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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Khaos

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/09/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         _____    __  _________  ______   ______    ______   _____
        / __  \  / / /___  ___/ /  ___/  / __  /   /  ___/  / ___ \
       / /_/  / / /     / /    /  /__   / /_/ /   /  /__   / /  / /
      / __   / / /     / /    /  ___/  / _  _/   /  ___/  / /  / /
     / /  / / / /___  / /    /  /___  / / \ \   /  /___  / /__/ /  
    /_/  /_/ /_____/ /_/    /______/ /_/   \_\ /______/ /______/
         / ____ \    _____   _____    ______  __________
        / /___/ /   / ___/  / __  \  / ____/ /___  ____/
       /   ____/   / /__   / /_/  / / /__       / /
      /  ____  \  /  __/  / __   /  \_   \     / /
     /  /___/  / /  /__  / /  / / ____/  /    / /
    /_________/ /_____/ /_/  /_/  \_____/    /_/ 
    						VER 1.0
          T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
               1. Contact Information
               2. Legal Info
               3. Story
               4. Controls
               5. Items
    	   6. Altered Beast Forms	           
               7. Levels
               8. Game Genie Codes    
    The author of this faq can be found at go2hades@hotmail.com
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    threats to me as well.  
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 Khaos. All rights reserved.
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    3. STORY
    During the time of the ancient Greeks, the gods ruled the earth, bidding
    against each other for power and using humans as pawns in their wars 
    against one another.
    You were once a proud and mighty soldier, who fell at the hands of the
    enemy in of these wars.  You thought that you might finally rest in the
    after-life....you were wrong.
    Neff, one of the minor demons of Hades watched the actions of the gods with
    great interest.  He had great ambitions to become the ruler of Mt. Olympus.
    Biding his time, he waited until Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, was
    distracted with yet another war against his enemies.  When the time was 
    right, Neff unleashed his army of underworld creatures to kidnap Athena,
    one of Zeus' daughters, and held her hostage.  Neff hoped that by using
    Athena, he could force Zeus to relinquish his hold on Mt. Olympus to himself.
    Zeus was completely helpless against this threat.  All of his finest 
    warriors, mortal and immortal, were all engaged in bloody combat elsewhere,
    and he was unable to spare a single soul.
    Having no other choice, Zeus used his power to raise you, one of his finest
    warriors, from your grave.  You are promised immortality and Athena's hand
    in marriage.  All you have to do to claim them both is battle your way
    through Neff's demon hoard and rescue Athena from Neff's clutches.
    Knowing that no mere mortal, regardless of his skill, is capable of defeating
    a threat like this with bare hands, Zeus endowed you with the ability to
    transform into four mighty beasts with the powers of the gods.  
    Athena's fate, and the rest of the world's, is now in your hands.....
    The controls of Altered Beast are relatively simple.
                   |                 ___          _
    	       | 		/   \    _   |B|   _	
       Move Left---+---Move Right   Pause 	|A|   -	  |C|
    	       |			 -   Kick  -
    	       |		       Punch	  Jump
    Down+Punch - Low Punch
    Down+Kick - Upwards Kick
    Up+Jump - High Jump
    (In Air)+Punch - Air Punch
    (In Air)+Kick - Air Kick
    5. ITEMS
    There is only one item in this game that you need to look out for.
    Spirit Ball - These mystical spheres are what gives you your power. Absorbing
    	      their power is what turns you from man to beast.
    Level 1 - Man:  You start out each level as a regular human.  Your attacks
        		are relatively weak at this level, and most enemies require
    		multiple hits to destroy.
    Level 2 - Strong Man: Absorbing one Spirit Ball will increase your strength.
    		      You now have enhanced force behind your attacks, and
    		      certain enemies can be eliminated with only one hit.
    Level 3 - Super Man: A second Spirit Ball will turn you into the strongest
    		     human on Earth.  Your size is increased dramatically,
    		     and your strength is now devastating.
    Level 4 - Altered Beast: A third Spirit Ball will transform you from man to
    			 beast.  As the Altered Beast, you are faster, 
    			 stronger, and more powerful than you ever could have
    			 hoped to be as a human.  Abilities vary from beast
    			 form to beast form.
    6. Altered Beast Forms
    Werewolf - The lupine beast form is among the most powerful.  In this form
    	    you can launch a flaming fist of power at your enemies, and 
    	    dash at them with incredible speed.  
    Man Dragon - The reptilian beast form is also not to be underestimated.
    	     Your gift of flight will allow you access to any area of the
    	     screen and your electric breath will the seal the fate of most
    	     enemies.  If that doesn't work, then you can electrify your
    	     entire body, electrocuting enemies into submission.
    Grizzly Bear - The bear form is the most agile of the beast forms.  The
    	       rolling attack and petrifying blast make it a formidable 
    Tigerman - The feline form is also among the most powerful.  You can launch
    	   a sphere of flames at your enemies.  The Pillar of Fire is also
    	   an attack to be feared.
    Golden Werewolf - Similar to the werewolf form, but infinitely more powerful.
    		  with enhanced speed and strength, this is the ultimate
    		  beast form, and the one you will use to battle against 
    7. LEVELS
    -Level 1: The Acropolis-
    This is the beginning of your journey.  Immediately after your are raised
    from your grave, you are attacked by Neff's undead monsters.  Act quickly
    or your new life won't last for long.
    -Level 1 Enemies-
    Name: Slow Feet
    Description: Zombies of lowest rank. They burst into pieces when destroyed.
    Strategy: Not much skill is needed to defeat these creatures.  Simply give
              one or two swift kicks or punches to take them down.
    Name: Headless Horrors
    Description: They carry their heads in their hands and punch with dangerous 
    Strategy: These zombies are a bit more formidable than the Slow Feet.  The
              best course of action in dealing with them is to simply crouch,
    	  wait for them to get close enough, and then take them down with a
    	  low punch.  Attacking them any other way is extremely risky.
    Name: Skinny Orcuses
    Description: Winged beasts which attack from the sky.
    Strategy: There are two ways to destroy these winged terrors.  One is to 
    	   high jump and take them out in the air, and the other is to do
     	   an upwards kick when they swoop down to attack. 
    Name: Grave Masters
    Description: With long arms, these masters of the Zombies will try and beat 
                 you to a pulp.
    Strategy: These pumped up dead men are a pain, even in beast form.  The best
    	  attack against them is a crouching punch.  That way you can avoid
    	  their long armed attacks.
    Name: Three-headed Wolves
    Description: The blue wolves hold the magical spirit balls. You cannot win 
    	     without destroying them.  The brown wolves hold nothing, but are
    	     just as dangerous.
    Strategy: The brown wolf can sometimes be ignored, but the blue wolf must be
    	  destroyed and the Spirit Balls they hold collected.  Simply wait
    	  until they lunge at you and deliver a powerful kick, turning them
    	  into dust.
    Name: Aggar
    Description: A huge legless monster with endless giant heads which he'll rip 
                 off and continue throwing until you're vanquished.
    Strategy: Use the flaming fist against him until he stops throwing heads for
    	  a moment.  When he stops, use the Super Dash and destroy the 
    	  airborne heads.  Dash back to the left side of the screen, and 
    	  continue using that sequence until Aggar is dust.
    -Level 2: The Underworld-
    Inside a dark and dank cave, you've begun the decent into the underworld. Now
    a barrage of even more loathsome creatures will be called on to attack you.
    -Level- 2 Enemies-
    Name: Round Leaches
    Description: Disgusting blobs with teeth.  Watch your head! They'll latch on 
    	     and suck your energy away.
    Strategy: Try to destroy them with kicks before they can leap into the air.
    	  If they do, don't be under them when they land.
    Name: Rattle Tail
    Description: Resembling Chinese Dragons, these creatures attack from above 
    	     and below.
    Strategy: Their tails will slither up as an indication of where they'll 
    	  lunge towards the bottom or top of the screen, depending on where
    	  they first appear.  If you're quick, destroy their tails and be
    	  rid of them.  If they emerge, then decapitate them to render them
    Name: Chicken Stinger
    Description: Chicken lizards with long, pointed tails that make it difficult
    	     to reach them.
    Strategy: These are rather difficult creatures to deal with.  The best course
    	  of action is to try and jump, landing right in front of them or
    	  behind them, and quickly delivering a powerful kick before they 
    	  can retaliate.
    Name: Octeyes
    Description: This foul fern spawns poisonous spores in the shape of eyeballs.
    Strategy: As the Mandragon, move up right by its main eye, and continuously
    	  perform the body shock.  If done right, all of its spores will 
    	  pass through you and Octeyes will fall quickly.
    -Level Three: Cavern of Souls-	  
    Inside a cavern deeply carved into a rock basin, you're beset by crevasses
    everywhere. Fall into one and there is no return to the world above.
    -Level Three Enemies-
    Name: Cave Needles
    Description: Mutated ground wasps with a sting that kills.
    Strategy: These overgrown cockroaches dash at you and try to run you down
    	  with their stingers.  Either jump over them, or kick them when they
    	  get close enough.
    Name: Fossils
    Description: Stone monsters
    Strategy: Not very dangerous, but destroy them quickly before they create
           	  a wall for you to get backed into.
    Name: Rock Turtles
    Description: Slow moving, they still pack brute force.
    Strategy: Deal with them the same as you do the fossils.  Destroy them 
    	  before they hinder your progress.
    Name: Moldy Snail
    Description: Part snail, part salamander.
    Strategy: This disgusting abomination will fire a swirling beam of energy
        	  that circles the screen several times and can take off a hefty
    	  bit of your life.  The best way to deal with this creature is
      	  to use the rolling attack to hide inside his bloated form, and
    	  attacking his head at the same time.  After one or two rolls, 
    	  you'll be forced out, and have to go back in, while at the same
    	  time dodging the energy swirls.
    -Level Four: Neff's Palace-
    You've arrived. In front of the gates to the City of Dis, you stalk angrily, 
    boldly searching for an entrance. 
    -Level Four Enemies-
    Name: Hammer Demons
    Description: They attack from above with a giant hammer.
    Strategy: Deal with these critters the same as you did the Skinny Orcuses.
    Name: Crocodile Worm
    Description: A fire breathing, floating beast which emits fiery little 
    Strategy: Use the Pillar of Fire to hit either the front or the back of 
    	  this creature and to eliminate his fire dragons.  He also launches
    	  a beam of energy at you.  When it gets near the ground, duck and
    	  it will pass right under you.
    -Level Five: City of Dis-
    You've survived the labyrinth of the underworld so far. Only now, Neff waits
    to protect his prized Athena. You must now survive the ultimate test of will 
    and cunning.
    -Level Five Enemies-
    Name: Saw Fishes
    Description: Fishes with circular saws for fins.
    Strategy: Trying to destroy these creatures is more trouble than it's worth.
     	  The best course of action is to avoid them altogether.
    Name: Gory Goats
    Description: Light of foot, they box with powerful hooves.
    Strategy: These things are quick on the attack.  Destroy them quickly before
    	  they get a chance.
    Name: Rad Boars
    Description: Club wielding wild boars with a taste for blood.
    Strategy: Deal with them as you did the Gory Goats.
    Name: Dark Unicorn
    Description: Swift flying kicks spell immediate pain and loss of energy.
    Strategy: Deal with them as you did the Rad Boars.
    Name: Neff
    Description: Neff transforms himself into a giant Rhinoman.  His major attack
    	     is his Rhino Charge.  
    Strategy: Neff is a tough customer to beat.  Being the Golden Werewolf 
    	  certainly does give you an advantage.  Use the Flame Fist against
    	  him when he's standing still.  When he charges you, jump just
    	  barely above him, and use the Super Dash to hit him on the head
    	  as you pass over him.  Quick reflexes along with quick fingers
    	  are what's necessary to defeat this evil wretch.
    MASTER CODE--MUST BE ENTERED---------------------------------DCXA-AA22
    INFINITE LIVES-----------------------------------------------FT1T-AA5L
    			    FROM POWER GAUGE-----------------ATWA-AA8R
    MAKES MOST ENEMIES EASIER TO DEFEAT--------------------------HTWT-B6KG
    MAKES MOST ENEMIES EASIER TO DEFEAT--------------------------HTWT-B6KG
    MAKES AGGAR EASIER TO DEFEAT---------------------------------AEFA-AABW
    MAKES MOST ENEMIES EASIER TO DEFEAT--------------------------HTWT-B6KG
    MAKES NEFF EASIER TO DEFEAT----------------------------------A2TA-AAGC
    START WITH 1 LIFE--------------------------------------------BWXA-ACCT
    START WITH 5 LIVES-------------------------------------------BWXA-ALCT

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