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"Lets put it this way its NOT worth the $1 I payed!!!"

This is one of the weirdest games I've every played. The game is seriously messed up and if you bought this game like me you probably regret it (At least i hope you do :-). The game starts of by showing you the story as typed out below. You play as Chelnov the scientist’s son trying to stop the Deatharians but it’s fairly hard and pretty complicated. The control is really messed up and is very very difficult to learn. The sounds and music in this game or what there is of them aren't very good. The graphics are nice looking and mostly everything shows great detail. The game is really boring. Theres no 2-player mode and that really bites. You can get some cool weapons though.


Chelnov was a young scientsist. He lived and worked Side-By-Side with his father and his sister, and together they led a happy, peaceful life. But the harmony of their lives was about to be ripped open... Late one evening Chelnov went out for a nighttime jog when all of a sudden he heard a huge explision coming from his house. With his heart pounding Chelnov rushed back to his house only to find his father lying on the floor, barly concious. ''Chelnov, My son, I...I...'' Said the old man in a faint voice. And with his last breath, Chelnov's father explained the whole tragic story. This explsion...this is the work of the Deatharians! They claim to be the original inhabitants of earth. Coming from a time before the dawn of man, and now they say they have returned to reclaim what is rightfull theirs! I've known of their existence and of their evil plans for many years. That is why I have pushed you so hard in our work, our research, Chelnov's father pointed his shaky hand towards a metal cast. Chelnov listened in disbelief. In this case is a suit that will increase the strength of a normal human to super human levels. Implanted inside this suit are various weapons and devices... Chelnov, you must put on this suit..You must try to destroy the Deatharians. For the sake of the world, and for the sake of your sister. You see they have taken her away with them. Chelmi has been kidnapped? Asked the stunned Chelnov? Yes I'm conuting on you, my son...And with a final breath Chelnovs father slipped away. Shaken and confused, Chelnov opened the metal case. Inside he found a magnificent suit. Just as his father had explained. Determined to avenge his father's death and his sister’s abduction, Chelnov donned the suit to become the Atomic Runner. Go Atomic Runner!! Save the world from the sinister plans of a twisted band of outlaw aliens! But the sheer numbers of the Deatharians overwhelmed the Atomic Runner, and they soon trapped him. He was subjected to inhuman tortures, and attemps at brainwashing. Just as the Deatharians convinced they were about to break his will, the Atomic Runner lashed out in anger and broke frree from his captors. Run on! Atomic Runner! I will not fail no enemy can put a stop to justice.


Ok so heres the confusing part of the game. You always move forward no matter what the only way is to stop is by pressing left on the d-pad and you can only stay still for a short while cause the screen is also always moving forward. Chelnov is always pointed forward and to turn around you have to stop completely and press the the d-pad in the direction you want to turn and then C. This way of turning around will get you killed many times so I always stay forward. The control is horrible. Everything is really responsive and without the confusing control the game could have been a little easier and or funner.


Theres hardly and sound and the music is boring. The sounds, which there hardly are, sound pretty good but theres hardly any. Theres sounds when your gun is fired and other stuff like that. The music in this game is weird sounding and sometimes it seems to cut out for a while then it comes back again. This is one of the worst parts of the game besides the gameplay which makes this game on of the worst games ever.


The graphics in this game are the high point. The graphics are nice looking and everything is detailed. Although Chelnov is so small he just looks like a white dot with a few other colors. The graphics are good looking and everything looks great. The game is very detailed and so are the enemies that look awesome but are very weird. The levels are really really long and are packed full of enemies on the ground and in the air. The bosses are really weird looking but are really detailed. The levels though are insanely hudge, which makes the game take forever if you can't beat them.


The game is really boring cause of its difficulty and not even a 2-player mode. The game is really long and hard. The only people who would want to beat this game are psyched out people who just can't resist beating every game they own. The game is insanely hudge. It’s packed full of enemies and is just plain boring.


The game is difficult one single mistake and your dead. The control is very difficult and doesn't help the game along with the always moving screen which doesn't even give you enough time to kill all the enemies but forces you into them. Your shooting range is limited and he can only fire in cetain spots. The weapon upgrades help a bunch as they cover more range and can kill more enemies at a time. This is a very difficult game with many problems.


Well lets put it this way its got to be one of the worst games ever and I don't even think its worth the $1 i paid for it which gives you a pretty good idea of how crappy it is. The game should get an award cause I'm sure its worse than Superman on the 64.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/22/00, Updated 08/14/02

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