|
                        |                           |
    ----| |----| |------|-| |----------| |--|--| |--|--|
                                            |        P |
    ----| |----| |------|-------------------|----| |---|
    --------------------|-------------------|--------| |----
    |                       |*                               **
    |-------| |-------------|-------------------------------
            | |
             way to exit
    P - powerup
    X - your character
    You start at the X.  These are not the only powerups in this stage.
    These are just the ones I remember off the top of my head.  Areas shown as
    | | are holes in the floor that you can drop through.  Areas shown as two
    vertical bars are walls that you can walk through.  Three vertical bars are
    walls you can NOT walk through.  Two vertical bar walls can also be walked
    up from the right side.  I haven't shown the enemies in this stage.  The
    foes you face are robots that appear out of the background.  You will notice
    a dull brown object in the background every so often.  Sometimes these
    objects come to life and attack you (these are the robots).  You may also
    notice bright yellow objects shaped like cylinders or rockets.  These are
    bombs that explode a long way across the screen when destroyed.  You
    definitely want to keep your distance when you see these.  Let the Thunder
    Raven destroy them.
    ** I wasn't able to get to this part as I went toward the exit and go locked
    from going back.
    * You must walk up this wall to get to the other side
    Tamlyn K found some extra powerups I missed.  Here is the info:
    "Stage 6 has a hidden One-Up, located in the Western side of the stage. The
    opening must be blasted open in a wall... the second or third one down, I
    believe. From there, jump diagonally, and you should receive two power-ups."
    Stage 6-2
    Angle nightmare part deux.  This thing is so contorted that I can't even do
    a good map of it.  I will tell you to stay to the right as much as you can.
    Doing do will eventually lead you to the boss.
    Boss:  Man and Guns
    What you have here is a man that disappears and reappears.  When he appears,
    he will either fire three shots at you (rare) or summon two guns that
    will fire at you (much more common).  Use the Dragon, Boomerang Lizard, or
    Thunder Raven here.  You will notice that you don't have much room to move
    in.  Get to the left side of the screen (up the left wall), and attack the
    man if you see him.  When he summons the guns, attack while walking down the
    wall.  Get on the bottom wall and keep walking for a bit and attacking.  The
    guns should rotate over in your direction now.  Now walk back to the left
    wall and walk up it.  Turn and attack the guns while walking back down the
    Your pattern here is to walk down the left wall, walk up the bottom wall,
    then walk back up the left wall, attacking the whole time.  The guns may hit
    you while you are on the bottom wall.  This point is usually your
    vulnerable point, but you want to get those guns far away from the left wall
    so they don't corner you and hit you while you set up your attacking
    position.  Attack the man whenever you see him.  He should get in your line
    of fire while you get back up the left wall, as well as while you are
    walking down the wall.  You may run into him while on the bottom wall as
    well.  Attack as much as possible to kill him and end this horrible fight.
    After killing, go down the hole (no, it STILL isn't over!).  Ok, let your
    nerves calm down, then proceed.  Again, this is still a nightmare.  Keep
    going down as much as possible.  Going other directions will net you some
    powerups, but you are bound to die trying to get them, so just keep going
    down to exit this horrible stage.
    Stage 7
    Ok, switch to the Thunder Raven or Dragon here (Dragon may be preferable).
    Go down the steps slowly.  See the slimes on the wall?  The Dragon fireball
    destroys them instantly.  It takes two Thunder Flashes (for a lv.3 Thunder
    Raven) to destroy them.  They shoot three shots at you too.  Take your pick
    on how you want to handle them.  Your Thunder Magic kills them too, but it
    takes far too long.  A powerup is in the extreme right and left corners of
    the lower level.
    Proceed up and to the left (destroying slimes as you go).  Go up the steps
    on the left and then go to the right (more slimes).  At the end here, go up
    some more.
    Ok, there are modified spear foes here.  At times, they will thrust their
    spears and an electric ball appears on the end.  The ball will follow you
    around until it hits you (or your companion) or eventually fades away.
    Avoid the ball as you want to have as much life as possible for the coming
    Ok, go to the right to reveal a spear foe.  Kill this one without going to
    the left ledge (drop down the steps if needed to avoid the ball).  Use the
    Dragon companion.  On the left lower ledge is another spear foe.  The last
    is on the left upper ledge.  After killing the foe on the lower ledge, go to
    the left all the way until you drop down into a little block area.  Two
    powerups will be here.  Destroy the third spear foe.  Now let your power
    gauge fill up.  Jump up and do a rolling blast.  It should hit the black
    blocks at the top.  The blocks will come down and form steps for you to get
    on.  Get on them and jump up to face the boss.  You can also just sit on a
    block and it eventually rises to the ceiling.  Do a jump to get the whole
    screen in place.
    A tedious fight.  You will lose two or more companions here.  Ok, when the
    fight starts the boss will materialize in the air and fire six shots at you.
    It will then split up and disappear.  Now six men will appear and land on
    the ground (they look like the stage 5 boss).  They will point toward you
    and fire a shot each.  Then they will all disappear.  Now the main boss
    reappears where you are and rises into the air.  At the max height, it will
    fire six shots again, and the pattern repeats.
    This seems simple, but it surprisingly tedious.  Ok, stay to the side at the
    start until the boss appears.  Attack while moving to the other side.  Dodge
    the shots if they are about to hit you (try to dodge anyway).  Get to the
    screen edge as soon as you can.  Let your power gauge fill up (this is
    ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY).  Now when the six men appear (you will only see about
    two since you are the edge of the screen), do a rolling blast while walking
    to the other side of the screen.  The rolling blast should destroy two or
    more of the men.  Continue attacking to destroy another one or two.  Jump to
    avoid the fire of the others.  Move from where you are to avoid the
    rematerializing boss.  Now walk to the side of the screen where there is
    more room to walk toward (you are heading for a screen edge).  Attack while
    doing this.  The boss will be rising into the air with your thunder blazing
    away at him.  Keep walking as this will avoid the boss fire.  Let the power
    gauge fill and be ready for the six men.  You should be at a screen edge by
    now.  Now repeat the pattern.
    I have described in full what you will do.  Now make this continuous and
    speed it up about 10 times and you will see how difficult this becomes.
    Your companions will continually get nailed by the boss fire, but it is your
    life that is precious here.
    Use your companions in this order:  Lizard, Dragon, Raven, Ball o' Fire.
    I was down to the Raven and Ball o' Fire when I finally beat this guy.  You
    can destroy this boss without a companion, it would just take longer as a
    companion can provide extra hits.
    Ok, after beating him (oh, you thought it was over?  Fat chance of that),
    jump and do a rolling blast at the ceiling to bring the black blocks down.
    Jump up on them and proceed upward. A powerup is to your right when you 
    reach the ledge.
    However, dangerous ninja enemies are here.  They appear, split into two
    foes, and throw fast electric balls at you.  This wouldn't normally be a
    problem except that your life is probably dangerously low by now.  So just
    get to the steps and keep going up.  At the next ledge, more foes appear.
    Avoid them and hit the steps.
    At the top you will be in a dark blue area.  See the inverted pyramid above
    you?  That is a platform and one of the ones you want to get on.  Get the
    poweups at your right, then go to your left (just duck under the foe
    approaching you--these explode like the bombs in stage 5 and purple guys in
    stage 3) and jump onto the rotating inverted pyramid.  This platform will
    take you to the left and up.
    You have to jump on the platforms.  Notice the patterns of movement.  When
    the platform stops rotating, you will fall through it.
    Ok, duck while on this first platform to avoid an enemy coming through here.
    Up higher, do a rolling blast to nail one of the tubular enemies.  Jump to
    the next platform.  It will take you up.  When a platform is visible to your
    right, jump to it.  Then jump up to another platform (one of these doesn't
    move, so jump quickly or you will fall through). Jump to the right again to
    another platform.  This platform should start moving to the right.  If it
    doesn't, there is a platform that you missed.  A good ways to the right,
    jump to the right off this platform and you should land on the first
    platform you saw when you first entered this blue part of the stage.  This
    platform will take you to the next stage.
    Stage 8
    This isn't even a stage, as you will only fight the two final bosses here.
    Proceed to your right and face the first one.
    Boss 1:  Ornah
    Ok, first up is Baldour's aide, the wizard Ornah.  Ornah has 3 attacks:
    1.  Dragon Blast--this is the same thing Ornah used on Alisia in the
                      cut-scene in stage 1.  Fast and hard to handle, this is
                      the most worrisome and dangerous attack of Ornah.  The
                      Dragon homes in on you and eventually splits into several
                      harmful body fragments.
    2.  Flame Bursts--Ornah sends bursts of flame at you.  He does this when he
                      lands on the ground.  He usually sends out 2 bursts, but
                      may send 3 often.
    3.  Dragon Heads--fires a bunch of Dragon heads, spread fashion.  Another
                      hard-to-dodge attack.  Ornah uses this after you first
                      defeat him (he's halfway dead).
    Ok, Ornah starts by floating and using the Dragon Blast.  At this point he
    will only use Attack 1 and 2.  Keep a distance away from him until a second
    after he charges up the Dragon Blast.  Now walk toward him and attack.  The
    Dragon Blast should go past you, but it will quickly curve back to get you.
    Attacking the Dragon Blast will make it split apart (the body parts can hurt
    you).  The Dragon eventually splits anyway; attacking it will just make it
    do so sooner.  Ornah will then lower himself and float to the other side of
    the screen and come to the ground.  He will now do the Flame Bursts.  Jump
    straight up over them while attacking Ornah.  He will then rise back into
    the air and go toward the other side of the screen.  Duck under him when he
    floats to the screen sides.  Attack him while he is floating.  After a
    while of this punishment, he falls to the ground, then gets back up for more
    Now he will start using Attack 3 as well as the others.  Use the same
    strategy as before.
    When he falls this time, he's done for and now you will face the second and
    final boss of the game.
    Final Boss:  Baldour
    Ugly rascal, isn't it?  This fight is not very difficult, except you may
    have lost a lot of life against Ornah.  Baldour floats in the air and has
    several attacks.  The most annoying is the barely visible white shots it
    fires at you.  These are abundant.  Your Thunder Blasts will track them and
    hit them, so keep the attack up.  Baldour's left side (your right) has guns
    that fire at you, plus the head fires a homing snake.
    Here you want to stay on the right side of Baldour (your right).  You can
    get close to take out those guns.  The snake is pretty unavoidable, although
    jumping can seem to avoid it.  Destroy the right side and the head structure
    to remove some of Baldour's offense.  Once that side is destroyed, you have
    to destroy the left side.
    Here is an arm as well as those constantly annoying white shots.  Just keep
    your distance and keep the attack up to get rid of those shots.  Nothing
    much should happen here.
    Destroy the arm and Baldour's final offense system comes into play.
    Ok, now there are many white shots, plus Baldour occasionally fires these
    four orbs that loop into the air and come down as rapid fire blasts.  When
    you see the orbs, walk to the other side of the screen and the blasts will
    not hit you.  Baldour also swoops to the ground (like the stage 4 boss).
    For this reason, you want to keep a far distance away, but close enough so
    that your Thunder Blasts can hit Baldour.
    The pattern really is just walking back and forth to avoid the fire blasts,
    while destroying the white shots and getting your hits in on Baldour.  Keep
    up the punishment to finally kill this thing.
    Kill it and you win!
    Alisia Dragoon is loaded with secret codes.  Check Gamesages
    (www.gamesages.com) for these awesome tricks:
    Heal Alisia
    Increase Companions Abilities and Alisia's magic power
    Level Select
    Level Skip
    God--for the strength, life, and intellect to do this FAQ
    GameSages--for the codes for the game.
    Jonathan Hughson [Jonny@jhughson.freeserve.co.uk]--for the secret in stage 2
    Tamlyn K--for the extra boss strategies and other hidden powerups.
    I hope you have enjoyed this FAQ.  If there are any corrections, additions,
    etc. that you see that need to be put here, please e-mail me and let me know.
    Thanks for reading.
    Dimetric Houston
    The End

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